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This tape was transcribed by Adrian Whicker. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.

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Jones: Attention.

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[Part 1: Speaking before crowd]

Jones: –five man in his fifties, with a salt and pepper hair, and dark skin. Well, this was all right. Everything went along cool, woman was considered of sound mind, was going to be the one sole witness. So, they finally got ahold of [James Earl] Ray, and found him after he’d fled from Lisbon back to London, and made the extradition order, you know what that means, to– they have to get an order to another country to get a person brought back to the country they want them. And it has to be a sound kind of extradition order. The drunk, uh, he couldn’t testify, he was too drunk on that day, he couldn’t testify at all. She took one look at the picture, Grace Walden did, took one look– you hear me in that second school pavilion? Okay. She took one look at the picture, she said this is not the man. I insist he’s not the man, he’s 5’5”, whereas James Earl Ray was 39 years of age, light complected, and five foot eleven. That time the pol– the homicide– police homicide got so PO’d at her, they sent her to General Hospital. The FBI did too. After much dickering, they couldn’t get anything out of her, she wouldn’t go along with it, they finally labeled her as mentally insane, hallucinating that she was a witness to the murder of Martin Luther King, and they had paraded her as a witness according to the Memphis [Press-]Scimitar reporter whose name was uh, [Wayne] Chastain, and he’s now a uh, lawyer and uh, served as a judge in Memphis, he said that the woman was quite accurate, and all his record was the same, and he give evidence to all this situation. Well, they finally gave– according to this– this Memphis Scimitar reporter who’s now a lawyer, Chastain, they gave this false witness $100,000 and all the booze for the last ten years he’s needed to lie and say that it was James Earl Ray, and he was– he had– he said he was there, they held him up staggering to sign the extradition order. She was moved from one place to another, and spent the last ten years of her life in a mental hospital, and the notation on her records said, by order of the p– uh, Memphis homicide and FBI, she is not to be released until the matter of Martin Luther King’s death and assassination has been closed. Now if that isn’t pretty goddamn strong evidence of a conspiracy on that alone, I don’t know what it is. Well, finally, Mark Lane, who helped the man coming here, or rather the– our man– he helped him write Rush to Judgment. Our man coming is D– Don Freed, who says we’re the victim of conspiracy. Apparently, after risking going to jail, Mark Lane who’s the attorney, and Don Freed, have learned later – they’re putting the patches together with our own notes from Stateside – that uh, they’ve got this woman, and she’s the hottest piece of evidence, even though they threatened to put Mark Lane in jail for taking her out of Memphis, they cited him for contempt of court, he got enough influential Black leaders to stand behind him, and after six hours of hearing, he avoided going to jail, and she’s secreted away someplace. Uh, I remember Don Freed telling us that he has the one witness that can show– blow open the government conspiracy, he has a woman witness, so undoubtedly, he has that witness Grace Walden, hid away in his office– in his office above his office. So how many understand that? Do you understand what I’m saying? Okay, you got it, let’s go into the pavilion now. We’ll– We’ll test just a moment on [Ethel and Julius] Rosenberg, if not we’ll go into that marvelous movie, I mean extraordinary movie, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and it tolls for thee.

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[Part 2: Speaking from radio room]

Jones: It’s the only way to keep protection for our children, and all of our people, and our seniors who are defenseless, they’re not aware of socialism, don’t want to be aware of socialism, and we might have s– on some occasions soon, visitors of that sort. They come in delegations, and there will be members of the press from various parts that’ll be coming and going. All very, very friendly on the surface, but we always reserve our own judgment, we do not trust, we must maintain a certain pattern of distrust, because of things we’ve been through. This is only the good defense measure to protect the– the entire community. Be sure that everything is picked up around your homes. I’m still not liking the appearance of the homes, and the suit–uh, the shoes, so they definitely will be brought up in Public Services before we take any exam on Saturday in Peoples Rally, or Friday, or Thursday night. I mean yes, or– or tomorrow night. So be sure that you take advantage this evening, whether you have a test tomorrow night and Saturday depends on whether you are listening to these various tapes. I gave you what is important, the capsulization, but I’m very, very tired [sigh], and I did so from the last Peoples Rally, I did so for the one before that, and the one before that. There’ll be some overlap, but it doesn’t require that much if you’ve taken notes from those three capsulizations.

