Serial 786

[Editor’s note: Some information withheld in this serial was released in Serial 720. The deleted portions in this serial which are known to the editor are indicated by red type.]

0 012126Z DEC 78
FM FBI DALLAS (89-205)

Re Dallas teletype to Bureau, interested offices, November 20, 1978.

[Handwritten addition: By 12-1-78, tel. DL {Dallas} advised] On November 30, 1978, late PM, [name deleted] also known as [name deleted] (protect identity) was interviewed by Buagents. [name deleted] again displayed extreme reluctance in speaking of activities concerning People’s Temple (PT). [name deleted] was considerably more responsive to some questions than was displayed at previous meeting, but she exhibits continuing fear of retaliation from current PT members and will not respond to some questions because of this, even though she acknowledges having direct and indirect knowledge of information sought. [name deleted] furnished the following

PAGE TWO DE DL #0002 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

information: [name deleted] joined the PT [information deleted] in 1962 and remained a PT member until [line deleted]. [name deleted] married a PT member named [name deleted] and later divorced him after her defection from PT. [name deleted] has resided in [information deleted].

[name deleted] stated she was employed as a [deleted] while in the PT and was a close confidante of the PT’s leader, Reverend Jim Jones, during her latter years with the church. [name deleted] advised she was, for a period of time, [information deleted] [name deleted] furnished a structural description of the organization of the PT which corresponds to that already known to the Bureau. [name deleted] advised PT highly “compartmentalized” and illegal and illicit activities of PT known only to various members who had need to know. Reverend Jones oversaw entire operation of PT and was only person who had complete knowledge of entire activities of PT. [name deleted] stated inner circle of thirteen to fifteen elite PTA members were knowledgeable of specific illegal activities of church, but no one inner circle member familiar with all of these activities.

PAGE THREE DE DL #0002 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

[name deleted] advised Reverend Jones was known to all inner circle elite as an avowed Markxist [Marxist] whose ultimate goal was obtaining socialistic state in United States. Jones directed all church efforts to this goal and predominant philosophy of cult was “the end justifies the means”. According to [name deleted], any crime was justified if it effected the goal of socialism.

[name deleted] stated she had personal knowledge of hit lists which was compiled at Jones direction by PT members and inner circle elite, Jack Beam. At time of [name deleted] defection, fifty to seventy-five names appeared on hit list and included select U.S. Senators, Congressmen, state government leaders, heads of major corporations, reporters, and other avowed enemies of the PT. Jones was completely responsible for picking individuals who were included on hit list. Persons targeted were personal enemies of church ie [i.e.] defected members, public critics of Jones or prominent “capitalistic” industrial leaders. Also included on list were key elected officials and industrial corporation executives who are considered to be “capitalistic” leaders whose elimination would further

PAGE FOUR DE DL #0002 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

the cause of socialism in the United States. Purpose of hit list was to eliminate PT enemies and to accomplish conversion of United States to socialism. According to [name deleted], corporation heads primary targets as they were believed to control this countries’ [country’s] economy and hence existing political system. [name deleted] intimated she had knowledge of identity of persons on hit list but declined to name same (probably because of personal involvement). [name deleted] would not state if president or vice president of United States included on list.

[name deleted] did state that President of United States not considered an important target since president has very little control over economic and political direction of the United States in PT’s opinion.

[name deleted] indicated that it was “a matter of fact” that within the next six to twelve months after mass suicides in Guyana, that elimination of persons on the hit list would be implemented by surviving PT members. [name deleted] would not elaborate but stated recent events are part of a “larger plan” initiated long ago by Jones and inner circle elite and this plan would be carried out regardless of Jones demise. [name deleted] intimated she

PAGE FIVE DE DL #0002 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

has had recent contacts with “her sources” and alleges these individuals have knowledge of current PT church plans and that her above observation based on this information. [name deleted] claims no knowledge of the extent of the additions made to hit list since her defection, but believes it now to be “enlarged”. [name deleted] intimates her “sources” are current PT members.

[name deleted] advised regular firearms training conducted by PT prior to her defection for “select” members. [name deleted] stated PT systematically accrued weapons from “street sources” and intimated automatic weapons included. [name deleted] advised weapons caches were maintained at various locations and indicated past knowledge of these locations but declined to state further details. [name deleted] advised PT members in inner circle, PT security guards, angels, and select members of Planning Commission were routinely trained by other PT members who were U.S. military veterans in the use of firearms. Only person identified by [name deleted] is [in] conducting this type training was one Harold Cordell (phonetic), not further identified by [name deleted]. [name deleted] stated PT attorney Charles Geary [Garry] substantially assisted PT in acquiring firearms. [name deleted] advised she would not go into detail of Geary’s

PAGE SIX DE DL #0002 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

assistance to PT in this regard, but stated PT “had something on” Geary which guaranteed Geary’s cooperation in this matter. [name deleted] advised Geary is well aware of PT church illegal activities and plans not from his relationship as attorney for cult, but rather through some type of participation. [name deleted] additionally advised PT attorney Mark Lane also has been compromised by PT cult and has distinct knowledge through his association with church members of cult’s illegal activities. [name deleted] advised she does not know of any illegal activities in which Lane is involved. [name deleted] advised she does have some knowledge of substantial caches of money maintained by the PT. At the time [name deleted] defected, she had knowledge of eight to ten million United States dollars which were PT funds and were being maintained in various banks in Australia, Switzerland and Canada under the following names:

Patty Carmel [Cartmell], Jack Beam, Carolyn Layton, Karen Layton, Linda Amos.

