Serial 311


0 242030Z NOV 17
FM USSS [US Secret Service] WASHDC//ID-FIB//

FILE: C0-2-78,978
SUBJECT: Assassination Threat Against President/Vice President of United States

The United States Secret Service is currently conducting an extensive investigation into the group known as the “Peoples Temple” and its membership to determine the degree of danger which the group may present to protectees of this service. In interviews conducted by both the USSS and the FBI, various members and former members of the Peoples Temple have advised that Reverend James Jones, the former group leader, had instructed members of the Peoples Temple to assassinate/kidnap high-ranking government officials, to include the president and vice president, in the event James Jones was arrested or harmed or the group was discredited. In view of the above information and the protective responsibilities of the USSS as cited under Title 18 USC Section 871, it is requested that the following information be provided to this service as soon as it becomes available.

1. It is requested that the USSS be notified of the earliest date which Stephen [Stephan] Jones will be available for interview by this service.

2. Please provide the USSS the manifests of the Peoples Temple members who will be transported from Guyana to Charleston, SC, for processing. The USSS will be taking part in interviews of art [all?] returning Peoples Temple members to obtain additional information concerning the group’s activities.

3. Please notify the USSS regarding any information concerning the present whereabouts of Don Sly.

4. Please provide all available information to include descriptive data concerning the individuals who the Guyanese authorities are currently detaining in regard to the assassination of Congressman Ryan.

5. Please provide a list of the individuals who were members of the Peoples Temple basketball team in Guyana and any available descriptive data on the individuals.

6. It is requested that this service be notified of any individuals who may have knowledge of members of the “hit team” reportedly organized by the Peoples Temple at the earliest date which these individuals would be available for interview by the USSS.

7. Please provide any additional information which would aid the USSS investigation of the People’s Temple and the degree of danger which this group may present to protectees of the service.