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Jones: Chinese residents of Vietnam are fleeing, seeking refuge in mainland China and in other parts of the world, fearing an imminent war between Vietnam and the Peoples Republic of China. The Peoples Republic of Vietnam, socialist democracy, founded by Ho Chi Minh that is now reunited, the horror and pain of consideration that two such socialist nations would actually– (Pause) would actually be considering a military onslaught. Stand by.

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These are two points of startling news, that England is considering the abolition of constitutional democracy.

The Union of South Africa has invaded Angola. Forces of Marxist liberation groups from as far as the Marxist FRELIMO in Mozambique to even moderate-to-liberal troops from Nigeria have pledged in the assistance of Angola. It is one of those last stands diversions that the Union of South Africa, I feel, is making, but Union of South Africa, dreaded fascist apartheid regime troops have pressed nearly 150 miles into Angolan communist territory. I feel assured that the brave Angolan people, with Cuban, Soviet assistance and other African liberated countries, will drive out the Union of South Africa.

And this is the capsulation of this moment’s late news. Thank you, and I love you, and rest well.

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Attention. Good morning news. On this Friday morning, the news has it that the new Communist headquarters, the United States of the Communist Party has been burned to the ground in the Chelsea district of New York City. The Daily WorldThe Daily World, the Communist organ, reports that extensive damage has been done. Three people have been injured. The Daily World also occupy a part of building, two floors of an eight-story building, and the other floors are occupbided– occupied by progressive organizations of the left. The party solicited and received contributions from sponsors who’d given 100,000 dollars and more towards the expense of the new headquarters. Leading the contributors were National Secretary Gus Hall, National Chairman Henry Winston, a black man, who had been blinded by racists in prison, who had donated the royalties from their recent books and the honoraria from their recent speaking engagements. New Communist headquarters, burned to the ground, by radical rightwing hate groups. JDR, also neighborhood hatemongers of the far right, joined in in the operation.

Chinese in Vietnam prepare to leave. They’re selling their properties, preparing to leave to move to other areas or back into China, as they suspect an imminent invasion by the Peoples Republic of China against the socialist republic of Vietnam, that had reunification after years [of] colonial and neo-colonial conquest, first by the French and then by the United States of America monopoly fascists. This is a dreadful development taking place in that area of the world. News has been unable to re– obtained from either Radio Hanoi or Radio Peiping as to what is behind this complete removal of the Chinese population voluntarily, selling their properties, but rumor has it on the BBC, the Voice of America, and Radio Sweden that war is expected to break out between both China and Vietnam.

Mass protest against repression in Iran. As Afghanistan has gained its freedom due to its brave air force, working with the communist and socialist elements, established a pro-Moscow government, and a congress that is communist. The escalation of oppression in Iran has been vehemently condemned by the World Federation of Trade Unions. Elements of the populations, some ten percent of Iran, their population is in concentration camps as political prisoners. Many have fled Iran and are now forming resistance elements in Afghanistan, its neighbor, to try to bring down the dreaded Shah, who has murdered so many– hundreds of thousands of his people. [Reza Pahlavi]The Shah of Iran was put in power when the CIA murdered the president [Premier Mohammad Mosaddegh]. By admission on the press, the CIA, our tax dollars, that we bought when we were buying hamburgers and Coca-Colas, as I said, in movies, go to the shows, not grocery stores, everything has its tax, the tax we took out of our checks, murdered a great president. But now, after these twenty-some years, Iran is surrounded by countries that are absolutely allies of the avant-garde of Marxist liberation, the Soviet Union, which means council of the people, a union of the people, Soviet Russia, or council of the people that lead Russia. Surrounding, as you know, Iran is now the USSR, Russia, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, cutting off the dreaded fascist state of Iran. So the protest against Iran escalates, being led by the World Federation of Trade Unions. In a press communique this morning, this international trade union body called on all the world’s workers and world trade union organizations to show (unintelligible word) support for the courageous struggle of the working people of Iran and the protest to the United Nations Human Rights Commission against the barbarous actions of the Iranian dictatorship.

