Serial 255
Nov 23, 78 • 2300 • Georgetown-State • 3899

[Editor’s notes: This is a State Department cable that was included in the FBI’s 2009 RYMUR release of documents under the Freedom of Information Act. It was not included in the State Department’s own release, but we have included identifying information for it using the agency’s designations.

[Several of the subjects whose names are deleted in this serial are known to the editor. Those notations have been indicated by red type. In addition, this document’s duplicate at Serial 256 includes some additional information that does not appear here. Other information which remains exempted under the Freedom of Information act is denoted in green type.]

0 232300Z NOV 78
E.O. 11652: GDS

1. Police Commissioner Lloyd Barker at Georgetown telephonically advised November 23, 1978, he had received permission from his minister to permit investigation on a strict liaison basis in this matter. Appointment secured and meeting held with Assistand [Assistant] Commissioner [C.A. “Skip” Roberts] of Criminal Invetigative [Investigative] Division who is heading up the investigation. Legat explained vital interest of FBI and Department of Justice for resolving all conspiracy aspects of investigation and reiterated request made to police commissioner and categorically was advised as follows:

A. Concerning serial numbers of all weapons, Roberts advised that although bullets were avaialble [available] bodies of deceased, seapons [weapons] were still in Jonestown. [Roberts] suggested that he go with Legat to Jonestown site and possibly take police commissioner on November 25, 1978, in order to make sure weapons returned to Georgetown.

B. Georgetown police do not have an identity of all PT members from immigration records. It is noted Embassy secured names and dates of birth of all PT members and submitted in Georgetown messge [message] 3877 on November 22, 1978. This is a 40 page calbe [cable] that FBI HQ should secure from State as much as routing designation for FBI HQ was inadvertently omitted.

C. [Roberts] has promised copies of statements made by PT members to police, however, notes this may be several days in coming.

D. Concerning identities of deceased found at Jonestown, [Roberts] is depending on US medical team presently at Jonestown site to furnish this information. American Embassy will obtain this directly from medical team and forward.

E. Xeroxed copies of the PT passports found at Jonestown. These passports were furnished the US Embassy during the night of November 22, 1978. A Xerox copy is being furnished Legat for local use, and passports being sent direct to department.

F. Serial numbers [word missing] details of radio transmitting equipment has not been obtained by [deleted name]. However, he suggests Legatt may be able to obtain these details from Jonestown.

2. [deleted name] was asked for a list of the names and home addresses of the PT members due to be airlifted out possibly Saturday, November 25, 1978. He did not have home addresses and has suggested these be obtained from members. American Embassy in preparing members for repatriation will obtain these details and advised State, he and FBIHQ with flight details. These PT members are reportedly cooperative and plans should be made for their interview on arrival in the US. Another group of about 50 PT members described as hotile [hostile] and who are residing at the PT headquarters in Georgetown called Lamaha Gardens will be repatriated in the future. Reportedly upon receipt of a radio message from Jonestown, four members of the PT at Lamaha Gardens had committed sucide [suicide] or were killed by slashing their own throats.

3. Due to extremely heavy traffic going out of Georgetown, Legat will attempt to keep messages at a minimum. For background concerning shooting of Congressman Ryan please review Georgetown messages 3774 and 3775. For background and future interview of [Mark Lane] upon his return to the US please review Georgetown 3807. For background concerning group known as Concerned Relatives who traveled to Georgetown with congressional delegation (Codel) please see Georgetown 3780. Although addresses of Concerned Relatives are not in this message, Sherwin Harris of 3269 Marlene Drive, Lafayette, Calif, home telephone 415-284-5541 or office number 415-841-8279 might be contacted. He is returning to US in a few days indicating he would be available for interview. His daughter Liane Harris, age 121 [21], was one of the PT members deceased at Lamaha Gardens. Harris has indicated he is known to the San Francisco office and former SAC Richard Bates.

4. Lawrence [Laurence] John Layton, born January 11, 1946, charged in Georgetown Magistrates Court on November 22, 1978, of murders of Congressman Ryan, Gregory Robinson, Patricia Parks, Bob Brown and Don Harris. He was also accused of discharging loaded firearm with intent to murder [Dale Parks], Monica Bagley [Bagby] and Verne Gosley [Vern Gosney]. He has been remanded to prison until January 15, 1979.

5. For information of Miami and San Juan, PT is the owner of the 148 ton ship named Albatross III registered Nassau and operated between Port of Spain Trinidad and Port Kaituma, Guyana. The shipping agent at Port of Spain is [deleted name]. For information of agents going to Port of Spain, [deleted name] has returned to Port of Spain from Georgetown and has background material. Police Commissioner Barker believes many items may have been brought in under cover of night by PT from Trinidad.

Burke [John Burke, U.S. Ambassador to Guyana]