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Jones: (Starts in mid-sentence) –prepared for Peoples Rally and testing evaluation. All should be scurrying about. Our guests are due anytime. Cleaning up everything. Last-minute inspections. Public Service Union (pause) (tape edit) –information that was later used against individuals and groups. According to the UPI correspondent, McDaniels, he was trusted by the Indians at Wounded Knee. They had impliciimplicit trust in him and would talk to him. Clarence McDaniels of the UPI, a Black reporter. But all the information, according to the memo, that he obtained was turned over to the FBI to be used against the Indians at Wounded Knee. The memos tell you that McDaniels was unaware his materials were being furnished to the FBI. It has been brought to light that this is common practice of CBS, ABC and NBC. This particular case had to do with KIXI, which was a network affiliate of CBS. Information he had obtained, in trust, has now been used against the American natives, to incriminate them and to frame them.

General m– general manager of KIXI, Joe Johnson, said he, the station, and Clarence McDaniels had no knowledge of the alleged accusations that came out of the government spying. It was done by UPI unbeknownst even to the station, though they were affiliated with UPI. The basic essence of it is that the FBI is now using all methods that they want to use, devious as hell itself, unaware on the part of the reporters of what they’re doing in total complicity between the employers, the FBI, the UPI, the NBC, ABC, CBS. (begins to break up)

(tape breaks up for 30 seconds)

–democracy anymore. KIXI was a Seattle station. The FBI was able to get all the reports of this reporter. The startling revelation was announced even on Voice of America.

The final declaration of the historic United Nations special session on disarmament calls for speedy achievement of Strategic Arm Limitation Talks number 2 and has declared the need for a world disarmament conference this year because of the grave dangers of nuclear war. Though the final document from the conference was not as strong as non-aligned and socialist nations had hoped for, it does set guidelines for the reduction of nuclear and conventional weapons as well as for nuclear proliferation – which means nuclear spreading – of the weapons. It also calls for cuts in military budgets to aid domestic, social programs and economic development of the developing Third World nations.

Peking announced from its news agency, China news agency, Hsinhua – h-s-i-n-h-u-a – that it was cutting off all aid to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The announcement by the official news China agency said all Chinese engineers, technicians and other aid personnel were being immediately recalled to China and that work on all aid projects had been stopped.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam reported today that the eighth SRV [Socialist Republic of Vietnam] -Peking meeting in Hanoi over the question of ethnic Chinese residents of Vietnam had failed because the Peking element said– presented a list of them– of Peking working groups for the reception of victimized Chinese immigrants from Vietnam. The SRV refused to accept the list because there are no victimized Chinese in Vietnam.

It is sad to see this continuing tension between socialist nations. China has now apparently opened herself to more assistance to Third World nations which would be consistent, at least, with that part of her Doctrine of Three Worlds. But her and her sister nation, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, north and south reunified, are in great tension.

According to Hanoi Radio, up to 800,000 people have been killed in Kampuchea, Cambodia, in the first year of the present regime. That was the figure reported by the Vietnam Radio and Courier special correspondent Vu Can – V-u capital C-a-n – More deaths than the total for the five-year war for Kampuchean national liberation. There are now more than 150,000 refugees from Kampuchea in the People’s Republic of Vietnam. This is another one of those kind of communist nations that have gone to an extreme nationalism, apparently, Cambodia has and allowed a power elite, they have many, many prejudices against other peoples, fears – usually prejudice is based on fear – and it has brought about this dreadful condition. Other reporters say that this figure is highly exaggerated. So, it depends upon whom you are reading. And apparently at this stage of evolution, most nations in their reporting have axes to grind and will show their biases.

More than one thousand people (sighs) Native Americans and others who began the longest walk at Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay on February 11, have been harassed all across the nation. When they arrived in Washington on weekend last to demand of the president and Congress that treaties between Native Americans and the USA be honored. As you know, they’ve all been broken by an act of Congress. Although messages of su– of support have come from Tokyo, the Red Army, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Australia, Ethiopia, Southwest Africa, France, England, Czechoslovakia and the USSR. There was only a bare 200 left after the long march. There have been injuries and two have been shot en route in this long walk, that the Indians, the Native Americans had taken, but no one’s listening, apparently, in US these days.

