Georgetown Forwards Soviet Query on Option of Jones Returning to US, mid-August


[Handwritten note at top of page: “This was shown to the USSR already. Sharon [Amos]”]

Regarding the discussion we had at dinner, you mentioned staying in the US and working there to change things. What do you have in mind and how would you do it? We would end up in jail like Angela Davis did. Black people in the United States are in very difficult straits and socialistic black people don’t have a chance right now. Huey Newton is in great trouble. It’s hard to understand it unless you have lived there. Socialists we know in the US all have found the same thing to be true. If Jim Jones and the staff had stayed there, they would have been removed from any situation where they could be of help later. Jim Jones would not be around because of his heart so we thought it was better (for now) to leave. Our group got too large; they got far larger than the black panthers [Black Panthers].