Timofeyev Offers Advice on Talking to Guyana Officials, May

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.

[This document was duplicated at G-1-h-15a – 15b.]


Deborah Touchette

Russian Embassy
Cde. [Comrade] Timofeyev
appt. w/ Sharon Amos
Mike Prokes
Deborah Touchette

– Timofeyev said not use the word pragmatic, said it was not a proper word in Russian terms, it means selfish, it is not a positive word.

– He advised us against making any unofficial visits to [Guyana opposition leader Cheddi] Jagan, said we should have invited him to the cultural center though and that we could invite him to any public function that wd [we] had.

– He said once before they had tried to go to Jonestown and had contacted the Ministry of Froeign Affairs, at that time [Guyana Minister of Information Shirley] Shirley Field-Ridley was standing in for [former Guyana Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred] Wills

– She had said no, for them to go another time.

– at a later date, she had tried to make it look as if they had misunderstood her instructions, as if she had never said no.

– mentioned that Wills was a more progressive leftest [leftist] and now that wills [Wills] was put out, didn’t know what would happen with [Vibert] Mingo.



– He said that Alex [Aleksandro Voropaov, Tass Soviet news service correspondent]

had mentioned that Jim refused to be taped

– Timofeyev thaought the part about another big group comming to Jonestown, Guyana. should be omitted from the article, troubles could be raised for their immigration.

– He read the article to us, what he called the unofficial translation (read translation in Sharon’s notes)

– Alex had come in by then, Alex mentioned that Cde. Jones  was supprised he did not take notes.

– Timofeyev said it was his advise [advice] that we shouldn’t have Jim move about unless it was stated in writting, something written from the Guyana Govt.

– He also mentioned that four rep. from the GDR [German Democratic Republic] (someone by the name of Voodkin) was at our function at the cultural center

– He said he had mentioned to their comercial councelor of our interest in boats and helecotpors [helicopters].

– He said the man was also impressed with the talk of Cde. Alaxander

– Alex will be giving a talk and show of some slides to the others in the Embassy.

– Timofeyev said he was reading a book called “The Comentary“, he said he didn’t think there was an english translation, but he thought there may have been a translation in French or German, I’m not sure which and he would get it for us. He would like for one of our people to read it, he said it mentions us in it, (meaning the Peoples Temple)