Articles and Remembrances by Don Beck

 Don Beck, a member of Peoples Temple living in Redwood Valley in November 1978, was part of the group on the original trip to Guyana, and went during the summers of 1974 and 1976 as Jonestown was being built. He participated in the Peoples Temple Oral History Project in 2015, and his interview is here.

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Moving on Forty Years Later (2018)

Expenditures by Peoples Temple in Guyana (2012)

A World Unto Itself: Life in the States after Jim Jones Moved to Guyana (2012)

Thank You, Leigh! (2012)

A Day of Remembrances (2011)

Talking with Cults: Conversations with a Video Director (2011)

What I Still Carry With Me (2010)

Materials Gathered by FBI RYMUR Investigation: Is There More? (2010)

Confessions of a Junior Choir Director (2009)

What We Haven’t Learned from Jonestown: The Rest of the Story (2009)

Continuing On (2008)

The Theology of Peoples Temple: A View from Inside (2007)

To Honor and Cherish (2007)

Re-Connection and Restoring Dignity (2006)

Murder or Suicide: Coercion or Choice (2006)

Afterwards (2005)

The Healings of Jim Jones (2005)

November 18, 9/11, Tsunami, & Katrina: Impressions (2005)

A Peoples Temple Life (2005)

Forward to Edith Roller Journals (2005)


Johnny Moss Brown Jones: A Presence and a Partner (2013)

Anthony Simon and the Jonestown Chicks (2013)

Remembrance of Joyce Touchette (2012)

Liane: The Teacher (2011)

Remembrances of Temple Kindergarteners (2011)

Eva and Jim Pugh – A Remembrance (2010)

Remembrance of Alice and Ava Inghram, Mother and Daughter (2010)

Jack Barron: Jonestown’s Engineer (2009)

Ruby Carroll – A Remembrance (2009)

Remembering Tom Grubbs (2007)

Don Beck is also the principal researcher and writer for the link at Jonestown Research. He also transcribed numerous tapes, including Q 233 and Q 240.

Originally posted on March 9th, 2013.

Last modified on December 31st, 2019.
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