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This tape was transcribed by Nicole Bissett. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.

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Jones: Attention. News live. News live.

Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham says that liming should be outlawed in Guyana. Absentee landowners (tape distortion) must be crushed. Guyana features association in a three-day retreat developed new methods of working with handicapped learning disabilities. Two gas turbines for General Electric– for the General Electric Company of Guyana coming from East Germany. New approach to education data in the Caribbean. Cuban foreign minister has attacked Ethiopia and Somalia with the firm backing of Guyana and other Third World nations. Test tube baby doing well in the hospital, and many more are now growing in the laboratory.

Prime Minister– our Prime Minister Dr. Burnham, says that Guyana must outlaw liming. No unused land will be permitted to be kept in the hands of big landlords. When people condemn the high prices of vegetables, he said it is inexcusable that there is land being unused by certain rich segments of the populace. He also urges, as he passes by and sees weeds and things growing in people’s yards, and yards that are not used for growing purposes, that they need to develop a socialist spirit of productivity. So, all of us need to know that he is due to drop in by helicopter any day. He likes to see yards filled with growing things that will bring forth food. Much could be done around the toilet areas behind the pavilion. There’s a lot of land in that area where little things could be grown by the seniors, as well as between the school and the small school (unintelligible word) area and in yards. The Prime Minister offers land to any Guyanese that will use it. He will expropriate land under the new referendum, new socialist mandate, he will appropriate– expropriate land from the rich, and give it to any poor person who will cultivate it. He said this must be done immediately, ‘cause Guyana has the richest potential to feed itself of any nation in the world, and as I said to you repeatedly, he repeated also, with the least population. The one nation that can never be in danger of going hungry in a world where that soon will be a problem, in places like USA, where there’s so much industrial pollution and not enough land to support the population, and every other place really faces similar problems, except China and the Soviet Union. He said– he condemned the bourgeoisie taste, the Prime Minister Burnham of our ruling Peoples National Congress, the Marxist-Leninist party, the socialist party that rules this nation, the Peoples National Congress. Prime Minister Burnham said that Guyanese had bourgeoisie patterns, problems of taste, wanting to image themselves and identify with the petit bourgeoise of USA and England. He said, in fact, those who want apples from North America, he said the mangos are more tasty and far more nutritious and healthy, and that’s true. He said the snapper that we have in abundance in our waterways, is far more nutritious, and better for the health, and tastier than sardines. He said that black-eyes – we know this – the black-eyed peas has far more minerals, nutrition, than the split pea that they want to export, exp– to import, from other places.

The Prime Minister, in a scathing speech last night, Dr. Burnham came down on those who are trying to leave, to go to the United States. He said some of you leave here as managers but end up in New York as janitors, and at best as elevator operators. And you must face the bigotry of racism. He said many want to come home now but cannot get their passage. And he said, as soon as Guyana can develop surplus, they will assist. But we must, he said, as a nation, produce what we eat, and not buy abroad. That, and that only, will give the balance of payments that he needs to be able to do things for development of the country, and to aid such people. He warned Guyanese that there will be no barriers put in their way to leaving, but they are taking their lives in their own hands by going into racist societies that are inclined on a path to destroy minorities.

Three-day seminar for teachers. The Prime Minister, Dr. Burnham, of the ruling Peoples National Congress of Guyana, will give the feature address. Dr. Hamilton Green, Minister of Health and Labor, will be addressing the teacher’s union also. There will be a– [Joshua] Ramsammi, the head of the PNC, the lay chairman, will bring socialism in the strongest way that has ever been introduced into the teacher’s annual meeting. As a keystone, he said, socialism must be a keystone, a cornerstone for building an education in Guyana.

Two gas turbines will bring an end to the load shedding, elec– electric cut-offs. Twenty-five million dollar gas turbines from East Germany. They will send supervise– supervisors and will train the Guyanese in the operation of these turbines for one year. (Pause)

(unintelligible word) Sir Lionel Luckhoo, our attorney, as I said, world famous also, in that he’s had over 200 murder cases and never lost one. We have had him for custody fights, and he’s also good in that area. Heads a governmental inquiry commission to bring socialist organizations, socialist-owned nationalized properties, such as the electric company, the GEC, into line with socialist productivity. He said one of the problems has been the resignation of experienced personnel. It’s led to disorder at the Guyana Electric Company stations. These people have gone abroad, and many of them are jobless and on welfare. Consumers have lost one thousand– uh, have lost thousands and thousands of dollars in electrical supply due to load-shedding, unexpected blackouts. The co-ops have not stuck to schedules. The substations are running up big loads. Thousands in one time. He said we need additional staff of people trained in electricity desperately in Guyana.

