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(Editor’s note: This tape was transcribed by Nicole Bissett. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: Okay. (Clears throat) Attention, attention. Pope John [Paul] the First is the new pope of the church of Rome. Virtual dictator over 700 million population, though 580, to 530 varying on different world estimates, are all that are left active in the Roman Catholic Church, because of Pope Paul’s strong denunciation of any form of birth control.

The new Victor [Vicar] of Christ set in the seat of Saint Peter is Pope John Paul, 65-year-old, moderate, said Voice of America, little experience in administration. His father is a socialist worker, or was one, but he himself is a strong anti-communist. In his capacities, he is an Italian in the tradition of the church, always bias in favor of electing Italians. He tells the people before he became the pope of the entire Roman Catholic church, never to vote for the Italian Communist Party. So, we seem to have politics in a church that is much larger than most nations. Half as large as the People’s Republic of China. Twice as large as the Soviet Union.

Pope John One says the first duty is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to get souls saved. Sometimes it seems hard to imagine that we have come such a short way in such a long, long time.

[Menachem] Begin, Prime Minister of Zionist Israel, plans to re-submit a peace plan. It is thought that there will be still little compromise. The aggressive regime of Zionist Israel has refused in times past to give up the territory of the Gaza Strip that it conquered from Egypt and West Bank, from the Arab state of Jordan and south Leba– Lebanon, and it still holds under a puppet regime of fascist Christian militiamen.

Iran has a new prime minister [Jafar Sharif-Emami]. The government of Iran is being shaken. The Shah was forced to put in a new prime minister because there are riots, rebellions in every city in Iran against the oppressive regime of the government of the Shah of Iran. New prime minister promises to restore peace, but the cities of Iran are still plagued with strife.

Prime Minister Hua [Kuo-fenj] is concluding his nine-day visit to Yugoslavia. Prime Minister Hua of China.

Salud six– Salud six space mission between East Germany and USSR will make up the new team, as further advances are being made by the Soviet Union and her friends or allies in the development of a space station and total exploration of the world and ocean, earth– the earth and ocean surface of the world.

Pakistan. Former prime minister tried to crush Mr. [Zulfikar Ali] Bhutto, accused of fraudulent elections.

Rhodesian raids are being conducted against the Patriotic Liberation Front. BBC says it’s only a matter of a short time before there will be all out war unless something is done to allow the Patriotic Front to be involved. The foreign minister is one of the few capitalists, Foreign Minister Owens, that insists– Foreign Minister [Lord David] Owen of Britain, that the Patriotic Front must be involved in the government of Zimbabwe, what the white man calls Rhodesia.

For a moment, I think I shall take a break to deal with some of the things that are brought to my attention. I deal always, read every note that you bring to me from any department. This one gives me a little bit of concern. And so I’m going to read it aloud and let the farm analysts deal with it first before the People’s Counsel.

Man: (interrupts) Dad, excuse me.

Jones: I will continue with the news before I discuss the matter of poultry, because we openly air all matters of problems for community discussion, and the entire community decides on all issues, great or small. We have total democracy. Everyone participates in a total democracy here.

The political prisoners is an expose of hypocrisy, says Sweden. The Voice of Sweden, a social democracy, neutral, not involved in the Warsaw Pact of the Soviet Union, nor the NATO Alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Sweden has been a political neutral for several wars. It was not involved in World War II. It’s commentary. Political prisoners. What political prisoners? What was the enraged reaction of leading US government figures and politicians to the candid acknowledgement by the black United Nations ambassador from the United States, Andrew Young, that in ourUS prisons, as well, there are hundreds, even thousands of people whom I would call political prisoners?

Young’s remarks, made in an interview with a Paris newspaper, Le Matin, have evoked a storm of condemnation from the political representatives of US monopoly capital. Those holier-than-thou propaganda concerning the trials in the Soviet Union of several well-known people that USA have chosen to call dissidents, some which our Swedish investigations, have proven to be agents for the Central Intelligence Agency, was thus exposed to the exercise in hypocrisy that it is in the United States.