The Cuban embassy in New Delhi, India, has categorically refuted charges that Cuban soldiers had been captured in Shaba province during the recent confrontation with Tongan troops. The claim was made by Zaire dictator Mobuto Sese Seko and was widely circulated in the imperialist US and her lackeys’ Western press.

The government of Cuba reaffirms that these accusations are an outright shameless fabrication and summons Mobuto to– to his promise of presenting of these supposed Cuban prisoners in his custody to the press representatives of the entire world, which he has declined to do, because he has no Cubans. It’s just another Western lie. No matter how sophisticated the farce to deceive public opinion and justify NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization – intervention of its imperialist nature in Africa, could be the deceivers will be exposed and the truth finally will prevail, inexorably, the Cuba statement underlined.

Luxembourg. Eight of the nine communist parties in the European Economic Community have deci– decided to take part in elections to the Common Market assembly to be held next year. They are doing so, allegedly, in the interest of workers and the progressive movement. Most of the communist parties of Europe are in the Euro-communist movement. However, the one dissenting party strongly supporting the Soviet Union, the Irish Communist Party, called for a complete boycott of the elections and said it was farcical to believe in the systems– electoral systems, under the European capitalist dominion.

The decision of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to supply India with 7.6 tons of enriched uranium for the Tarapur – T-a-r-a-p-u-r – atomic power plant with the rider that no nuclear fuel sh– would be sent to India after September 10, 1979, when the 18-month grace period stipulated in the nuclear non-proliferation act – that is non-spreading of nuclear weapons – of 1978 would be over is a sign of the US imperialist administration’s still tough attitude. India opposes full-scope scrutiny of all its nuclear projects and will not sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which it considers a discriminatory obstacle to peaceful development of relations between USA and India and in her– India’s development of her own nuclear energy. It appears that even the [Morarji] Desai government in New Delhi is moving back into a pro-Soviet position.

Other news of the day:

There is quite a renter’s strike in California due to the passage of Proposition 13 that has practically eliminated property taxes for the wealthy, but landlords continue to raise rents. Mass demonstrations of renters and rent protests are taking place. Governor [Jerry] Brown, careful sellout, glib– liberal met with a thousand landlords and urged them, in almost begging tones, to not raise their rents voluntarily. So, we shall see. It’s always the appetite of the landlord class to want everything. No taxes, and then raise rents on top of it. And of course the small landowner is in contradiction with the large landowner, because the middle class is becoming more and more extinct in capitalism. That’s one of the fatalities and tragedies of capitalism. So those who have small dwellings, small rentals, they end up in a struggle with the renters, and a conflict emerges between parts, segments of really the working class when they ought to be directed to the ruling class.

No dissent was noted in Senate– US Senate, when a 68-to-nothing vote for tripling the amount of food for the nutritionally handicapped. After the news had been brought to light, the handicapped people and institutions were in a virtual state of starvation and in various foster homes throughout the union.

Army general– 64-year-old brigadier general in charge of the army in Spain, a fascist, and there’s a growing wave of fascism, as you know, in Spain and in England. As you are very much aware, England is abounding with sp– fascist moves to such a degree that people are not even safe. Blacks and people of color, Indians, Asians have had to block– barricade themselves off in East London and form their own vigilantes in order to be able to protect themselves. Well, the anti-fascist First of October movement in Spain has struck back. They assassinated the general and his top colonel aide in Spain. There is possibility that martial law will be established.

Bolivia’s president, [Hugo] Banzer, resigned to avoid civil war. Bolivia is almost on the verge of civil war. So Che’s [Che Guevara] sacrifice in 1964, apparently lost to history for the moment, may be taking seed as a socialist and communist coalition is so strong that the right-wing general, though there’s a military dictatorship, was forced to resign, turned his com– his presidency over to the military that was– which was put temporarily in the hands of an Air Force general, [Juan] Pereda, who is more moderate. Elections are still going to take place, according to the Bolivian government, and it appears Bolivians will not be satisfied with anything short of full, free elections.

