Serial 292-post

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is Jim Cobb. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

Criminal Investigative Division

Attached teletype from our San Francisco Office concerns murders of Congressman Ryan and others in Guyana 11/18/78. Some background of James Warren Jones’ cult, known as the Peoples Temple Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, set forth.

On 11/20/78, SAC [Special Agent in Charge] McKinnon and [ASAC Assistant Special Agent in Charge] Lawler, San Francisco, confirmed with COP, San Francisco and staff as well as District Attorney and staff to exchange information and discuss strategy. Neither FBI San Francisco or local authorities have necessary information, at this time, to develop probable cause for search warrant of San Francisco Temple (which is only one now open).

Congressman Ryan’s body was to arrive San Francisco 5:30 A.M., 11/21/78. Funeral scheduled for 11/22/78. Heavy security to be afforded by local authorities as well as by representatives of Capital Police, Washington, D.C., who will arrive San Francisco A.M., 11/21/78 to assist local police.

Plane returning seven persons from group who traveled with Congressman Ryan arrived in San Francisco last night and were interviewed. Key interviewee, [name withheld] [Jim Cobb] supplied best insight into shooting and gave the following names of those persons on the trailer for where the shooting came from involving Congressman Ryan and others. These people identified as follows: Bob Kice, Tom Kice, Joe Wilson, Albert Touchette, Eddie Crenshaw, Wesley (LNU) [Last Name Unknown] [Breidenbach], Ron James and Ron Tally. Investigation continuing to further identify these individuals.

Concerning representatives of Congress who are to attend funeral of Congressman Ryan 11/22/78, San Francisco is not in possession of any specific information which relates to any danger to persons attending funeral. However, there exists a state of paranoia among the defectors, who fear retaliation. This information to be furnished appropriate members of Congress some Legal Council representative early A.M., this date.

Not attached hereto but for information, our Baltimore Office has advised that extensive interviews conducted with victims who are hospitalized Medical Center, Andrews Air Force Base, who have also furnish detailed information concerning activities of Jones’ cult and events that transpired the time of shooting. Intensive investigation continuing.

1 – Mr. Adams
1 – Mr. Boynton
1 – Mr. Mintz