[name deleted] advised each of these individuals was an inner circle member. [name deleted] declined to identify specific banks involved and it is not known from her responses to questions if she possesses such

0 012152Z DEC 78
FM FBI DALLAS (89-205)

information. [name deleted] stated in smaller amounts of cash are maintained in various US banks, principally in the state of California, as operating capital for PT.

[name deleted] refused to discuss any questions dealing with contingency plans in PT church which would be utilized as a means of retaliation against persons attempting to arrest Reverend Jones. Likewise, [name deleted] would not disclose her knowledge of any threats to public officials, former members, or press representatives by the PT in the past, with the exception of admitting that she had this knowledge and this had, in fact, happened. [name deleted] advised that plans did exist and were utilized to compromise public officials for PT goals and she advised she has knowledge this has occurred in past. She would not further elaborate. During agent’s first

PAGE TWO DE DL #0003 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

meeting with [name deleted] as noted in reference teletype, [name deleted] did state she knew of a plan to compromise [name deleted] in Ukiah, California, in the early 1970’s through the homosexual approach by the PT. [name deleted] did not state details of this plan nor would she stated this plan actually was implemented. [name deleted] had stated though, that PT experienced “no problems” in Ukiah, California, intimating PT had some leverage on [deleted] [released at Serial 720: “chief of police”] there and perhaps other elected officials.

[name deleted] advised PT utilized voting bloc strength in obtaining cooperation and non-interference by local and state officials in state of California. [name deleted] stated PT members voted in unison for candidates whom Reverend Jones designated and through this, Jones was able to secure certain favors in return from these officials. [name deleted] again cited public officials, Ukiah, California, no names given, as examples of this.

[name deleted] advised that within PT, there existed a group known as “the Angels” or “the messengers”. [name deleted] stated these persons were assigned to accomplish “hits” which would include every type of crime, including murder. [name deleted] named the following PT members who were “Angels”: Terry Buford, Bob Kice, [name deleted],

PAGE THREE DE DL #0003 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

Larry Laton [Layton], Jack Beam. With the exception of Beam, Angels were strong-arm types who are not noted for mental abilities but were extremely loyal and dedicated followers of Jones and followed orders meticulously. The “Angels’” loyalty was tested frequently by Jones. Less tested and trusted PT strong-arm types were assigned “security guard” duty and it was their function to keep PT members in line with wishes of Reverend Jones. [name deleted] would not name all Angels she knew but indicated above names are not, by any means, all inclusive. [name deleted] stated she would be more willing to talk regarding this after she know the identities of PT members who died in Guyana. [name deleted] did advise she knew for a fact Bob Kice was involved in Jonestown airport shooting of Congressman Ryan and newsmen but would not state source of this information.

[name deleted] advised PT had “capabilities” to manufacture certain street drugs prior to PT establishing agricultural community in Guyana, but has no knowledge this ever occurred while cult was located in US. [name deleted] has no knowledge of cult’s drug activities in Guyana. [name deleted] advised that PT did recruit one “Chris Lewis” (phonetic), a Negro male, not further described, as a PT member

PAGE FOUR DE DL #0003 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

in San Francisco. Lewis was a known police character and engaged in drug trafficking and pimping activities in San Francisco area at the time of his conversion to the PT church. Jones allowed Lewis to continue with his illegal activities subsequent to his joining PT church and monetary proceeds of Lewis’ activities were funneled directly to Jones and the PT church.

[name deleted] advised Lewis went to Guyana with Jones but subsequently returned to the United States. [name deleted] advised Jones [Lewis] was shot and killed in the San Francisco, California area in the past. [name deleted] would not or could not elaborate details of Lewis’ death and did not state whether PT involved in this. [name deleted] advised that Sandy Bradshaw, a state probation officer in San Francisco, California, is a member of the inner circle of the PT church currently and intimated Bradshaw is also “an angel”. [name deleted] advised Bradshaw, more than any other person, knows the current plans of the PT church regarding implementation of contingency plans an/for carrying out murders of those named in hit list. [name deleted] additionally advised Terry Buford is known by her to be in charge of PT files and is the current PT member assigned to maintain the PT hit list.

While answering specific questions during this interview, [name deleted]

PAGE FIVE DE DL #0003 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

indicated that the following individuals are current members of the inner circle of the PT church:

[deleted name] [released at Serial 720: “Linda Amos”], Jack Beam, [name deleted] was very reluctant to discuss her knowledge of any of these individuals’ activities.