President [Jimmy] Carter and the State Department were quick to disown Young’s comments. Senate Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd, Democrat West Virginia, once a member of the Ku Klux Klan, that hated all Indians, blacks, Catholics, Jews, was only one of many congressional leaders who denounced the United Nations ambassador, black ambassador, Andrew Young.

Representative Larry McDonald, Democrat Georgia, a practical neo-fascist, and member of the John Birch Society, introduced an impeachment resolution, which managed to garner a quick 82 votes in the House of Representatives, in two days, charging that Young has under-cut the entire foreign policy of the United States of America.

The anguish in the ruling class is understandable in USA. William Raspberry, a black columnist for The Washington Post, posed the question succinctly and accurately. Did the United Nations ambassador lie? he asked in his column. Or was his sin merely that he told an embarrassing truth at a particularly awkward time? Raspberry’s further remarks are worth citing.

The Reverend Ben Chavis of Wilmington Ten fame, sits in a North Carolina prison, convicted of charges that grow out of his civil rights activism. One of the leading witnesses against Anatoly [Natan] Sharansky was Sonia Lympofski [phonetic], a physician, a medical doctor, who turns out to have both been an informer for the KGB, and a volunteer for the CIA. The principal witness against the Wilmington Ten was a slow-witted teenager named Allen Ray Hall. Sharansky, you know, was called a dissident, but they found out that the uh, witness against Sharansky was a CIA informer. The principal witness against the Wilmington ten was a slow-witted teenager named Allen Ray Hall, now 23, who subsequently recanted his testimony, said he lied, as did all other witnesses.

But while the Carter Administration is outraged at the prospective injustice against Sharansky, said Swedish columnist, it has been sweetly discreet about the palpable injustice to Chavis and others. His silence on Chavis and the Wilmington Ten had been ascribed to the fact that, as president, he cannot interfere in a North Carolina trial. But one would suppose, said the Swedish newspapers, that an American– that an American president would have at least as much influence on the North Carolina system as on the Soviet system, on which he tries to impose illegally, his wishes. No political prisoners in the United States is a question? Have the outraged politicos never heard of Lolita Lebron? Oscar Collazo? Rafael Cancel Miranda and Irvin Flores [Rodriguez], the four Puerto Rican political prisoners who have been in jail in US for over a quarter of a century because of their struggle for their own nation’s independence, said the Swedish commentary [Ed. note: Lebron, Miranda, Flores and Andres Figueroa Cordero were the four people who fired shots in the Capitol. Collazo was one of two Puerto Rican militants who attempted to assassinate President Truman four years earlier]. Are they not aware of the hundreds and thousands of blacks, Chicanos, Indians, Native Americans, and others who are, at this moment, rotting in US jails and prisons, because they dared to stand up and fight for their rights, said the Swedish commentary? And in their passion for the Soviet dissidents, have they have no interest in Ronald L. Humphrey and David Truong, the two people just convicted on framed up spy charges with virtually the same kind of evidence? Even less than that produced against Sharansky? Do these politicians need a lesson in recent history? How many tens of thousands have been thrown into US jails and prisons for their political beliefs, from leaders of the socialist and communist party in the 1950s, and those who refuse to answer congressional witch hunters in defense of the First Amendment freedoms to anti-war protester– protesters of the Vietnam era.

And how many other political protesters were executed without trial, such as Fred Hampton, shot down in cold blood by the Chicago police, and the students at Kent [State] University, shot down in cold blood by a force of the Unit– US national guard. And the same with the black student shot down at Jackson State Mississippi by the army, shot down in cold blood in United States.

No, it just won’t wash, Representative Parren Mitchell, Democrat Maryland, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus noted. If you go into any poor or black neighborhood in this country, and ask if there are political prisoners in the United States of America, the people will all tell you yes, unanimously.