Prime Minister Burnham said before long it will not be a problem, because Britain has announced, England has announced– that it will not allow any more immigrants in. And now, USA is closing its doors to black, too. In the meantime, he advised those who were trained not to go, because they might not be able to get out. He said additional overload of work, some workers in the electric companies of Guyana are having to work sixteen hours a day, and this makes them too tired to be efficient, though they’ve been willingly doing so for the revolution, and for the nationalization or the socialization of all the major utilities, factories, mines, means of production, in other words, and the means of distribution.

Oscar Clarke, a regional minister, he’s a friend of another one of our attorney friends, who’s very close to the prime minister, who’s close to us, is giving a seminar for vehicle drivers to bring driving in Guyana consistent with socialist courtesy. I wish that would be the case all over. I noticed the same problem in– in Cuba.

Of course, no one would think of hearing a seminar in USA for courtesy on the highways, as they now have killer bumping as a new kind of sport, where cars bump each other and actually kill people on the road on purpose out of anger. It’s a particular phenomenon now being noted in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and several other cities that I did not catch. This killer bumping syndrome goes on. In– The cases I recall, one woman coming up behind a car, in Los Angeles freeway, where nine were killed in one weekend. She couldn’t pass in the slow lane, she was in the slow lane, so she moved around the car finally, looked with great hate at the driver, and rushed him right off into the edge of the freeway, causing a five-way crash. That is a sick society. With that kind of murderous aggressive syndrome, you know what’s going to happen when one of them bound to be– some of them that have fingers on the nuclear button, the missiles that can be sent into the air, that will destroy a whole city and burn it to the ground. And then, of course, whatever nation they attack, probably the Soviet Union, will be de– te– bound and determined to have to send their bombs, who are capable of burning up instantaneously, an area the size of the state of Texas. (Pause) That’s the truth. Burn up, just like fire from a magnifying glass, an area the size of the state of Texas.

Also this se– seminar will show how to maintain the care and use of vehicles on the road, and proper courtesy on the roads, proper safety measures to save people from injuries and road fatalities. It is free, and they’re going to be offering snacks to people coming. That shows sensitivity.

New approach– (off mike comment, unintelligible) New approach in collection of educational data in Ant– Antigua, assessment of current practices in data gathering. The Caribbean’s trying to set up its own program for an independent news services, and for inde– independent educational analysis of the Caribbean community. New methodology on collection of educational data, and terminology to be used that are not characteristic of Great Britain or the USA. These exercises are an es– essential for people to develop in a better awareness of their own culture, and to have a more capable evaluation of the intelligence scope of the child.

Follow-up of CARICOM. This is the economic unity of Caribbean nations in the West Indies, is meeting at the University of Guyana. Guyana is the host of the CARICOM nations of the Caribbean.

Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Cuba defended position in Africa. Serious crisises in the nonaligned movement are seen. Egypt had reservations about going to Cuba for the next world conference, but they have not decided that they will not.

Vietnam and Cambodia, or Kampuchea, have been whipped up into a fratricidal war, the foreign minister of Cuba said, by the Chinese arrogance. Chinese practices, he said, in one area of the world seem to be enlightened, but their language in the Southeast Asia is imperialistic.

Yugoslavia and India. Words about Chinese were particularly embarrassing. The Yugoslavia foreign minister stood up and said that China was no more to be condemned than any other nation in the nonaligned movement. The foreign minister of Yugoslavia said China had given assistance to many– was now giving assistance to many Third World nations struggling against imperialism. It is not the nature of the nonaligned conference to get embroiled in attacks, partisan attacks. The majority of people defended Cuba’s right – the majority of the nations present defended Cuba’s right to be in Africa assisting the Ethiopians and the Angolans and so forth.

