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Jones: The most negative aspects of the news: As I gave you earlier in the day, the PPP organ of the opposition praised the Guyanese government of the PNC for its foreign policy, but claimed the economy is being mismanaged. Ram Karan, opposition deputy leader, said the 1978 budget displays ignorance. Three hundred million dollars in sugar levy mismanaged. The GAWU [Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union] strike low production and oil criseses are responsible for bad economic shape, said the PPP. Hydroelectricity project mismanaged. Ram Karan– Karan claims Kit Nascimento, who took over this country while the leaders were in Washington signing the Panamanian treaty and indeed gave us some of our little difficulty, until we resisted by force and freed our land, and [Peter] D’Aguilar, former– really fascist head of the United Force that I was just speaking about, the death of an honest parliamentarian, Eleanor da Silva, who’s just ultra-conservative, but at least decent. Ram Karan claims that Kit Nascimento and D’Aguilar went to the United States during the PPP administration and persuaded Americans not to release money for the project, and are still blocking it today out of distrust for the Guyanese PNC socialist policies, says he. This was uh, uh, in the days of course, originally they were started under the PPP. The PPP says that it is not opposed to the project, just thinks it should be undertaken more modestly. The Upper Mazaruni hydro scheme was criticized in favor of a dam across Demarara River, which could have provided over 100-year period electricity for Georgetown and all of G– of Guyana and expansion throughout the country would never [result in] any future failure of electricity, even into our area and take us off this burdensome cost of diesel. The Upper Mazaruni scheme is too much for a small nation like Guyana, says the PPP, to undertake without taking 20 or 30 years. The PNC says it’ll be done in three years, and if it is, again, we’ll have no electrical power. Of course, politics go on, uh– politics go on and uh– on both sides, socialist and free enterprise. Ram Karan wondered why the P– uh, the RR service, driven by steam– the railway service driven by steam, had been scrapped as it would have become the major medium of transportation and would’ve used wood and saved millions in fuel. The PNC removed the railroad tracks. [Desmond] Hoyte has been quoted – who has not been one of our best friends, though we have many in this government – as saying current expenditures ran away from current estimates on all governmental levels. Other schemes criticized were cultivation of white potatoes, wheat, and extraction of uh, edible oil from coqueret [phonetic].

The PPP criticized the PNC for nominating its ministers and says the PNC is allergic to elections. Criticized PNC for not consulting the PPP in the Suriname border dispute, and accused the PNC of marriage with anti-communists in the past, the UF [United Front] and other agencies. Accused the PNC of nationalistic methods bordering on neofascism with the sugar strikers and using judiciary – (Pause) they’re supposed to be independent – against the workers, actually manipulating the justice system.

Post budget taxation. Minister [Sase] Narain said government– he’s been a good friend who came here. Of course, all that the PPP says is not true, because there’s actually been more nationalization of resources under this black government than there was under the PPP. Eighty percent of all properties now under the control of the people, of the government, at least, depending upon the appropriation, how it’s appropriated, it is certainly a good scheme. Minister Narain, who was very, very praiseworthy of our project when he visited here with his family, said government will look at fare structure of GAC [Guyana Airways Corporation], and this will mean a rise in fares to the interior to help the budgeting economy. Bulk transport prices will go up too, meaning the prices of meat will probably go up. Also likely is a further rise in steamer and bus fares, although that’s been blocked successfully to this point, and this news is a few days old, but recent news over GBS, the Guyana Broadcasting Socialist [System] network that’s owned by the government, states that the uh, fares– and we’ve seen, of course, that the fares on our train have not. Uh, if there’re free fares on the train, still, even though they were supposed to’ve been changed the first of the year. Also, said Narain, there is likelihood a cut of quantity of imported wheat and flour, and the people of Guyana better embolden themself to find some sorts of substitutes.

Uruguayan women. Presently, some 3300 women in Uruguay are in jails for political reasons. Military prisons and concentration camps house several more. (tape edit) The fascist coup instituted by the CIA, as we saw in a movie that very cleverly brought it out (Pause) about the Tuperamos [Tupamaros], I’ve forgotten the title, uh, Day of Siege. Uh, State of Siege. It was [Dan Mitrione] a good old mayor [chief of police] friend in Richmond, Indiana that used to want to date Marceline [Jones], tried to, who was the agent conspirator, provocateur for the CIA that was held hostage and finally killed, and he was a son-of-a-bitch, because I knew him, he was a racist pig. Anyway, after the CIA overthrew what was one of the most working democracies in the world, a social democracy, run by 12 leaders, not by one man but by 12 leaders, and it worked for 60 years, it was overthrown by the CIA when it was taking a communist or a – no, not really – a socialist turn. And it forced 500,00 inhabitants to emigrate immediately, and it’s estimated that one million of the few million people that live in Uruguay, have already sought sanctuary in countries abroad.