Continuing with– with the news. Many suburban cities are having to ration water in the United States in an outbreak heat wave unprecedented in US history. It appears that the ecology is totally out of command it seems out of control. (brief pause)

President Sasa– [Anwar] Sadat states that he will react to the belligerence of Prime Minister [Menachem] Begin. There is now a concerted world effort, even inside Israel, calling for the dismissal of Pre– President– Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who has been talking mentally erratic and is physically not in very good health either. He said that before, you know, Begin, the neo-fascist prime minister of Israel, said that before he would relinquish any of the conquered territory, that he would go down in the dust of war.

Italian boxer, one of the world’s most famou– famous heavyweights [struggles over name of Angelo Jacopucci] by name, had been struck ah– a heavy blow. He collapsed then later regained consciousness, went out to set at a restaurant table, then he went unconscious again. He has permanent brain damage and is considered clinically dead. They are now debating in Italy as to whether his kidneys, as according to his wishes, will be donated to someone, because he will remain a vegetable the rest of his life from just one blow.

I’ll advise you to be very careful, take all sorts of safety precautions, and be very accident-conscious. That’s what so often happens. We have had so many he– head injuries, people falling on their head, struck with booms, all sorts of things. People lay in coma that should’ve never come out, just miraculous. And we should be grateful, but we must be much more careful. This young boxer will be a vegetable, nothing but a vegetable, if they let him live. And there’s now a debate because it’s difficult by Italian law to cease emergency medical life-sustaining functions. But he’s dead. There’s no way he could possibly recover.

Perhaps the most important news is that the Arab League, in an emergency meeting demanded by Kuwait, one of the oil-rich nations, has a– de– decided that the American dollar should not be continued to be used to govern oil prices, but rather a range of currency bases. It is even hard to begin to predict the effect this will have on the capitalist world economy. [President Jimmy] Carter had hoped by agreeing to import less a dol– uh, less oil, and restricting consumer use of oil and gasoline, even at the point of risking people freezing in the winters, that the dollar would– have continued to be the standard for oil. But the oil countries have lost space– lost faith after the dollar has plummeted to an all-time low on yesterday’s market.

Lower house of Spain has confirmed measures that will bring about martial law, after the assassination by the Red (pause) Brigade, the Red Army of these two fascists, the fascist brigadier general, 64-year-old head of the army, and his chief lieutenant.

U.S. Congress is urged to increase sanctions against the Rhodesian government. It appears that the Uncle Tom sellout, Bishop [Abel] Muzorewa, has not achieved his goal. In a mass of protests flooding in from various sectors of the Black community and around the world, it seems that the Uncle Tom will not achieve his purpose, at least in this session of Congress. One member of Congress said the pressure was immense. They need Nigerian oil, and Nigeria is raising all kinds of hell about any attempt to recognize the Ian Smith white regime in Rhodesia.

Capitalism is on its way out, my friends. [Emphatic] On its way out. When it can’t do what it wants to do, even though it has no resistance on the part of the public and its major emphasis, it’s said, was not even domestic Blacks protesting but nations like Nigeria and even other conservative African nations. US needs their minerals, they’re going to have to deal with them, they can’t tell them who to sell to now, and what price to sell for, so Bishop Muzorewa didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted a ban lifted on the shipment and sale of arms to Rhodesia, but it looks like there’s going to be even more sanctions the way the news is talking.

Our final commentary for the day will be about Great Britain, England, or the United Kingdom. For it is there, that was considered to be one of the white nations that had achieved racial integration and freedom from bias. But now, Black, Indian and Asian sectors of the community are having to block themselves off. Their passports are being threatened to be revoked. Immigration is being stopped and even under the new government that seems to be coming into power in the fall, the conservative government under a bigot by the name of Margaret Thatcher, they may be expatriated, uprooted from their homes in England and sent back to countries where they supposedly came from.