Also, to be aware of my feelings and sensitivities. That was a part that’s to be written up, has not yet been written up, and we’re going to penalize anyone with extra classes that does not get that in, that material. We call for evaluations, self-analysis about yourself, and the things that you have done wrong, clearly done wrong, to be turned into Jann [Gurvich], one of the teacher monitors in the Educational Department, grade– grading monitors. We need those papers in immediately. We’re holding all responsible, so that we can write this book, show what this place has done, what Jim Jones has done for you. It’s very important, and I cannot emphasize it anymore, and just say if we don’t have cooperation, if we don’t have cooperation and maintenance of house– housing, if we don’t have cooperation not wasting and keeping our grounds clean, and don’t see others fix up their beautiful homes like many, many here have, make them beautiful, you can make all that yardway inside of the court excellent. I want plants as it being done by the nursery, under Comrade [Eugene] Chaikin, and I want to see others – must drop that word [comrade] for guests, it’s such a beautiful word – but Gene Chaikin uh, and his crews, and uh, Jan [Wilsey] are doing some planting, and it’s really beautiful. We want to see more and more of this, by everyone. Every available space behind the school and behind the library must, must, must, must, must be planted in. Every ugly eyesore, uh, along the fence, na– and towards the office, even in that area of the office, around uh, between the office and us, and the roadway, that all must be put with things that will be– uh, will show our indication of feeding all of our people, and helping every needy person that comes in here, because that’s our– that’s our goal.

A large store vendor was arrested [sigh] for selling Bristol Cigarettes without a price tag, which is now illegal, to sell certain food items, or certain items that come under price control. Basic foods must never be overcharged by any marketeer, private or governmental store. If they do, they face serious consequences now under the new referendum.

Forged passport to Brazil. An individual who did so fine– was fined $124. Very minimal, it seems to me. He bought passport from a friend, sold it for $25. Forged it and affixed a uh, photo. Considerable knowledge on how to do that, apparently.

Hydromet– meteorological Services speakers are [pause] being brought in from the various parts of the Soviet world. Uh, Duncan Fraser, the leading spokesperson for the meteorological services will participate. They’re going to make great use of the natural elements of power, some of the greatest falls in the world, uh, Port Kaieteur, I mean Kaieteur Fuh– Falls, just above us, uh, down from us rather, towards Brazil, uh, is five times larger than the beautiful Niagara. I don’t whether you remember, many of you, when I took you on the trip, how awesome the Niagara was. So Guyana, when they ha– harness this as they are doing with Chinese, and Soviet, East German, and other socialist nations’ help, and now some through the IMF credits, not loans that make any requirements of Guyana– Guyana was very smart, but that’s why they’re not taking that much IMF, and they’re taking people’s loans, bits and pieces from here and there, to assist them in achieving their goal.

Radio Moscow: United Nations are discussing the illegal regime of Rhodesia, but USA is flaunting its total disregard by continually aiding this country that is doing vicious acts of terror, wiping out villages by poisonous gases just exactly like our US tax dollars paid for, and causes us agony to think about, if we have any conscience, they’re doing it in Rhodesia now, and even in– in– with Mozambique, the attacks are still going on.

The Astro– the Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee, struggle, a– agreed, against all forms of racial and ethnic discrimination. That is a [sigh] formation of a large committee in the United Nations of all of the Third World– leading Third World, and all the socialist nations. They’re going to make new solidarity efforts against all forms of racial and uh, ethnic discrimination in South Africa, and they’re calling for the breaking away of the– of the– of that regime. In terms of economic aid, they’re calling for the removal of the regime. And the great indictment went to the United States. They claim that USA’s people are being lied upon, and they’re being deprived of their rights to know, they also made a scathing indictment of the many tens of thousands of political prisoners in USA, they named some of them that were staggering to hear. Staggering, just staggering. There was– isn’t a state, hardly in there– all states do, but there’s not a state that doesn’t maintain loads and loads of political prisoners, not– in there because of their beliefs, or their race, and some cases their religion.

United Nations Decolonization Committee speakers stressed campaign against the West, as the United Nations more and more is finding itself being the platform for the anti-western, anti-US imperialist policies.

Policy of connivance and support for the vicious fascist regime of Ian Smith and the ra– reactionary in Zimbab– and uh, Namibia and the upholding of the [sigh] dread US control, financially at least, South Africa racist apartheid received fierce condemnation. They have now 13,000 mercenaries fighting in Zimbabwe against guerrillas, also killing, torturing children. A number of children were captured in one village, some 27 were brought out, they were tortured between four and five days. They were killed because none of them would be– break down or give any information they had, what knowledge they may have known of their parents’ activities or– and others involved in the Zimbabwean liberation effort, the Patriotic Front’s the only true spokespersons and liberation representatives of Africa, controlling 97% of the territory. Well, that’s– that’s the type of thing these mercenaries are doing. Where do they come from, where do these mercenaries come from? Well, I’ll tell you. Three thousand three hundred have just recently come from USA, a part of the Air Force, and our tax dollars is supposedly being training them to defend the United States and to do domestic work. Well, they’re over there in the name of mercenaries. And uh– it’s– it’s 14,000 mercenaries in total, 1,800 British, 1,100 foreign Nazis, have been able to, uh, drag them here, there, and everywhere. And then the Israelis have no pride, they’re working side by side with them. The Saudi Republic, the Arab– the United Arab Republic sent them Nazis, they got the Nazis out of their hair, and the Israelis have forgotten, I guess what they’ve gone through, the hell, the persecutions, the death and gas chambers. So they’re working side by side in– they’re grilled, and trained in torture in US camps before they leave, and European, West German, and US-controlled camps before they leave. And they are taught in every form of torture, every technique of torture. Now Sweden confirms this, Voice of Sweden.