Dr. [Cheddi] Jagan’s wife, Janet Jagan, former Minister of Health, criticizes the health budget, opposes the cut from 276 million dollars to three million dollars for diet at the public hospitals. By three million, that is. Said the senior citizen homes, the Palms, is a hellhouse. Nothing is worse than the Palm, and the Palm exists in this country, except the mental hospital, she said. (tape edit) She– she decried, we are not a capitalist country, and cannot tolerate the kind of conditions that capitalists will endure for their aging. She called for adequate staffing and increase for food and clothing, which is provided free in the Palm house, which of course is different than any place in United States. Nothing is free. She pushed for discarding requirements for national service in order to become a nurse.

Dr. Hamilton Green, who today assisted Dr. [Laurence] Schacht is bypassing all the laws of Guyana, so that he could remain in his post here, said they won’t abandon the requirements as it upgrades the quality of nurses and gives them much more experience by being in the interior. I think I would agree with that, in spite of the opposition PPP’s position. Sixteen doctors’ contracts expire in the next six months, and she urges that the government will renew them. Most of these are Cuban doctors. She said 16.5 percent of the children are suffering from mild malnutrition under five years of age. Dr. Green said malnutrition is a lack of education primarily, and not the availability of food. Again, I think that is possibly true. Dr. Green did not take issue with her, and agreed with her publicly, on the condition in the public hospital, but did blame rapacious doctors and their lust for money for some of the problems and was critical of people for not putting more emphasis upon education about nutrition. The PPP calls for cut in military expenditures in Guyana. The chairman of the PPP in the Parliament, Ram Karan, also called for abolition totally of the Ministry of National Development – this is Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid’s ministry – primarily as a waste of taxpayer money. Implication that the money allocated was being used for party work, and there was no accountability for the funds. Dr. Reid came back with a tart response and an entire budget showing how the money had been appropriated. Also, the PPP is calling for the abolition of GDF [Guyana Defense Force], and there seems to be a nu– a number of people in the uh, left of the PPP– I mean, the PNC, that are calling for the same, that Guyana is putting too much expenditures out for military. However, a Third World nation is not likely to do that, where you have a minority government, and then, that’s not to go into all of the intrinsic areas of politics. That would uh, be another subject. But there’s little likelihood that the GDF will be abolished.

Dr. [Forbes] Burnham responds to the probe request of Harry Persaud, the PPP parliamentary spokesman on the interior and Amerindian affairs, who called for an investigation of numerous allegations about the behavior of GDF soldiers with Amerindian women in the interior. (Pause) Stand by.

The World Federation of Trade Unions reaffirmed its at– intentions of encouraging actions in Latin America to assist in the efforts of liberation. That must upset Washington considerably.

San Jose, where a rightwing regime has been in power. More than 60 percent absent– absentee rate, four killings, and mutual charges of fraud among the presidential candidates, are the outcome of the general elections. Moreover, when a polling was taken by the left-of-center that gained several parliamentary seats in San Jose, Costa Rica, it was found that 20,000 dead people in the graveyards must have voted (Pause, light laughter off mic) (tape edit) in that there were not that many people alive and well in Costa Rica or even its immigrants from abroad that still had voting privileges. So the only thing that the Communist Party of Costa Rica could determine that was that 20,000 people who were dead had voted. That is not an unknown phenomena throughout Latin America. It has even been said some of the dead vote here. It’s a powerful, powerful force, indeed, when the dead come forth from their coffins and uh, resurrect to vote, and then go back to their lair to wait for the next election– lar– election year. Stand by. (tape edit) (Long pause)

(Short laugh) (tape edit) (Chatter in radio room at both ends) (Pause)

