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Jones: Yesterday’s commentary, for there most definitely will be an examination different than ever before, which no cheating will be possible. Be sure that you know the commentary of yesterday (pause) and all news extensively since Saturday and responsible for all news in general since a week ago Saturday (pause) because of no thorough examination.

Peoples Rally this evening. At some point in time, like we are now relaxing hours on Sunday and we’ll be pulling back in spite of an urgent need for production. Failure in maintenance of equipment, which must be improved forthwith immediately at a high expense now of replacement of parts and even new equipment. We are in a grave situation that calls for creativity. We have many things that need to produce on a vaster basis. Our soap, our brick. But we have to have personnel in agriculture, to have the firm food base that we require. So giving up time is counter-productive and just shows your Dad’s humanitarian deep sensitive concern for you. I hope that you will make good use of your time. Your off hours and your days off. I really appeal to you from the depths of my heart, we are not as creative as we should be.

Past communal groups have failed for that veris– that very reason. Too many people rest on the enduring quality of your mother [Marceline Jones] and your father but believe me, that is unfair, having spent an atrocious night of pain in my head over just worrying over details of the program here and stateside till I was at the point of nausea, I do appeal for your assistance. I can continue a long time, and you will be safeguarded in that period by a transition in leadership. But don’t handle me and your mother as if we were immortal. I do require that the same respect that you must give, though may not feel, that’s the beauty of your dad. He revolves around your needs and not your love for him, or he would die. But I require the same respect for your mother. This is required. Many give it spontaneously out of need for her as you do for me. But some fail to recognize her position and how important it is to respect leadership at every level.

We’ll begin the news now, after that appeal from my heart to yours. As school is let out, I hope every child will take upon themselves to show interest in administrators meetings, analyst meetings, so that you can learn. There’re people like Cleave Swinney with great, great talent, who has too few who are willing to take that skill and even read the material that’s necessary to learn it. Yet he reads without glasses that are suitable because he did not want to leave the machine shop but will so at my urging this week. I beg you to learn these great crafts and skills so that we can be highly productive in the only safe place in the world. You have found it. Now don’t mess it up.

In Bonn, West Germany, the successor by its own claim as Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, there has been a meeting of the seven major capitalist nations, the industrial capitalists in the monopoly stage that is the last stage before the collapse of a system that was indeed superior to feudalism but in no way is it a match for the beauty, or sensitivity, cooperativeness, and humane-ness of socialism. Production in the early part of socialism is the great problem. For some unknown reason, people will not produce as much without a great deal of education and force. They will not produce as much for our family as they do for their own animalistic lustful competition, which is known by the horrible name of capitalism that has wrought such hell on the world.

Anyway, the capitalists are meeting for emergency reasons in Bonn, West Germany. To patch up capitalism for yet a longer time, the United States has agreed to reduce oil imports. This will mean that many people will have to drive much less and that many people will freeze to death in the winter. But that’s the price of economic stability in capitalism. This was not (pause) explained in full economic detail. Some of wour teachers who are aware of economics perhaps can give a brief pointer in Peoples Rally on some of the agreements that have been worked out to keep the lustful capitalists from competing with each other and competing out of existence.

As a result of USA’s agreement to reduce oil imports and drive less, Japan agreed to increase imports that they would buy more than they’ve been selling. They have had a margin. They have sold more than they have bought and had the surplus due to their protectionist policies, though capitalistic, distrustful of the white capitalist of Europe in the Common Market and USA, and of course the Trilateral Commission that are the ruling capitalists of the world is predominantly white and Anglo Saxon Protestant.

There is a comprehensive strategy worked out to increase interlocking trade agreements. That is hopeful, will eliminate some of the unemployment that was due to strike even in a vaster degree by September. There were international accords for the first time, armed struggle as the capitalists call all armed struggle terrorism, the capitalists have unif– unified around that one concern.