Rashleigh Jackson, our own foreign minister, is the representative of Guyana at the conference in beautiful Belgrade, Yugoslavia, headed by Marshal [Josip Broz] Tito, eighty-seven years old now, been through all kinds of wars, fighting fascists, the only nation successfully fighting fascist, that won single-handedly without USA help. He was a great freedom fri– fighter, he’s lived a long, healthy life, and a happy and fulfilled life. So our children need to know that not all people who are socialist die. Many live the richest lives on earth. In fact, it is the richest life, because it gives you quality living while you are alive.

African Nation– National Congress have been called by Nigeria, and Nigeria is taking an unequivocal stand out of principle, that it will not go to Edmonton. And I want to correct yesterday’s news, it’s Edmonton, New Zealand. It’s calling for all African nations to boycott the Canadian games, the Canadian team. Now let me see, now I don’t understand this. Let’s see. Talk about New Zealand and on the air here, and now they’re talking about Canada. (Pause) The games are in Canada. I hear now they are in Canada. I was correct yesterday. The– the problem is New Zealand is also condemning Nigeria, and Nigeria fired back at New Zealand because they’re still conducting trade with Union of South Africa. The problem is that Nigeria, the richest nation in Africa, oil rich, and capitalistically inclined, strangely enough, until President [Jimmy] Carter came there and wa– visited, and tried to talk to some of their rich bankers and oil uh, manager interest. Anyway, in Nigeria, more and more has become strongly pro-African liberation. So their sports team, which is one of the best, will not go, and they’ve influenced one nation in the Caribbean thus far. A– Antigua, Guyana is not going. New Zealand appeals to the commonwealth nations not to withdraw, but it looks like they are going to be following, many of them, the example of Nigeria.

New E– New Zealand, which we may study in the news today because it’s a little unknown to many of you, I imagine. New Zealand is the nation that uh, has banned, for many, many years, any black admissions whatsoever, as well as Australia. And they treat their Indian population very, very badly. They have the Maori Indians, and they uh, uh– they are very racist, kind of a s– so-called national socialist, but they are very, very racist indeed.

Anyway, this is making quite a bit of hu– humdrum in the world, because Nigeria is sending out all kinds of messages and telegrams berating anyone that would have no respect to go to Canada for the– (stumbles over words) these international sports games, when some of the nations like New Zealand still conduct relations with Union of South Africa, the apartheid racist regime, as we know so much about.

The test tube baby, as I said in England, is doing well. Louise Brown is the name of the child. But the world is irate over this. There will be several more be– to be born in the next few months. But many nations are protesting this as the beginning of cloning, where monsters can be created out of biological laboratories. Something seems very, very wrong about this, in a world where two out of three babies are going to bed hungry. It’s a fantastic cruelty and criminality to go to this degree to have children– spend thousands of dollars wastefully. It’s only available right now to the rich. And so the rich could easily take welfare sperm and ovum, take people they want to and work with it, and create a nation, a whole– a whole generation of robots that would not be capable of intelligent thinking, but would be strong as an ox, and do whatever their masters bid them to do.

South Africa has rejected the Security Council’s resolution of Namibian Independence, because it includes a territory, that they say they will not give up, a port of Walvis Bay. (short laugh) Interestingly enough, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia reject it on the grounds that it will be uh, manipulation for more USA and capitalist imperialist control. But both oppose it for different reasons.

Carter is in serious difficulty. Ford– former President [Gerald] Ford, says don’t count him out in 1980, as Ford is now campaigning around, e– electioneering on a very strong right-wing policy, and also strong protectionist patterns to not have US involved in the burden of foreign aid, helping poor nations, andso forth.

Louisville firemen and police on strike under orders that they must return after burning down several buildings. This is amazing. When the police of San Francisco went on strike, they shot up buildings and broke in windows, like they did the Muslims down the street. They get by with all that crap.