The Working Peoples Alliance under Dr. Walter– Walter Rodney, not to be uh, confused with this other PAW or something that has been used as a CIA– A front here to attack progressives, the Working Peoples Alliance, a black group, primarily has welcomed the call issued by the Peoples Progressive Party for a national patriotic front, and a national patriotic front government, as a serious attempt to grapple with the pressing problems which confront the Guyanese people today. The implications of the two proposals are far-reaching, the WPA said, predominantly black, leftwing party in Guyana. It said in a prepared statement circulated to representatives of the local and foreign mass media. You have three minutes to get in to the peoples pavilion for town theor– town forum. (tape edit) Yesterd– (gust of laughter) And yesterday in Georgetown, presiding at the conference were Mr. (struggles with name, mispronounces numerous times) Eusi Kwayana, Dr. Joshua Ramsammi [phonetic], Dr. Walter Rodney, black leader who spoke very favorably to a delegation of our people just recently, and Mr. Moses Bhagwan. Said the statement, the WPA accepts the call for a national patriotic front. This is in line with our consistent advocacy of the need to develop a new political system. While agreeing with the accuracy of the detailed evidence used to support their argument, the WPA does not fully accept the PPP’s analysis and interpretation of the crisis. But however, said the WPA, these differences are not sufficiently strong to qualify our full endorsement of the idea of a national patriotic government. We accept the need for a revolutionary alliance, and we are prepared to play our part in struggling for such an achievement. The WPA’s disagreement and our differences are only in respect of emphasis on the following: an agreed social, political and economic program on which the revolutionary alliance must be founded; the need for a purge of existing corrupt officials and the institutionalization of public accountability in the new political order; the present bureaucracy as an essential target of agreed reform in any governmental proposals, given the extensive racial and political patronage in job placements, the engrained authortarian [authoritarian] structures, and the demonstrated willingness of the bureaucracy to act extralegally; the explicit place for organized labor and mass organizations other than political parties in the new governmental structure.

The WPA suggested additional proposals as a contribution to the debate on the front government. Among these are, one, that– that bipartisan offices of prime minister and president be replaced by a collective executive authority of the government based on the principle of collective leadership; two, the dominant principle in determining the composition of the executive should be the electoral achievements of parties who have contested free and fair elections, the elections being held on a constituency basis different from the first pass– from first passed (unintelligible word) system, first pass (same unintelligible word) system; (tape edit) three, a comprehensive and radical organization of legal and district governments on the basis of popular elections; four, the creation of workers assemblies; five, a constitutionally-provided integrity commission made up of officers from various mass organizations; and six, comprehensive planning mechanisms for the replacement of market criteria and capitalist forms of economic organization. The WPA, a black party, is also com– uh, socialistic, Marxist. The WPA said that together, with their proposals, the PPP’s initiative on a national patriotic front and national patriotic front government is vitally important and should be open for intensive and extensive public discussion.

Asked to speculate on the alternative to a new political system, the WPA’s leader Walter Rodney, who as I said has been friendly to our people of recent date, pointed to the lessons of history where the failure to establish governments on a democratic basis has led to chaos, militarism, and quasi-neofascism, as exist in some Latin American countries today. If there is no social progress, the likelihood is that there will be political and social degeneration, said Dr. Rodney. Asked to comment on the PNC’s line that the political expression of national unity must take the form of one-party state, Dr. Rodney stated that the key to any such suggestion is whether it is an expression of the will of– of the historical force through the democratic process. He said I feel they are misusing the concept of one-party rule in Cuba and the Soviet Union, which the PNC has openly praised. Or it is an imposition from above, which he says he fears the M– the PNC would do. No one has the right to arrogate [abrogate] the function of the working people to say that they must belong to a particular party. He emphasized that the WPA is interested in a broad democratic platform as distinct to a one-party arrangement. The WPA’s stated s– position that for the reason that the PPP’s proposal marks a clear cut break with the system of winner-take-all, and because unity is seen as the unity of all progressive forces, the national patriotic front concept proposal by the PPP is an important step forward, and opens up possibilities of raising the level of national politics. So the WPA, black Marxist party, has formed an alliance with the PPP p– primarily Indian opposition that has always been Moscow-oriented. The WPA is critical of the negative attitude of the ruling Peoples National Congress toward the proposal. It expressed the hope, however, that the PPP’s explicit rejection of the winner-take-all politics as an attempt to re– entrench a viable system of shared power will gain currency amongst the different racial segments of the working class, and will undoubtedly contribute to new approaches to national politics which transcend the racial insecurity which has dominated Guyana too long. The PNC’s rank and file, it observed, also wants revolutionary change, and it is this section of the PNC, said Dr. Rodney, which is amenable to the transformation of the national political system to provide for the development of a genuine Marxist socialism. With that I would agree with Dr. Rodney, for what I’ve met of PNC rank and file leaders. He also praises, WPA, the PNC and its foreign policy ventures, that it’s standing up to imperialism in the Caribbean and Latin America in general. Well, that– (Pause)