[name deleted] advised that PT defectors Mike Cartmell aef [and] Debbie Blakely [Blakey] would readily furnish information regarding their knowledge of the PT. [name deleted] advised Mike Cartmell was known to her to be a Planning Commission member but she does not know the extent of Cartmell’s knowledge of explicit illegal activities on the part of PT. [name deleted] advised that any information furnished by these two individuals regarding contingency plans or hit lists would probably be second hand information.

Regarding [name deleted] currently known as [name deleted], [name deleted] furnished the following information and stated she does not wish that this information be imparted to [name deleted].

[name deleted] advised that when [name deleted] left with her and [name deleted] from the PT in 1973, [name deleted] took the entire PT files regarding the Los Angeles church. [name deleted] advised, contained in these files was incriminating evidence regarding Jones and

PAGE SIX DE DL #0003 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

other PT members’ activities. [name deleted] advised that she has personal direct knowledge that [name deleted] is still in possession of some of these files but that [name deleted] did “sell back to Jones” certain of these files subsequent to her [name deleted] defection. [name deleted] was not advised of any of [name deleted] statements which [name deleted] made to Bureau agents at the time of her interview and is not aware that [name deleted] claims to have given all of the PT files back to Jones. [name deleted] advised [name deleted] has direct knowledge of criminal activities on the part of the PT and [name deleted] stated during the first meeting with Bureau agents that [name deleted] had participated in the planning and subsequent murders of several PT enemies (potential PT defectors). This information is believed to be reliable because [name deleted] also implicated herself in the planning of these murders.

[name deleted] advised [name deleted] and [name deleted] currently reside in the [deleted] [released at Serial 720: “Dallas, Texas”] area but stated these individuals would not cooperate with any law enforcement authorities in investigation




0 012126Z DEC 78
FM FBI DALLAS (89-205)

of the PT church. [name deleted] advised both of these individuals are terrified of retaliation by the PT and indicated that [name deleted] and [name deleted] had recently received threatening phone calls from PT members.

[name deleted] stated she was extremely nervous and fearful of again meeting with Buagents but did agree to telephonically contact the Dallas office during the following week for the purpose of arranging another interview. It is believed that with each interview of [name deleted] she becomes more cooperative and furnishes more valuable information re PT activities. It is felt that an attempt by [deleted] [released at Serial 720: “Dallas”] to interview [name deleted] or [name deleted] at this time could jeopardize any further collaborative type interviews with [name deleted] and the interviews with the [name deleted] would not be productive at this time.

PAGE TWO DE DL #0004 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

Dallas will maintain contact with [name deleted] and will vigorously attempt to secure additional cooperation on her part re past and current PT activities. It is the opinions of the interviewing agents that continued contacts with [name deleted] of the same nature as the previous two meetings will enable the Bureau to obtain additional information regarding the identities and specific illegal activities of the PT. [name deleted] has told the interviewing agents that she has revealed a minute percentage of the information which she has regarding these persons and illegal activities. It is also felt that any attempts to subpoena [name deleted] before a federal grand jury at this time would probably be counterproductive. [name deleted] has previously indicated she has, in her possession, tape recordings of church services and Planning Commission meetings but stated she doubts any of these tapes would contain any incriminating evidence against PT members. [name deleted] has intimated that she possesses other documentary evidence, possibly of the same nature as that possessed by [name deleted] regarding the PT. Dallas will make every effort to determine if this is the case and to secure same.

Inquiry with Texas law enforcement teletype system re

PAGE THREE DE DL #0004 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

[name deleted] revealed she currently holds Texas drivers license number [deleted]. From these records [name deleted] is fully described as a [deleted] white female, born [information deleted], resides [address deleted] (believed to be former residence). This drivers license expires November 25, 1981.

It is imperative that under no circumstances should [name deleted] cooperation in this matter be divulged nor should the gist of her statements be furnished to any outside persons as this information furnished by [name deleted] to be so singluar [singular] in nature as to identify her to present and past PT members.

It should also be noted that during this interview, [name deleted] advised that she knew PT doctor Larry Schacht but she did not elaborate a relationship or extent of association with this individual.

For information of the Bureau, [name deleted] has advised that current members of the PT church are involved in a law enforcement capacity, such as [name deleted], probation officer, San Francisco, California. [name deleted] has further eluded [alluded] to the fact that the PT has, in the past, had other law enforcement types recruited to serve

PAGE FOUR DE DL #0004 UNCLAS E F T O (DL- 89-205)

PT needs. In view of this the Bureau might consider requiring all field offices to maintain the files re captioned matter in a secure place where access is limited. This would preclude an unintentional disclosure of source information by clerical or other Bureau personnel to PT church sources.

Dallas will advise the Bureau and San Francisco of developments as they occur. San Francisco is requested to advise Dallas if they desire immediate contact to be made with [name deleted] for interview of her and her daughter [name deleted].

Armed and dangerous; suicidal tendencies.



[Handwritten note: For any questions or corrections contact Dallas]