RYMUR Serial 2405

P 221130Z FEB 80
FM BOGOTA (89-4) (P)
TO DIRECTOR PRIORITY (89-4286) 044-22

American Embassy at Georgetown, Guyana, has advised by cable as follows:

Consul spoke again this morning with Director to Public Prosecution (DPP) for update on Layton case. DPP said that because Layton’s attorney McKay was out of the country a tentative date could only be ventured: April 1. McKay is due here tomorrow and DPP pledged to call us if date is not agreeable to McKay.

DPP indicated that indictment had already been drafted and signed (by him). He indicated that GOG plans to charge only with attempted murder of Vern Gosney, Monica Bagby, et al., and not with murder of Congressman Ryan. Layton is expected to plead guilty, and GOG hopes “trial” will be one-day affair. DPP then went on to ask whether or not we could attempt to get “the Beikman witnesses” back down here, stating quickly that he


“knew” none of them would want to come but that he had to “go through the motions” of trying to get them. The case against Beikman is so weak that if he doesn’t plead guilty he probably won’t be tried at all.

FBIHQ requested furnish above San Francisco office.