I don’t know why you can’t hear in the pavilion. Too much noise apparently. (Pause) No, I don’t know what we’ll do. (Pause) (tape edit) People should not wait till the last minute to say that people are not listening, because I’m absorbed in trying to bring to you today some news, you see, local news, and we’ve got to have both overseas and local news to get a pop– proper balance, plus you have to have the news of the opposition, and that’s what I was providing. Now there’s to be no talking in the pavilion whatsoever. I am shocked that we would wait this long, though, to say that people have not been able to hear. How many have not been able to hear under the pavilion? How many have not been able to hear? Oh, I see some of your hands, I can see like an eagle, far distance. Some of you, you using that as an excuse ‘cause you never listen in the first goddamn place. If I was– If I was kissing your fucking ear, you wouldn’t know it. (Pause) Now, how many did hear? (Pause) I know some of you didn’t hear legitimately. Well, we’ll see, we’ll see shortly. How many are prepared to take a test, a written test on what you heard? (Pause) Oh, that’s quite different, isn’t it? Now we have only about 15 hands, as opposed to 500. Now if you heard, why aren’t you prepared to take a test? How many are prepared to take an– a spoken test? You can’t write, maybe, and now you’re using that. How many are prepared to take a test, written, spoken, or otherwise, on what you just heard? (Pause) This means that you are still for the most part liars. And you should very guilty about that. You should not lie to your leader. It interferes with the healing. And I don’t think you estimate enough the value of that healing, as you look at Rose Shelton, who was blind, paralyzed, suffering from inter-cranial bleeding, the doctor wanted GDF emergency flight immediately, and then didn’t think her life could be saved. She woulda had to been flown to Cuba, and arrangements were being made, but she asked me please don’t send me away, and I healed her.  She was in agonizing pain, I’ve never seen Rose cry, but she cried desperately with the pain that night. And I don’t think enough of you appreciate that, until you get sick, baby. When you get sick, you will appreciate it, won’t you. Moreover, I don’t think you realize that that miracle protection is not confined to here. Robin Tschetter Stahl was run over by a car on Geary Avenue [Boulevard] in San Francisco. The people stood back with their mouths hanging open, awe-stricken, as she got up and went back to her work without any harm to her body whatsoever.


Jones: I don’t think you understand the power, and when you lie to your protector, liberator, savior, you are cutting off the line of energy flow to you. So don’t blame me if you get buried, like [Lela Murphy] the woman that just died recently. Said, I don’t like this damn place. Well, she’s parked over there someplace in the woods in a graveyard. So I would think about that, you know. I don’t like this damn place, and fight with the nurses and don’t want to eat what’s given to you, didn’t want to follow instructions and had to wear big ol’ hot boots. I– I– I– I’m not going to ignore death. Death is a process of life. We’ll mention it, we’ll give honor to those who’ve gone by like Comrade Griffith [Emmett Griffith, Sr.], in spite of prophecies, a good, good working man. When I gave him prophecies about not smoking, he just couldn’t quite cut off from it. We’ll give honor to those, and they’ll be always cherished in our memory, and honor those who have been translated or graduated on out of this plane. And Lynette [Lynetta Jones]. But believe me, some of you don’t listen to anything, won’t follow any instruction, no matter how many times it’s given, and I think you ought to take some note that you’re handicapping yourself. When you don’t care about yourself, maybe you’ll care about one of your loved ones, your children, back there that may need me, or here, that may need me, and you stood there and lied. That whole congregation said you heard me. Now if you heard me, why couldn’t you pass the test? You said you heard everything I said. That’s what you said, you all raised your hands up there, then only 15 people say they can pass a test. I’m frightened for you, because I know what it means. You will be sorry, you will be sorry. Every time you lie, little children, seniors, middle-aged, you will be sorry, because you cut yourself off from growth, maturity and protection on a paranormal level that is absolutely outstanding. You look at Rose now standing there, uh, in that meeting, and look at her– look at her the other night. Ask Christine Cobb that was giving her such wonderful – Christine Young – such wonderful care, amongst other nurses, that there was nothing the doctors or the medical people could do. Total agonizing pain in her brain, blinded, paralyzed, I mean unable on one side of her si– uh, whole body affected permanently by the– the blood that was flowing in her brain. Death from inter-cranial bleeding– bleeding was assured to be in a matter of a few hours at most, and the doctor was afraid, minutes. She was turning cold, the last symptoms of death, blood pressure dropping. Hear me now. In agonizing pain, till I’ve never heard her whimper or cry, that often predates death just slightly, in her abdom– uh, abdominal region, and her head was excruciating pain, but just a touch of the savior’s hand, and a spoken word that cancelled the GDF plane before he even saw the results, he cancelled it, he cancelled the plans for a trip to a neurological surgeon to tap her brain to relieve the blood. He’d cancelled that before he saw the results. So not only is he a healer but a prophet. I don’t know why you do what you do, and lie to him, because you hinder what you can get from him. Thank you. Begin the meeting. (Pause)