What is Great Britain? An island off the northwest coast of Europe, consisting of England, Scotland and Wales. Also the Channel Islands in the south, the Orkney and Shetland Islands in the north and the Isle of Man in the west. That’s what constitutes Great Britain. England is only just one part of Great Britain.

How was it created? Originally inhabited by the Celts – C-e-l-t-s – Britain was invaded by the Romans in 55 years before Christ – if he ever walked on Earth, it was 55 years before it – and eventually made a Roman province. When the Romans withdrew in 442 AD, after the death of Jesus Christ, the island was besieged by various invaders and settlers, including the Jutes – J-u-t-e-s – the Saxons – S-a-x-o-n-s – and the Angels – A-n-g-l-e-s – whose gods, Twi – T-w-i – Woden W-o-d-e-n – and Thunor – T-h-u-n-o-r – and Frigg – F-r-i-g-g – have survived to this day as Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Christians are always talking about their being against heathenism. Well, there you have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are named after their heathen gods.

442 AD compared to presently, we are in the year 1978. That means we’re nineteen-hundred and seventy-eight years after the death of Jesus. So that was, you see, about fifteen hundred years ago when England, Great Britain, worshiped these heathen gods.

In 1066 after the death of Jesus, England succumbed, fell, to the Norman conquest, and thereafter the British stopped being invaded and began invading. The independent kingdom of Wales was conquered in 1282, and fighting between England and Scotland was settled in 1707 when the two nations united to form Great Britain.

Be prepared for a written test, now. Be prepared for a written test.

What is the size of England? 88,764 square miles. Almost exactly the size of our own beautiful, beloved Guyana of 83,000 square miles. But whereas Guyana has rich, fertile farmland, and only 700,000 population, England has crowded Great Britain on those islands (emphatic) 56 million, including North Ireland.

Of the population of 56 million, English constitute eighty-one-and-a-half percent. Scottish, 9.6%. Irish, 2.4%. Welsh – that’s the Jones’, that you get an idea of someone that cones from Wales – to get ideas that com– come from Wales, is 1.9%. Ulster is 1.8%. Other is 2.8%.

Fifty percent of Great Britain, or the United Kingdom, or what some people call England, which only really refers to one island, is the Church of England. Fifty percent of the population belong to the Episcopalian or the Anglican church, or what is known as the Church of England. 10.9% are Roman Catholic. 2.7% are Muslim, with the influx in recent years of African and Indian immigrants. 2.2% Church of Scotland. 1.2% are Methodist. It was the homeplace, the founding birthplace of Methodism under John Wesley. But often, as is so often– often the case, the prophet’s not without honor, save in his own country, he has to go someplace else to be accepted. John Wesley went to USA and made his faith acceptable there. But it was never really brought to much acceptance there. In fact, he was stoned, and had to be out on the cemeteries, preaching on tombstones, as he was quite a social activist. Eight percent, eight-tenths of one percent, are Jewish. A small Jewish population, which is coming under strong feeling these days as a new wave of antisemitism is increasing in England. Half percent are Baptist, three-tenths of a percent are Congregationalist, 33.4% no religion. At all. Atheists or agnostics.

Who rules? Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy. The king and queen, presently a queen, are the crown rules [rulers] only symbolically while the power lies in Parliament and the cabinet headed by the prime minister, who is [James] Callaghan now, who is being forced into a right-wing posture by the neo-fascist tactics of his opposition, the Conservatives.

Who really rules? USA and British multinational monopoly corporations exert great influence on the government, even admitted by US Almanac.

For example, in spite of protests at home and abroad, Britain sold aircraft and arms to the racist apartheid regime of the Union of South Africa to protect it from communism. Obviously one of those pet slogans. It’s all right to put Blacks in concentration camps if you can use those holy words, “protected from communism.” Obviously, the arms are to be used to protect the white minority from the Black majority having equal and fair representation.

USA, monopoly capitalist corporations like Ford and Esso – E-s-s-o – Europe receive great privilege–  privileges, such as tax exemptions. Yes, yes. They’re the criminals. They don’t have to pay taxes while the poor are taxed to death. And USA citizens, Americans, working for American institutions, including American schools, are tax-exempt for the first two years. If they leave England at the end of two years, they have lived tax-free both in England and in the USA. Special privilege.