According to a report in the official Soviet publication, New Times, popular discontent is mounting with policies of the government of Iran. The– The reporter statement stated that, on May 3, disturbances occurred in all cities in the northern, southern and central parts of the country. Demonstrations or protests against the present situation were held in Babol, B-a-b-o-l, Kazin, K-a-z-i-n, Kashan, K-a-s-h-a-n, Teheran, T-h-e-r-a-n. Earlier part of this month, percet– protest marches were held in Zahindan, Z-a-h-i-n-d-a-n, know your map, Yezd, Y-e-z-d, Isfahan, I-s-f-a-h-a-n, Meshed, M-e-s-h-e-d, Korramalad, K-o-r-r-a-m-a-l-a-d, Zenjan, Z-e-n-j-a-n, and again in Kashban [Kashan] and Kazin. The report added that the offices and the premises of the ruling fascist party, the Rastakhiz, were raided. The Rastakhiz party of the dreaded murderer Shah, one of the richest people in the world, oil-rich, is the Rastakhiz party and is spelled R-a-s-t-a-k-h-i-z. The Rastakhiz, the fascist party that rules Iran. The workers world Federer– the World Federation of Trade Unions are demanding an end to the savage– the savage and brutal oppression meted out by the secret police, the infamous Savak, S-a-v-a-k, that is headed now by the former director of US CIA. Again our tax dollars involved in murder uh, every level of society. The infamous SAVAK, the release of political detainees is being demanded, the elimination of the dread police SAVAK, release of political prisoners in the concentration camps, and decent working conditions for the working class, are labeled red terrorist and black terrorist by the authorities. Always the state, capitalism calls every liberal revolution, every rebellion like in Watts and Newark, every liberation effort like in Italy with the Red Brigade, in Japan the Red Army, they always call it red terrorist or black terrorist, the authorities do, when they are the terrorists that murder and hold our people in political imprisonment, in concentration camps. In USA, there are literally thousands of political prisoners these days, black people held without cause, false arrest and false imprisonment. Faced with the mass movement, the authorities are killing, wounding, and arresting demonstrators wherever they find them. In addition, plainclothes, secret police SAVAK gangs are looting shops, attacking innocent people, and burning houses in attempt to whiten [blacken] the image of the demonstrators. Soviet New Times said that the armed forces are used against the people, and that the authorities claim that the disturbances were provoked by troublemakers and instigators from abroad, said the New– the New Times. However, no one will believe that the unrest that has swept the country could be organized by a handful of people. The cause seems to be more serious. It is a movement of protest now greatly aided, greatly assisted, because of the brave revolution in Afghanistan and the asylum and sanctuary that Afghanistan is giving to Iranian dissidents, trying to win back their freedom. Stand by. (Pause)

There sti– there seems to be a deadlock over Aldo Moro. The struggle between the Italian Red Brigade and the ruling party of that country is continuing. Though the party has been stripped, the Christian Democratic Party, because of many of the leaders’ fear that their fate will be the same, that none of the capitalists will come to their aid, even though these people like Aldo Moro, Prime Minister of Italy, served capitalism well. State has refused to yield to the demands, even though Christian Democrats, the party rules, are demanding that the military and the jurists of the country yield to the demands of the Red Brigade to free political prisoners in exchange for Aldo Moro. This is receiving much resistance by the United States, strong protest by the US government, France, and other capitalist, or should I say, fascist states, that want no bargaining at all or negotiations, even though Aldo Moro, Prime Minister of Italy, served the interest of US monopoly capitalism well in Italy.

Latest reports from Rome said that more shootings took place yesterday, some 80 in the country, by gunmen, all who escaped. Shooting the various members of the secret police in the legs. No deaths have been reported, but officials of the Christian Democratic Party are the prime targets, which is the ruling capitalist party. Since Prime Minister Moro was kidnapped, there have been some 206 shooting incidents. Bravo to the Red Brigade, who are indeed the true activists, because all change does not come out of the barrel of the ballot, but out of the barrel of the gun.

