Temple Expresses Concerns of Embassy Bugging, Swears Allegiance to USSR, mid-October

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings.

[This document was duplicated at G-1-g-29d – 29e.]


[Handwritten notation at top: “given to Shirley [unknown code name]”]

We are showing you this letter because we have heard from prominant people in government that you are bugged. We are very displeased that the present government is bowing to US pressure more and more every day and we don’t want to be part of a sell-out government.

We are willing to follow your advice on how to deal with this situation. We’d like your opinion on this issue. We will do whatever you say and will endure whatever is necessary for the good of the Socialist International Movement. We are open to any directions, as you read in the New Times, USSR is our “spiritual mother.” We don’t want to see Guyana go Capitalist and we don’t want to find ourselves again in the middle of a Capitalist country, as we just stepped out of capitalism. If you think we would better serve socialism to take our people to another country (USSR, CUBA, ETHIOPIA), we will do so.

We would rather die than to have to live in this kind of situation (capitalism). We will endure however and stay here if you think that is better. Whatever you say we will follow your advice because we have a great deal of respect for you.

Two governmental Ministers told us that Minister Hoyte [Guyana Minister of Development Desmond Hoyte] was more for the US and not only that, but he is very right wing. We have made contact with [Guyana opposition leader] Cheddi Jagan but he has not followed up on our contacts. We wondered if that is one reason why you haven’t come around us.

Because things aren’t secure with the US and Guyana, we also wanted to ask you if there was some way we could switch our funds to the Russian Orthodox Church. In order to be non-profit we have to have church connection so we’d have to switch our membership to them and function under their auspices. But that way if anything happened to us, we’d be secure that the money could go to the USSR. Our Socialist friends in the US have told us that’s where they would attack us next. We will be getting a letter soon on our boat that can explain the situation better. Jim Jones and his staff are very realistic about the



money situation, and in fact the world situation in general, so we want to prepare ahead. We know we won’t win every case, just like just now the Huey Newton case is totally irreversable. It’s quite clear what’s taking place with him and the same thing has happened to other people and organizations like Synanon and Delancy [Delancey] Street, who are now being attacked because they are cooperatives. They aren’t even socialists but the fascist conspiracy once it strikes leaves you cornered.