Temple Member Chastises Timofeyev on Sense of Humor, Late October


Fedor Timofeyev

Embassy of the USSR

Dear Comrade Timofeyev,

This letter is from a group of several people, not from Jim Jones. Our people like your sense of humor very much in general. However when you said that you have friends in the USSR Embassy in Venezuela, in case the North West District became Venezuelan we didn’t think that was very funny.

If there is nothing you can do for Peoples Temple, then you should just tell us directly. We are not going to say what Peoples Temple will do, we wouldn’t take up your time with it. But we would say we were born in the USA and it might be better if we die there – that might be the best thing. Our only concern was for our children, especially the black ones and also our seniors.

Cooperatively Yours,

/s/ Johnny Jones Sr.

Johnny Jones Sr.

PS – Nothing will ever break our fraternal bonds of good will with you. and there are few people on earth who Jim Jones esteems as much as you.