Yesterday in the Italian Parliament, the kidnap issue came up for discussion. But once again, Premier [Giulio] Andreotti– Andreotti rejected calls for negotiation with the terrorists, as he calls them, which are the real rebel activist, the liberationist, the guerilla, freedom fighters. However, it appears that his country will come down. The latest call for the opening of talks for freedom of the hostages of the socialists was by the Socialist Party, while the Eurocommunist Party remains quiet and silent on the issue, sold out to revisionism. But they must be careful because a repressive state will come about in Italy is their theory, and so they must try to work slowly, and gradualism has always been labeled just what it deserves to be labeled, revisionism, an evil word in all of communist vocabulary. The Socialists, though, say that if talks are opened, and if there is a more enlightened approach to the treatment of prisoners, who were members of the Red Brigade, progress could be made in securing freedom for Mr. Moro. Socialists are defending Mr. Moro, Prime Minister of the capitalist party, the Christian Democratic Party, when his own military and his own capitalists do not wish to do so. Socialist Party is the low– the third largest in Italy. The biggest party is the Christian Democratic Party, which is the party of big business, followed then by the Communist Party, which, as I told you, was a Eurocommunist party, increasingly independent of Moscow, and breaking away from the Warsaw Pact and accepting revisionist ideas, and even has denounced revolutionary activity, guerrilla activity that the state calls terrorist, and even refer to the Red Brigade as terrorist, following the vicious propaganda line of the ruling class and the media, the televisions, the radio and the news that are always of the arm of the fascist state, to condition the minds of the people to accept the programming and lies of the state, to whip up hate against elements of the working class that will bring change, the working class leaders like myself that can unify the people and get things done to help human beings everywhere. The good and faithful media, the newspapers, the fascist trashy newspapers and television, radio, always serve obediently as the arm of the state, to whip up the frenzy with their lies and smears against those that they want hated so that someone will take the liberty to kill them, or later they will have the climate set up for the state to harass them, persecute them in their courts, jail them falsely, and the people will be so brainwashed by the press, they will do nothing to resist when members of the left, real representatives of the people, are destroyed by the press and the state. They are the terrorists, the press and the state, the state that allows poverty to swell in the United States, that affects over one out of our three of our black people, our comrades, that are hungry in USA at this moment, the ghettoes that are swelling with children with no hope, schools where little children are not safe and teachers nothing but concentration intern camp keepers, where children are castrated, even in San Francisco, as I told you, a report yesterday, a little 14-year-old child brutally murdered by people who came from outside the school to do it in it– in the restroom. Castrations everywhere, cutting off little girls’ nipples, the horror of the school system, the terror of older people not being able to walk the streets, shop without being robbed, mugged, pulled down, hips broken. Terror await for every minority child, and even white child, walks down the streets, or walks in their apartment corridor, if– if it’s at least after sundown, they were running the risk of being raped and brutally murdered.

Now as matters stand in Italy, there is a stalemate. Aldo Moro is still held hostage in a secret hideout by the brave guerrilla liberals, the great liberation leaders of Italy, the   Red Brigade, while the massive manhunt launched by Andreotti – A-n-d-r-e-o-t-t-i – Prime Minister that‘s replaced Aldo Moro to find him, has provide negative, even though it has the help of the secret police like SAVAK of Iran and the dreaded murderous police FBI that had been arrested for crimes against the people, with former leaders like J. Patrick Gray [L. Patrick Gray]. He had been sacrificed to appease the posture of Washington that there was really some concern for human rights.

The Red Brigade refuses to make any compromise, and the military refuses to make any compromise to save the life of Aldo Moro. But whatever comes of Aldo Moro, the Red Brigade in their humane keeping him alive, and in their humane resistance to the fascist and political leaders of the Christian Democratic Party, the secret police, by shooting them in the legs, is getting a message, because it looks like that his government, Prime Minister Andreotti’s government, may fall, as the Christian– uh, he– the Red Brigade, by the kidnapping of one man, have divided an entire par– entire political capitalist party, ruling class. The guerillas are demanding the release– The liberation fighters are demanding the release now of only three of the original 13 number of political hostages in jails, but Andreotti has turned down the request as out of the question, because of pressure from his military and his dreaded secret police. There have been no talks as yet of how much the monetary ransom will be. (Pause) (tape edit)

Scotland Yard seeks wanted men. Reports reaching Guyana claim that some Guyanese in Surinam have embarked on crime in that country and are giving Guyana bad names. The Surinam police however are leaving not [no] stone unturned to expel them from that country once they have been apprehended and punished. Large numbers of these persons are also illegally in that neighboring country, and the police are hot on their trail. Because of the activities of the (unintelligible word) minority, the Surinam police s– keep a watchful eye on all Guyanese. The present tension between Guyana and Surinam has been s– also serve to heighten the police surveillance of Guyanese in that country. Surinam coast guard cutters, bristling (tape edit) with machine guns still patrol the beautiful Corantijn River, preventing all Guyanese from making any economic use of it. Several Guyanese fishermen are actually languishing in Surinam jails awaiting trial of charges of illegal fishing in Surinam waters. It seems capitalist interests are trying to exploit differences between Guyana, a socialist country, and Surinam, more of a social democracy capitalist nation.