We make no brief, said the Swedish commentary, for the way in which the Soviet Union conducted their trials, the semi-secret proceedings, the dubious testimony, the denial of all of the courtroom rights and the readily-apparent fact that the individuals involved were being tried for their political beliefs, at least in some cases, seem reminiscent of those negative features of Soviet society during S– Joseph Stalin’s rule, that still stands as somewhat of a blot against what were also the very real and healthy accomplishments of socialism in the Soviet Union at this time.

But we sharply oppose those on the left who would make of Sharansky, Alexandri Ginzburg, noted CIA connections, and most of these other so-called dissidents, political heroes. By and large, they are a reactionary lot. All fascists that are being tried in the Soviet Union. The only criticism uh, that their leading l– light, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, can make of US imperialism, that it isn’t anticommunist enough, and that it has lost its will to fight after having shamelessly surrendered in Vietnam. Solzhenitsyn, however, was permitted to immigrate from the Soviet Union. Now to throw long jail sentences at others whose political stands, while mistaken, are not nearly as reprehensible, and to do so on the basis of far-fetched charges of espionage, seems not to be in the best interest of the Soviet legal system. The trial reflects a larger problem of Soviet life. Sweden is, of course, a social democracy, not pro-Soviet and not pro-USA. More pro-USA really than pro-Soviet, because social democracy is still a form of capitalism. And that is the lack of genuine socialist democracy, says Sweden in the USSA– uh, USSR, even though there is great improvement. It’s one of the chief political props supporting the revisionist group that holds state power.

Internationally, the violations of socialist democracy practiced by the Soviet state serve to discredit the real political essence of the great accomplishments of their working class in the Soviet Union, as witness the justifications for abandoning the proletarian dictatorship, or the proletarian leadership by the various Eurocommunist parties.

The aspect of the Soviet trials cannot be ignored, simply because the United States is using them to promote anti-communism and make itself look good at Moscow’s expense. Because there’s far more freedom in the Soviet Union, said the Swedish commentary, than there is in the United States of America. At the same time, socialists would be making a serious error– error, if they did not direct their main attack on the US bourgeoisie propaganda apparatus, whose last concern is democracy or human rights. The tragedy is that the Soviet government has made their job a little easier on them, even though some of the Soviet dissidents have questionable CIA connections. Thus is the ending of the commentary.

Now I shall go into a matter of local concern, which can be taken up by the analyst and the people. I do not add my thought to the issue, the rightness or the wrongness of it, I just tell what is said. Speaking to the farm manager, you said you’re tired of me talking about those chickens, but I will talk all the louder. The first complaint I would like to bring to the attention of this body is a matter concerning 500 pullets. We were to buy these four-month-old chickens from Georgetown at a cost of a dollar eighty-five per chick – by the way, I gave approval to the farm manager to do so, whether the breakdown is here or in Georgetown remains for the people to investigate – a price we could never match if we were to raise them ourselves, and we are short of eggs, with so many children that we are adopting, and so many of our beautiful Guyanese neighbors that we’re taking in. We’re taking in a Guyanese baby today. Then trying to decide whether to fly them out, which I feel is what we should have done, and I told the farm manager that or ship them by the Cujoe, our sh– small boat, and going through various decision-making bodies, we screwed around until the chicks were sold to someone else. I think it is a shame that when the office tries so hard to ensure that we eat properly, that he should meet with so much resistance from administrative people, that a bargain for a necessity would go down the drain.

Last week, the toddlers only got one eat– one egg each. Perhaps you all don’t have children, or don’t have as much concern, but these children are our future, and if we are not building this community for them, then I fear like we are on the wrong track. I hope the persons responsible feel plenty of guilt for depriving our children, and the medical patients that need eggs in their diet.

