Temple Discusses Difficulties on Getting Medical Help for Jones, September

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.

[While undated, its references to visits by Don Freed and Carlton Goodlett place it in September 1978.]


[Handwritten note across the top of page: “From Dr. Green. Ask him where transfusion equipment is. Tell SF to put medicines in duffel bags.”]

Appt. with USSR

Marcy [Marceline Jones], Tony [Walker, code for Tim Carter], Terry [Carter Jones]

He asked about the statistics on the group he said he wanted it all in writing in good form.  We told him as soon as we had results from slides of Jims we have the Dr. send their Dr. a synopsis of what to bring and his health. We then got into the situation with the article he wanted to know right off when the article was, we told him we didn’t know. Marcy mentioned it was one of her sons that had first seen it on the train, but we didn’t have a copy. He metnioned how we had told him about the magazine article and how he had looked for it for months and never found it. We told him about Goodlet [Carlton Goodlett] and how he had praised Russia and Cheddi [Guyana opposition leader Cheddi Jagan] in front of the press and how it put us in the istuation of being in the middle. We asked then if he could mention to Cheddi to write something about Goodlet coming and what he said about J/town. He said there was no way he could do that. He said we are here as guests, by the PNC not the former part [party] the PPP. You are also here as guests of the present Govt. I don’t see how good it would be for you to have much positive press in the Mirror. He said we should go down to the Mirror ourself and talk to Janet [Jagan] who is the editor and asked her why that article was put in. To explain ourselves. He said he could not tell the Mirror what to print. On occasion they would send in an article to the Mirror to be printed but they couldn’t control if they did or didn’t or what they edited, as well as any other newspaper that they might send their articles to. He said he felt Janet could be talked with that she would understand, then Marcy metnioned how she was nasty to us. We showed him the part that was written he immediatlyy jumped up (after reading it very carefully) and went over and turned on the radio. He then said he was planning to come to J/town with the Dr. that he wanted to talk to Jim. He then said he would talke to Janet personally unofficially there was some reception that USSR would be having soon and she would be attending. He did say though that if she didnt want to discuss he wouldnt push the issue. We played Goodlets tape told him about Freed and the books he wrote. We expressed again how Dr. Goodlet prasing USSR and and Cheddi put us in a difficult position. So asked again about saying something to Janet and he said he would see what he could do. He said again that he planned to come with the Dr. that the Dr. didnt have very good English and he wanted to see Jim. We left him the excerpts of Goodlets tape.


/s/ Marcie

He also metnioned that he wanted to know everyone from Peoples Temple that would be dealing with the Embassy because once a girl came in asking for the films and he didn’t know her and he didn’t feel comfrotable giving them to her. We promised him that we would bring in people who might be replacing us. He was very nice about it. saying that everybody was welcomed there from Peoples Temple he just wanted to make sure he knew they were from the Peoples Temple