Serial 2429

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date: 4/3/80

To: Mr. Mullen
From: W.D. Gow

Subject: RYMUR

PURPOSE: To advise as to the new trial date of Lawrence [Laurence] John Layton, in Guyana, regarding the attempted murder of Peoples Temple defector, Vernon Dean Gosney.

RECOMMENDATION: None. For information.

DETAILS: The trial of Lawrence John Layton, which had been scheduled to commence in Guyana, on 4/1/80, has been rescheduled to commence on 5/5/80. The trial was rescheduled due to the fact that Layton’s attorney was in the United States on unrelated business. The date for the testimony of United States citizens, Vernon Gosney and Odell Rhodes, has not been established.