We were told yesterday by Dr. [Vibert] Mingo, cabinet minister who is our liaison, our official representative to the government, who is the Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Immigration, that we had nothing to fear from any mercenary attacks, but that all efforts would be stepped up to alert the borders of Surinam and also Brazil, but he thought there was no reason for concern in Venezuela. Nonetheless, as I said, licenses were given for the operating of gun protection of our people, more licenses available.  He said that I had used the stroke of genius in having our dance group go down the streets, said it was the talk of the entire nation. It was the most popular thing that had happened anywhere. The radios, the media, all the news in Guyana, all the cabinet leaders praised it, our floats, our slogans of socialism, solidarity of the working class, as the best, our dancers, our drill team, our band, their constant marching, as being the most colorful thing about the May Day celebrations, that has been an international celebration. Ever since workers were shot down in 1888 in the United States, May Day has been the day of communist and socialist international workers day solidarity, and we were the best, according to the government. More and more, yielding has come about things we need. There’s talk of by Dr. Hamilton Green, Minister of Health, which we’ll be working on, that our clinic may become an official hospital, which would enable us to get all supplies in duty free. This was responsible talk that came from the Minister of Health, as even the Minister of Information [Shirley Field-Ridley], who had been a little bit difficult about printing all of our news, was warmed indeed by our demonstrations in support of labor and our units– unicy– demonstrations with all Guyanese on various causes and quests. We will be having a coverage– news coverage on the Sunday paper. It is essential that we get all the pictures in of our parade and the pictures in of Dr. de Costa, but particularly Dr. Walter Thain, the MARCO medical net director who was here visiting us. (Pause) So it’s important that we get them in, because the government’s taking a stronger and stronger stand on our behalf, and Dr. Reed said– Dr. Mingo, he is our absolute strongest champion, always championing our welfare against US efforts to try to hurt us, US efforts trying to dictate to us, United States Embassy, though friendly on the overt side here, their representatives in fact a bit sympathetic and concerned about the rising racism in USA and the dangers of capitalist exploitation of Third World peoples, but members in the US government concerned about us, some of our people taking citizenship, trying to do what they can to keep us from being an official part of a socialist nation, but all of that’s being resisted. No court orders have been recognized. (unintelligible word) it’s a reprisal against us of any kind have been allowed. We have been able to choose what relatives visit us. And we shall continue to have the right to see that we are not infiltrated and invaded by agents of the dreaded CIA and the conspiracy of Senator [John] Stennis and oil interests sponsored by the chief enemy of the people, fronted by the chief enemy of the people, Timothy O. Stoen and the colleagues of relatives that’ve gone out who must never be forgotten in the minds of the people.

In the meantime, back to Surinam. The repor– Reports from London, England say that with the influx of the Guyanese into that country, choke– choke-and-rob attacks have been increasing. Racism is bring whipped by England, that is talking about doing away with constitutional democracy. Much to the alarm of Scotland Yard police, the ultra-conservative right wing and racist elements are making use of these incidents to fuel their campaign to repatriate – that means to resettle people in the country where they came from or send them to some other country – repatriate all immigrants from England of color. Other significant crimes are being committed by Guyanese and West Indians, but particularly Jamaicans.

Informed sources say that Scotland Yard operatives are currently in the Caribbean probing a multi-million dollar racket– million-dollar racket involving British cars obtained on high purchases credit by West Indians. The British police detectives are concentrating their probe and manhunt in Jamaica, but black and brown people of color will rent a car and then ship it out of the country from Britain back to the country of their origin, and leave. I would say that was kind of the wise form of resistance of British imperialism that is becoming openly, openly racist. The British police detectives are concentrating, as I said, their probe and manhunt in Jamaica and Trinidad. They’re looking for over 12 million dollars’ worth of cars and several wanted men. The sources say that for some years now, the racketeers have been purchasing cars in Britain on the HP system or the loan system or the rental system, and been exporting same to the West Indies, throughout the Caribbean, unpaid for. They left Britain when investigations commenced arising from complaints filed as Scotland Yard, somewhat like the FBI in the United States. (Pause)

According to The Mirror, official organ of the opposition party, led by Dr. Cheddi Jagan, official sources of GAWU [Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union] headquarters told The Mirror this morning that the union of joint May Day planning meetings had inviting– invited trade union congress representatives to speak at GAWU rallies. The comment was in response to a New Nation editorial which said that GAWU has indicated that it does not wish TUC representatives to speak at GAWU rallies. This is an outrageous and confounded lie, said The Mirror, and distortion of the true position, said an official.