Polls indicate that only 10% of the people feel the government is a real power. 66% think it is the monopoly capitalist. However, a wide gap usually exists between union leaders and the workers. The remaining group, some 24%, think unions really run the nation. But again, an apathy has been created in Great Britain. And a despair. And due to the economic distress, joblessness, high cost of living, the system, like USA is doing, has whipped up racism, so people will be diverted, fighting each other rather than the system.

The English national character is dualistic. One aspect is conservative, the other, extroverted. The pub is a fine example of the conservative aspect of English character. The pub, unlike the bar, liquor bars in the USA, is a focal point for the locals. One goes to the pub for the same reason one used to go to church, (pause) for fellowship. There is nothing flashy or plastic about most pubs. Many look like one’s living room, full of just soft chairs, a fireplace and bright lights.  The pubs keep respectable hours, open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights, they stay open until 11 p.m. There are no all night, or 3 a.m., public bars. When the pubs close, everyone goes home. That’s kept down crime to some degree in England compared to USA.  The pub represents pleasure with control and in good taste. This control is exemplified in English humor. Most Americans find nothing funny in English comedy shows, since English humor is word-oriented while American humor is more action-oriented.

The same control that is found in English pubs and humor is also found in the English pace of living. Where else does one stand in line quietly for the bus or the taxi? Tea drinking is another expression of the English spirit of control and patience. Only barbarians drink tea by placing a tea bag in a cup of hot water, say they in their prudishness. There’s a whole ritual to tea drinking in England. The water must be boiled rapidly, the teapot warm, the tea loose, then steeped at least five minutes in a teapot, covered by tea cozy. Then and only then does one pour the tea into a cup and drink it. Not only old ladies in lace with Pekingese dogs on their laps drink tea, but a whole nation of workers, entrepreneurs, aristocrats have tea for breakfast, lunch and, of course, all activity stops in the afternoon for the customary tea break.

People are so ritualized, they’re just like animals, they follow whatever the pace is.

However, there is another side to the English character, the bizarre, the audacious and the innovative. It was not the USA, but conservative England that produ– produced the Beatles. And this new scum now that I can’t think of that spit on people and tell them that they hate them, with their long hair and sounds that have influenced a decade and better now of rock musicians and adolescents.

Out of a very straight middle-class family comes the androgynous Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, whose very existence violates the rigid sexual stereotypes of US Western culture and British culture.

The English are innovators and experimenters in many areas. A.S. Neill’s Summerhill has become the model for progressive edu– education in liberal capitalism. R.D. Laing’s, psychiatry’s anti– (pause) psychiatrist, claims that it is not the individual who is insane, but the society. That is certainly true in capitalism. A person that really was normal would have to be called insane and denigrated, lied upon by the society. We do agree with psychiatrist R.D. Laing – L-a-i-n-g – on that, psychiatrist, anti-psychiatry claims that it is not the individual who is insane, but a society which constantly categorizes him and forces him to fit into abstract norms.

It was in England that Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital, the communist manifesto, which so traumatized Western capitalist civilization and radicalized Eastern ones. Perhaps because of Karl Marx’s ever-present presence, he is buried in Highgate Cemetery in London. England was one of the first countries to have socialized medicine and socialized benefits for all. Though now, with the conservative uptrend, (pause) these are being reversed.

The final reflection of this dualism was the British Empire. These well-controlled, patient, slow-moving people conquered and rule three-fourths of the world. It was often said, “The sun never sets on the British Empire,” they own that much territory around the world. But like Rome, like USA, now tottering, all systems do collapse that are not based on socialism.

The English policemen, or bobbies, as they have also been called, are almost never armed, until this year, when USA in a special fund increased their wages and equipped them with all of the hideous means of brutalizing the public. Even during large demonstrations, they were expected in the past to use their minds, not lethal weapons, to keep– keep order, but USA has had its criminal fascist influence.

