Serial 1644-3

[Editor’s note: This FD-302 interview with Gerald Parks appears two different places, as part 3 of Serial 1644 and as part 20 of Serial 1681, the FBI’s 387-page report of January 12, 1979. While the later version of the interview had more deletions than the earlier – designated by blue type – in neither interview was the subject identified. The deleted information which is known to the editor is indicated by red type.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/28/78

[Name deleted] [Gerald Eugene Parks] was interviewed at John FD-302

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/28/78

[Name deleted] [Gerald Eugene Parks] was interviewed at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFKIA) upon his arrival from Guyana, in the presence of Special Agent (SA) [name deleted], United States Secret Service (USSS), and [Parks] furnished the following information:

[Parks] advised that he knew Reverend Jones back in Indiana, however, at this time he was not a member of the People’s Temple (PT) Church. [Parks] stated that in [date deleted], he moved to California to obtain employment, and at this time joined the PT Church. [Parks] stated that at the time he joined the PT Church it was located in Redwood Valley, California, and there were no requirements to become a member. [Parks] stated that after the Church was built, approximately 1967 or 1968, Reverend Jones started searching members of the PT Church as they entered the building. These searches were conducted because Reverend Jones stated that threats had been made on his life. Also, about this time, new members had to attended [attend] three or four meetings before they were issued a membership card in the PT Church.

[Parks] advised that he never lived communal as other Church member did, and that he continued to reside and work outside the Church. [Parks] stated that he donated 25% of his income to the PT Church, as was required.

[Parks] advised that he never made an oral oath or signed an oath to the PT Church. He stated that Reverend Jones did make members sign blank sheets of paper, and [Parks] thought this was some sort of attendance control. [Parks] stated that he did not know what happened to these blank sheets of paper. [Parks] stated that sometime later Reverend Jones required the members to write down statements incriminating themselves. [Parks] stated if you had a criminal record you would have to write this out and sign it. [Parks] stated that other people were told to write down that they were homosexuals and sign the paper.

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BQ 89-495

[Parks] advised that Reverend Jones had approximately four to five bodyguards before he left Redwood Valley, California. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones took these bodyguards with him when he relocated to San Francisco. [Parks] stated that he had no knowledge whether these bodyguards were armed or unarmed. [Parks] advised that the bodyguards recalled Security and also known as Apostolic Guardian. [Parks] stated that he never saw a gun in the San Francisco Temple, however, he heard that there were guns there. [Parks] stated that the searches of members entering the Temple continued in San Francisco. [Parks] advised that Reverend Jones believed there was a conspiracy against him and the PT Church by deserters, or members who had left the Church.

[Parks] advised that the Planning Commission, which was made up of PT members close to Reverend Jones, began in Redwood Valley. [Parks] stated the Planning Commission really began to develop after Reverend Jones had moved to San Francisco. [Parks] stated that he was not a member of the Planning Commission and had never attended a Planning Commission meeting. [Parks] stated that he did not know what the purpose or function of the Planning Commission was, since [he] had never been at their meetings. [Parks] advised that the following PT members were in the Planning Commission and members of an inner core very close to Reverend Jones:

Sharon Amos
Terry Bufford [Buford]
Jean Brown
Lee Ingram
Johnny Brown Jones, Jr.
Jim Randolph
Paula Adams

[Parks] advised that he was originally attracted to Reverend Jones because Reverend Jones appeared to be a humanitarian and preached equality for everyone. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones

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was not a religious man, and that he worked within the framework of a Church because it was profitable. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones often said he was the only God that the members would ever see. Reverend Jones told the members that if they waited for any other God, they would wait the rest of their lives. [Parks] stated that in the beginning Reverend Jones did a lot of good, and was responsible for helping a great many people give up narcotics. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones changed a great deal between the time he first knew him and the last days at Jonestown, Guyana.