By the way, there’s a total general workers’ strike in Guyana going on at this time, demanding lowering of prices, full employment, an end to this dreaded referendum that has opposition in all elements of the parties, the PNC, WPA – Working Peoples Alliance – the Peoples Progressive Party, for fear that the referendum will lead to a one-party state, where the electorate, the people will have nothing to say over their lives, that the electoral process are in voting. Two-thirds of the legislature under the proposed referendum and new constitution can make any changes in government that they wish, but resistance amongst the lawyers, the bar association, even business elements, the conservative United Front that represents two– only two percent of the people, all are forming a strong alliance against this referendum. The Mirror calls charges by certain elements of the party of the PNC that TUC, Trade Union Congress, representatives are not welcome at the Guyana sugar workers union rallies, this is outrageous and (unintelligible word) lies, and a distortion of the true position, said an official. Also contrary to The New Nation editorial, which is the party organ of the PNC, GAWU has never agitated for representatives to speak at TUC rallies, but was officially invited to do so as the Trade Union Congress has moved more and more strongly in support of the PPP. In stating his position, the source denied charges that GAWU’s aim at splitting the TUC and explained that for two decades, 20 years, GAWU has had its own May Day rallies. GAWU became recognized at the end of 1975, and before this, the union was never invited to TUC rallies. Also last year, while the TUC affiliate, TUC, Trade Union Congress, is the largest– indeed the largest union in the entire nation under Palimore [phonetic], a black leader who has come out strongly for a patriotic front, a unity government of the WPA, PPP and the PNC. Also just last year, one of TUC affiliate, the union organized its own rallies, and there was not all the noise heard this year. This distortion by the PNC’s organ has been described as an organized campaign aimed at confusing the working people who are uniting the fight against oppression and which has sent the PNC reeling into panic. The same issue of The New Nation, dated this May on the front page carried a list of 11 TUC May Day rallies, each with the name of leading PNC members as speakers. Yesterday, a special meeting of the TUC failed to get GAWU to withdraw its plans for May Day rallies in the sugar belt, which they openly invited members of the PNC, who did participate.

We have been also invited to other en– entertainment programs at the cultural center of leading government, and perhaps the most important government cultural center activity, we will be invited to on May 28. We will have to make plans all through the week, as we are getting one thousand dollars to be in the cultural center on May 21, we will have to be making plans all through that week for singing engagements, professional engagements elsewhere. We are indeed becoming quite popular. We will be on a radio show for an hour. We want to arrange all the radio shows possible, the musicians and the radio can talk about that at this time and gain every mi– inch of advantage from the impending visit, impending opportunities to really carry our socialist theme, our cooperative theme abroad, ‘cause we are wanted very much, very popular in Georgetown. All we have to do is learn Caribbean calypso music, be versatile, we’ll have to find out more details, the musicians can get them from Paula [Adams], you need to coordinate a secretary for the radio, Paula during the day needs to coordinate from somewhere and the musicians to coordinate your activities so plans can be made for you to entertain in as many spots as possible, to be on as many radio shows, all the media shows as possible, and entertain in as many events. You’ve also been involve– invited to be a part of a fundraising for a children’s nursery. We will see if that is endorsed for the government, so there are all sorts of opportunities awaiting you.

Peoples National Congress reportedly taking over University of Guyana. Several departments and faculty boards, says the opposition pap– paper The Mirror, which is certainly not going to be any more objective than any other opposition paper, says that several departments and faculty boards of the University of Guyana have so far come out in condemnation of the proposed Admission Council for Higher Education. ACHE. Recommendations for the setting up of the Admission Council and new guidelines relating to the admissions of students were handed down to the University of Guyana by former education minister and Prochancellor of the university, Mrs. Ceciline Baird some few weeks ago. The new formula for admissions are aimed at arresting the powers of the academic staff of departments, concern in selecting students for admissions on known and university recognized academic criteria. The formula will also replace the need for approval of respective students by the faculty boards of the academic board. Entrance to the university is presently based on the following criteria: five GCE O level subjects or equivalent gained at not more than two sittings, with certain subjects specified for certain departments. Performances at the open entrance examination, that’s why all of our schools must work hard, now we have to work hard to meet the test requirements. This is an English system where you are tested at various levels to see whether you go on to school or get advanced degrees. Open entrance examinations for all degree programs, work experience, its socialist work experience is especially applicable for matured students. Now the ruling PNC party, through Prochancellor Baird, intends to lower the standard of the academic requirements, replacing them by community involvement and socialist objectives, social attitude values, et cetera. Which I in fact disagree with The Mirror, I think that that is a progressive stand. And also make a require– (stumbles over words) part of the requisites, commitment to the national development of agriculture and the national policy of developing the technology skills of the Guyanese economy and assurances that no student will then leave after they receive their education at the expense of the country, because college education, education at all levels, is provided free in socialist Guyana. Even they will consider for admission the new policy party– policy of admission at the University of Guyana, non-academic skills, and they looked at motivation, socialist motivation, as the best criteria. I’m really surprised at The Mirror’s opposition to this. They don’t even make any sense as a Marxist-Leninist opposition to this kind of criteria. The academic criteria of five O levels at two sittings are to be replaced by four O-levels at three sittings, and the open entrance examination is to be modified to make it easier for entrance. I would think that all class vestiges of the British system would be welcome by all parties, including the PPP, to be removed.

