RYMUR Section 3 – Serials 208-311

The FBI’s investigation into the events of November 18, 1978 focused upon the assassination of Leo Ryan and any actions of members of Peoples Temple which may have shown evidence of a conspiracy related to that assassination. Code-named RYMUR – short for Ryan Murder – the investigation yielded 2750 serials totalling more than 10,000 pages, eventually separated into 42 large sections.

This page includes the contents of Section 3, including serials 208-311. All are dated during the first week following the Jonestown tragedy in November 1978.

The table below lists each document by serial number, the number of pages within each serial, the date the serial was generated, the federal agency originating the serial, and a brief description. Each entry then includes the PDF and the text of the serial. Additional notes appear at the bottom of the page.

A listing of abbreviations used in the RYMUR documents – including FBI field offices and State Department embassies – is here.

In citing these documents, each serial should open with the official designation of “RYMUR 89-4286.” As an example, Serial 250 would be cited as “RYMUR 89-4286-250.”


# of Pages
Office of Origin
19 Section 3 Administrative Memoranda PDF Text
208 5 11/23 State Dept. State Department issues list of survivors PDF Text
209 1 11/23 FBI-IP Indiana resident offers to talk to FBI about Jones 11/18/78 PDF Text
210 3 11/22 AmEmb Caracas Venezuela interior ministry to watch out for survivors crossing border PDF Text
211 4 11/22 FBI-WFO State Department reports correspondence from Temple members, opponents in 1978 PDF Text
212 1 11/23 FBI-Jacksonville HAM radio operator reports contact with Jonestown doctor PDF Text
213 1 11/23 FBIHQ Police protection of Temple members in California PDF Text
214 2 11/23 FBIHQ FBI Summary: Bodies to Dover; survivors to Charleston, SC PDF Text
215 5 11/22 FBI-SC Disenchanted Temple member talks of Jones’ drug use, assassination squads, weapons, name deleted PDF Text
216 2 11/23 FBI-WFO California HEW offers to turn over records to FBI PDF Text
217 4 11/22 Scott AFB Air Force establishes base at Matthews Ridge PDF Text
218 1 11/22 State Dept. State reports that bodies will begin arriving in Dover PDF Text
219 2 11/23 AmEmb Georgetown Sherwin Harris provides info to US Embassy PDF Text
220 2 11/23 FBI-NY NBC reports on 13 hours of video PDF Text
221 3 11/23 AmEmb Georgetown Embassy reports expected departure of military aircraft with coffins PDF Text
222 7 11/23 FBI-SC Disenchanted Temple member talks of Jones’ drug use, hit squads, dummy corporations PDF Text
223 5 11/21 State Dept. [Duplicate of Serials 50 and 466] PDF Text
224 3 11/23 AmEmb Georgetown Repatriation of survivors discussed; Layton charged with murder; 300 missing PDF Text
225 3 11/23 FBI-SC Interview with person who attended single PT service PDF Text
226 2 11/23 FBI-Springfield [Memo on unrelated Jim Jones] PDF Text
227 11 11/23 FBI-Omaha Former Temple member speaks of leaders, security people, family in Jonestown PDF Text
229 7 11/23 State Dept. US graves registration team on site; Carters and Prokes detained; DEA to investigate PDF Text
230 2 11/23 AmEmb Port of Spain FBI seeks to interview four members in Trinidad PDF Text
231 2 11/22 FBI-SF FBI seeks to interview former member PDF Text
232 7 11/23 AmEmb Port of Spain Mike Touchette tell of dead relatives in Jonestown PDF Text
233 3 11/22 FBI-CG HAM radio operator reports contacts with Jonestown PDF Text
234 2 11/23 FBI-SF Report of x-ray on Jones in Willits, CA PDF Text
235 3 11/22 FBI-SF FBI daily summary: Preparation of subpoenas; bodies to Dover PDF Text
236 5 11/22 AmEmb Georgetown US medical team reports on nature of deaths in Jonestown; recommends on site burial PDF Text
237 5 11/24 FBI-BA Jackie Speier describes preparations, trip to Guyana PDF Text
238 2 11/24 FBI-Pittsburgh HAM radio operator reports contacts with Jonestown PDF Text
239 2 11/24 State Dept. State proposes use of indigenous population to locate survivors PDF Text
240 3 11/24 FBI-IN HAM radio operator reports contacts with Jonestown PDF Text
243 2 11/24 FBI-Charlotte HAM radio operator reports contacts with Jonestown PDF Text
245 4 11/24 AmEmb Georgetown 410 bodies bagged and/or transferred; weapons investigation begins; passports found PDF Text
246 2 11/23 FBI-SF FBI daily summary: Protection of PT members; NBC contacts; Jones xray PDF Text
249 3 11/24 AmEmb Georgetown Description of search and rescue operations PDF Text
