Serial 1743

[Editor’s note: The name which is deleted in this serial is Jonestown survivor Robin Tschetter, whose name was revealed earlier in the paragraph. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

0 252120Z JAN 79

ReNYtelcall to San Francisco, January 25, 1979.

It was noted that when the NYO [New York Office] reviewed the original film footage taken at Guyana by NBC newsmen accompanying Congressman Ryan, the film and video were of exceptionally clear quality. Also the film was time sequenced, so that each frame had the digital readout of the time of day the film was shot. The following observations were noted from viewing this film:

Footage shot on November 17, 1978, at Georgetown airport, depicts individual believed to be Mary Ann [MaryAnne] Scheid Casanova greeting Ryan. This individual embraced Ryan, and appeared to be on the brink of tears. She asked “Didn’t you get my letter?” Ryan replied words to the effect, don’t worry


everything will be alright.

On the arrival at Port Kaituma, a female strongly resembling Robin Tschetter arrived on truck and spoke with a white male, with curly blond hair, approximately 18 years old. These two had a private conversation and approached the Ryan party. Based on descriptions obtained through previous interviews this white male fits the description of Ronnie Dennis. [Tschetter] advised when interviewed, January 16, 1979, that she had been in Georgetown three weeks prior to and at the time of the assassination. At the Port Kaituma airstrip, when Gary [Charles Garry] and [Mark] Lane departed for Jonestown, a Guyanese official told Ryan that his party could remain at the airfield or come to his office to wait. This official stated that he had been instructed by his superior not to provide transportation for Ryan’s party to Jonestown.

In the film shot at the Jonestown pavilion, November 18, 1978, the white male described above, Tim Carter, Larry Layton, and an individual believed to be Michael Prokes are seen several times in the background.

During the filmed interview of Reverend Jones by Don Harris,


in which individuals requesting to leave are discussed, Reverend Jones was approached by Larry Layton, and Reverend Jones turned aside and had a whispered conversation with Layton.

As the departing party headed towards the dump truck, an announcement on the public address system asked Bonnie Simon to report to the radio room.

As Larry Layton boarded the dump truck, Jim Cobb appeared to shove him, and other Peoples Temple (PT) members on the truck appeared to observe this incident.

At Port Kaituma airstrip, while in the process of boarding the aircraft, a black male approached Jim Cobb and appeared to speak to him. The black male walked away. Cobb turned and appeared to be looking at something, and the filming was interrupted.

After a lapse of one minute, 24 seconds filming continues. From review of film it is evident that cameraman is filming the scene from a prone position and continues filming until he is killed.

In reBQMRAtelcall, all, San Francisco advised their copy of


film poor audio quality. San Francisco should consider obtaining use of professional TV studio equipment to view film.

San Francisco consider contacting office of Congressman Ryan to ascertain if letters made reference to in film exists.

San Francisco consider utilizing cooperating PT survivors to view films and assist in identifying PT members filmed.

Armed and dangerous – suicidal tendencies.