All of the seven capitalist nations, which includes Italy, England, France, West Germany, Japan, USA, Canada, so forth, have stated that they will stop all commercial airlines ingoing and outcoming from any nation that harbors terrorists or gives immunity to terrorists or where terrorists, as they call those who struggle for liberation, are given training or any kind of financial assistance. No flights of any airline will be allowed in or out to any airport of these capitalist na– nations because they feel that terrorism is the greatest danger to capitalism in the next months ahead. Also, all other commercial trade agreements will be broken, and sanctions, economic sanctions, boycotts, will be established against any nation that gives assistance to hijackers or those the capitalists call terrorists. It has frightening new dimensions. It may indeed eliminate some insane acts, but it will have a restrictive effect on those who are really struggling to be delivered from the oppressors’ heel. (tape edit) But nothing can stop, in the long run, the liberation of people. It’s as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun. (pause)

USA has been accused by Zambia of providing tanks and personelling those tanks that were used to oppress the liberation in Zaire, of the Katangese. Also in the West Sahara. Tanks are also standing by advanced military equipment provided by USA to be used by Israel against the Palestinian Liberation Organization. It was decided that the upcoming conference in London of the Foreign Ministers of Egypt, Israel and USA [Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Moise Dayan and Cyrus Vance, respectively] will be moved to a medieval castle 30 miles from London at Leeds because of dangers to the Israeli representatives.

It has been much decided that the PLO will be given more significant involvement in Near East settlement, at least on the part of USA and Egypt, that [Yasser] Arafat, the head of PLO – Palestinian Liberation Organization – will have to be involved. No speculations as what will come out of that meeting, that summit meeting.

The Sudanese government has set up strict security. We will talk of Sudan in a little while. We’ll make it one of our points of study. And Spain, because Spain is in the news. The Sudanese government has set up strict security with all of their airports closed only to the heads of state of the 30 principal African nations that are sure to be involved. As you know, Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, has been the meeting place for some days of the foreign ministers of 49 leading African nations. They’re in their third rounds of talks in spite of some disagreements. They have not been able to work out an accepted concept of pan-African defense, though they have rejected uh, the western attempt to impose a pan-African peacekeeping force that would be– that was originated in Paris, in France, a lackey of USA. (pause) (tape edit) –in other areas there’ve been significant breakthroughs.

Also, we go into the fourth round of talks in spite of the constant argument over the radio waves about dissidents in the Soviet Union and how they’re treated and [President Jimmy] Carter’s catchphrase about human rights. If he would only be consistent and talk about his human rights of all of the Black people and Indian people that are living in proverbial concentration camps by the literal hundreds of thousands in US jails. But the round of talks are going on about some kind of accord and SALT agreements, the Strategic Arms Limitations Agreements, and some agreement to stop nuclear proliferation, which means spreading of nuc– nuclear weapons that risk World War III at any time, according to many military strategists, at least in the northern hemisphere regions of Europe, the Soviet Union, China and USA.

The Italian Red Guard have captured eight secret police guards and are holding them hostages in demand for the release of political prisoners in different countries who are working for left causes, socialist and communist causes. The demands have not yet been fully revealed. The Red Guard has, daily these days, the Red Brigade, has daily been able to succeed in carrying out some kind of armed reaction to try to bring down the Italian capitalist state.

(tape edit)

A amazing prison escape in Portugal’s largest prison. One half of the inmates of the major prison in Portugal outside of Lisbon, which is on Portugal– it borders Spain on its west coast. (pause) Over 120 are still free, better than two thirds of those that escaped. For some weeks they had been building a tunnel that went many, many yards under the prison and out to freedom far away from the guards. It is perhaps the most successful prison (pauses) breakout in history. It was organized by elements of the Portuguese Red Guard, Socialist Communist militants inside the jail and as I said succeeded in freeing over one half of the inmates of the largest prison.

Portugal has been moving towards a work rehabilitation program that is more humane than we see in USA, where 15 bodies to 20 bodies are crowded in a cell meant for one person, and no activity allowed where the person simply atrophies and decays. And they call that prison re– reform and rehabilitation.

An interlocking agreement (pause) in this conference at Bonn will help, says President Carter, bring about a higher growth rate in the Third World also. There was no elaboration of the Bonn, West German, meeting, but something was done (pauses) that will assure this.

One thing that was agreed upon that there would be no significant increase in oil pricing. I hope that the Arab League agrees with the seven major capitalist nations that are doing business for them. I could hardly imagine that they could commit the Arab League.

The USA will increase the balance of payments by restricting, as we said, import of oil, and this will strengthen the value of the dollar, it’s hoped by the desperate capitalists in Bonn, neo-fascist West Germany, that are trying to save capitalism.

(tape edit)

Already before the meeting in Leeds Castle in Kent, near London, of the foreign ministers of Egypt and Israel and USA, Egypt has stated that expansionism will not succeed. Failure to comply will break the peace. It has already taking on the connotation of a negative conference. What is not likely to happen, said the BBC.

