Temple Outlines Its Current Status with Guyana during Timofeyev Meeting, August 30

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.

[Likely in an effort to save paper, Temple members often used the reverse side of old documents. That is the case here, and the reverse side of the page on this memo was not transcribed.]


Report with Timovfeyv [Fedor Timofeyev]

August 30, 1978 Wednesday

Marcy [Marceline Jones] Debbie [Touchette] Terry [Carter Jones]

We went in and gave him the letter, he said he was sorry that he didnt’ know when their Dr. would be back or why he was detained, he said his wife was trying to contact him today. Marcy mentioned we had taken in some blood for testing and he said there had been a Cuban Dr. who had worked with their Dr. that was very good but he didnt know if he was still here as the Cuban Drs. trade every year and that was last year.

We mentioned the visit with [Guyana opposition leader Cheddi] Jagan and he said that Jagan had approaced him at this reception asking about us. He said he was curious and hadn’t really had time to read about us, and as Timoveyf explained it, he assumed we were something to watch out for being an American group. But Timovfeyv explained a little about us he said and that we had close relations with him. and that he felt very good about us. He said he didn’t push the issue with the clothes but did explain that we weren’t making a profit.

We then showed him the paper. he nodded and his eyebrows went up in different places. He smiled when reading the part about the part of what Jim explained to Freed about Thayer. After reading it he wanted to keep it, not for the part about Jagan he said he understood this would be delicate for us. (he also immediately turned the radio on), but he wanted Roberts interpretation of the Political scene he said it was others understand his ideology and his political brilliance (that is exactly what he said) He said he would be very interested in having it Marcy said we would check but that maybe with the statistcis they needed we could send a copy in, he said he would like to have it sooner. He pointed to the park and asked who we felt who was the Most Marxist, he said he would be curious and aslo they would want to know also, that they might not have had much contact with this person and should. When we were discussing, some one came in and when he left. He saisd that they were making arrangements [several crossed-out words: “for Dr. Reid’s [Guyana Deputy Prime Minister Ptolemy Reid] visa”], we asked if eh was going there, he said he was traveling and would be stopping there before coming home. We asked him again if it was that he approaced Jagan or vice-versa. He said Jagan approaced him, he was friednly he just hadn’t known much about us before, He did say again though he didn’t think it was too good of an idea to keep contacting him or try to push to be in the paper, sicne we needed first to secure our position here. (Meaning the part where we said we would be kicked out) He said this is why he suggested this in the first place because of this, He said Jagan did ask one thing that he couldnt’ answer and that was about the Parliamentary Bill that granted our lease of land. He asked if eh could have a copy of that to understand exactly what our status was here. Marcy mentioned that Jagan had asked the same thihng to her but she really didn’t know she mentioned we would ask. He asked how we did communicate if it was by radio, because he had [a] freind he said that told him that US Embassy monitors the radio. He asked us to please be careful and not say anything. He said not that we have anything to hide but they could use something. We assured him that we didn’t discuss those kinds of things over the radio.

We mentioned as we were leaving that children were learning Russian and that Jim was the teacher, he said that he had about 6 tapes that he could lend us [handwritten insertion: “for learning Russian”] he said for not more than about a month because the Govt might want to use them and they would have some priority. He said if when we brought in that part about Roberts political interpretation he could give us the tapes, it would only take him one day. He was very friendly and said he look froward to being able to meet Jim in person.


G-1-e-4b [Reverse side of G-1-e-4a, not transcribed]