Serial 2296

[Editor’s note: The FBI withheld several names from this cable under the B6 Exemption to the Freedom of Information Act. The deleted information is indicated below in green type.]

P 311439Z AUG 79

Re SF teletypes August 15, 16, 1979, and Bureau teletypes August 14, 15, 17, 1979.

On August 30, 1979, FBI, SF, met with USA [US Attorney] G. William Hunter, San Francisco, and was briefed concerning meetings between DOJ and State Department officials in Washington, DC, as well as his conference with DOJ officials in Washington, DC, on August 29, 1979. USA advised that DOJ was in possession of most current attitudes of Government of Guyana, (GOG), which reflected change of direction on part of GOG to pursue prosecution of Larry Layton in Guyana. Change in attitude of GOG apparently due to most recent GOG political situation, pressure from opposition party, and upcoming GOG elections. (Information not previously known


or made available to FBI or USA, San Francisco).

In view of the above information, the USA advises he concurs with opinion and decision by DOJ that our government encourage the GOG to prosecute Layton on charges in Guyana. Both USA and DOJ are aware of strong reluctance of American witnesses to return to Guyana. The American witnesses are essential to successful prosecution by GOG. USA, SF, is of understanding that should essential witnesses refuse to return to Guyana or if other situation arises that would seriously threaten successful prosecution in Guyana, DOJ would certainly reconsider extradition at that time. USA advised that DOJ also concurs with his opinion that sufficient evidence is available to successfully prosecute Larry Layton for conspiracy and aiding and abetting in assassination of Ryan. However for present, and in light of GOG desire, DOJ will encourage Guyana prosecution. USA stated that his office and DOJ will make every effort to encourage witnesses to return to Guyana and will include some financial assistance. DOJ also intends to dispatch a Departmental


Attorney to Guyana to provide US liaison to local prosecution.

Also discussed with USA, SF, was possibility of immunity to certain individuals as investigative tool to obtain testimony which might implicate [name deleted] – Jonestown survivor suspected to be involved in conspiracy – aiding and abetting on November 18, 1978, in Jonestown, resulting in the assassination of Ryan. USA advised that immunity consideration would not be appropriate in investigation of this magnitude until all other resources are explored, i.e., Larry Layton situation.

For information Bureau and Legat, leads set forth in re SF tel August 13, 1979, for signed and oral statements of Larry Layton, which DOJ advised to hold in abeyance, has been subsequently requested, evidently by DOJ directly through State Department.


SF will keep Bureau advised and will continue to maintain close contact with USA and will assist in locating American witnesses and immediately furnish same to USA in order that his office may contact witnesses to request and encourage same to appear and testify in Guyana.

Bureau is requested to continue to maintain close liaison with Department of State and DOJ to insure that FBI as well as DOJ is furnished prosecutive status and investigative results from American Embassy Georgetown, in an efficient and prompt manner, particularly DOJ continues to circumvent Bureau’s Legat.

Bureau is requested to relay teletype to Legat Bogotá.