And there’s one of the best movies you need to see, to see the hate in USA. It’s a recent movie, that was cooperated with fully, as it shows on the movie, with the mayor of New York [John] Lindsay, who was perha– perhaps the most liberalmayor ever known, and the police. You need to see it. It’s Badge 373. The racism is horrible in it. The actor doesn’t hesitate to call blacks and Negros by the cursory ner– words of spick and nigger and refers to people as Jews, and his race hate is so obvious, and the anti-socialist propaganda so terrible, it is sickening to behold. It’s filled with action, and it really ought to be studied as a work of propaganda in how people are made to see the policemen in a sympathetic light, and it would work on the average dumb– on the average dumb middle section of any population of all races. I can imagine there were even black people clapping, and Puerto Ricans, but it’s the awfullest put-down, open put-down, and we have it in technicolor here. And it ought to be shown, required showing, uh, it would be uh, it would be something to see. It might be that you could show that tonight in socialist classes, to familiarize yourself. It’s a movie, and everyone ought to see it, perhaps this evening. That would be the thing to do in the socialist classes, in that we had that another enduring night out of concern for one of our sons who was lost. This might be a good thing just to review it, and ju– just see how– how beautiful your America is. And if you can’t realize the racism inherent in it, if you can’t see it, then you are beyond hope. It is so open. And to think that the last couple of years, there’s been that kind of severe brainwashing to a much fuller degree.

Under great pressure from the world, United States says it will withdraw, in the next four to five years, all of its armed forces in Korea. They attempted to move their nuclear missiles from South Korea, not trusting some of the South Koreans, who are such radical fanatics, that they thought they might set them off, get to them and set them off. But it was caught on to by the dictator of South Korea [Park Chung Hee], and so USA did not go further with it. Even USA admitted on Voice of America that they were afraid that the South Korean military under the maniacal dictatorship there was likely to get ahold of them and use nuclear whitemail, threaten the world, if they didn’t get their way, to send their missiles into Russia or USA or wherever.

New York City, in (sighs) state of economical collapse, nearly, requires a federal loan of one point– one million– one point one billion sixty-five– one billion sixty-five million. That’s quite a bit. No, no, it’s more than that. One point six five, it’s uh, one billion six-hundred and fifty million dollar loan, in order for New York to function. New York is that bad off, about to go bankrupt again. (Pause)

Now, Christine Onassis, you know, the Onassis, Mrs. [Jackie] Kennedy married the rich uh, shipper, [Aristotle] Onassis. Christine Onassis, the daughter will, of Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. Onassis, will marry, or Mrs. Kennedy, will marry and live in Moscow. She’s marrying a communist [Sergei Kauzov]. This is shocking the social set of Europe, as she’s marrying a communist, and they’re going to live in Moscow, by preference, in a lovely apartment there. I imagine all the upper class is shook as hell over that.

Uh, the– A subcommittee of the Department of Health in the Congress– a subcommittee on health in the US Congress, is looking into the possibilities of setting up a police state by test tube babies. Very easy, can be done. Cloning– uh, this is horrible, when you’re bringing babies by uh, by– when chemists and laboratory specialists and doctors are bringing about conception in laboratories. They– and messin’ with genes and chromosomes. This is one damn nightmare. Fortunately, probably there’ll be a nuclear war that’ll wipe out that technological scum of imperialism before they get done.

The Senate were going to cut the capital gains taxes, and Carter wanted it done also, but there’s a great deal of pressure from the United States citizenry. They’re beginning to see through it. Though racism abounds everywhere in USA, more and more reports, I couldn’t give you the number of reports of blacks that are suffering in jails, the Dessie Woods that defend uh, theirself against the white rapists and now, 22 years in– in jail that I just gave you earlier in the week. Every day there is something like that. Those that don’t make the headlines, those that don’t make the news, blacks that are cut down, a senseless brutality by the police. As you’ll see in Badge 373, you’ll see Puerto Ricans which are part black and Spanish, you’ll see the men shot by the police, in cold blood, without a weapon in his hand, and that’s supposed to be the hero’s ending. My God, the police is made a hero out of doing such! It’s just, it’s just outrageous.

The USA Department of Health say women are in as much danger from smoking as men. Scientific studies in the last five years reveal that they are as open to the cardiac problems, hypertension and cancer from cigarette smokes as men.

Carter admits to the nation on TV that he may’ve made a mistake in supporting the capital gains, uh, reduction of tax. That’s very nice. Uh– Anybody ought to know, Mr. Carter, that you are a– a ploy of the rich when you suggest a reduction on capital gains. So Senate may now demand, may be forced by their constituents, to put a tax on capital gains, because they were only, in a way, working around under a thing they call capital gains, but was making benefits only for the rich.