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The wave of strikes in Japan is continuing, following a number of victories by the organized labor movements. Every year in the Japan nation, the workers have no alternative but to take strike actions in the face of reluctance by management to hike wages to compensate for rising uh, staggering prices, (pause) and a reluctance by the management class of capitalism to hike wages to compensate for the staggering rising prices. The spring offensive for 1978 has brought some considerable gains. However, at present, railway and bus transport workers are locked with their managements in a battle for higher wages and better benefits, workers lunched– launched a three-day strike which has paralyzed the country’s transportation system by ruining millions of Soviet– citizens in homes and offices. In the meantime, the Western powers are considering a plan designed to reflate their economies and to put an end to the protracted economic crisis. The various powers have been registered very low growth rates. Stand by. Stop the– stop the tape for the moment. Stand by.

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–uation of the Thursday news. Angola, the Peoples Republic of Angola that had been bravely freed by Cuba and the Soviet forces, was invaded last evening by the dreaded apartheid regime, the fascist Union of South Africa. However, organized efforts of Marxist liberation forces from all parts of Africa, even as far removed as Nigeria, and Cuban force brought in airborne from Ethiopia to increase the military presence, has driven back the Union of South Africa inside its own border, and Cuba has warned, and the Soviet Union, that any such repeat of this performance to invade the sovereign territory of Angola will be met with full Soviet and Cuban retaliation. Again, again and again, Cuba, the Soviet Union, is avante-garde of all liberation people, of all oppressed elements of the world. I said last night that Angola would not be allowed to go down. It was almost prophetically. Inclu– Indeed it was prophetic, and here we have the proof of it, that within hours, the Soviets, Cubans, Marxist FRELIMO, Marxist liberation elements of other nations, even those of a social democracy in Nigeria, have driven back the invading horde of advanced military-equipped people, the technologies of Union of South Africa are quite advanced, being that US multinational corporatious– corporations or transnationals, the fascist ruling clique of US has equipped them with the best of weapons, as well as the Zionist Israel, the fascist ally of USA.

It is Zionist Prime Minister [Menachim] Begin of Israel is in USA trying to mend fences, and indeed he needs to do so, as Jewish revolutionary armies and Jewish Defense Leagues, rightwing, Nazi-like terrorists of the Jewish community, are bringing down Communist Party headquarters and any group that speaks out for unity of the Palestinians and the Israelis. As you know, the Israeli fascist ruling clique under Bengit– Begin is gaining a lot of resistance from the working-class people, 25,000 workers protested around Begin’s policies, demanding peace, demanding withdrawal of the invading hordes of Israeli forces backed by United States into Lebanon. Increasing resistance is being met in Lebanon to the Israelis, and the Israelis look that they will have to within days withdraw to their borders from Pa– from Lebanon, where they invaded and even killed a co– an entire community of children and women.

The Palestinian Liberation Front is receiving strong backing from Iraq and Syria. Even Jordan. Formerly King Hussein could be counted to be in the USA capitalist camp. But he’s moving more and more to the left coalition at least, and a pro-Arab stance, a really proudful pro-Arab stance on behalf of the oppressed Palestinians. The state of Israel was set up to divide Jewish activists, who used to be the best and strongest activists of civil liberties, and they’re the most active in the war against fascism and the struggle for communist liberation, but then the fascist clique of ruling circles in USA and Britain set up a state, to fulfill their religious prophecies, called Zionism, Israeli nation cut out– carved out of the Palestinian people’s own lands, and the Palestinian people were actually repatriated, redeployed, removed– not repatriated, because that means sent back to your own country, but expelled from their own country and put in concentration camp-reserves around the unnatural and artificial state of Israel. All those progressive and liberal forces in Soviet and socialist progressive forces in the world had demanded an integrated government, even though the Israelis were introduced into an area that they did not own, and had no right over, other than by some religious myths of a thousand years ago, all progressive forces, including the pro-Arab League has been open to an integrated state of Israelis and Palestinians, and understandably, that is the only solution, the only solution to a su– a miserable problem like that.