Our chickens presently are laying only approximately 85 eggs a day, and decreasingly rapidly– decreasing rapidly because they are aging. Two-hundred a day are needed for the babies and medical needs. (Turns head to cough)

Besides the bungling of not getting the pullet– pullets, I only found out because I went to the radio room and asked about them myself. It’s my opinion that the farm manager and the farm manager’s assistant are responsible for follow-through on such matters. If they cannot follow through without someone going back to see if they followed through, then I feel that they’re the wrong people for the job. Again, I am not in any way giving judgement on the rightness or the wrongness. I want you to know that, in every department, in every field of this entire project, I read every note, scrap of paper, or long dissertation as this is, so that I do know what’s going on.

At least two months ago, we put an emergency order for heat lamp bulbs. Nothing has come of it. I guess I have to go to the radio room myself again. If that’s the case, then I feel the assistant farm manager can be freed to go back into production. The farm manager is good where he is, because some people need to be pushed to do their work. The farm manager is plenty good at that. The last 700 chicks shared one heat lamp bulb amongst them. They are supposed to have one for every 200, thus there was one-third– or less than one-third the heat that the chicks should’ve had. That’s great that the chicks made it at all this time, but there would’ve been a lot of fingers pointing at the head of the chicken department in the livestock division if anything happened to those chicks.

Next, I would like to discuss inspectors. A couple of times a week, we are visited by Jim Murrel [Jim Bogue], Jose [Simon] and Jan Wilsey. To me, it’s just a social visit. They are not doing their job at all. First off, I feel I should get a copy of their report so I can make necessary improvement. I thought their purpose was to point out faults, or shortcomings in production, as they see them, so they can be corrected for the people of the Jonestown community. Now this is an indictment of my own department. But about three days ago, I stayed to show Jerome how to clean a building, said Rob Gieg. The manure must’ve been nearly a quarter of an inch – the chicken manure – thick on the walls. You know that took a lot of time, a long time to build up. I wonder what do the inspectors look at when they are here, because obviously, they were not looking at the chickery in the livestock department. If they are not going to do their job properly, then they can go back into production, too.

Nick’s [Ronald Duckett, aka Nicky Lawrence] complaint goes to the sanitation department. Basically, for the same thing. Marie [Exia Marie Duckett, aka Marie Lawrence] hasn’t been down for a couple of weeks, and when she does come down, there are no reports given to us. We are the ones that have to make the improvements, so why are we not given a report? Also, the fly-traps that the office provided always need servicing. I’ll bet it was never reported by sanitation that we have a large pile of manure sitting in our drive for nearly a week, because we could not get it moved.

That brings me to another point. From now on, I will put all compost in the pit myself. I’m not going to schedule my work around any other departments. Too many times we’re having piles of manure left sitting in the driveway, so from this time on, if any crew wants manure compost, they know where the pit is.

Next point is the well. How many times we were told we’ve got the pump? It’ll be here next trip. We waited too long, and it got sold, as always. That means every day, we’ll have to schedule a tractor, for a half day, every day, just to supply water for the livestock complex. I don’t understand why we’ve always got to be so slow that we create hardships for ourselves. Now there’s no pump in the city of Georgetown or Guyana, and we’re going to have to wait for one stateside or elsewhere.

Again, I feel that the farm manager and his assistant should have hounded the radio people to death in order that they had it taken care of before the dry season.

The piggery in the livestock division is completely out of molasses. I know they’ve been trying for a long time to get it out here. It looks to me like with all the administrative people, someone ought to be able to get some results from Georgetown.