Ethiopia-Somalian situation. Ethiopia hopes to win [sigh] against these separatists that are being more and more funded by USA.

Radio Moscow is shocked at USA defense bill– offense bill we should call it, war bill. Record military budget for years and years, and also the building of a giant aircraft carrier– carrier with nuclear engines and nuclear weapons on board, pushing it over in Southeast Asia. As you know they spent $119 billion, point 2 this year [$119.2 billion]. That far supersedes the costs – way excels the cost – of the Soviet Union.

1973 wages were 38% lower for blacks than the white man in USA. This is US Labor Department statistics themselves. The Indian, it was 58% lower for Indians than blacks. 1976, we have a 51% lower income for blacks – just three years – and in 1976, we have 79% lower than– (Short laugh) My God. In other words the white man’s making about five times that of the Indian, no matter what their training, their jobs, their skills, the black is getting only half, less than half, their families are getting half the wages of the white man. Of course many, many niggerized elements of the whites that are in that category too, but the general wage, even including theirs, so it’s even worse, even including poor whites who are mistreated, uh, and called trash and hillbillies and so forth, rednecks, they don’t have enough sense to realize, theirtheirwages are also much, much less. It’s too bad that the average hillbilly does not realize, the blacks get together because their plight is much the same.

A new prime minister for Portugal. [Unintelligible] [Alfredo Nobre] da Costa, a former doctor, he has no political party, but certain left sympathies. The socialist government will still be maintained before, uh– without calling emergency session for reelection or collapse of the government. It appeared up until yesterday that the Portuguese socialist government will– perhaps would fall.

The PLO, Palestinian Liberation Organization. [Menachim] Begin and [Jimmy] Carter will press [Anwar] Sadat for concessions in September, and the PLO say that they will not tolerate them if Sadat would make them. And Begin says he won’t make them, so I guess that’s where you are, no progress.

Chinese– there were– uh, there was an attack on the Vietnamese border again, border guards, by the Chinese today. They crossed over, fired, but the Vietnamese drove them out. They were unsuccessful in their attempted excursion into Southeast Asia. The thought of course is, world opinion that China wants this– the control of Southeast Asia because it’s on her border and uh, the way the Soviets feel about their borders. They unfortunately do not have Turkey. That’s one very nasty, reactionary, and fascist member of NATO that’s on their border.

USA of course (unintelligible word) want to control the world, doesn’t allow communism anywhere near it. Unfortunately it took them by surprise, and was maintained due to the wisdom of [Nikita] Khrushchev in Cuba. And otherwise USA has always been very, very fearful of any neighbor that was socialist or communist. Not having any in Central America, not allowing it in Mexico when it attempted to be established, or Canada, and it was going left– very, very left just election before last. But this is the reason for all the folderol and misery caused by nations and their nationalist development, even though they do wonderful communist deeds, practices in the home front, giving aid to liberation efforts, it seems that it will take a time, [tape edit] and undoubtedly a nuclear war before the problem is resolved, of nationalism. We’ve given you all the inevitabilities of that.

Be sure you know the background, by the way, on Guadeloupe, a small island– beautiful resort island that’s going communist. It took heavy leadership in the last festival in Cuba that drew over twenty thousands and from 147 nations.

USSR medical experiments. They’re going into more advanced medicine than any nation of the world, on prevention of– they’re even working with preventive uh, medical– medical knowledge about cancer, but they’re not releasing this to the world until they’re sure that all of their experiments have been proven.

Grain harvesting now good. Harvests selling over the original plan. Going well over. The collectives, organized, rallied about in spite of the severe weather the Soviets have been having, doing– due to no doubt, much of the uh, weather modification, the geophysical war of USA CIA. Again, our tax dollars being misused.

[Unintelligible acronym] seminar, Odessa, Russia. Specialists on navigation from around the world. African officials studying how Soviet ports function so that they will be able to make the best commerce uh, and out of in– their resources get the best prices and get them to the world market more quickly. Technological problems and shipping is being discussed and worked out.