250 7 11/24 State Dept Bodies returned to US; passports located; all survivors believed located PDF Text
252 11 11/24 State Dept Names of Jonestown victims PDF Text
253 4 11/24 State Dept Estimate of Jonestown dead raised to 600 PDF Text
254 9 11/24 State Dept Names of Jonestown victims PDF Text
255 5 11/23 AmEmb Georgetown Strategy to resolve conspiracy issues include weapon ID, Temple records PDF Text
256 5 11/23 AmEmb Georgetown [duplicate of Serial 255] PDF Text
258 6 11/21 AmEmb Port of Spain [Duplicate of serial 52] PDF Text
260 1 11/24 FBI-BA Discovery of “suicide note” on Jones’ body PDF Text
261 1 11/24 FBIHQ Report of positive ID on Jones PDF Text
262 1 11/24 FBI-SF Interview reveals early attack on David Wise, arrest on sex crime for Jones PDF Text
263 3 11/24 FBI-MM HAM radio operator reports contacts with Jonestown PDF Text
264 2 11/24 FBI-DL Former Temple member seeks immunity PDF Text
265 3 11/24 AmEmb Georgetown Beikman to be charged with Amos murder; legal status of others examined PDF Text
267 1 11/24 FBI-SC FBI seeks to interview Mervyn Dymally PDF Text
269 6 11/24 FBI-SJ A. Katsaris speaks of operations in SF, leaders, guns, banks PDF Text
270 3 11/24 FBI-NO HAM radio operator reports contacts with Jonestown PDF Text
271 2 11/24 FBI-Cincinnati HAM radio operator reports contacts with Jonestown PDF Text
275 5 11/24 FBI-TP HAM radio operator reports contacts with Jonestown PDF Text
276 4 11/24 FBI-Norfolk FCC tapes would be available with subpoena PDF Text
277 1 11/24 FBI-SF FBI seeks interview with reluctant witness PDF Text
279 2 11/24 FBI-LA Relative of Jonestown dead volunteers info to FBI PDF Text
280 3 11/24 FBI-MM HAM radio operator reports contacts with Jonestown PDF Text
281 4 11/24 AmEmb Georgetown Cudjoe and Marceline considered to be same boat PDF Text
285 3 11/24 FBI-WFO FBI seeks to interview HAM radio operators PDF Text
286 5 11/24 JCS Bodies to be shipped to US for ID; Air Force to transport survivors to US PDF Text
287 3 11/24 JCS Survivors to be separated into two groups PDF Text
288 3 11/24 AmEmb Port of Spain FBI to interview Trinidad contingency PDF Text
289 6 11/24 AmEmb Georgetown Ptolemy Reid says 775 bodies; background on Temple-GOG relationship PDF Text
290 1 11/24 AmEmb Port of Spain Identification of Trinidad contingency PDF Text
291 2 11/24 State Dept [Duplicate of Serial 88] PDF Text
292 60 11/24 State Dept Transcript of 11/21 State Dept briefing PDF Text
292-post 1 11/21 CID News of return of Ryan’s body; notation of interview with Kaituma witness PDF Text
293 8 11/21 FBI-SF Interview with Jim Cobb; police visit PT in SF PDF Text
294 1 11/21 “Outside Source” Article speculates on nature of suicide PDF Text
295 2 11/21 FBI-SF Rumor of Prokes knowing identity of Jones’ assassin PDF Text
296 1 11/22 AmEmb Port of Spain Trinidad contingency did not report in that day PDF Text
297 2 11/22 State Dept FBI wants to send two agents to interview Trinidad contingency PDF Text
298 2 11/22 SECDEF DOD and State set up procedures for processing, ID & transporting remains PDF Text
299 7 11/22 FBI-TP Former member speaks of early years, Jones drugs, mistresses PDF Text
300 4 11/22 FBI-SF Summary of FBI findings on Peoples Temple PDF Text
301 37 11/23 State Dept Transcript of 11/22 State Dept briefing PDF Text
302 1 11/23 FBIHQ Notification of arrival of JT survivors in Charleston PDF Text
303 3 11/23 State Dept Transportation of Jonestown survivors [dupe of Serial 84] PDF Text
305 1 11/22 FBI-SF SF Chronicle reports on PT member with hit squad list PDF Text
306 3 11/22 FBI-SF [Duplicate of 305] PDF Text
307 1 11/24 AmEmb Caracas US plans to use aircraft to inspect Venezuelan border area PDF Text
308 2 11/22 State Dept Zablocki asks whether FBI investigated PT, and whether it informed State PDF Text
309 1 11/24 FBIHQ FBI declares it did not investigate PT PDF Text
310 10 11/24 State Dept State reports on inquires made about Jonestown victims PDF Text
311 3 11/22 USSS Assessment of assassination threat PDF Text

The pdf of the complete section is here. It should be noted that this document is unique to this site, based upon the FBI’s official release of documents in 2014 and augmented with additional documents. The additional documents include: those released by the State Department; those released through the litigation of McGehee et al v. Justice; and those released by the FBI in 2001 but not included in the later release.

The information released in these serials may change as the FBI releases additional information pursuant to ongoing litigation under the Freedom of Information Act.