[Parks] advised that the discipline within the PT Church was very strict. Smoking, drinking, and sexual misconduct were not allowed. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones did not want the members to have anything to do with outsiders. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones wanted everyone to live communal. [Parks] stated that punishment began with a few “smacks” in front of the entire membership. [Parks] stated that the beatings began to get more severe as time progressed. He stated that Reverend Jones would call PT members out of the audience to administer the beatings. [Parks] stated that eventually it got to the point where the accused was brought before the Planning Commission, and if they decided that he was guilty, he was then taken before the entire membership for punishment. [Parks] advised that he has no knowledge of any “electric shock treatment” as a form of punishment.

[Parks] advised that he realized now that Reverend Jones had used politicians to serve his own ends, as he had used the PT members themselves. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones moved PT members in mass [en masse] from one area of California to another to turn out the vote for favored candidates. [Parks] stated that when Jones supported [George] Moscone for Mayor of San Francisco, he supported DiMally [Mervyn Dymally], and President Carter. [Parks] could not recall whether Reverend Jones had supported Governor [Jerry] Brown in the race for Governor of California. [Parks] stated that if Reverend Jones did support Governor Brown it was not

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active a support as the other candidates mentioned above. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones was a very shrewd man, and that he may have used the politicians[‘] names for his own gain after he supported them. [Parks] advised that he had no knowledge of a trip made by Lieutenant Governor DiMally to Guyana.

[Parks] advised that on April 1, 1978, he went to Guyana. [Parks] stated that he had received his tickets and made arrangements for baggage with Jim Randolph. [Parks] stated that each departing member was allowed to take seven duffel bags with him. [Parks] took two duffel bags containing his belongings and five duffel bags that were furnished by the PT Church. [Parks] stated that he does not know what the additional five duffel bags contained. [Parks] arrived at Georgetown, Guyana, spent five days there before continuing on to Jonestown. [Parks] stated that at Georgetown, Guyana, they were met by Mike Carter and Jocelyn Carter, and taken to Lamaha Gardens. [Parks] stated that Sharon Amos and Karen Layton were at Lamaha Gardens.

[Parks] advised that upon arrival at Jonestown, he immediately realized that something was wrong. [Parks] That the guards at the front gate leading to Jonestown were armed with guns. [Parks] stated that he had no knowledge of how the guns were shipped to Jonestown. [Parks] estimates that there were at least 20 to 25 weapons at Jonestown, consisting of shotguns, rifles, and handguns. [Parks] stated that he did not know where the guns were kept, and stated that he had no knowledge of what was kept in Hut C-14. [Parks] stated that the weapons were kept out of sight for a period of time following the defection of Debbie Blakely [Blakey], because Reverend Jones feared an investigation. [Parks] stated that a couple of weeks prior to November 18, 1978, the weapons were back out being carried by the Security Force.

[Parks] advised that the Security Force at Jonestown, Guyana, consisted of the following individuals:

Steven [Stephan] Jones
Tim Tupper Jones

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Ken McMurray [likely Sebastian McMurry]
Joe Wilson
Ronnie James
Ronnie Dennis
Calvin Douglas
Jim Jones, Jr. (Head of Security)
Bonnie Simon
Tinitra LNU (Last Name Unknown), black female, early 20s [Tinetra Fain]
Bob Kice

[Parks] advised that Reverend Jones also had an Internal Security Force, consisting of members of the PT Church that spied on other members at Jonestown. [Parks] stated that you could never be sure which members were part of this Internal Security, and therefore had to be very careful who you spoke with at Jonestown. [Parks] stated that, unlike the paradise they were promised, Jonestown was an armed camp where the PT members were held prisoners.

[Parks] advised that prior to his arrival in Guyana, he had never heard Reverend Jones talk of suicide. [Parks] stated that had Jonestown, repeatedly talked of dying with dignity. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones called it “Revolutionary Suicide.” Reverend Jones told the people that he had the poison at Jonestown. [Parks] advised that the term “white night” was a code word for “Revolutionary Suicide.”

[Parks] advised that Reverend Jones was convinced, and had many members of the PT commune at Jonestown convinced, that there was a CIA conspiracy against Reverend Jones and the PT Church. [Parks] stated that he and a lot of the other people at Jonestown did not believe this, however, they were afraid to confront Reverend Jones with their opinion.

