Sharon Amos, Timofeyev Debate Allowing John Victor Stoen to Go to Moscow, late-October

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.]


Russian visit

– Sharon talked to them about Jim and John, – if arrangements could be made for them to go to USSR. He said he does not want to give a complicated explanation of John right now to USSR because he feels that USSR needs to make the overall decision before an individual case is given. He thinks it would be easier to talk to the Russia directly rather than writing which would take pages to explain the situation with Grace. The USSR is pretty Victorian and doesn’t always understand and he thinks it would be better conveyed in person. People in extra-marital relations were often not allowed in decision-making roles in the USSR (those in politics). Sharon mentioned Lenin had a mistress and he said he had never heard that before. She said it was common knowledge and was not a negative reference. He said anything US said may havet truthful things and maybe one lie – that is how the US tries to discredit. He said he studied Lenin for many years and had never heard that. He said he certainly would be interested in hearing that information. Sharon said she hoped the [that] the USSR would understand that people in crises are in a different situation. The USSR has it easier since all are Communists and life is not in conflict, family life is not interfered with by political strife, etc. Even tho USSR may have problems Lenin was in a different historical situation as was Jim. (with adversaries, etc.) He (Fedor) says he understands but still thinks it is important to get a general decision and then go on with ways to handle this situation and that certainly Jim would be the first to get acceptance. Jim could maybe see Russia first using medical care as a basis and then could stay there longer. Sharon said Jim would want the entire group with him too. Fedor  suggested Jim going first. Fedor said lets iron out this situation in the general question first. In the meantime do as much legally as we can. Sharon told him that was a long process. and what if its [it’s] not finished. He feels it is better to ask one thing at a time. He hoped that Jim could visit first-hand to tell the story himself. Sharon thot USSR would visit here. He said Yes, but after that maybe Russia will invite Jim there to talk directly. Sharon asked about the money. He said as he understood there was no hurry – he had mentioned it but had not yet gotten an answer. He did convey the notes we wrote up – the amount of money. That came as a surprise to him – Swiss banking – so he had conveyed that but had not more specific answers at this time. He did not know if it would be a surprise to the USSR or not – so he had conveyed it. Sharon asked about the bank too – he does not have an answer yet on that, but he was expecting an answer. He asked Sharon – it [it’s] not to bring in wirtten materials. He thought it would be better not to – anything relating to Guyana. He was a little concerned about theft – that would be bad for USSR and for us. He will give Sharon the tickets – he had forgotten them but will give them to her next time.