Americans point out (pauses) that eight months since [Anwar] Sadat made historic peace visits to Jerusalem, nothing of significant– significance have been granted by the Israeli expansionist regime to bring about peaceful settlement of the Gaza problem and the West Bank.

There’s an obvious turn to appease the Arab League that contain the riches of the world in capitalism, oil. There’s obvious efforts to put Israel in its place in spite of Israel in its nationalism cleverly getting the nuclear bomb which endangers the peace of all of her allies and enemies.

In Spain, we find a frightening reaction to the economic turbulence. There– there’s not been much activity by Red Army or Red Brigade of any significance, but the Socialist and Communist parties, which are Euro-communist, revisionist-communist, have not been able to balance the horrifying growth, even though there’s new laws since the death of dictator [Francisco] Franco, new laws banning fascists and wearing the Nazi Iron Cross and dread swastikas. The fascists gathered two million strong, singing the songs that were reminiscent over the Voice of America of the 30s: sieg heil Hitler, hail Franco. It was as if you were reliving– listening to the shortwave about 5:30 this morning, it was as if you were reliving the awesome days in which Hitler mounted parades of millions as they were caught up and misguided in nationalism instead of so– international socialism. In spite of laws banning, I said, Nazism and fascism, there were nearly two million in a mass rally, and mass rallies throughout Spain commemorating a special Heroes Days of the phalangist or the fascist, who were pro-Hitler. Franco was pro-Hitler, helped German Nazi ambitions, was an ally, but was spared by the Rockefellers and came out still being the dictator over Spain until just 1975, in fact. The Nazis, the fascist, phalangist, Christian party, said that communism, liberalism, anarchy – sounded like Z film repeat – was threatening the spiritual powers and values. They were being destroyed by the dread enemy of– the antichrist of communism. It demanded loyalty to phalangist, fascist concepts to restore the dictatorship to Spain.

Vicious campaign against the Basque, who have been seeking (pause) to be independent and free, spoke out in firm tones against constitutional democracy, like the John Birch Society and the growing right-wing in USA, who openly say democracy will not work. And they may be right. It may take the authortarianiam [authoritarianism] of a humanitarian communism and socialism, or you’ll have the choice of the cruel dictatorship of fascism and its gas chambers.

China, mainland China, is stressing that three– to five-hundred Chinese are leaving each day. The Chinese state that, contrary to Vietnamese statements that these Chinese are leaving because their lands were expropriated, that they were avaricious capitalists, they’re in fact ethnic Chinese who lived primarily in North Vietnam, what was formerly known as North Vietnam. Vietnam and her observers deny this. The ethnic Chinese were the bandit element of uh, capitalist, remnant capitalist in South Vietnam who refuse rehabilitation.

Anyway, the struggle goes on. Chinese ships are still denied entrance into the harbors to take out their ethnic Chinese. On the one hand, the ethnic Chinese are being sent back in Hong Kong, and some are fleeing. China’s very contradictory. It claims that she’s being infiltrated by Chinese loyal to Vietnam, and on the other hand, says that all Chinese ethnics living in Vietnam are mistreated by race prejudice.

China is a– an enigma, a paradox. We are glad to hear that she has offered firm assistance to some African nations, such as Zambia. And, in fact, our cabinet minister friend yesterday says that she has offered the greatest economic assistance to Guyana with no strings attached. He said USA is opportunist who wants to get a hold on the economic life for any aid it gives. The Soviets are restrained because they have always been connected with [Cheddi] Jagan. So China has offered, said [Vibert] Mingo to his surprise, perhaps because she needs friends, aid, economic aid, he said, because he s– he admitted, because perhaps China needs friends, they were offered a great deal of aid, and one high official from the prime ministry, uh, Prime Ministry’s office of Communist China is in Georgetown now, and we get inside – before news is made about it – from a meeting with this high-level cabinet officer – our people in Georgetown, that is – stated that China has offered a great deal of economic aid with no strings attached.

I give you news as it is, not like I would want it to be from our interpretation of history. It does show, indeed, the superiority of the socialist systems. In spite of their dangerous remnants of nationalism and imperfections, there is more done domestically by far to aid their people and even internationally to assist the struggle of others by socialist nations without a shadow of the doubt than capitalism could ever dream of doing, because capitalism only uses people and exploits people. And that’s why inflation cannot be really cured, no matter how much agreement is worked out in Bonn, even though the Germans have agreed to spend more– uh, domestically, for domestic improvements, and all of these various concessions have been made by the seven major monopoly industrial capitalists.