Englas– England’s greatest export for the past 400 years has been its culture. The first disseminators of English culture were the explorers and settlers to the New World. Later, the colonizers and rulers of the empire. Today, the English language is spoken throughout the world, in Europe, in the Americas, in Africa and in Asia. Of course it was England that colonized so beastily Guyana, along with US imperialist interest, later on.

Besides its language, England has exported its religion, its morality and its government and laws. The USA is basically a white, Anglo, Protestant nation in its attitude, no matter what other races, nationalities and religions exist there. Every nationality and race that has come to America ultimately uses English as its main language. Even the Indians had been forced to adopt English as their first language. American education today still reflects the cultural bias of English. Although in the last 15 years, some inroads have been made by other racial and national groups, especially those in urban areas, too much of American education still emphasizes white, Anglo, English history, literature, culture and religion. All American presidents with the exception of [John F.] Kennedy, who was a Catholic, have been male, white and Protestant. The English Puritans are called the founding fathers, bigots who killed people who disagreed with them, although the Spanish, the French and certainly the Indians were in the USA ahead of them.

The Puritan ethic of hard work and restricted pleasure is still strong, especially in middle America. The government and laws of the USA are basically modeled after those of England. Perhaps that is why the 13 colonies broke away from England. No one was going to deny an Englishman his independence, not even another Englishman.

In other English colonies which later formed the empire, the English took up the white man’s burden – as they called it with their prejudice – the white man’s burden of superimposing their morality, their morally superior culture and religion upon the natives of such places as Africa and Asia. This often resulted in the natives, those who wanted to get ahead, becoming more English than the English themselves.

Today in countries like Kenya, we even note some in Guyana, in Jamaica, even India, one can see the effects of English rule. The ruling class and the middle class still copy the English in dress, in forms of education, in law, government and the cultural practices and the military and police forces. We’ve noted that particularly (garbled word) [Lloyd Barker] the commissioner of police all the pictures of the white English faces.

The empire is now dead. The English, the British Empire is now dead. The Commonwealth members are quite independent, but the cultural effects of English rule will be felt for a long time. Let’s hope its new, emerging fascist racism will not equally be copied.

Wales is poor and more agricultural than England. And because the Welsh have their own language, they do not feel themselves nationally or culturally to be a part of the English people. People are (draws out word) slow to assimilate. Here, Great Britain has been together for nearly 2,000 years. And yet you have these sharp differences between the Welsh, the Irish, Scot, so forth and so on. They do not themselves feel – the Welsh that is – nationally or culturally to be a part of the English people. Although they have the same legal rights as Englishman, they are struggling to maintain their national identity by practicing Welsh customs by speaking Welsh and by securing more power in Parliament.

The Scots, too. Scotland, part of Great Britain, seemed to have received the bad part of the bargain when they dissolved their parliament and joined England. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, a deteriorating economic situation has led large numbers of young Scotsmen to join the army in order to make a living, only to find themselves shipped across the North Channel to fight the Irish on behalf of the English.

One group of people has generally been excluded from mainstream British society: that is, the two and half million dark-skinned immigrants who have entered the country in past decades and recent years. The West Indians, the Blacks, the Pakistanis, the Asians and others who drive buses, sweep the floors and work in the menial jobs in the factories. The English, especially the working class and the lower middle class, see the immigrants as a threat to their jobs. A colonial attitude of white supremacy is still now flourishing in the working class and Third World people are known as wogs, w-o-g-s, equivalent to the use of “gooks” or “niggers” in the USA.

In comparison to her American sisters, the Englishwoman in general is not so well educated or so well off socially or economically. Most English girls do not go on to university, or even to a two-year polytechnical school. They get married and all work in shops, offices, factricy– factories, or at crafts for low wages. The true symbol for English womanhood is the queen. Queen Elizabeth II has all the social prestige but no political or economic power. Above all, she accepts her role as natural. Strange schizophrenia. In a nation where the worsi– working class is socialistic, they still are held up with worship of the queen and the royal state of the monarchy.

Thus ends the comment on England, where racism is being fostered to a degree, but there’s real and genuine danger of genocide of all people of color.

Thank you. Much love. Be prepared for our guests, everyone. They’re coming soon.