Soviet Embassy Outlines Issues that Temple Migration Proposal Will Need, April 12

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings.

[This document was duplicated at G-1-h-20a – 20c.]


APRIL 12, 1978

CDE. TIMOFEYEV [Comrade Fedor Timofeyev] (USSR)

– Timofeyev said he sent the letter to the USSR, but he felt we should have been more specific in our request. He knows they will have a lot of questions.

– Should specify-type of people we want to talk to, subjects, how many kids? what sort of money? delegation? how many? purpose? ect.

– We told him of the situation with Larry [Schacht] and that we would not yield on this, told him things were mounting, this wasn’t the only situation, we may be forced to (ref. to the letter)

– Timofeyev suggested we try to live with the obstacles

– look at these facts:

  1. we have water, food, med. care, and were appealling to high govt. officials who do without.
  2. we should be quite [quiet] of these things now when people are terribly oppressed
  3. we need to think more, plan around obsticles, compromise,

– He said he hoped Jim had planned ahead, “I’m sure he planned ahead”. He must hav thought of all the possibilities. We’re just one of the possibilities I’m sure.

– said the USSR whould have many questions

– in fact Ambassador asked one hundred questions because it was too vauge… be prepared to answer questions.

– He wanted to be sure that all people who came are favorable to the USSR.

– Tim Carter asked if he ahd any idea as to what the USSR might do, would they accept us?

– Timofeyev said he couldn’t answer that, before he could at leat give his own opinion, but now that he has officially turned our letter in, he is not allowed to give his personal opinions to a question we’ve asked the USSR because if the USSR makes one decision and he has preimpted them in saying another he is responsible to make up for that misinformation on behalf of the USSR.

– I told him we were very concerned about our children, we had at least three hundred under the age of ten, another two hundred – two hundred & fifty in their teens, and approx.. the same in their early twenties, and we did not want them to grow up as little fasciest, but socialist. (we were ref. to the state of the country, to return to right or left)

– He said not until now did they have any idea how many children we had

– He said he had alot of questions he wanted answered, but would not elaborate when we asked him to

– he said ther was time, we would meet and talk again.

– He said we shouldn’t be ready to move… “I’m not so sure that the idea of moving is so good, you’re an example here”.

– I told him of the contradictions of being a socialist community in a country that proclaims to be on the road to socialism… prohibiting Larry’s lic./ prohibiting free food…

– Timofeyev said it was the type of community, mentality, that were dealing with. eg…




– They offered Guyana one-hundred thousand (100,000.00) polio vaccination preventatives free for children, and Guyana refused, but they bought the same amount from the United States

– The USSR could never understand this.

said he would like to talk to Jim

– He would send – possible ask his precious friend to to [go] up, he is independent of the Embassy.

– He said we could talk to him about everything because he was a rep. or [of] the USSR, answerable to the USSR only.

– He said he didn’t know what committee to put us onto should a delegation go over… the refugees committe, the political committe… he had contacted the church there, but they seemed vague about answering.

– said he would cause tomorrow night and let us know if his friend the reporter would go to Jonestown on our boat.