UN committee on decolonization resumed work in New York. Independence must be granted to all colonial peoples, say the UN committees. There’s nothing but declarations against USA, these days. UN declaration a landmark on getting ridof colonialism. However, USA must implement it. We’re given no encouragement that US is going to. Coloniaism– colonialism still exists in some regions– regions. Micronesia, Rhodesia, South Africa, and [pause] the people who are just beneath Libya. Chad, yes, that’s what it was. Political manu– mem– maneuvers of the West, racist regimes in South Africa are also being given secret support by multinational corporations, as well as a billion dollars of US aid, not to mention the billions that have been poured in to maintaining Rhodesia.

Be sure and understand yesterday’s news, it was much more insightful, and uh, you ought to hear it. It had a lot of deep things and showed currents.

Peking alignment with NATO. They say it’s obvious, says the Mo– Moscow radio to bring about the third World War, and some Soviet military uh, uh, individuals are sympathetic to the position that war is inevitable, and they have been encouraging, said Radio Moscow, for the first time the Politburo and the ruling members of the government to take some kind of action themselves, but said the USSR is still committed to peace and will not make the first strike. And uh, [sigh] the X3 m– missile, X2 missile proves just otherwise with USA and the neutron bomb, all the US p– pl– plans clearly are being laid in their military strategy to give them the capability of surprising the people, shocking, taking a first advantage by throwing the bombs first. They still won’t be able to win because your people won’t be there. USA’s people, according to all authorities in the world, will be wiped out, so it’ll all be in vain for USA to do this. I don’t know what they hope they’ll come out of. Even these profiteers, monopoly capitalists, they have to have people to manipulate for profit, but USA is following, as you know, Daniel Dells– Ellsberg and every nation says, a dangerous course, going to bring about nuclear war.

Brussels Convention. Participating nations are many. Development– developing of community relations of equity between the world, and they’re calling for a new world economic order of giving guarantees of some sort for all human beings. Uh, Brussels of course is in Belgium and Belgium is a member of NATO, but this is a strange cry coming out of Brussels for a new world economic order, so that all people will have guarantees of the good life. There’s only one wayyou can have that: through socialism. But they did not call that on BBC, but that’s what they said.

Huge profits on trade with Africa. And these, said the European economists from the various capitalist sector of the European Common Market, must be giving the people of Africa advantage, or they’ll rise up, and take over all. Of course, the profiteers are going to realize they’re gonna have to dole out a bit, ‘cause there’s too many– too many of their hands in the fire already. They haven’t got anything left to be strangling the poor from their cheating `em out of their resources. The European Common Market is three times more in profits than has ever been derived. Uh, and it’s also– their profits have been three times greater, nearly four times than any loans, ever, all of the loans totally given to Africa. That’s what’s happened this year, and the leading sentiment of the Brussels Convention said this is going to destroy them, they’ve got to stop it, they’re goi– they can’t profiteer at three times more than they put back into the African economy, for their own private capitalist. They can make three times, in other words, more money than they return investments, even in their own factories, or to help build the various African or Third World nations that they’re bleeding blind.

World copper led to growth of foreign debts of the African countries. It was a manipulation of US administration to dump now, a great margin of world copper that they had on hand, but it still did not bring down the governments that they [turns head to cough off mic] anticipated breaking down.

Interests on loans, African commodities, pressure from West not to be as generous as the European Common Market wants to take. The– the European Common Market wants to be more humane, USA wants to make a mo– greater drain.

As I quoted to you yesterday, the Honorable Wallace, Governor [George] Wallace talking in open racist terms, and Voice of America now pursuing the new policy of referring to people who are black as coloreds. And in fact, they lump all of the Asians into that category, and having such spokespersons on the air justifying the rape of Africa, saying it has to be done to keep the middle class from going socialist, openly tells that he’s for murder. Says it’s too bad that we defeated [Adolf] Hitler, he was the best buffer against Germany [Russia], and the same with Japan, he said we defeated the best enemies of com– of communism. [pause] Well, he’s telling the truth, that’s what they had set up Hitler for, and allowed Japan to function for, when they coulda stopped it, was that they hoped that it would stop the expansion of communism, Jap– Japan would in Korea, in Southeast Asia, China, particularly China, where Japan raped, and Hitler was supposed to take care of it in Europe, but– and then [stumbles] share uh, with the ap– the apple pie with all the capitalists of USA. Because you know Rockefeller helped make Hitler’s munitions, but in the last part of the worl– uh, the war, he didn’t get his profits because Hitler turned against the other capitalists and developed a certain capitalistic nationalism. That contradiction always brings down capitalism, finally. They have far more difficulties with nationalism than socialists do. It’s quite possible that the reason the Chinese are wooing the European Common Market, they have a representative there, a delegation, that– that’s just for this reason, and they’re causing them to break away from US superpower hegemony. That would be consistent with their Doctrine of Three Worlds. Let’s hope that’s their motivation, but at least the European Common Market is calling for sense, and some mercy, to put aid uh, for development in the African countries. Sure it’s monetary, it’s just a matter of dollars and cents that– that their fear they’re going to lose, but USA doesn’t have enough sense to realize that you cannot continue to bleed people like Governor Wallace called, said we gotta make more money off the diamonds, gotta make– Voice of America was saying, we gotta make more money off of the tinc– uh, zinc and the chrome and uh, the– the various– the uraniums, and the cobalt and the rich, rich minerals that are richer in Africa than any place else, copper and so forth, I could go on endlessly. But this reality in Europe, in the so-called ally lackey governments of the USA, that the European Common Market representing the Second World in China’s Doctrine of Three Worlds, China’s certainly being consistent in moving closer to her. She has not worked out money– many trade agreements with the USA, she not uh, making the pockets rich– rich of USA, but she’s making some good profit– profitable ventures with the help of European capitalists, including Britain, as I gave you yesterday. And she’s getting manipulated into building her own uh, bomb shelters and mines to make her a rich industrial country.