Stirring in crowd

Part 2:

Jones: –Reverend Ben Chavis, and hundreds of others’ examples of people being sentenced upwards of 482 years, the harshest sentences ever being imposed by the federal courts and local courts in the United States. She [Angela Davis] cited that unemployment in the United States is also on the rise, she said, and President [Jimmy] Carter has broken his campaign promises on his jobs program for youth, blacks, other oppressed minorities, and women. The ruling circle would like the people to believe, especially the young workers and students, that the Left is dead, but the truth is that the progressive forces in America still are alive, though afraid. The press wants us to believe that the youth are apathetic and couldn’t care less about politics. She said, I hope this is not true. The young workers and students are playing an important part in the struggles against racism, sexism, and freeing political prisoners. Nonetheless, as you know, Angela Davis has asked that she have a place here, if worse comes to worst. She said the ruling circle is trying to reverse many of the victories, if not all, won in the civil rights years. The Bakke case of reverse discrimination is an attack on civil rights, basic freedoms for minorities, and affirmative action. We must fight to defeat Bakke, even though the conditions do not look favorable. We must expand the victories won that we’re now losing that we gained in the sixties, and not let these hard-fought gains be reversed, as they appear to be all across the nation.

At the end of her speech, Davis was given a loud applause of support in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where she addressed some 1200 people. Before arriving at the auditorium, a shot cracked through the campus, striking a tree, apparently aimed at her. This is the danger of the United States, 1978. Disorganized, Angela is a trusting person, I remember her saying to me once, I couldn’t be a socialist without knowing that it will succeed. And I love her. But I say, one must be a socialist because it’s right. (Pause) One must be a socialist because it’s right, not because it will succeed. We stand for principle because it’s right. Needless to say, if we had not moved out of the United States, we would not have had an opportunity. Angela has no strong organization behind her, she gather crowds together because people like uh, entertainment. There’s not real interest, as shown in the lack of support for the mine workers, steel workers, the mine construction workers, and what happened to the one little union that did, the garment workers, Communist organization, a union– a small union in New York, all charged with conspiracy. Angela would do well to get into the labor market and fight for workers’ rights, for this is where there has to come an awareness. If there is no strong trade union movement, no strong socialist party, no strong Communist Party, history has always shown that the nation so afflicted goes fascist. Just speaking about human rights, prison rights, does not get to the core of the issue. One has to politicize. And that’s perhaps why Angela still gets by with speaking, though we understand she too has been the victim in the last few weeks of a new tax harassment. And certainly, it happened with Charles Diggs. No matter how much you try to go along with the system, and say that perhaps employment can be solved by capitalism, like Huey Newton did, and that there can be changes of good humanitarian nature within the capitalist framework, as Charles Diggs, Congressman, did. You end up finally framed as he is, facing 175 years in a penitentiary. (Pause) Stand by. (tape edit) (Pause)

Ghana is calling an end for military rule. Nigeria is doing the same. Perhaps that’s the reason the good President Carter is making such a quick flight from the (stumbles over words) Venezuela through Brazil, over to Nigeria, hoping to stop the tide of demand for freedom amongst the people. The Organization of African States speak that it seems most favorable to the fact the Ghanans will gain their liberty that they lost, when (mispronouncing Kwame Nkrumah), a great man, Nkrumah, ruler and liberator of Ghana who was assassinated and overthrown by the CIA first, and driven in exile.