You can’t stop inflation, you won’t stop unemployment, because the Third World is rising, breaking the shackles of its imprisonment, its chains of bondage. They won’t work for sixteen cents a day anymore, so naturally everything’s going to cost more, and people are going to be struggling to make ends meet in USA and all capitalist nations until capitalism finally capitulates.

The major news has been (pause) um, covered, I think.

There will be a 45 percent pay increase to English police in a new, vicious right-wing law and order campaign. The Labour Party, which is so-called socialist, is now becoming more right-wing, more fascistic, to try to balance the threat of the Conservative Party, which is by all polls due to be the victors in the election coming up in the fall. So, policeman wages are increased from 2,500 pounds, which is a pretty high wage, to over 5,000 pounds. And the old custom that they will not be armed will be changed. They will be copying their US fathers of despotism and brutality, being armed with all kinds of gases and weapons that will leave a hole the size of a dollar when they shoot through the victims. ‘Cause this law and order is the mood of England these days. A fascist mood in Spain. A fascist mood of racism in England, that was always known to be the most humane of the capitalist so-called even social democracies. Now under the new government, they’re going to ban all immigrants. There will now be no right to strike. (short laugh) This is, uh, unusual kind of thing that’s being advocated. (pause) There will be no allow– allowing of withdrawal of labor through strikes in England. It is very unclear, there must be real economic emergency to be that open in their restrictions against labor. The same is being thought to be down in France, the ass-kissing lackey of US imperialism that does her dirty work in Zaire, in Chad and West Sahara.

Britain is calling for the Labor government –this is outrageous – to cut off all food and basic commodities to the USSR, Soviet Union and Cuba and her allies, stating enough is enough, stopping all immigration now of people of color: Blacks, browns and Asians, even before– even before the Conservative Party under the little fascist Margaret Thatcher takes over as prime minister.

“Enough is enough” refers to the treatment of Soviet dissidents or Zionists, whatever one’s point of view.

But this is outrageous to take these kinds of steps, to interfere with trade and commerce, which is essential to world peace. In this right-wing mood, tragedy is bound to happen. Right-wing mood in Canada, also, in USA, in France, in England, and an outright fascist mood threatening to take over in Spain.

The sellout Uncle Tom Bishop [Abel] Muzorewa, Methodist head in uh, Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe as we prefer to call it– (pause) the only one of three black leaders in the white regime of [Prime Minister of Rhodesia] Ian Smith’s transitional interim government, so-called, is in Washington protesting USA trade sanctions, as limited as they are, against the Ian Smith racist regime of Rhodesia.

It is amazing that Bishop Muzorewa will be able to travel about in that African community of Washington without harm, for his lips drip with blood, as the Ian Smith regime has been capturing, torturing children of the Patriotic Front that is the true representatives, the Patriotic Liberation Front headed by Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist, and nationalist leader, Joshua Nkomo. The regime of Ian Smith in Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe, has resorted to the most hellish kinds of treatment of those who are trying to liberate their soil.

(tape edit)

–[Soviet dissident] Yuri Orlov. They are gathering about a momentum, the USA’s broadcast again, seemed to be concerned not with their own economic difficulties or racism or their political prisoners, that Andrew Young admits, Ambassador Young admits, are held in the United States in the thousands. But the airwaves are bombarded for testing the sentence of Yuri Orlov, who was providing information to foreign powers in his role as monitor for the Helsinki Peace Accords. He was charged with treason and got five years and then (sigh) four more years in exile – internal exile – which means relatively nothing, but that you can’t travel outside of the Soviet Union.

Two US newsmen, the foreign correspondents for the Baltimore Sun and The New York Times [Harold Piper and Craig R. Whitney, respectively], have been given five days for retraction of their slander, their libel, against the Soviet television industries, which are owned by the government, for printing that one of the dissidents had been coerced into signing a false confession before television. Either the two US newsmen will retract their lie in five days in Soviet periodicals, or in periodicals in the USA, or it is thought that the foreign correspondents of the Baltimore Sun and The New York Times will be expelled from the Soviet Union.

Khartoum, Sudan, will be debating the Western-backed proposal, which will have little chance of success, for a Pan-African peacekeeping force. It will be on the agenda of the heads of state meeting in Khartoum, Sudan.

There will also be, assuredly, according to both socialist and capitalist news commentaries, a resolution for the freedom of US imperialism and French imperialism. The entire liberation of the West Sahara will be called for by resolution of these African leaders, and it is expected that the same resolution will come about for the freedom of Rhodesia and South Africa.