Eighteen countries. We’re at– we’re at 18 countries in Africa still under the domination of US and uh, foreign white capitalists [pause] where the worker receives less than $408 a year, whereas– that doesn’t even meet the basic essentials of food in any of those countries.

Peking papers. New archaeological findings near borders trying to back up claims that large parcels of Soviet territory belongs to the Chinese. The Chinese claim one million and a half of the Soviet area. Well, originally this was true, that this was part of the old Chinese dynasties, and you have that problem of nationalism warring over territories. That’s why it was beautiful that Guyana yesterday signed a peaty [treaty] of goodwill friendship with Brazil, Surinam, and Venezuela. Brazil had no claim on their borders, Surinam and Venezuela did, but now with this new treaty, they’re going to have a good future with– working with these countries, and the left government of Peru.

Chinese leaders responsible for strife in Southeast Asia today, says Moscow, the usual indictments, though they did praise them for their archaeological findings and their uh, [pause] assistance today that they’ve been giving of late to African nations.

USSR conservation laws. Parliament of Russia Federation has strict laws on water management, timber resources, and wildlife. Socialist property of all the people, like the old Indian culture.

Uh, [clears throat] I– I wish we [pause] can see the day of beautiful Africa as it was. Read the books in the library of how lovely our society was in Africa, how the high– highly developed at Timbuktu where they did eye surgeries and smallpox vaccination, made dental bridges, plates and uh, false teeth, in other words. Amazing, amazing society while the rest of the world was still under ice.

[Leonid] Brezhnev, man ca– said must use nature. Benefits not gained at the cost of nature. No private profiteering should be done from nature, and so the USSR will enter into no agreement with other countries for corporate use of the water or timber resources or wildlife. Protection of the environment is a strict, strict guarantee, and it’s maintained to the Soviet people, that no one can misuse or abuse the resources of the Soviet Union.

World Council of Churches, which has caused an uproar. The World Council of Churches Magazine in Geneva, for all the churches of Christendom in the world, wri– it wrote a very good story, twice made very good commentaries about us, one written by Doctor Tropp, I mean Professor [Richard] Tropp here. They are in trouble with the whole rest of US Christendom because there’s– they’re irate as hell that [short laugh] yes– tod– this morning, $85 million was given to the Rhodesian Patriotic Front, and the World Council of Churches engineered this from money dues, and so forth that’d been taken from US churches and all the churches around the world, many of them in fascist circles, and they directed it exclusively to the Patriotic Front, and they of course coupled for humanitarian concerns, but they’ll– [chuckles] it’ll be up to Zimbabwe, Joshua Nkomo, who uh, heads the Patriotic Front, that brave nationalist, and his cohort, his partner Robert Mugabe, the Marxist-Leninist, on how they’re going to use it. It’s amazing to see that happening. That’s perhaps the reason they’ve been so kind to us, and printed such goodness– uh, good things about us in their magazine that goes to millions around the world.

Jody Powell, the presidential [press] secretary, does not understand [pause] the iss– issue that the uh, press is having, uh, the difficulties with Carter, the pressures that’re being brought on him by various sectors of Congress. He feels that US is trying to weakening– weaken the executive, and said the balance of power is a part– necessary part of maintaining democracy. We certainly have some very conservative courts these days. But now many of the even more progressive, enlightened stands of Carter have been killed in Congress.

Also, Sadat and Begin getting together has caused uh, some difficulties for the uh, right-wing sector. I don’t know why, I would think they would want to live in peace, but they are being very critical of Carter for meeting with uh, Begin uh, of Israel– not so much him, but Sadat of Egypt, to try to bring a land settlement. Quick acceptance to meet reflects a desire for peace, said the president, when under attack [pause]. It would be inhumane, said Jody Powell, his secre– press secretary, and it would be risking nuclear war, if Carter didn’t take every chance to talk with whoever could– wou– will talk peace.