Young Cuban Brigade returns to visit Cuba. The sons of the former emigrants who fled from Cuba after the Soviet-assisted revolution of the Cuban people, recently went back to Cuba, some 158 strong, requesting that they be able to stay and serve the revolution. Fidel [Castro] answered that they as Cubans would be welcomed with open arms whenever they wanted to return to Cuba. After four hours of talk, as Fidel was leaving, the Brigadistas began to sing a popular Communist Cuban song, Fidel, visibly moved, turned around and without saying a word, embraced each of them. When he resumed his composure, he told the photographer, let’s take some pictures with these young people, adding the country has grown with your presence. These were the children of people who fled Castro’s island originally out of fear of communism, but now, they have had second thoughts, and 158 from New York-area went back. Members of the Ma– Antonio Maceo Brigade offering to stay if necessary, or do whatever necessary to further the Cuban revolution. They said they were willing to struggle in America, but they felt that the odds of bringing change in USA were dismal indeed. And we are your sons and daughters, Fidel, was their parting statement. (Tape edit)

This gives you some news, coupled with the news that you already have from earlier, can be replayed. The earlier midday news can be replayed when the working hour of 6:30 comes, and then we can par– try to digest. There will be socialist classes on Friday, town forum rally in Saturday. I will be staying in this area. Tonight, they will give you announcements of meetings. Again, I want to urge all of you to see [Day of the Jackal] this beautiful Technicolor film of an actual true-to-life event, where they attempted to murder [Charles de Gaulle] the despot of France, who’s one of the allies of USA that tried to invade, just recently, the Puerto Ricans, a territory of the USA, but were (chuckles) successfully removed by fishing– little fishing boats. What a remarkable demonstration of strength and character.

And also The Boston Globe says Flynt was hit by the CIA through their Mafia connections. The Boston Globe states there is a conspiracy behind the shooting of Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt. Flynt’s associates in Los Angeles are investigating suspicions that the attack, which left Flynt in serious condition in a Georgian hospital following removal of his spleen and portions of both large and small intestines, may have been the work of government agents, but more than that, the Boston Globe says, working through organized crime. There seems to be some mixture of writing here, and reports shot down. I cannot see clear information that the man is dead, although one report gave it over the radio. I see that the uh, more recent news that I have jotted down did say he was assassinated. But investigative reporter, author and KTTV news personality Chuck Ashman is exploring the possibility that the assassination attempt was more that the work of a lone gunman with religious delusions. Yes, it is not up to date with the prior one that I just read. However, the prior one that I gave you did not say that he was assassinated, it said he was sh– gunned down. Be interesting to see what his state is. We could ask on the radio tonight, and clarify, because I want to give you accuracy in the news at all times. Said that he had the removal of his spleen and portions– large portions of both the large and small intestines. And he’s in very, very critical condition, according to this article. The Mafia wanted to see Larry Flynt put away, according to Ashman, who’s working on the article on Flynt’s shooting, for (unintelligible word) free press. Flynt, faced with refusal of major American magazine distributors to handle Hustler, established his own nationwide distribution system. He’d become hugely successful, and now Flynt has been distributing other magazines which, because of their off-beat topics, could not find major distribution outlets previously. High Times is now carried by Flynt, and he even made a pitch to Mother Jones. According to Ashman, major magazine distribution has been a target of Mafia involvement. Flynt, however, is a maverick and runs his own operation. So according to their informants in Los Angeles, the Mafia agreed to do the hit for the CIA, in spite of pr– Flynt’s assurances that he’d been born again and was now a very good little boy and would not give the CIA any trouble. Didn’t work. Flynt was on trial, as I said, for obscenity charges relating to the distribution of Hustler magazine when he was gunned down. The judge [Hughel Harrison] declared uh, that uh– Stand by. (pause) First uh, time it was a mistrial, but then they reinstituted proceedings again.

And so, that is about the coverage of the news. Zimbabwean forces are fighting valiantly along the sides of– the side of the Mozambiquans and the Tanzanians and Zambians in a struggle to overthrow the Ian Smith regime. At this point, they have not been able to drive out the guerrillas, the armed forced forces of Rhodesia, well-armed and equipped by the United States, have not been able to crush the Patriotic Front that represents three out of four of the Rhodesian people or the Zimbabweans, and so the struggle goes on for liberation.

Angola has indeed driven out the forces of reaction in Zaire, backed by the United States.

That is the news for the moment. Enough to think about, I think. The miners are still, some of them, not crossing the picket line of the mine construction workers, though they’re in dismal conditions, and the working class is giving them no support.

All right. Much love to you, and when the whistle blows, replay the first news of the day, then you could follow it with this, with the music then following that our young people like, then there’ll be a movie, and others will announce what is the order of the evening.

Thank you very much. Socialist classes tomorrow night. Required attendance for all. Testing over all the news, so listen very, very closely, and digest the news well. As Abraham Lincoln said, if you would be free, you have to have the facts. You have to be informed. And we will be free, won’t we, my darlings.