This is the main covering of the news.

Now we will give you the nitty-gritty of Sudan, where this historic conference is meeting where Zambia yesterday, its foreign minister call for liberation of South Africa, no imposition by Paris and USA on the Pan-African peacekeeping force, in spite of the financial difficulty Zambia’s in. It took a brave step. Be sure to study its history. I gave you a rundown on Zambia yesterday.

So it’s a historic meeting in Sudan, more unity than ever had been seen before by the 49 principal foreign ministers of the African nations on that large and richest continent on Earth.

Where is Sudan?

Northeast Africa. Running along it– its east, are the Red Sea and Ethiopia, the Soviet ally now, as she has been invited into Comecon [Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA)], the economic com– community of Soviet nations and her Warsaw Pact allies.

Along the west are Libya, a socialist non-aligned nation that is very independent of imperialist interests and has been doing much to aid liberation in Africa. Also on its west are Chad, that is in the struggle now for liberation from the French, the representative of US imperialism and NATO. And then on the west is the Central African Republic. North is Egypt, south are Zaire, Uganda and Kenya.

How was it created? The Sudan did not exist as a single territory until 1821, when the forces of Muhammad Ali, Viceroy of Egypt under the Turks, conquered the area. It’s spelled exactly like the prize fighter Muhammad Ali. Anyway, he brought about that territory. He was the Viceroy of Egypt – V-I-C-E-R-O-Y – under the Turks. He conquered the area, excepting Darfur – D-A-R-F-U-R – and added it to the Ottoman – O-T-T-O-M-A-N – Empire. Later, British control and influence prevented Egypt from annexing its southern neighbor, though the two – Britain and Egypt – ruled the Sudan jointly. Following World War II, it was agreed that the Sudan would become independent, and a parliament was elected. Independence was proclaimed on January 1, 1956.

How large is Sudan? 967,491 square miles as compared to Guyana’s 83,000 square miles. You can see that is 12 times the size of Guyana, but its population is 20 times, so you still have a better ratio in Guyana to live, and to eat and have a future than in any place in the world.

The population of Sudan is 18 million. Of that, Arabs constitute 48.7 percent. Dinka D-I-N-K-A 11.5 percent. Nubian N-U-B-I-A-N is 8.1 percent. Beja B-E-J-A are 6.4 percent. Nuer N-U-E-R are 5 percent. Azande A-Z-A-N-D-E are 2.7 percent. Bari capital B-A-R-I 2.6 percent. For F-O-R 2.2 percent. Koalib K-O-A-L-I-B 1.9 percent, and other races, white and so forth, Asiatic, 10.9 percent.

Of the Sudanese population, 72 percent are Muslim, 27 percent animus, worshipping nat– uh, nature and less than one percent Christian.

Who rules? The executive is the president. Theoretically, theoretically limited by an interim constitution and constituent assembly. But these are currently suspended. Who really governs? President Gaafer G-A-A-F-E-R al A-L capital N-I-M-E-I-R-Y Nimeiry [Jaafar Nimeiry, Gaafar al-Nimeiry], who seized power in a left-wing military coup in 1969 and dissolved the legislative body, the Constituent Assembly.

Political parties are banned, except for the Nasser-style Sudanese Socialist Union, which has remained pretty loyal to socialism. It was created by th– the present President Nimeiry and it was very loyal to [Gamal Abdel] Nasser, who allegedly was murdered by the CIA before the sellout of [Egypt president Anwar] Sadat, who has now taken over Egypt by referendum in a quasi-dictatorship.

The general serves as both its chairman and secretary-general. The opposition, though much underground, is still felt. General Nimeiry received a master’s degree in military science at the US Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1966, though he has not been following a pro-US line.

Sudan is a country of two distinct cultures and many subcultures. The six northern provinces, containing three-fourths of the population – it’s not nearly as fertile a land, of course, as Guyana – are inhabited by Arab– Arabic-speaking Muslims, while the population of the three southern ones consists of darker nilotic N-I-L-O-T-I-C Blacks, who are animus, believing that all living things and natural phenomena have souls, an Indian philosophy, a Black philosophy. They respect all life. The animus are, perhaps, of all those in religion the most beautiful because they respect every living thing. And that animism still prevails, the ancient cultural religion, religious life of Africa, still prevails in most every African nation. And the animus, as I said, believe that every living thing, all living things and natural phenomenon, have souls, have life.

