Serial 2624

P 211925Z MAY 81
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89A-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

Re: San Francisco teletype to Director, dated 5/5/81.

As a result of conference with San Francisco United States Attorney’s office prosecution team on May 19, 1981, US Attorney has the following matters for clarification and request from the Government of Guyana (GOG).

1. Concerning referenced teletype re suppression hearings scheduled for San Francisco on July 7, 1981. Has the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) in Guyana responded as to his opinion concerning necessary Guyanese witnesses to successfully refute Layton allegation. At present, US Attorney has requested that


Skip Roberts, Inspector Jagmohan, Detective Superintendent Alvin Smith, and Supernumerary Constable Mortimer Kasin Ally to appear.

2. After thorough consideration concerning trial strategy and maximum jury impact, United States Attorney’s office would prefer that the Guyanese witnesses testify towards the end of the trial. US Attorney realizes this may put a strain on some Guyanese witnesses and of making two trips. US Attorney desires GOG’s and witness availability concerning two trips that would be involved by those appearing at both the suppression hearing and trial.

3. Can the Embassy or GOG furnish certified copies of death certificates for Congressman Leo Ryan and Jonestown residents Lisa [Patricia] Parks.

4. Our records indicate that Inspector Jagmohan submitted bullets removed from Monica Bagby in trial at Guyana. Records indicate that Doctor Oliverio Agramonte and Doctor Winston Gobin operated on Monica Bagby and furnished projectile to police officer Eustace Lam, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Linden Police Station. Records indicate that Eustace Lam then furnished projectiles to Jagmohan. Question by US Attorney is this correct and secondly would Eustace Lam be available for testimony at trial in San Francisco?

5. Information San Francisco indicates that Guyanese Doctor Winston Gobin performed operation on Monica Bagby and extracted two bullets, Guyana Exhibit K1-K2. Would Doctor Winston Gobin, be available for testimony in San Francisco at trial.

For information of American Embassy, possibility also exists that defendants may attempt to delay trial through legal appeals and change of venue. No motions have been filed to date and USA can only assume trial will proceed as scheduled but Embassy and GOG should be aware of possibility. Pretrial suppression hearing would not be effected [affected] by such matters.

Bureau is requested to relay above to U.S. State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs, CA/CS/CCS/ARA, attention [name deleted] for information.