One last point is that I don’t think there has been a single crew that could compare with the production results of the old cassava crew when I used to supervise it, said Rob Gieg. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back, but I am saying the crews are hostile, because they don’t see their supervisors doing any work. We are so bogged down with administration– administrative trivia, it’s a wonder that crews do anything at all. It’s a good– it’s good a few people have sense enough to see the op– the jobs need doing, uh, regardless of the bull crap that goes on. I’m sure there are complaints about my crew and all. But I still contend that no other supervisor was able to get the results I got in the cassava crew. I did not spend my time every day in the agriculture office. I made it my practice to be the hardest worker on the crew. I made sure I outworked everybody. That eliminated one big complaint. I think supervisors have created paperwork, just so they don’t have to be in the sun and rain. Funny, maybe I’m wrong. But the people I see in the analyst office all the time never have been noted for being willing to get really funky dirty, except for maybe a couple. Most I’m referring to have always liked those clean jobs.

(unintelligible word), some of this I do not agree with. Some of it, I feel, I must say, there must be some merit to these complaints, and I want the analyst and the people to deal with it with deep concern. (same unintelligible word), you always had too much paperwork to do that you couldn’t get out of the office until we got a brand spanking new truck. I think he was assigned to that truck, uh, more than uh, him choosing it. If I noticed it, how many field workers do you think noticed it? I tell you, I wouldn’t even attended those meetings– I wouldn’t even have attended those meetings, but I feel somebody needs to come that doesn’t choose to be a part of administrative bureaucracy, which, indeed, if it exists, I want abolished, because in a cooperative, there is no room for bureaucracy, paperwork that is not essential. Somebody that can see through people’s games. Thank you. Sincerely, Comrade Rob Gieg. (Clears throat)

Continuing with the news.

Firemen have walked off the job in Anderson, Indiana. Thra– uh, faced with court suits, it matters not. They have taken off their work, and the city of Anderson is plagued with dangers if they have fires.

Third day of strike against Canadian Airlines.In spite of court injunction, the workers will not go back to work.

Postal strike is due to contin– be– begin some time today.

John Paul the first, anticommunist former cardinal wins on the second b– ballet.

The (unintelligible word) program, that provides the few jobs that minorities have in United States, is going to be attempted to be continued at least temporarily by special funds from the executive branch, the president’s office, USA.

Vice President [Walter] Mondale grated– greeted 2000 Hispanic Americans in Rio Grand, after they have protested endlessly for jobs. He came to give them a public service job.

Funeral services for actor Charles Boyer, top Warner Brothers star. He died just one week to the day after [Pat Paterson] his wife of 25 years passed away.

Passengers and crew could not discover who gave the 19-page document to the TWA flight that was held up as a hijacking. Someone gave a 19-page document to a stewardess, then they discarded their mustache, wig and spectacles in the airplane toilet, and they got away safely. They do not know yet what– whether there were serious intentions of hijacking, or whether they gave them up. Anyway, they got away safely.

Sixteen tiger-jet fighters ordered by the Swiss. Switzerland has always been has always been a neutral country, a banking center for the world. Fifty-two more will be assembled in Switzerland out of some seventy-plus. Switzerland is building underground shelters in their mountains in preparation for what the Swiss government seems to feel is the absolute of a third world war, a nuclear atomic war coming soon. The problem of the Swiss exporters reported lower sales during last two months. Also, their economy is being more affected than any time in history.

Position of the British petroleum is precarious as it is the biggest holder in South Africa, and the South African economy is in bad shape as the liberation forces of black Africa are moving all over that great continent.

Soviet and GDR, the German Democratic Republic, communist East Germany, launched their new space satellite to help build whatever that platform is. Some say it maintains heat, new breakthroughs of heat, that will be able to pick out any device in the US society that they want to destroy, or laser, that will be able to interrupt any ballistic missile, atomic nuclear missile that is headed for any Soviet-based, or an ally of the Soviet Union in the Warsaw Pact.

Chinese Prime Minister Hua and President [Josip Broz] Tito of Yugoslavia have more talks on their last day on the grave crisis that is confronting the war– uh, the world. Point they are meeting in the northern Adi– Adriatic Sea. They feel that the S– U– United Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR, (gives Russian pronunciation) as the Russians would say, are preparing for a nuclear war. China has long been since suggesting nuclear war, according to her Doctrine of Three Worlds, saying that it is inevitable, and China has recommended that it be gotten over with before all the world has nuclear bombs.