With a Muslim-Christian minority, they’ve never been able to o– overcome that culture and that heritage that is old as mankind itself, of animism. Animism is spelled again, as you know, A-N- I think I spelt this once before, but I like for you to know these words because it is (pause) the basic belief of our forefathers. Animism A-N-I-M-I-S-M or animist is A-N-I-M-I-S-T.

Throughout the existence of the Sudan, it has been the northerners, unified by language and religion, who have dominated the country with white-backing of the colonialists of Europe. (tape edit) while in the South, suspicions of the north and white has been the only real unifying factor because there’re many, many different dialects. But united they are in their suspicions of the white, European and North American colonal– colonizers.

The 16-year long Sudanese civil war, which was not ended until March 1972, represented opposition to a policy of Arabization, yes, and Islamization, trying to destroy the Black culture, which was being forced on the south. Although little reported in the West, this was one of the greatest wars of this century in terms of its death toll. They did not want to show what Christians and Muslims were doing alike in a joint effort. This war between the Arabized Muslim north and the animist south took over one half million lives, mostly southern, representing one-eighth of that region’s entire population. It was genocide against Blacks. Another 500,000 or more southerners fled their homes, going either into the bush or into refugee camps in neighboring Black African countries. In spite of the socialist reform-like government, racism was very much noted in that part of the world and encouraged by Western imperialism until General Nimeiry broke away and meant– went more pro-Socialist course in 1973. USA supported the racism, and her allies backed it to divide Sudan and keep it in the capitalist camp.

As I said, another half-million and more had to flee their homes from the south, going either into the bush or into refugee camps in neighboring Black African countries that came to the rescue.

Following the 1972 Addis A-D-D-I-S Ababa A-B-A-B-A Agreement, mediated by Ethiopians then-Em– Emperor Haile Selassie who never, at least, was racist and providing for southern autonomy. It gave the south autonomous government, self-government.

Any Anya guerillas A-N-Y-A- capital N-Y-A guerillas, the backbone of Southern resistance, were absorbed into the Sudanese Army and police and given their proper prestige and respect in a full integration as they pulled out of the western efforts US-funded CIA-backed, even the capitalists admit this, to destroy Sudan by a civil war that nearly eliminated the Black population, looked like it would, caused one-quarter of it– uh, of the Black population to be removed from Sudan. One-half by death and another one-half by having to flee for their life. Over one-half by death. Over one-half million Blacks massacred in that western imperialist attempt to destroy Sudan. While some 90 percent of the population is illiterate, since 1973 and the firm socialist course that General Nemeiry has been able to take in the high command, it is being greatly reduced. For women, this figure even rose to 98 percent. Women, as in all Muslim Christian traditions, are generally regarded as emancipated politically. They have the vote, but not socially. They are in no way freed. Women rarely enter public places unescorted.

A riot occurred in Khartoum K-H-A-R-T-O-U-M, where this historic African conference is meeting, when a young woman appeared in a miniskirt. She was nearly killed some years ago. In Khartoum, the streets are laid out in the pattern of the British flag, USA’s willing lackey that imposed the racism in the first place by dividing the Arab light skin to the north and the Blacks to the south of Sudan. The extreme northwestern part of the country, an area over 50,000 square miles, is virtually uninhabited. Not valuable for, uh, soil production.

A national hero is Muhammad Ahmed A-H-M-E-D Ibn I-B-N Abdullah A-B-D-U-L-L-A-H, known as the Mahdi capital M-A-H-D-I. A religious mystic. The Mahdi, or the Muhammad Mah– Ahmed that I’m speaking of, in 1881 proclaimed himself the accepted Mahdi, the m– Muslim word for Messiah, the second coming of God, and announced a jihad J-I-H-A-D, Holy War to drive out the Turko-Egyptian occupiers of the country. His Dervish forces, armed only with spears, swords and knives, in three years captured 21,000 rifles while killing or capturing 20,000 Turkish and Egyptian soldiers who were even more light-skinned and had imposed their bigotry on Sudan.

In 1885, Khartoum, defended by British General Charles “Chinese” Gordon [Charles George Gordon], they called him, fell. The British had occupied Egypt in 1882. Five months later, the Mahdi died of typhus. The Mahdist M-A-H-D-I-S-T state remained independent until reconquered in 1898 by British colonialism and Egyptians, led by General Horatio Kitchener, a brutal general, white general from England. K-I-T-C-H-E-N-E-R who was served by a young officer named Winston Churchill, later prime minister of England when Hitler was set up by joint agreement of England and USA to try to destroy communism in the Soviet Union.