[Parks] advised that it was Reverend Jones’ custom to have two or three meetings a week with all the members of the commune. At these meetings various problems or projects at

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the common were discussed. [Parks] stated that on Friday night they usually had classes in Socialism. [Parks] stated that this procedure changed during the last six weeks at Jonestown, stating that Reverend Jones held meetings which were called “Alerts” daily. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones kept the commune members busy day and night so that they were literally exhausted. [Parks] stated that he learned at these alerts when Jones asked the people if they were ready to die with dignity, not to refuse. [Parks] stated that the third day he was in Jonestown, he confronted Reverend Jones, stated that he saw no reason for suicide. [Parks] stated that he was beaten by Ronnie James and Kenny McMurray, and from then on he never opposed Reverend Jones.

[Parks] advised that at these alerts Reverend Jones discussed problems that were confronting him and the PT church. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones’ biggest problem was the custody fight over “John John,” the sign of Grace Stone [Stoen]. [Parks] stated that on alert nights the Security at Jonestown were armed. Reverend Jones told the members of the PT Church that this was for their own protection, however, [Parks] stated that he did not believe this.

[Parks] advised that he knows of one rehearsal in drinking unsweetened Kool-Aid, however, this occurred prior to his arrival at Jonestown. [Parks] stated that this was supposed to be a test of the people’s courage by Reverend Jones.

[Parks] advised that he could not recall any knowledge of Reverend Jones mentioning that Congressman Ryan would be assassinated. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones told the people that Ryan was working for the CIA and was out to get Reverend Jones and the PT Church.

[Parks] advised that Russian classes were being given to the members of the Jonestown commune. Reverend Jones told the people that the Russians had agreed to allow them into Russia.

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BQ 89-495

[Parks] stated that Reverend Jones knew he had to get out of Guyana, that Guyana had been a bad choice. [Parks] believes this was because they were unable to raise any crops in Guyana. [Parks] recalled on one occasion a member of the Russian Embassy accompanied by a Russian doctor, came to visit Jonestown. [Parks] stated that on another occasion a reporter from the newspaper “Tass” was allowed to visit Jonestown.

[Parks] advised that every time a visitor came to Jonestown, Reverend Jones staged an act to impress them. [Parks] stated that on these occasions the people were fed very well, and that they were given the answers to respond to any questions asked. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones had threatened the people with their lives if they did not give the correct answer to a question.

[Parks] advised that in addition to the beatings mentioned above, Reverend Jones often utilized as a form of punishment an Extended Care Unit. [Parks] stated that the Extended Care Unit was a section of the clinic where individuals trying to escape from Jonestown when caught were taken and kept for a couple of days. [Parks] advised that the individuals were drugged until they were completely helpless. [Parks] advised that Dr. Lawrence Schact [Laurence Schacht] knew what was going on in the Extended Care Unit, and that Dr. Schact was not a qualified doctor. [Parks] stated that this was another problem of Reverend Jones that was discussed during the nightly alerts. The Guyanese officials requested Dr. Schact to come into Georgetown for licensing. Jones told them not to push him too far or they would come out and find 1200 dead bodies. [Parks] stated that Jones’ reply was relayed to the Guyanese Government through Sharon Amos, Paula Adams, Karen Layton, and Debbie Touchette.

[Parks] advised that he had been planning an escape from Jonestown for a couple of months before the end. [Parks] stated that he planned to leave with [names deleted] stated that he, [name deleted], had hidden clothing along their escape route prior to 18th of November,

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1978. [Parks] stated that on November 18, 1978, he saw an individual pick up a parcel of clothing that he had hidden. [Parks] believed that Reverend Jones was on to his escape plan, and felt that they would be coming after him. [Parks] stated that he told [his mother] Edith Parks, that he thought Reverend Jones knew of their escape plan. Edith Parks went to ask Congressman Ryan if she and her family could leave with his party. [Parks] stated that while [his mother] was talking with Congressman Ryan, Marcy Jones came to [Parks] and attempted to have him talk his family out of leaving Jonestown. Marcy Jones asked him to stay, and stated that things were going to change. [Parks] stated that he knew she was lying, and that he told her it was a mistake to be in Guyana. [Parks] told Marcy Jones that it was impossible to raise crops at Jonestown to raise crops at Jonestown. [Parks] stated that the members of the Jonestown commune could not go on much longer continuing to purchase all their supplies. He believed that the PT would run out of money. Marcy Jones told [Parks] not to worry, and that Reverend Jones had enough money to keep them for the rest of their lives.

