Translation of Article by Tass Reporter Voropaev, April 24

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Sharon Amos


(this is as best as [Fedor] Timofeyev could translate as some words don’t exactly translate)

Georgetown, Tass

Far away in the North West of Guyana in the place where in lyric terminology, the depths of the always green jungle exists. In the last 1 1/2 year appeared a settlement called Jonestown. Around you, you see green strips, pineapples, citrus, cassava and other agricultural products and surrounded by the thick wall of So. American jungle, settlements and a plantation created by 1000 in a commune (the word commune here he said is very socialist oriented, not a hippie commune but a highly socialist community) created by Americans or the persons who lost their fatherland because they were persecuted there by underemployment* and in a protest against injustice that exists there.

All citizens of Jonestown are members of Peoples Temple. It was created a couple of years ago in California.* It was based on sort of a religious principle but Peoples Temple unites people of all races, white, Negro etc. and some people of all societies including people who are unable to share the principles of American society which speaks loudly in defense of human rights* but these people are denied elementary rights. The creator of this community Rev. JJ speaks the canon of Christianity as a way to protest against injustice of the social system existing in the US. He felt on his own back all the “priveleges” of the “free society.” He was arrested, threatened and then he understood that his ideas and hopes could not be fulfilled in the US. JJ called his supporters to leave the “free world” in which there was no place for them. They have chosen Guyana for their immigration, the main reason answered JJ in his talk with the Tass  Reporter, was that Guyana chose a socialist orientation, and socialism leads to the creation of the most just and most humane society.) Peoples Temple was ready to assist in that and to participate most acitvely in that. By the decision of the Guyanese government, the members of Peoples Temple received the piece of land of 26,000 [acres] some miles from Kaituma North West, The first group of immigrants arrived October 1974. Step by step a new group arrived. The workers, farmers, teachers, lawyers (he used the word jurists which means all branches of law), clerks and unemployed. Slowly the features of the new settlement became more clear. When one stays in Jonestown, it is hard that everything was created in 1 1/2 years.

Today you see the small clean houses, very tip top made, you hardly see anything of that type in Guyana. Farms, electricity station, club, dinner rooms, schools, kindergarten and the pride of the Jonestown citizens, the polyclinic. (polyclinic in Russia is a clinic of many types of outpatient services). It’s [its] doctor* not only keeps under medical control all the population of Jonestown but gives free of charge treatment to citizens nearby, not members. Every day 50-60 people from nearby villages receive treatment. The special subject of medical treatment of the doctor are children, more than 100* in the settlement besides the many that are adopted.

A big attention is also given to senior citizens, of which there are a large group in Jonestown. It is one more proof that the defenders of human rights can’t give their citizens when they reach old age after working for a long time, a piece of bread,* so they receive all this in Jonestown.

There are 20,000 people in the organization. Now there are 1000 in Guyana. This summer, JJ said, they expect the arrival of some more members as citizens of Jonestown. They are marked by a large love of life. They have an exceptional level of work, good will, hospitality, attention to the kids and respect for the seniors. There is a lot of popularity among citizens there of literature and films showing respect for the USSR in life there as well as that of other Socialist countries.*

“Only Socialism,” says JJ “can stop the exploitation of man by man and can (over)



guarantee not only on an oral level (not just in speech) put in practice civil rights and democratic liberties.


(see marks * where each change fits in)

*1 – racial injustice and worsening of economic conditions particularly where minority youths are concerned

*2 – 25 years ago in the United States

*3 – its doctors and medical staff including a licensed dispenser

*4 – 270

*5 – remove a piece of bread and say “the alienation of society, seniors have no purpose – here they have found a place

*6 – told him to please remove this part of literature and films of the USSR which he said he’d send to USSR to have them make that flexion

*7 – told him to change Marxist-Leninism to socialism which he said he’d do [Handwritten addition “(he didn’t say where it was but sd he’d change it)”

*8 – (US loudly talks of human rights), include “these people are a tiny fraction of the large group of US members who are denied that”

(I do not know if I got in the correction that “our doctor does all medical work”)