Temple Requests Soviet Embassy to Contact Moscow for Doctor, May

[Editor’s note: This document was duplicated at G-1-h-12.]


Deborah Touchette

Russian Embassy
Cde. [Comrade] Krameranko
Appt w/ Sharon Amos
Deborah Touchette

– We asked him to contact the USSR about the doctor situation[.] We said we were concerned in view of the threats and attempts.

– He took down the information and said he would pass it on, he agreed that they did have fast communication, but that did not mean the reply would come so fast.

– We asked him about contacting Rev. Garrison for us because of the position we are in

– Krameranko send it would be difficult for them as well, they could not do this, he wanted to know why we didn’t write him an official letter or make an appt. to see him?

– We told him of our concern of the article, and that Rev. Garrison had never visited Jonestown and would be respectful for what his people would have to say about it, and furthermore, it would have more impact then [than] us talking about ourselves.

– He said he was sorry he could not help us out in this matter, but he would get back to us as soon as possible on the other situation.

– Krameranko seemed careful, or unsure as to how to deal with us.

– He is not as easy to talk to as Timofeyev