[Parks] advised that he went to speak with Congressman Ryan, and told Ryan that he and his family wished to part with Ryan’s party. [Parks] stated that Reverend Jones asked him not to leave with Ryan, and stated that he was free to leave the next day. [Parks] knew Reverend Jones was lying. [Parks] insisted he be allowed to leave with Ryan. [Parks] stated that he told Congressman Ryan they were going to have trouble trying to get out of Jonestown. [Parks] advised that he believed Reverend Jones would go through with his suicide idea rather than let everyone leave Jonestown.

[Parks] advised that he, 15 other PT members, Ryan, and the newsman got onto the dump truck for the ride to the airstrip. [Parks] stated that he observed Larry Layton speaking with Reverend Jones. [Parks] stated that it appeared Layton was trying to convince Reverend Jones to let him do something. [Parks] explained he believes this because Layton kept clasping his hands together in front of him in a prayer-like gesture.

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[Parks] stated that Layton put on a poncho and got on the truck explaining that he wanted to leave Jonestown. [Parks] advised that he and other PT members leaving Jonestown attempted to convince Ryan and Ambassador [Richard] Dwyer (phonetic), who was from the Embassy and came to Jonestown with Ryan, not to allow Layton aboard the truck. [Parks] stated that Ryan would not listen to them. [Parks] advised that he and the other members departing Jonestown remained on the truck while Ryan spoke to the additional PT members wishing to leave Jonestown. [Parks] stated that Ryan planned to leave with the people on the truck and put them on a plane, and then return to Jonestown for the other members wishing to leave. [Parks] stated that at this time Don Sly attacked Congressman Ryan with a knife. Attorneys Gary [Charles Garry] and [Mark] Lane wrestled the knife away from Sly. [Parks] stated that he really did not believe that the people were going to get out of Jonestown.

[Parks] advised that Ryan got on the truck and they began to leave Jonestown. He stated that Gary and Lane remained behind, and he does not know the reason that they stayed. [Parks] advised that when they got to the front gate of Jonestown, Joe Wilson got on the truck. As they proceeded along the road to the airstrip, Wilson kept staring at the PT defectors in the back of the truck. [Parks] stated that when they arrived at the airstrip they got off the truck, and it started back towards the gate to the airfield. [Parks] stated that there was only a small aircraft at the airstrip, and they had to await a larger plane. During this week they demanded that Congressman Ryan have Layton searched before he was allowed on the plane. Layton was frisked, and the larger plane landed. [Parks] stated that Layton insisted that he get on the first plane. Following the frisking of Layton, while he was still wearing the poncho, Joe Wilson walked up to Layton and shook his hand. [Parks] believes this is when Wilson handed Layton a gun. [Parks] stated that as they began boarding the planes they saw the truck coming back being followed by a tractor b and wagon. Layton, Dale Parks, Monica Bagby, Vern Gosney, and Tracy Parks boarded the smaller aircraft. [Parks] stated that he, [his wife] Patty, and the remainders boarded the larger aircraft, and that his

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[Released at Serial 1644-3: wife] was seated directly in front of the open door of the aircraft. At this point, [Parks] observed the tractor and wagon pulling up approximately 30 feet from the aircraft.