Moscow’s criticizing Carter’s summit with Israel and Egypt also, but for different reasons. Said US is trying to push Sadat to a separation, uh, uh, a separate agreement from the Geneva Conference. This is against world law, it’s against international law and agreement, and the United Nations agreement. Soviets are supposed to set in on it because they’re part of the leadership of the Geneva Conference that was set up by the ruling court of the world: the United Nations. US is alr– always violating the law. Seriously. Such a violation of law on the part of a US citizen would be felonies, they’d get years and years for breaking the laws of their courts. But US just goes on anarchistically ignoring law, world opinion, international agreement, and yet a person who takes five uh, cents’ worth of anything these days goes to jail, when they’re hungry. Uh, uh, the miners were threatened with going to jail for demanding more just salaries. This is US’s thinking, and it’s– it’s irrational as hell, and I don’t know why the poor people of the USA haven’t seen some of this and just uh, followed their own course for survival.


UN peacekeeping force are being fired upon by the right-wing Phalangist Christian militia that have been trained, and made up of Nazis, many of them, said the Voice of America even, and Voice of Moscow protested loudly. The Israelis are also training Nazis, uh, and they are– they are part of this peacekeeping force. Oh, how quickly does Israel forget? That shows you how the rich Zionists really didn’t care about all the murdering of the millions and millions of p– progressive Jews and other people– people of color. They are hiring Nazis as mercenaries. And the United Nations, for the first time, has brought in heavy weapons, and General [Emmanuel] Erskine from Ghana, the black general who heads the United Nations peacekeeping forces, said that they better let them through to the border, they’re getting tired and wearied of it because they’re going to fire their way through the border, and they’re tired of being fired on, said the UN commander, and without the p– uh, privilege, the United Nations has thus far required that they do not fire back, but uh, Erskine gave the strong opinion that that’s not going to continue to be the way it is. They will not be fired on without retaliating. Said UN that send boys from all parts of the world to bring peace and then not enforce it, he said he would enforce it. Of course he may be fired if he continues, but we like that kind of excellence out of the man.

Thousands have fled the villages outside the capital of Bei– Beirut, and uh, thousands are fleeing southern Lebanon because it looks like war can brea– break out there, in– well, anytime because there just an eerie calm, said the Voice of America, that uh, many analysts are skeptical of its durability.

President [Elias] Sarkis of UN, I mean, uh, [stumbles] of the United uh, Lebanon government, who threatened to resign, he believes the Syrian government has softened its stand and uh, he believes UN should now prevent [pause] the fascist in the south part of Lebanon, by I– Israel’s manipulation, that Christian militia of Nazis they’ve made up, that they should take strict measures while Syria is more than wil– more than willing to negotiate. United Nations spokesperson prevent– said that they will prevent Lebanese troops– they will not allow Israeli to prevent the Lebanese troops to remove the Christian militia by force. So, it looks like they’re building up for the struggle to drive the Israelis out. Now that will be the test, because Begin says he won’t give up one grain of dust, one grain of sand of his conquered territory, he would rather go down the dust of a nuclear war first. So we’ll see if Israel’s sick lunatic Prime Minister carries out his threat.

Tens of thousands of mourners at Rome. Conclave will begin August 25th for the successor to Pope John. It has to begin, as you know, 19 days after his death. They want– uh, not Pope John, but Pope Paul. They want as much time as possible to consider choice, they want to make a choice that will help the troubled world, save the world from nuclear disaster. The cardinal of college, uh, cardinal college, the College of Cardinals that choose the Pope’s successor, who they have to do it uh, supposedly by divine revelation – that’s a bunch of bullcrap – but they are interested in getting a man, so it is said, that could help the nation avert– uh, help the world avoid nuclear disaster. Nine-day mourning will continue through Sunday. Thousands of pilgrims passed through the Saint Peter Cathedral to look at the body of Pope Paul in white and gold, uh, all of his golden uh, chalices, and rings and rosaries, silver [turns head to cough]. Radio Czechoslovakia said in his casket alone will go down with him upwards of $2 or $3 million dollars. [Sarcastically] Well, that’s very nice. That is very, very nice. So impressed. Not much to say about Pope’s passing. They– the Russian Orthodox Church, which had been negotiating with Pope Paul to come back into the Catholic faith, did hold uh, an unprecedented Orthodox, uh, for them, unprecedented for Ru– the Soviet Union, in the most important cathedral of the patriarch that heads the Orthodox Church, which is similar to the Catholic Church, but broke away from, oh the Catholics over excesses [sighs], of the jack– Catholics violence that they were doing, and murderous things that were done by past popes, before the present one that died. But they were renegotiating for harmony and uh, coming back into the Church, and they are– they had mourning for the pope in this Moscow cathedral. However, only 150 people turned up, 148 old ladies and, they said, the report, Voice of America in a very angry way, and two children.

