Jones’ Lack of Soviet Citizenship May Create Obstacle to Medical Treatment, May 5

[Editor’s notes: This document was duplicated at G-1-h-8a – 8b.

[Likely in an effort to save paper, Temple members often used the reverse side of old documents. That is the case here, and the reverse side of the page on this memo was not transcribed.]


[Handwritten note at top of page: “from Sharon [Amos]”]

USSR, 5/5/78 (Debbie T  [Touchette], Sharon)

– asked him about an endroncrinologist [endocrinologist]/ he said that he would have to inquire/ said he wants the name and age of the leader

– so there might be a problem if the person isn’t a citizen/ we said that it would certainly go thru official channels as well but we would just like to know if it would be possible first (to be asked if it could go thru official channels)

– regarding them talking to this Mirror reporter and making sure it would be a positive article, he said that with the Referendum and strikes (Commercial and Clerk Workers Strike) that it was a sensitive issue and they can’t really do that


G-1-g-7b [Reverse side of G-1-g-7a, not transcribed]