[Parks] advised that he observed Ronnie Dennis, Tom Kice, Joe Wilson, Albert Touchette, and Ronnie James, on the wagon being towed by the tractor. [Parks] stated that Stanley Geig [Gieg] was driving the tractor pulling the wagon. At this point the individuals riding in the wagon opened fire on the aircraft. [Parks] stated that the men were armed with M-16s and a gun that was fed by a belt of bullets, which appeared to be a machine gun. [Parks] stated that other individuals aboard the dump truck were firing from the other side of the aircraft, however, he could not observe the individuals. [Parks] stated that he fought to get his seatbelt released and bent down as bullets were passing through the aircraft. [Parks] stating that [his mother] Edith, yelled, “My God, look what they’ve done to Patty.” [Parks] advised then he turned around, observed [his wife’s] head blown off, and noticed her brains splattered on his back. [Parks] stated that the wagon circled the aircraft, continuing to fire at the aircraft and proceeded away toward the gate leading out of the airstrip. [Parks] stated that the pilot revved the engine of the aircraft attempting to take off. [Parks] observed a reporter banging on the door of the aircraft to enter, however, before the door could be opened the reporter crawled into the baggage door of the aircraft. At this time, [Parks] observed [Released at Serial 1644-3: his] [daughter Tracy] standing by a shed on the airstrip. He asked the pilot not to take off without [Released at Serial 1644-3: his daughter.] The pilot told [Parks] that he could not get the aircraft off the ground, and all of the people exited the aircraft and ran into the jungle.

[Parks] advised that he and [name deleted] returned to the aircraft to get the wounded. They dragged the wounded into the high grass because they feared that the gunman [gunmen] may come back to see if they had killed everyone. [Parks] stated

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that there were Guyanese soldiers at the airstrip when they were being shot at. [Parks] asked the soldiers later why they did not offer help, and they stated “It’s Americans shooting Americans.” [Parks] stated that the Guyanese soldiers did give them a First Aid kit, and Ambassador Dwyer (ph) called the Guyanese Defense Force (GDF) at Matthews Ridge, Guyana. [Parks] stated that during this time Larry Layton approached Dale Parks and attempted to shoot him, however, the weapon misfired. Dale Parks wrestled the gun away from Layton. [Parks] stated that Ambassador Dwyer (ph), although wounded himself, worked throughout the night to help the other wounded PT members. The survivors were eventually transported to Georgetown by the GDF.

[Parks] advised that he has no knowledge of the PT “hit list.” [Parks] stated that at Georgetown he was told by Stephanie Jones that Steve Jones told Eugene Smith to get rid of the defectors. [Parks] stated that the individuals he considered possible “hitmen” are Steve Jones, Calvin Douglas, Eugene Smith, Terry Bufford [Buford], and Sandy Bradshaw.

[Parks] advised that during his stay at Jonestown, he was aware that Rita Tupper was censoring all mail leaving Jonestown.

[Parks] advised that he was not familiar with the operation of the radio, however he knows that they were using codes on the radio. [Parks] stated that he was not aware of what codes were being used. He stated that Sharon Amos and Karen Layton operated the radio at Georgetown. [Parks] did not know who operated the radio at Jonestown, however, Reverend Jones himself spent a lot of time in the radio room until he began using narcotics. [Parks] stated that at San Francisco, California, the radio was operated by Sandy Bradshaw, Jean Brown, and Tom Adams.

[Parks] advised that Paula Adams operated out of Georgetown, Guyana, and that her job was Public Relations. [Parks] stated

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that Adams manipulated Guyanese officials by the use of sex.

[Parks] advised that he had no knowledge of a bomb at Georgetown. He stated that Steve Jones and some of the top security men were working with dynamite a couple of months prior to November 18th.

[Parks] advised that Johnny Jones, Jr. operated as the Administrator of Jonestown, and was assisted by Terry Bufford when she was there.

[Parks] advised that Dr. Lawrence Schacht operated a shabby clinic at Jonestown, however, Dr. Schacht did have some fairly decent equipment. [Parks] advised that the clinic was separate from the Extended Care Unit mentioned previously. [Parks] stated that others working in the clinic were Edith Parks, Dale Parks, Diane Louie Rozynko, and Joyce Parks (Dale’s wife). [Parks] stated that Joyce Parks was in Caracas on November 18, 1978.

