Serial 2648


Date: June 8, 1981

Subject: Investigation of Jury Panel in United States v. Laurence J. Layton, CR-80-416-RFP

To: Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
From: D. Lowell Jensen, Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division

As you may be aware, the trial of Laurence J. Layton, who is charged with conspiracy and substantive offenses in connection with the assassination of Congressman Leo J. Ryan (18 USC 351) and the attempted murder of an internationally protected person, Deputy Chief of Mission Richard Dwyer (18 USC 1116), is scheduled to begin July 9, 1981, in San Francisco, California.

The United States Attorney has requested that the FBI conduct the following investigation of prospective jurors in the case:

(1) examine any criminal records, including arrest records, at FBI headquarters in the San Francisco field office;

(2) contact San Francisco area District Attorneys’ offices, for prior jury service information; and

(3) contact San Francisco area police agencies for indices check.

I concur in the request by the United States Attorney, and hereby authorize the requested investigation. A list of the prospective jurors will be furnished to you as soon as it is available.

Your assistance in this matter is appreciated. Any questions can be directed to [name deleted] of this Division (724-5840).

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