Temple Reports Jones’ Illness, Soviets Report Doctor’s Arrival in Georgetown, September 20

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.]


Deborha Touchette

Sept. 20, 78

Russian Embassy

w/Terri [Carter Jones], Deb,  Tim [Carter]

– Timofeyeve said he had herd from his tass [Tass] rep. and he was quite impressed (the tass rep.)

– he mentioned again that he wanted an official letter drafted of a plan for the delegation to visit the Soviet Union. It should include the number of people in the delegation, their names, dates they would like to go, who they would like to speak to… (hot knowing names we could give categorical ideas), the subjects we intend to talk aoubt, how long they would stay ect…

– they would like this right away so they can submit it to Moscow. When he comes to J/town he will give a lecture about some subject as he has been doing all over Guyana, he would like to know by monday what subject we would like him to talk about

– he said the doctor was in the country, had arrived 5:30 last night, and we would be going over things on monday, setting the exact date of the visit.

– he wanted us to contact home affairs after mon and he would contact Min  of Foreign Affairs

– he told Lane [Temple attorney Mark Lane] that we were planning to go to the USSR (a delegation only) we are at that stage now

– Timofeyeve mentioned that their previous Tass correspondent had visited J/town and had given them a lecture about what he saw… this was all to the embassy.

– Timofeyeve said they had alot to learn.

– Mark told him that Jim was very sick and needed a doctor right away, that he had 104-105 temp everyday [every day] and the doctor was pretty sure he has funded cancer cells in his lungs, that he was vomiting everyday

– we discussed the medical aspect for several munites, and Mark made a strong plea for the doctor to come up right away.

– he was very impressed with Mark and it showed, he said he had read all his writtings, and that his writtings have been published in the Soviet Union in a volum-compounded.

– Mark said oh, he didn’t know that, it was the first he had herd of this.

– Mark told him about teh incident in 68 and the woman that was the sole witness of the assination. He said when he told J/Town about this woman (who is presently keeping at his house, Jim offered that she could come to J/town and live and all the people stood up and gave him a standing ovation

– Mark told him a little about the CIA’s involvement over the years, that Von Bron [Wernher von Braun] from Nazi Germany had founded the CIA, and Von  said his only regrets in life were that he married… his wife to [too] late, and he started the CIA because it has been out of hand every since he started, he has not been able to control it, and neither has anyone else.

– Timofeyeve mentioned that he had herd Andy Young speak on the human rights issue, but after the rebuttle [rebuttal], he had come on TV and backed off the issue. He said the whole time he was speaking he was looking down reading what he had been told to say, he never looked up once to remove– his eyes from the paper he was reading.

– he said before when he spoke on the issue, he spoke like a man speaking out the thruths of what he knew, but when he appoligized, it was like a slave bowing to his master.

Mark told him how the same things were being used against Andy Young as were Dr. Martin Luther King… the CIA had made phony pictures and tapes of King in a lab of sexual diversions ect. to incriminate King. He said Young called him up one day in Washington and said they were doing the same thing to him, they were using this over his head to destroy his character, and if he didn’t do as he was told well… He said in the case of Young, they had faked



– pictures of the wives of congressman and him togather in bedrooms and tapes of him calling their wives and asking them out.

– he said Andy knew all about human rights in the US, he, along with Dr. King went to prison on the issue of human rights, but hes running scared now.

– Lane told him he was completely amazed with what he had seen at J/Town, the fact that there was no money exchanged was totally amazing to him.

– he told about the medical facilities and that he had never had a more thural [thorough] check-up in his life –

– Listining to him talk about J/town, was like listining to an excited little boy talk about disney land or something, he did a good job.

– Timofeyeve said it was his dream to be able to visit J/town, and he hoped to realize that cream next week.