Serial 222

[Editor’s note: This document’s duplicate at Serial 139 includes some additional information that does not appear here.

[This document was also released by the State Department in 1981. There were no deletions. The deleted portions from the RYMUR document below are denoted by red type.]

0 230200Z NOV 78

On Nov 22, 1978, [Daniel Allen Phillips] Sacramento, voluntarily appeared at the Sacramento office and advised as follows: his parents [Joseph and Clara Phillips] were among the original members of the People’s Temple in Indianapolis, Indiana. They joined in approximately 1956 and remained members in the area until Jones moved his operation to California in 1965 when the family moved to Ukiah, California. His parents had marital problems fostered by Jones and in 1967 his father dropped out of the Temple and is now living in Washington state, exact location not given. In September, 1973, his mother and


sisters, [Laura Phillips Bryce and Clara Phillips] became disenchanted with Jones’ illogical behavior and sexual excesses and they, too, dropped out of the Temple. They currently reside in Texas. [Deleted name] stated he would rather not give their addresses as he knows none of his family desires to have anything to do with the Temple or to discuss Temple activities.

[Phillips] remained affiliated with the Temple until Dec, 1973, when he left to join the Army and has severed all affiliations since that time. He stated prior to 1973 he had also run away and joined the Army and was gone from the Temple until a few months before his final defection.

[Daniel Phillips] knew Jones quite well and described him, even in 1973, as probably being a heavy narcotics user. He stated he was extremely paranoid and would allow no one to attempt to assume a position of leadership in the organization as he felt it was a threat to his position. [Phillips] stated in Dec, 1973, prior to his leaving the church, he went to Guyana with an advance party to study the feasibility of establishing community there. He stated he went one week ahead of the main body and


was accompanied by [Tim Stone [Stoen], Ava Brown and Patty Cartmell]. He stated one week later Jones, along with Archie Ijames and several other individuals came to Guyana to assist in the study.

[Phillips] stated he became disenchanted with People’s Temple because Jones had him harassing his parents in an attempt to get them to return to church. He also became disillusioned with Jones because of his erratic behavior. He stated since leaving the church in Dec1973 he has not been contacted by any members attempting to get him to return to the church, however, shortly after he defected his father advised him Jones had contacted him in an effort to locate [Daniel Phillips]. He stated he personally has no fear of assassination or injury by members of People’s Temple because he has been disassociated for so long and has not caused the organization any trouble.

He stated while he was a member he never discussed any contingency plans for assassination of public officials in event the church was attacked or exposed. He stated he didn’t hear discussions of desirability of assassinating defector members who exposed or caused trouble for the church. He has no


personal knowledge that any assassinations were ever conducted.

[Phillips] said at the time he left church, Dec 1973, he believed the insiders who might have knowledge of some contingency plans would be: Carolyn Layton, Jean Brown, Linda Amos, Mike Prokes, Archie Ijames, Jack Beam, Patty Cartmell, and Johnnie Brown. He stated he has not [no] idea of present whereabouts of any of these individuals except Ijames who is in San Francisco, California and Jean Brown who is also probably in San Francisco.

He noted Johnnie Brown might be individual in church who would attempt to set up an assassination. He stated he was highly trusted by Jones and believed he had some sort of military training. In this regard, he noted Larry Layton, who has been arrested in Guyana, was not completely trusted by Jones who described him as being unstable but stated he could be used by Jones for any number of purposes, including assassination.

[Phillips] stated younger members of People’s Temple who he believes might be capable of assassination were as follows: Tom Kice, Bob Kice, Cleve Jackson, and Tom [Tim] Carter. He stated he is not aware of present whereabouts of any of these individuals.


[Phillips] said three younger members who might have been trusted to extent of having been advised of assassination plans by who are now out the People’s Temple are as follows: Tim Stone [Stoen], Mike Cartmell and Jim Cobb. He stated Stone currently live someplace in Berkely [Berkeley] and Cartmell in San Francisco. He stated he is not aware of exact addresses.

[Phillips] said he is aware one dummy corporation set up by People’s Temple. He identified that as Truth Enterprises in Redwood Valley, California. He stated he is not aware of any other corporations established by People’s Temple. He stated he is of opinion Jones had access to a great deal of money which was located in banks around U.S. and abroad. He said he understood some money had been buried in U.S., probably on People’s Temple property, however, he had no direct knowledge of this. He stated at one time People’s Temple had a bank account at Barclays Bank in Canada and money from this account was transferred to bank in Georgetown, Guyana when the colony was established there. He stated Temple also had money in any number of Bank of America offices throughout California. He stated he heard some accounts


were maintained apparently in other members[‘] names so they would have access to funds. He stated he had no direct knowledge of details of this.

[Phillips] said he had no knowledge of any weapons caches in the U.S. He said he was aware prior to time he left Temple they had accumulated some M-1 carbines and some hunting rifles. They also sent in a number of members had permits to carry concealed weapons and many of them had handguns.

[Phillips] said in his opinion People’s Temple will probably cease to exist over the following months because of lack of leadership. He stated it is possible some of the more fanatic members in U.S. could attempt assassinations in revenge for the death of Jones and other Temple members. He stated he did not know anyone, other than individuals named above he would suspect of being involved in assassination attempts. He made it clear this is opinion only and he has no fact to base this assumption on. He is described as WM [white male], DOB [date of birth] April [20, 1951]. Indiana, 5’11”, 155 lbs., slender build, [brown hair, blue eyes]. Wears corrective lenses, resides [1420 O Street, Apt. 3G,] Sacramento, occupation, [student]


[California State University at Sacramento,] California DL number [illegible].