Temple Drafts Notes on Issues to Include in Letter to Soviets, mid-October

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.]


Notes on the letter to be shown to the Russian Embassy:

– we don’t want to see this place go capitalist: we just came out of a capitalist enviorment and we don’t want to find ourselves in the middle of another one.

– we don’t want to provoke incidents either but we naturally in conscience we do not want to be stepping out of capitalism only to end up in capitalism again.

– or if you think that it will bettwe [better] serve the soviet union we will exodus.

– we would rather die than live under capitalism.

– or we can travel to the societ union or cuba or where ever you say.

– we will resit: if you chose to help arm us we will resist: or if not we will resit anyway – but we do want to coordinate with soviet policies:

– what with the proceedure for us to donate property to the USSR in the US perhaps to be done through the Russian Orthodox church in that we have to give any donations to non-profit corporations – we would like this to be under direct Russina control –

– Mingo and Wills [Minister of Home Affairs Vibert Mingo and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Wills] have told us that Hyot [Guyana Minister of Development Desmond Hoyte] is pro US– that not only is Hoyt right wing but he is a rising star in government.

– if If you have any other ideas as to how to get property to USSR other than the Russian Orthodox church please let us know keeping in mind that it woild be to be a donantion to a non-profit corporation.