Two ministers supporting Ian Smith, Black Uncle Toms, associates of Reverend [Ndabaningi] Sithole of the three Black Uncle Toms that had supported the illegal regime, were [sighs] gotten just outside of Salisbury by the true Liberation Front, and they were killed by explosives. Blown up. And I think the Uncle Toms will get nervous the world over, because the world will have its day of liberation.

Geneva: Rhodesian Patriotic Front. $80,000 draft is being sent from the Geneva Conference for money, for food, educational programs, and so forth. 2,600,000 dollars total to liberation movements in the last seven years have been given, uh, 50% to Africa. Uh, that is from the uh, Geneva peace conference, made up of the capitalists and the progressive nations in the world.

Peace treaty. [Under his breath] Uh, let’s see where we’re at now. [Back to mic] US should not cut off investments in South Africa, encourage South Africa is the call of the Senate. Carter is very dubious about this relationship with a nation that is fla– flagrantly violating human rights, but his hands are being forced. Both Congresses, uh, House of Representatives and Senate US are demanding that he not cut off any aid or investments, even military aid, to those two fascist, white dominant regimes.

The flight control [sign and pause] members of France are on strike, getting ready go tomorrow. They’ve had the fourth day of slow down, the rich are hung in little villages all over the whole of Europe, they can’t move, and now they’re threatened with a total strike by the flight control of the– of the– uh, you know, the airports. This is uh, being done because they said they don’t have the proper equipment throughout the world. Capitalist nations are taking lives in their hands every minute that they send out an airline, a commercial airline, because there’s not enough staff, and the flight control are calling for– for more staff and they say they will not continue to operate, because all of these tragedies of thousands that’ve died in commercial airlines, could’ve been avoided by– they were all caused by improper con– uh, flight control. At one time just a few weeks ago, you remember, a senior and middle aged people that took a world tour in the Atlantic islands just off of the Portuguese border [Tenerife disaster], I mean out in the Atlantic continent, in the uh, Atlantic Ocean, they uh– at one time, 435 were burned alive, all because of flight control not having enough staff to be able to warn two planes that were getting ready to take off, that one coming in at a vast speed, and the other one going out, and they headed into each other head on. But literally, for four hours, bodies were burning, and there wasn’t enough emergency firefighters to be able to stop the horrible massacre. 435 Americans alone not to mention the rest that were killed in that one airline tragedy alone. So, the flight control people of Fran– France say they will not participate in murder anymore, and they say it’s the same way in USA, and the same way in all the European capitalist nations, s– and they openly say the only people that look after their people that’re engaged in commercial airlines are the socialist nations. And uh, the Soviet Union, they say, uh, has the best uh, flight control of any in the world.

US labor problems. (sighs) There’s a lot of US labor problems. New York City’s three major newspapers: New York Daily News, right wing, Times, who’s more or less liberal apologists, and the New York Post, who’s owned by Rupert Murdoch, who’s in that conspiracy, still at it, trying to attack us, he’s a known white racist that owns that and New West magazine. They’ve all gone on strike, the printing press operators, because they told of a– an attempt, all these three newspapers, which they did not deny it in the Voice of America, to replace them with automation. So they’re going to pull their papers down until guarantees are given. But the publishers said that these jobs must be taken away because of the cost of living. Presently, they said, they should be content while they have it, said the publishers of the– that recent– that racist Murdoch of the New York Post, and owns New West, and the one that owns New York– New York Daily News, said that they must be content with the $355 average week that they now receive – and they’re highly technically trained people – while it lasts. The last general strike kept newspapers off the street in 1962, 114 days. When these pres– press people strike, they really do mean be– mean business, that’s so much for the US’s so-called free press. If they were really conscientious, why aren’t they paying their workers or protecting their jobs instead of trying to replace them with mechanical means of automation.

Pan American also going on strike tomorrow in USA and on US territories everywhere, because of the same matters: they’re tired of taking [stumbles] dangerous, risk people’s lives, overcrowded airports, improper flight control, not enough staffing, their salaries are not sufficient.

Beef, pou– poultry, fish are on the rise, heavily, heavily on the rise, all meats are on the– on the rise in USA. A sudden 16% increase in their cost in the last week, spur for higher wages said– (sigh) I don’t understand the damn thinking. Uh, it’ll– this’ll bring about a higher wages for the workers, they’re supposed to be placated by that, but even the Labor Department statistics show that the worker had lost 18% already of his income, his income hadn’t kept up with how– what he had to expend on the cost of living, he’d lost 18%, 18 cents on every dollar he earns. And I don’t know what the hell what this is going to mean to the US– But the US is in real trouble. Expect prices to drop but, uh, that we’ve heard from the propaganda mills of US for a long time. Labor Department says there is a five percent rise, and they– they’re– they keep contradicting themselves. Yesterday, they said there was no rise, that there was a continuous decline since 1976, month by month, pea– in wages, I mean the wages were dropping instead of increasing. What if it does rise five percent, what the hell good does it do when there’s 16% increase in the cost of meats?

