Albert Kahn Recommends Jones Travel to Warsaw Conference, April 24

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.]


[Handwritten heading: “Sunday, April 24”]


  1. [Albert] Kahn’s idea was for you to fly to New York to catch Soviet Airflot plane to Moscow. Originally he suggested you go with him and others go on May 1st. But he said that you could come later, as first days of conference are bullshit. Conference lasts from May 5-11. If you were there for last 2-3 days, that would be fine. He suggests that you come to NY later, catch a later plane to Moscow, then fly to Warsaw.
  2. However, he is insistent on the preparations being made carefully, and besides, [Eugene] Chaikin is opposed to your coming to New York. In this regard, it might be best for you to fly to London, then Warsaw, from Georgetown. Leave on May 6-7, arrived Warsaw the 8th or so, and be met by Kahn, who will take you to conference. I will call Kahn to ask him about making the arrangements, tell him it’s tentative, but we can go ahead and plan it out. Make sure about hotel, airport pickup, visa. [Handwritten notation: “necessary?”]
  3. Kahn suggests that you go to Moscow from Warsaw after the conference, and stay in Russia for a while for a vacation. If no time for that, you can spend a brief time in Moscow, and Kahn would introduce you around. Maybe a day or two. Then you can return. This seems to be a good plan. You would be gone around 8-9 days.
  4. Kahn suggests strongly that you have at least a half-day layover in London before the 3 hour flight to Warsaw. Jet lag is dangerous.
  5. I will call Kahn (he is in Vermont – I have his number) and tell him of your tentative desire to go, and also speak to him in terms of above plans (fly to Warsaw to arrive for last 2-3 days of conference). I’ll see what he says, and send reply down with Chaikin.

[Following paragraph crossed out] 6. I don’t know the flight plans from Georgetown-London-Warsaw. Need to know your arrival time in Warsaw to arrange pickup. Also do you need any special visa arrangements?

[Handwritten note: “See update the latest info and tentative flight arrangements.”]



[Handwritten heading: “Sunday, April 17th”]


  1. I personally think that it would be bad for him to go at this time. The conference lasts from May 5-11, and he would be gone at the very least 8 days where a lot of our people will be influxing into Guyana and exodus from US might require his being present there.
  2. Romesh Chandra suggested that Jim go to Warsaw with the Guyanese delegation. [Handwritten notation: “(He is secretary general of World Cup Peace Council)”]
  3. Albert Kahn felt that he should not go with the Guyanese delegation; but should come to New York to fly out with US delegation [handwritten substitution: “guests”]. He stresses that if Jim went with American delegates[handwritten substitution: “guests”], he would be much more comfortable, would get to meet “top” people, and would in general get decent treatment. Kahn mentioned that often at these kinds of conferences, there is danger of people having to go through a lot of hassles. Kahn would want to shepherd Jim through [balance of sentence in brackets: “he would want to ensure that his visa were appropriately cleared with Russian embassies in San Francisco and Washington (Dobrynin).”] [Handwritten marginal note: “Is visa necessary?”] He would also make it possible for Jim to visit in the USSR. The plan will be for them to fly on May 1st to Moscow direct. Spend a day in Moscow, then fly to Warsaw (one hour). The conference begins on May 5th. When it is over, Kahn suggests that Jim go to Moscow and he will be able to arrange for him to travel wherever he wants in the USSR with a car, driver, interpreter, the works. This (Kahn) he can arrange.

[Following paragraph in brackets, with marginal note: “If JJ doesn’t go, he can have Kahn read a prepared statement to the session.”]

  1. In speaking earlier with Marceiline [Marceline Jones], Albert said he would speak forthrightly about Jim’s work in Warsaw to the assembled delegation, and that his work with thereby get international recognition.
  2. Kahn thought it would be critical for Jim to be identified with US delegation, so world would hear of his work in USA – his contribution in American peace movement would be crucial for the international community to hear about. This would be obscure if he were to come with another nation’s delegation. Note: Officially, Jim would be coming as a “guest” invited specially by Romesh Chandra. However, Kahn has a LOT of influence at this meeting – he is one of the most principle dignitaries there



Note: Even though there are strong arguments against Jim going now (the movement of our people; the attention it would draw to him by the international intelligence agencies; the fact that he is pulling out of his work in the USA but going as a USA personality), these might be outweighed by the possibility of the international recongnition  Jim can very well get for his work, the contacts he could make with so many other nations (if needed to go to another country, this conference could be where doors might be opened), – there are a lot of possibilities, as 100 nations will have sizabel delegations there. If he goes, I suggest that he traveled with [Mike] Prokes. Kahn will no doubt want to spend a lot of time with Jim, and he can be both a help and a hindrance, but the guy evidently knows a lot of people.

[Following paragraph crossed out] I am not sure this, but I can check it out: Kahn seemed to be saying that if Jim went with the US group from NYC he would not have to pay, since he is going as a guest. The planes he would be flying on, also are Soviet planes, and Polish planes. The one that goes to Moscow would be a Soviet plane (from NYC).

[Handwritten note: “Please see later updates on all this.”]