Georgetown Relays Soviets Request for Information on Jones Illness, May


Deborah Touchette

May 1978


– they want this information:

a) history of illness
b) treatment he got
c) general medi

cal history from Dr. [Larry] Schacht

Cde. [Comrade] Krimerinko told us that he had not sent our urgent message yet about getting a doctor or finding out if someone could come to them for medical care because there was no point in sending it without this basic information, he said he knew they would ask him for it anyway

– Please get this in right away, Krimeranko is inexperienced and he won’t act fast on his own, so if you don’t have this information we may wait indefinately for reply.

– Mike Prokes and I met with the Tass man and asked about the article he said he didn’t know if it had come out, he had not herd [heard] anything but he would send a message asking when it will be printed if it has not and why, and ask for a copy of the paper goes in. He will let us know.