[Parks] advised that he did not know of the cyanide being at Jonestown. He stated that he informed hundred pound bags of “mono floro phosphate,” and thought that it was an insecticide. [Parks] stated that Russell Moten [Moton] told him that it was poison. [Parks] advised that he did not know who ordered this, however, that it had been delivered on the “Cudjoe,” the boat that the PT used to get back and forth between Jonestown and Georgetown. [Parks] stated that he also thought that the PT owned a ship named the “Albatross,” he learned from newsmen later that the PT Church leased the ship. [Parks] stated that the operators of the ship were Charlie Touchette and Richard Janero [Janaro], who was aboard the ship as a buyer. [Parks] stated that they had an outside crew that actually did the manual labor aboard the ship.

[Parks] advised that he knew of no drugs being produced or used at Jonestown, other than those in the Special Care Unit. [Parks] believed that thoresene (ph) [Thorazine] and Valium were used in the Special Care Unit. [Parks] stated that towards the end Reverend Jones was using drugs, and he believes that his nurse,

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Annie Moore, was administering the drugs.

[Parks] stated that the people at Jonestown were making dolls to sell in Georgetown at Christmas to earn additional money.

[Parks] advised that he did not have knowledge of how much money the PT Church possessed. [Parks] stated that the only knowledge he had was what Marcy Jones told him before he left. This was that Reverend Jones had enough money to take care of everyone for the rest of our lives. [Parks] stated that he has no knowledge of bank accounts or where money is kept.

[Parks] advised that throughout his association with PT Church Reverend Jones had set up interracial marriages, and wanted white families to adopt black children. [Parks] stated that [name deleted] did not believe in this.

[Parks] furnished the following information on the individuals listed below:

Tim Jones, white male, adopted son of Reverend Jones. [Parks] does not believe Tim Jones would carry out violence to the extent some others might.

Tim Jones, black male.

Jimmy Jones, Jr., Head of Security, adopted son of Reverend Jones. [Parks] stated that [he] would not rule out that Jimmy Jones, Jr. would try and get some of the defectors.

Eddy [Eddie] Crenshaw, truck driver. [Parks] stated that he drove them to the airstrip on November 18, 1978. [Parks] stated that he also drove back with the Security people that shot at the aircraft. Believed dead.

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BQ 89-495

Herbert Newell, black male, early 20s. [Parks] stated he was part-time Security and member of the basketball team. [Parks] would put him in the same position as Jimmy Jones, Jr. and Tim Jones.

Johnny Cobb, black male, 20-21 years. Security, and member of basketball team.

Johnny Jones, Second or Third in command at Jonestown. Black male, adopted son of Reverend Jones. Associated with the administrative side of operation.

Mark Cordell, white male, 18-19 years, member of Security Force. Believed dead.

Jim MacElvane [McElvane], handled real estate at Los Angeles for the last two years. At Redwood Valley was in charge of Security. Died at Jonestown.

Billy Oliver, believed dead, might have been Security Patrol.

Steve [Stephan] Jones, white male, son of Reverend Jones. Believed to be one of the most dangerous members of PT. “Hot Head.”

Lee Ingram, black male, 40s, the basketball team coach. Husband of Sandy Bradshaw. [Parks] stated that he would not trust Ingram.

Chris O’Neal, Brenda Parks’ boyfriend, worked at the brick factory at Jonestown.

Calvin Douglas, black male, 19-20 years, Security Guard and basketball team. Alive in Georgetown.

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BQ 89-495

Cleveland Newell, black male, 25 years, Security, believed dead.

Bonnie Simon, member of Security, believed dead.

Paul McCann, white male.

Pauline Groot, white female, believed dead. Chemical Engineer, very intelligent person.

Tom Grubbs, white male, 35-40 years, schoolteacher. Grubbs built box half buried which was used to dry grain, and to punish PT members at Jonestown.

Marie Rankin, worked on insecticides. Very loyal supporter of Reverend Jones.

Terry Bufford [Buford], white female, very close to Reverend Jones. Capable of devising strategy Jones used.

Jean Brown, white female, 40s, used to be schoolteacher. Very high echelon PT member.

Rennie Kice, black female, Bob Kice’s wife. Believed dead.