Sudan is the world’s leading supplier of gum. Arabic– gum Arabic with 50,000 tons, 80 percent of the world’s supply exported each year, which gives it its economic chances of survival.

We were going to mention one other nation – I believe it was Spain, so I’ll get back to that in a moment – after telling a little history of one individual who was a socialist and a communist and then, like some of our former members, became disillusioned, traitors, and even one of them did. The American novelist and short story writer I’m speaking of by the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald. F period S-C-O-T-T capital F-I-T-Z-E-R– Z– F-I-T-Z-G-E-R-A-L-D F. Scott Fitzgerald. Scott Fitzgerald’s earlier novels and numerous short stories, plus his own self-indulgent lifestyle after giving up his Marxist thinking at an early age, made him the personification of the Roaring Twenties. He only lived to be 44 years of age, a generation of flaming youth. He was born in St. Paul to a prosperous family, then rebelled and became a member of the Progressive Farmer’s Party, a– a socialist party, attended Princeton and served in the Army in World War II, World War I, rather. The publication of This Side of Paradise when he was 24 brought him infant– instant fame and the money to enjoy it, but it didn’t bring him happiness. His marriage to Zelda Sayre [Fitzgerald] S-A-Y-R-E, or “sayer,” the same year was hailed as the romance of the century, and there were extravagant escapades amid fashionable society in the USA and in Europe enhanced his reputation. Fitzgerald became an alcoholic and his alcoholism contribue– contributed to his image in the 1920s and to his downfall after giving up his socialist views in the 1930s.

He was committing suicide on the instant– installm– on the installment plan, rather, wrote Sarah Mayfield. If Scott took more than three cocktails, he was off on a spree that left him shot for a week. As Fitzgerald’s drinking continued, his productivity began to decrease. His health failed, he became debauched with immorality, and his financial probu– problems became gross and accumulated ‘til they killed him.

Zelda suffered an emotional breakdown in 1930 and was in and out of various mental hospitals for the rest of her life. She, too, had been a socialist. Fitzgerald went through his publicly confessed crackup that period, when in a real dark night of the soul– it is always three o’clock in the morning day after day, was his own quote about the hell that he was going through.

He spent his last years in Hollywood, receiving some comfort for the hell that he was living in from his mistress, Sheila Graham, gossip writer, working off and on as a screenwriter, producing magazine stories and trying to write his unfinished novel, The Last Tycoon, which was published after his death. He died of broken heart in what appeared as a coronary heart attack at the age of just 44 years.

Now the last of this too-long rendition. I want to be giving shorter ones in the future. As I said, when we show interest– some people have different interest levels and different things reach them. I found that from your evaluation papers. So, I’m trying. But without knowledge, we can’t be sensitive, and without sensitive we can’t be loyal to one another and protect these babies. If you can’t see the happiness on these babies’ faces and the seniors’, the difference that this world has meant, you are dense, dense indeed. We must do all we can to protect it and get the knowledge about socialism and what socialism means so that we can maintain it.

Now, where fascism dares to show its ugly head in a new Hitlerite period: Spain. Location: in Southwest Europe. Forming more than four-fifths of the Iberian I-B-E-R-I-A-N Peninsula. It is bounded to i– this northeast by France and Andorra A-N-D-O-R-R-A, to the west by Portugal – where that remarkable prison breakout, successful breakout of over one-half of the prisoners was led by red militants – and the Atlantic Ocean. To the east is the Mediterranean, and 20 miles to the south across the Strait of Gibraltar, the great, bright continent of Africa that is yearning and burning to be free.

How was Spain created? Settled gradually by successive migration of Celts, Iberians, Phoenicians P-H-O-E-N-I-C-I-A-N-S, Greeks and Carthaginians. It took the Romans to unify the peninsula, about 218 years before Christ. By 1492, the kingdoms of Aragon A-R-A-G-O-N and Castile C-A-S-T-I-L-E were united through the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella. The Kingdom of Granada G-R-A-N-A-D-A was then released by the Moors. Black civilization that almost conquered Spain. It was then released by the Moors to Spain, Granada was.

Though the Pyrenees P-Y-R-E-N-E-E-S Mountains form a natural border with France, it was only in the seventeenth century that Spain relinquished territories in Southern France and in the low countries, Portugal, part of which was a gift from King Leon of Castile to Count Henry of Burgundy. It proclaimed itself an independent state in 1140.

