Temple Asks If Jones Can Travel to Moscow for Medical Assistance, August 10

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.]


Sharon Amos

USSR Embassy 10/8/78 [August 10, 1978] (Sharon Amos & Tony Walker [Tim Carter])

– asked for the films as Tony had ordered a couple of days before

– [Fedor] Timofeyev said that they couldn’t give us two of the films we had ordered – both are against Maoism which we thought would be good to study for their reasoning but he said that the Ministry of Information had asked them not to circulate anything against a third world country and the only way we could see it would be for them to get special permission from the Ministry of Information and he didn’t think we would want to do that (we said it wasn’t necessary that we just wanted to see all their films and we had a couple of other choices )

– told him about JJ having lung CA [cancer]/ he looked totally shocked/ his eyeballs kind of bulged out

– he asked if the medical report we had submitted had requested JJ to go to USSR and I said that was the whole point of it/ it had been submitted when Timofeyev was in USSR and Kramarenko had known about it

– he thought it was for the USSR doctor at the Embassy and hadn’t realized it was for permission for JJ to go to USSR for treatment but now that he knows he can see about it

– I asked if he could Telex immediately and get an answer on it and he said I’ll try and then he changed it and said “I certainly will do so”

– he said he would want to see that JJ is tested completely in Georgetown first by maybe a Cuban doctor so that it could be determined if he absolutely has CA

– he asked about the tests our doctor did/ I said he isn’t a specialist but he did find CA  cells and we are sending in the slides to prove it

– he said it would be good for JJ to have full testing in Georgetown first

– we talked about Huey Newton and what’s being done to him

– gave him the support petition from the US/ he noticed the word Trotskyite and commented about this/ we said that they certainly are Trotskyites as they once were in the cause but always encouraged provocateur type actions and then left and are our worst enemies

– he said that was a good word as Trotsky had wanted to do this individual thing and had been destructive to the movement of socialism so he turned out to be their worst enemy tho he had participated actively in the revolution

– he asked about a book I was reading by Gore Vidol [Vidal] and I explained that it was against Christianity and show the absolute power wielded by the emperors of Rome raping and killing people all in the name of Christianity/ he said he knew about that

– he asked if JJ smoked and we said no

– he said he smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day and people have said smoking causes lung ca but how do you explain Cde. Jones getting CA and not smoking

– I said he has often had to use his voice all night on the radio and many hours during the day as well as the strain of this kind of leadership and little sleep as he works 20 hrs a day average

– he said “hasn’t Cde. Jones read Lenin when he tells the workers after the revolution that they must get rest and protect their health”

– I said JJ has certainly read Lenin and he tells workers to protect their health but I didn’t think he would have been able to make socialists out of bourgeoissie capitalists in the US without a heavy long our committment to this almost impossible job as all of the socialist groups in the US have been wiped out, and that he is the kind of man that when any one needs help he can lie down but can’t sleep in being concerned about them and so ends up working long hours

– he said we should make you rest by force if necessary/ I told him we did encourage you to rest but when situations come up like the young man having



his legs run over by the truck JJ always took on the responsibility

[Handwritten addition: “Fedor (Timofeyev) was a copy of the Kathy Hunter article so he can see it & look at the kind of thing she said (should we show them the Parliamentary decision it will give him the proof of our “legality”)”]

Report on USSR Tony’s report (Sharon Tony) 10/8/78

– Fedor said JJ should see a specialist, Cuban/ there are 20 different ones here

– has to probably be treated for an operation immediately/ he was sympathetic to our telling him of JJ having CA

– he asked if JJ has ever asked to travel to the USSR/ Sharon said yes

– we told him how Huey Newton was being character assassinated and he seemed interested

– we told him of Donald Freed and him coming in a few days to write a book on us/

– he told us he couldn’t give us the film “Beware Maoism” because they didn’t want to get into trouble with Guyana for giving us material that puts a bad light on another govt. so he will give us more films and he needed the list back because it’s the only copy

– as soon as we confirm the CA we can contact him and also he will check to see if JJ can come to the USSR