Lora [Laura] Johnston, white female, 28-30 years. Loyal to Reverend Jones, however, she made too many mistakes to be trusted.

Vera Young, not known by [Parks].

June Crym, handled Finances at San Francisco Temple. Very close to Reverend Jones.

Mike Prokes, white male, 35 years. Handled Public Relations in Georgetown. It was his job to keep the Guyanese Government satisfied. Prokes, Tim Carter and Mike Carter, a white male, 24-25 years, were apprehended with $500,000 and a letter to the Russian Embassy.

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BQ 89-495

Tim Carter, white male, 28-30 years.

Sandra Ingram, also known as (a.k.a.) Sandra Bradshaw, white female, 30 years. Top echelon PT member. She would be dedicated enough to carry out any plans Reverend Jones may have made.

Judy Flowers, not known to [Parks].

Jim Randolph, white male, early 40s, in San Francisco, in charge of transporting PT members to Jonestown.

Harriet Randolph, white female, wife of Jim. Attended Law School, however, does not believe she finished. The same classification as Bradshaw and Jean Brown.

Leona Collier, black female, believed to be in San Francisco. Very close to Reverend Jones, not believed dangerous.

Dale Parks, son of Gerald Parks, Paramedic. Trained at Santa Rosa College.

Burrell Wilson, not known by [Parks].

Claire Janaro, white female. Operated care center, Redwood Valley, California. Arrived Guyana, November 18, 1978.

Richard Janaro, white male, husband of Claire. On the Albatross, operating as a buyer for Jonestown.

Don Beck, white male, 30-35 years, schoolteacher at Ukiah, California.

Bonnie Beck, white female, 30-35 years, wife of Don. Lived at the Care Center or Ranch with Janaro.

Marie [Maria] Katsaris, white female, very high echelon PT member. Her brother accompanied Congressman Ryan to Guyana. Believed dead.

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BQ 89-495

Paula Adams, in Georgetown, knowledgeable of radio and codes, very higher echelon PT member. Engaged in sexual activity with Guyanese officials to further PT cause.

Tish Leroy, white female, 55 years, very intelligent, accountant. Believed dead.

Chuch [Chuck] Beikman, white male. Uneducated, illiterate. In jail at Georgetown because of Amos killing.

Joyce Touchette, white female, 45-50 years, Charlie Touchette’s wife. Believed dead.

Charlie Touchette, alive on the ship Albatross.

Michelle Touchette, white female, 18 years. Believed dead.

Michael Touchette, white male, 22-23 years, drove Caterpillar at Jonestown and member of basketball team. Believed to be alive in Georgetown and as dedicated as his father Charlie. Mike Touchette would carry out any plans of Reverend Jones if they exist.

Stanley Clayton, black male, 30s, left Jonestown during killing.

Mary Lee Bogue, white female, 18-19 years, loyal to Reverend Jones. Believed dead.

Tom Bogue, white male, 17 years, Mary Lee’s brother. Left Jonestown with [Parks].

Tina Bogue, white female, 23 years. Accompanied [Parks].

Odell Rhodes, black male, 35 years. Worked with problem children at Jonestown and ran Public Service (form of punishment, manual labor). Believed alive in Georgetown.

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BQ 89-495

Tim Carter, white male, 28-30 years. In Georgetown.

Vera Ingram, not known to [Parks].

Jim Cobb, left the PT Church. Help runs a Human Freedom Center at San Francisco. Cobb was at Jonestown as a concerned relative.

The following description of [Parks] was obtained through observation and interview:

Name [Gerald Eugene Parks]
Alias [deleted]
Race Caucasian
Sex Male
Date of Birth [deleted]
Place of Birth [deleted]
Height [deleted]
Weight [deleted]
Hair Black (thinning)
Eyes Brown
Scars and Marks [deleted]
Previous Employment [deleted], California
Social Security Number [deleted]
Relatives [wife] – Patty (deceased) [names of other family members deleted, include Edith, Dale, Brenda and Tracy Parks]
Previous Arrests None admitted
Destination Point [deleted]
Other Relatives [deleted]