Serial 2559 – post



As you will recall, an indictment is outstanding within the Northern District of California charging Laurence John Layton with violation Title 18, US Code, Section 351 (D) – Conspiracy to Murder; Section 351 (A), 2 – Aid and Abet Murder of Congressman; Section 1117 – Conspiracy to Kill an Internationally Protected Person; and Section 1116 (a), 2 – Aid and Abet Attempted Murder of Internationally Protected Person.

Attached Brooklyn Queens/Metropolitan Resident Agency teletype advises that Layton, under escort by US Marshals Service (USMS), is scheduled to depart Guyana on 11/21/80 and to arrive at the JFK International Airport, New York, at 9:45 PM, 11/21/80. Upon arrival at New York, Layton will be arrested by the USMS and afforded a hearing before a US Magistrate, Eastern District of New York, on 11/22/80. The USMS intends to transport Layton to San Francisco on 11/22/80 following his initial appearance before the US Magistrate.