Peace treaty for Japan and uh, China is finally getting down to agreement because China has agreed to take out the part that was uh, upsetting the Soviet Union, that part that they will pledge to not allow hegemony in the region, and uh, the Russians said it was meant for them, and so Japan did not want any state of war feelings between them and Russia, and it was removed, and China agreed to it.

US named [exhale] vessel, the Naval– US Naval vessels are going to Vietnam, supposedly for the fleeing Vietnamese refugees. What the hell they’re getting ready to do there? They go into a terrible, sad tale about how a 98-year-old woman had to go out in the water screaming to get away, Chinese ethnic, from the vicious government of this beautiful socialist country of U– Vietnam. The same old story, any time– if– if you listen to the radio, it’s just Peoples Temple all over again. How they beat, how they deprived them of food, and how they torture, oh so, so so, so and on they go, about the same kind of malarkey, they just have the same propaganda, I guess, in a file, for the nations they want to war against or the socialist countries they disagree with, or the socialist individuals or groups.

Well, that ends the news for the day.

It appears that Indira Gandhi, in s– spite of having five charges against her, and her son [Sanjay Gandhi]– she’s a former Prime Minister, a beautiful woman that was pro-Soviet, and very world peace-minded. She continues to grow in popularity, though she’s indicted and has been in and out of jail. She stayed in jail like her famous relative Mahatma Gandhi. As you know, he had nonviolence. That would work, of course, all the Indians just cooperated around him, it would work against uh, the British, they didn’t know how to cope with it, but when you’re a minority, nonviolence, as was shown by Dr. King, does not work. Under Mah– under Mahatma Gandhi, it did free them from the boot of the great British– oppressive British Empire which the sun never set. Now there’s hardly– it’s not even hardly together, the few islands of England, Scotland, and Ireland are all fighting to get out of the British Empire, there’s nothing left to the British Empire, it’s just a little– just a little island anymore. That shows what happens to empires. As big as USA is, everything goes up must come down, and all these big systems finally fall that are based on exploitation, greed, and lust.

I love you very much. The films under the pavilion must be– the films that we had need of seeing, such as the Scottsboro Brothers [Scottsboro Boys], some that did not see it, or you can send in agreement on some progressive movie. At the end we may give you an hour of this uh, comedian, I can’t stand him anymore, so I’ve forgotten his name, used to like him, but what he did recently has burdened my heart, because he went to South Africa against Black people, Black leadership’s uh, appeals, and he got on the stage in San Francisco and made fun of gays, um, walked out of their [unintelligible word] just broke up an affair, a fund raising affair, they were trying to get to protect minority rights, including gay rights, particularly. He made fun of them but– You know the guy, but always keep that in mind when you– when you’re laughing at a fellow, which you have to laugh, and so I’ll tolerate an hour of it, uh, until it’s through the series, and then we’ll play it again from time to time. I cannot think of who he is, I just put him out of my mind, uh, but someone else will know. But always have that in your mind, but please, I want the radio operators, the television, the PA system people to remind people of that, because they don’t want to hear that.

Male speaking too soft off mic

Jones: Stand by for just a moment. [Beep] Anyone– anyway, someone should give the name of the actor. I cannot find it. And I hollered for people around me, nobody seems to know it. So Someone else could perhaps step in to the radio room and give the answer to who it is.

Let’s see. Productivity tonight, otherwise we’ll call for you and we’ll have to have a film. People should not be wandering streets, and we will not allow it, aimlessly when you know you don’t know what you should about the news, you haven’t read what you should about agriculture, you haven’t used that great library, you haven’t studied the background on Mozambique, and the beautiful, beautiful nation uh, of Guinea, and the Gui– the Guinea-Bissau, that great comrade was killed by the CIA, just a few days ago. You need to know however for the test, just Mozambique, and the two Koreas, and uh, Guinea, and uh, what I told you about Guadeloupe. Yesterday’s news, if you read that, listen to that rather, and the few capsulizations. But the only thing I’m saying, if you will learn absolutely all the ways to answer and rehearse that, and everyone listen to it, but I’m– I’m gonna have to see it all done. If you can uh, know that by heart, you won’t fail the test, but you better realize you’ll have to know it all by heart: what to say, what not to say to those who could be capitalist enemies. Now, I don’t understand anybody in the community not understanding that rationale. Some of you still have too idealistic and liberal a notion. Thank you. Much love.

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