This seems to be USA– uh, Ambassador [Andrew] Young, admits United States is no longer a melting pot. At best, it’s just a salad bowl, and not that tasty. Now this is the other side of him talkin’ again. I don’t know what. ‘Course, he– he knows the handwriting on the wall. He’ll be dumped before long, ‘cause Carter couldn’t possibly win the election with him, with the black– the only black that he has, as an ambassador.

US s– small business people are railing at the idea of the capital gains that will help the rich. They declare the tax will only benefit a few. Well, let us hope that even the middle class, at least don’t let the monopoly capitalist get by with everything, but they don’t seem to still be willing to give the American black and Indian a part of the American pie, because there’re stricter and stricter measures being taken and passed in every state, to cut off taxes that benefited, as I told you, the part of your check that was SSA, that was purely welfare, and the state had to pay it. The part you lost when you moved here. You wouldn’t have it now if you were back there. They have cut it off. That’s a move aimed entirely at poor blacks, Indians, and working-class whites that they always called hillbillies. It’s a terrible, terrible move.

That is– ends the reading commentery of the news for the day. We will give a brief, now, synopsis of New Zealand.

New Zealand, a racist nation that refuses to allow any person who is Asian, Indian, or black, to immigrate to its land. Australia also follows the same policy. Its location is 1200 miles east of the southeast coast of Australia in the South Pacific.

How was it created? The two major and several minor islands comprising New Zealand, Z-E-A-L-A-N-D. are the crest of a giant and unstable earth fold.

Remember testing evaluation. There will be testing evaluation before the movie. If we do– do it that way, there will be testing evaluation.

The main islands are geologically quite young. The Mao– Maoris, M-A-O-R-I-S, or the Polynesians, like the Hawaiians – beautiful, light brown skin people – arrived around 800 AD, after the death of Jesus, so-called. Dutch explorer, Abel Janzcoon, J-A-N-S-Z-C-O-O-N, Tasman, T-A-S-M-A-N, named the country in 1642, New Sealand, meaning, after the sea. Spelled it with an S. S-E-A-L-A-N-D. British settlement began soon after Captain [James] Cook chartered the islands in 1769 and 1770. Given self-government in 1852, dominion status in 1907, achieved auto– autonomy, I mean its total self-government, gradually. But this was formally granted in 1931 by the statute of West Minister, adopted in New Zealand in 1947. Took them that long even though white to get their independence from the British empire. And they’re still, the people, the citizenry, are ma– manipulated by US and British imperialism.

Its size. New Zealand proper consists of North Island, 44,281 square miles, half the size of Guyana. South Island, 58,093 square miles. Not yet still, you see, both of them together just barely larger than Guyana. Stewart Island, only 670 square miles. Chatham, C-H-A-T-H-A-M, Island, 372 square miles, and many minor outlining islands, too small to even talk about. The total square milage is 103,736, compared to Guyana’s 83,000 square miles. New Zealand also administers the Cook Islands, the Tokelaus, T-O-K-E-L-A-U-S, and the Ross Dependency in Antarctica, which is barren, and not of any value, really.

Population, over three million. It’s one of the least populated, but is still more population for its land size than we have here and much less fertile ground. European, mostly white British, ninety-point six percent. Maori, M-A-O-R-I-I, M-A-O-R-I, is seven and a half percent. But they’re being killed off gradually like the Indians and the blacks in any white country, USA and England. Pacific Islanders, only one point nine percent. Thirty-three point seven percent belong to the Church of England. It was a church created because King Henry [VIII] wanted to commit adultery. That’s as simple as that. It’s also known as Episcopalian, or the Anglican church. Twenty-one point eight percent are Presbyterian, fifteen point nine vare Roman Catholic, seven percent are Methodist, one point seven percent are Baptist, nineteen point seven percent are no religion at all.

Who rules? A unicameral parliament of eighty European and forty-four Maori members. Means the Indians are just tokens. They don’t have any power at all. A cabinet is formed for the majority party, with one minister serving as prime minister. Election is for three years by popular vote.