Size of Spain: 195,985 square miles, barely twice the size of Guyana, with 38 times the population. The population is 35,600,000. Of that, 72.8 percent are Spanish, 16.4 percent are Catalan C-A-T-A-L-A-N and 8.2 percent are Galician G-A-L-I-C-I-A-N and Basque – that’s causing the upsurge of fascism because the Basque nationalists and socialists are demanding independence – constitute 2.3 percent of Spain. Other races, only three percent. 97.5 percent are Roman Catholic and the Roman Catholic Church of Spain is fascist as hell and is backing this new fascist upsurge of seig heils and Nazi chonts– chants that we heard on the radios at 5:30 this morning.

Who rules? Constitutionally, that is, Spain is a monarchy, at present without uh, too much dependence on the monarch, though the monarch is in power. Legalization is initiated by the Council of Ministers and in the past, it was by a dictator, [Francisco] Franco who was head of– head of the state and had all power to veto anything. Generalissimo Franco really ruled Spain since 1959 until he was removed from the scene by death. He had other titles: commander in chief of the armed forces and leader of the national movement. Franco ruled Spain not through a monolithic power machine but through the skillful balancing and suppressing of forces, which included the following: The Falange F-A-L-A-N-G-E, the fascist extreme right, now somewhat divided, it’s– it was thought and thought to be discredited until last night, when we see it horribly reunited. But it’s still the on– it was only the legal– the only legal political organization in Spain for all those years of the dictatorship. The Falanges’ F-A-L-A-N-G-E-S power was eclipsed in the 1960s by Opus Dei O-P-U-S capital D-E-I, a Catholic lay organization whose influence is now declining rapidly.

Monarchists in a position of expectant semi-legality after Franco’s death. It looks like we’re, as I say, facing what could be a fascist takeover unless the communists get away from their revisionist practices. The Christian Democrats, which unfortunately has both conservative as well as radical branches. Then there are socialist, communist and anarchist, which are being forced underground again, it looks like. In 1973, Franco relinquished the post of prime minister to the ultraconservative, Admiral Luis Carrero C-A-R-R-E-R-O Blanco B-L-A-N-C-O, which means “white” in Spanish, who was subsequently blown to bits later that year. The Basque’s independent socialist separatist association [Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)] took credit for the assassination. Instead, Senor Arias A-R-I-A-S Navarro N-A-V-A-R-R-O was sworn into this second-in-line office in January 1974.

The Spanish Civil War is one of the greatest feats of united labor class socialist effort around the world. Many, many socialists – you saw in The Golden Years, one of them – came from America to help the Spanish protect their government they had elected like Chile had elected a Marxist country, they had elected a Republican representative socialist government. And the Spanish Civil War was the result of a revolt by Army officers led by fascist Franco, the arch-nationalists against the popular front government, the Republicans which was socialist. The one thing common to all factions – Republicans, monarchists, liberals, conservatives, radicals, fascists, socialists, the church, anarchists, the military, the communists, the peasants and regionalists alike, says one capitalist commentary, was a stubborn refusal to compromise. The reforms undertaken or attempted by successive governments of the republic were in the last analysis always too little for the left and too much for the right to accept.

Enormous pressures from all sides lid– led inevitably to the outbreak of the civil war, which was backed by U.S. imperialism and Nazi Germany. In July 1936, USA and Germany was openly cooperating to destroy the socialist government of the popular front in Spain. One million people died in that war. It was a ho– tragic, tragic war in which Nazi military might was the only thing that enabled the small minority of fascists under Franco F-R-A-N-C-O to win. Traditionally an agricultural country, food produc– products continue to represent half or more of the total value of Spanish exports, especially olives and olive oil, citrus fruits, cereals, grapes, wine and sherry. However, tourism has rapidly become a major source of income, as Spanish resorts have become increasingly popular with foreigners, due, it seems, to Spain’s relatively cheap prices, which have begun to change of late because of the shakiness of all capitalist nations. Inflation has struck it too as well as USA.

In 1974, however, over 30 million tourists visited Spain.

Thus ends the commentary of news and nations, and one socialist who gave up his ideals and destroyed himself and died of a broken heart at 44 years of age. F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Produce much, for the sake of our people. Study well for Peoples Rally. There will definitely be a test tonight. Listen to the broadcast also. We want to prepare to have our broadcast over Guyana Broadcasting Studios to go over the air at 6:15. I love you very, very much.

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–at Moscow because of the Soviet Union’s present policies, in Africa and its treatment of dissidents. Thank you. Back to the news.