The President [Jimmy] Carter demands that his shipments of arms to the Arab nations be sent in spite of protest by Begin, appealing generally to the public, trying to reach the public through US media that had been strongly pro-Zionist, pro-Israel in the past. Little seems to be done, as President Carter puts it on the line, that it is a test of confidence in his administration, that he will give equal shipment and supply of arms to the Arab nations that he does the Israelis. Strong resistance in Congress due to lobbying efforts of the Zionists continue, and these vicious attacks by Zionist elements on progressive peoples, such as the burning down of the Communist headquarters, both in California and in New York. But it does not seem to deter in any way the bravery of the people to resist the Zionist control that has been exercised in USA too long, the Zionist control that had been exercised in lobbying– millions of dollars of lobbying money, too long in USA. Strong Arab support is now coming, and obviously so. The Jewish should’ve known they woulda been sold out, even if their cause had been right, because people in US capitalism bow to the moneyed interests, and the Arab nations are the rich ones that have oil. It seems that the Christian and Jewish religion was pretty faulty, that the God of Jesus and the God of Moses could not lead those poor folk to anything but sand. Israel doesn’t have a drop of oil, and it has no natural resources, and the Arabs, the so-called heathens in the eyes of Christians and Jews, got all the riches of the world, because the Arabs are setting– the Iranian people are setting on the top of the oil deposits, the richest deposits except for the atheist, the greatly atheist and beautiful atheist Soviet Union that has one-half of the world’s oil supply. That’s encouraging for those who are fighting for liberation.

South Africa-US steel companies. The steel corporations in their quest to make greater profits have quietly been exploiting the resources and peoples of South Africa. While they complain of so-called unfair competition from foreign countries, the United States steel owners are silent about their exploitation of South Africa workers, under a brutal system of apartheid, which as I said, all members of color, black, brown, Indian, have to have serial numbers, have to be in bed by six o’clock, cannot be with their own families, husbands and wives, have to be separated from Christmas to Christmas, they cannot be with their own children, they must give work duties for white people but they cannot bring any member of their own family into white neighborhoods. They cannot swim in the oceans, they cannot go to the theaters. They cannot walk on the sidewalks. This is the apartheid regime that was built by US multinational corporations and US government. Now they’re trying to wash their hands as black liberation forces and the brave Soviet Union and Cuban revolution supporters are backing the liberation of Africa everywhere, so US fascism and West German fascism are trying to resettle these devils of apartheid, these most vicious racists since Adolf Hitler, who supported Adolf Hitler, in fact, in the murder of seven million blacks, browns, and people of color in gas ovens. We must send letters– some of your letters, your tests I’ve been grading all night, are very beautiful. So we can write beautiful letters to the Guyana Chronicle and the government, it can be passed on to whatever agency, the United Nations, that Guyana wishes to, to protest the introduction of these racists bigots that’re going to pushed out of Africa. We need none of them here. And Uruguay’s already considering taking several hu– I don’t know, 160,000, I believe. And Costa Rica, several tens of thousands. But the USA, that set these devils up and used them, will not receive any of them. They’re afraid of their hate turning (unintelligible word) against even their own white ruling leader– class leaders. US capitalists, monopoly capitalists never look after their own, just like the capitalists are not looking after Prime Minister Moro, even though his life is in danger, as he’s being held in hostage for random for the release of political prisoners falsely arrested by the capitalist state of Italy.

US Steel, the largest US steel producer, and one of the largest US coal mine owners, is the largest holder among US steel companies of South African property. US Steel owns the following property of South Africa. This is never admitted in US press, but is brought out by the Guyana Chronicle and the Guyana Mirror. US Steel and US coal companies own Marico-Fluorspar – F-l-u-o-r-s-p-a-r – Limited, one hundred percent ownership. US Steel began commercial production in 1975, then that steel company, coal company in Africa’s known as M-a-r-i-c-o F-l-u-o-r-s-p-a-r. Two separate words. It’s a large and massive corporation. Con– 100 percent owned by US Steel, it began commercial production in ’75, and expects annual production of 180,000 net tons for the next 20 years. But you can bet one thing. They’ll not be producing for white South Africa, because white South Africa is tottering too much. When you (unintelligible word, sounds like “speculate”) Transkei state and Botswana and Namibia, in spite of Africa’s last ditch efforts with US military assistance, to invade places like Angola, they have been completely expelled and driven back.

