Temple Claims Attacks by Mercenaries, Concerned Relatives, August 20



– This mercenary situation is quite serious. We are more ready to live under communism than any people they will find. We would be grateful to live and work in the USSR (or Cuba if you talk to them). We are not caught up in personality cultism. We cannot accept an offer for our leader to go back and do with him what they want. Show them we will come, work, do anything. We have a doctor, many nurses, engineers, mechanics etc. They can do anything. Creative things out of nothing in the jungle. Even our seniors are productive by choice. We are going to have to move because we have been told about mercenary attacks on us. And it hasn’t even been denied. Tried to hit net control (amateur radio), which cuts off medical facilities. Now the only time when we can get the medical facilities is with California and friendly stations at night. There are hundreds of stations. Someone in the conspiracy has notified some of those important ones of various nets that we are socialists. We have built up some friendships that wouldn’t affect them. Our leader has built up some friendships that he speaks of socialism on the radio. It would be invaluable. They’d listen to him. They see his sensitivity and how he follows through on patients so meticulously concerned to meet every need. He flew an airplane in for Guyanese neighbors surrounding.

– The GDF sent some of our medical people to follow up. They get expert treatment here.

– there is no question that we are in danger here in this country

– Because of a group of one thousand socialists are growing concern from the US

– we have concern that maybe the country is going to go to the right/ there is plenty of US control for this country thru IMF [International Monetary Fund] and World Bank

– if we get a chance to educate people to socialism everyday openly pro-Cuban, pro-Soviet and play broadcast of Radio Moscow and Radio Havana over the PA and give socialist commentary on the news

– they are going to try to cut us off from medical people because this is a socialist country and they cut us off from amateur radio/ [Guyana Prime Minister Forbes] Burnham and [Deputy Prime Minister Ptolemy] Reid know about that. They’re so wide in their conspiracy that they would try to cut us off but it hasn’t worked

– he keeps and is able to maintain this friendship over amateur radio/ the hate is atrocious, socialism is still great in the minds of several

– it is amazing to get the head of the Marco medical net here after all of this and hearing the climate of bullshit about this country and us/ he was told a lot of bullshit about us and this country (tell the Cubans also)

Dr da Costa

– we are sending $200 in for dental auxiliary magazine and we will send more later (send check to PS Ministry of Health through the Ministry of Health. Enclose a letter saying “The above sum is for dental auxiliary magazine organized by Dr. J. M. Da Costa, Principal of School of Dentistry) Call and confirm that this is how he wanted it done.


– we can’t say but we know it will be a few hundred more (referring to those in the US who we want to know we want to have a place for also in addition to those here). It could be up to a thousand at the most. Right now there is only a couple of hundred that would be coming because there is a core of any movement, a strong core, an administrative core that is staying back there permanently. That haven’t been in any difficulty. That haven’t been tried to be framed up and haven’t been tried to be assassinated. Our attorneys say JJ shouldn’t go back now because they will try to contrive things. At some point of time, JJ wants to be free to go back.