Serial 256

Serial 256 is a virtual duplicate of Serial 255, the text version of which may be found here.

The differences are these:

  • Serial 255 is a slightly later version of Serial 256, and has a few of the typographical errors corrected.
  • Serial 256 deletes all references to Skip Roberts. Serial 255 includes part of his name – the other part was cut off by a hole punch – and allows the reader to identify him elsewhere in the serial.
  • Serial 256 names Dale Parks as one of the people wounded by Larry Layton at the Port Kaituma airstrip; his name is deleted in Serial 255.
  • The last graf Serial 256 deletes information about the shipping agents at Port of Spain, eliminating the name of the port at one point. The graf also deletes the name of Guyana Police Commissioner Lloyd Barker, even though he is identified on the first page of the cable.