This facility of US Steel Corporation and all the giant corporations of US that run and own Union of South Africa, has reserves of acid and metallurgic– metallurgical grade fluorspar, calcium fluorite, then they own Prieska Copper Mines – P-r-i-e-s-k-a – Copper Mines. United States Steel extracts copper and zinc, and estimates that there are 47 million dollars– 47 million tons of crude oil reserves that shall be used to buoy US capitalism. That’s when the workers of US are going to be in real trouble, when USA corporations can no longer take advantage of our black brothers or Indian brothers and sisters in South Africa, or Asian brothers and sisters, who work for pennies an hour. When they are driven out of Africa, US workers and black people, uh, Indian people, poor wor– working class white people better look out in USA, because their standard of living will drop terribly. Right now, just like the goats and the sheep, (unintelligible word) they’re getting ready for slaughter. They’re getting a little bit of extra food, fattening them up for the slaughter. And they can do this at the expense of slaughtering and brutalizing and killing other people in other parts of the world, but liberation is the wave of the day. Neocolonialism is being destroyed everywhere. Asia, Latin America, and Africa. And so when these corporations are taken over and expropriated – not nationalized, but taken over – by the people of Africa, then the US is going to be in real trouble. It’s estimated that US Steel, as I said, has 47 million tons of crude oil reserve. In 1977, 111,000 net tons of copper, and 163,000 net tons of zinc were shipped from this facility to help US capitalism.

Feralloys – F-e-r-a-l-lo-y-s – Limited, 44 percent– 54 percent, rather, ownership by US Steel. Uh, this mine contains ferromanganese – f-e-r-r-o-m-a-n-g-a-n-e-s-e – and ferra– ferrochrome – v-e-r– f-e-r-r-o-c-h-r-o-m-e – It’s very hard to read some of this material, ‘cause the print is poor. Associated Ore and Mine Metal Corporation. US [Steel] owns 57 percent. Associated Manganese Mines of South Africa, Limited, US owns 50 percent. The mine is a major manganese ore producer and has high grade iron ore reserve. US Steel has con– contracted with the South African government to purchase over three million net tons of this ore, to enable US-African– South African government to maintain its hold of slavery on the backs of our black brothers and sisters. USA has, as I say, agreed to purchase over three million net tons of this ore, minimum 63 percent iron. (tape edit) They’ve agreed to do this annually for 15 years, beginning in 1978. US Steel 10K form filed December 31 with the Securities and Exchange Commission is the document proving this. And that’s how slavery exists, apartheid, concentration camps exist because USA maintains it. Its government maintains it with arms so it can invade the Peoples Republic of Angola. Its vast multinational and transnational corporations in fascist monopoly USA uphold the terrible repression of black, brown, and Asian people by keeping them at low wages and buying the products with the surplus of their labor. The wages that should go to the workers end up in US profits. Bethlehem US Steel owns at least 15 foreign subsidiaries– subsidiaries, but due to Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, the corporation does not have to list those subsidiaries in which they own less than 50 percent. In Bethlehem Steel reports to the SEC, it is noted that the company has interest in 42 such subsidiaries, but has not named one of them. Sociologists and economists have shown that a corporation that exert controlling interest in another smaller company while holding much less than 50 percent interest, even as little as 15 percent.

Bethlehem Steel does own the following subsidiaries in South Africa, dreaded fascist police state. (unintelligible name), based in Johannesburg. To the director of incorporated ownership. The Lykes – L-y-k-e-s – Corporation, the owner of the Youngstown, Ohio Sheet and Tube, is also the owner of one of the largest worldwide steamshipping concerns, the Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, of C– Union of South Africa’s dreaded fascist apartheid state. Lykes Brothers Steamship with 41 ocean-going vessels and 246 barges, is one of the major shipping companies to and from South Africa, Lykes Brothers reports, according to the Securities [and] Exchange Commission, even they put that in USA. In South Africa, racism is law. Trade unions are outlawed. No union organizing. No strikes. No worker benefits, no medical care, no free education at any level. Blacks are not allowed to even l– to learn. They’re not allowed university educations, and wages and working conditions are so bad for the majority of the workers, according to the United Nations, whites in South Africa make 21 times what the average black, Asian, or Indian makes. Over 85 percent of the population is made up of black and brown-skinned people, and yet the whites make 21 times the wages of these people. We should be incensed. This is what our dollar is doing. The money that we– when we work for these companies, the tax that is withdrawn, the taxes taken back, even our work, our labor force working in these companies, if you work in any of these related industries, you will help–

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