Who really rules? Trade union– unionism is powerful. And it’s unfortunately dominated by the bourgeoisie, the capitalists. There are heavy foreign investments with strong regulations against uh, foreign companies having a large degree of ownership. But they still manipulate the economy. New Zealand’s economy is extremely dependent on specialized products. Wool, lamb, mutton, butter, timber. In a world crisis, a world war, they wouldn’t be able to survive like we will in Guyana. And they’re also dependent on the disposal of these products overseas, and on the maritime commerce involved, the shipping commerce. And that all ends in war times, or, at times of capitalist, economic depression, or collapse. Some seventy percent of the occupied land in New Zealand, forty-five percent of the total area, is directly devoted to supporting livestock. That’s all it’s good for. New Zealand has 60 million sheep and two million cows. Mostly jerseys. New Zealanders had nicknamed themselves Kiwis, K– K-I-W-I-S, after the fightless– after the flightless bird of their land. A bird that can’t fly. They are a friendly people, for the most part, if you’re not black or brown. It– This is a capitalist commentary, of course. In love with their– their country.

The Kiwis are very angry over French testing of nuclear devices in the Pacific atmosphere. New Zealand got an injunction against the test from the World Court, which the French ignored. The French went right ahead, and they’re going ahead again. The French have no damn sense whatsoever, that’s– that’s true. They’re testing dirty bombs, that just pour their debris out on nations everywhere. Public protests are supported by the government and one Kiwi, K-I-W-I, frigate sailed near the test area just this past week. And upon it is a cabinet minister. All they succeeded in doing, the French drove them out and uh, are going to continue their testing. New Zealand is hoping the World Court will condemn the test with a formal decision. Won’t make any difference, ‘cause France is too close to US imperialism, and US imperialism will safeguard it from being bothered until it collapses economically.

New Zealand is becoming more industrial to lessen its dependency on agriculture. The potential hydro-electric power is there, but many Kiwis, or New Zealanders, are conscious of potential environmental harm. In 1971, 250,000 persons signed a protest halting a planned dam on Lake Manapouri, M-A-N-A-P-O-U-R-I, because they know industrialization endangers people’s health, like the smoke from the factories that we used to breathe so much in USA. That’s what they mean.

In 1893, New Zealand became the first country to give women the right to vote. It has a social democracy of sorts, but highly racist in nature.

Much love. Thus ends the news and commentary.

This has only been about a half an hour of news and commentary, so I’m sure you can digest it, have it for testing evaluation in the theater pavilion tonight. Everyone required to come, and then we’ll see a short Hollywood movie to study the racism in Badge 373. Now that is a regular TV serial by the way, every week, on television.

Much love, much production. Let’s pick up our pace please. We’ve noticed that people are not caring still. We must be friendly, and we must not talk while I’m speaking so we can learn. It’s important to get knowledge. And if we care, let’s not have the blood of people on our hands.

Another little baby, a beautiful baby, was brought to us today, East Indian baby, for adoption here in our community. We’re so thrilled that we’re gaining new babies into our population that we can help from the outside, too. So I know we’re all thrilled over that. We have a beautiful East Indian baby, they’re East Indian, Amerindian, we’ve had Chinese, black. Now we are very grateful for the molt– melting pot. We are not a salad bowl, like Ambassador Young says. We are a beautiful melting pot, where all live together in peace.

Let’s not have the blood of our people on our hands by not working. Please, please, let’s work and produce. Thank you very much.

Guests will be here in a short while. A large number of guests, so let’s be sure to be beautifying all the area. All the area. We are having guests, and also Kay’s [Kay Nelson] family, the grandchildren [Tinetra Fain, Al Smart, Scott Smart, Teri Smart] are to settle with us. Everyone is to be very courteous, and talk about positive things only. Talk about the beauty, and everyone be smiling and friendly. We’ll have also several students from the best schools of Guyana. Some twenty-six arriving in a short while, so be very friendly, very cordial in your reception. And let’s clean up everything. I want to look over the place, I’ll be going through the houses and the yards. Let’s have everything cleaned up as po– much as possible. And every porch beautified. S– Everyone be responsible to look around. Inspection, education, and nursing, I’m requiring you to look this time also. The nursing staff, the medical staff, to see that everything is as beautiful as possible.

Thank you so much.