New Soviet launch space– in space project, to connect up with Salud number two, as they’re building quite a complex city in outer space.

One airman died trying to rescue others. Seventeen still are hospitalized. This is at the Wichita Silo, Titan Silo, where the leak broke through that killed livestock 55 miles away and killed one airman uh, nearly a quar– three quarters of a mile away and 17 more are laying very critically ill in the hospital. Wichi– Wichita could even have to be evacuated again, due to another strange leak at the silo.

A number of drug apu– abusers, multiple abusers, are going more now to poli-drug use. They treat their body in USA, said Voice of America, like a garbage can. No change of– after– no changes are– are being seen after drug treatments, even by the most specialized drug center. Patients treated uh, by opium, and uh, the opium that were on the opium dir– an opium derivatives, are reduced down 17 percent, but alcohol is up 25 percent and heroin is up nearly 20 percent, because mixing with marijuana and other sedatives and tranquilizers. As the US Voice of America commentary said, America’s having a very threatening drug problem, and American drug users are becoming nothing more or less than garbage cans. They’ll take anything. That’s the emptiness of American society, the hopelessness and despair of living every day with racism, and every day, not expecting for sure whether tomorrow will begin because of a nuclear war.

In spite of illegality of postal strikes and restraining orders from the courts, the postal strikes are certainly to break out tomorrow, said Voice of America in USA.

United Nations Commissions against Racism, led– ho–  hosted by the president [Olusegun Obasanjo], who was from Nigeria, black Nigeria, oil-rich Nigeria, condemned all supporters of the U– Union of South America and United States of America in s– uh, in particular, called for immediate economic sanctions against that racist and fascist, white apartheid regime, said the Nigerian president, of 121 nations that are just closing the conference on racism– racism, backed by the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Kansas congressman, alarmed, called for immediate investigation of USA Titan missiles because of the threat to the health and safety of all the citizens of Kansas.

Still talk of three transatlantic balloonists. You never heard so much folderol about nothing.

American businessman F.J. Crawford will go on trial in Moscow and perhaps will be sentenced to eight years. He was arrested July 12 and held by the US ambassador against Soviet law for some time, but he has now been released by the US Ambassador, though he is a prominent top-notch official in the International Harvester uh, Corporation. He has been charged by the Soviet government of exchanging large numbers of US dollars for Russian rubles, who have now more value on the world market than US dollars.

New pope says that there is room for dialogue with all people of the world, but he is reportedly by BBC and the Voice of America, strongly anti-communist. He is 65 years young. He– it is said by Voice of America that he is jovial and compassionate like John [XXIII], the great pope of peace, and serious, like Pope Paul, the moderate, who just died.

The wife of Charles Boyer, Pat Patterson, Charles Boyer, he was one of the top Hollywood actors, as I said, died just a week before her husband.

Who will stop the rain? Soldiers make mistakes of smuggling heroin to journalist friend, it’s a movie, a kind of commentary I’m making. Who will stop the rain? The world’s uh, perhaps the USA Hollywood most popular. Soldiers make mistake of smuggling heroin to a newspaper friend. The lust of heroin becomes more important than human characters, said Voice of America. He becomes a victim of smuggling ring, and it’s all wet. Little plot, and the movies of USA, said Voice of America, have lost any moral impact. There is no moral theme, said the Mutual Broadcasting Company. As true of all movies these days in USA. The chief star was Tuesday Weld.

If blood pressure is high, it causes strokes and coronaries (turns head for unintelligible aside), and it can be controlled, but USA’s diet is going to have to be freed from the immense amount of chemical preservatives that are not only causing strokes and coronaries, and also the obesity. Americans are dying of strokes and heart attacks because they’re too fat. That’s why we have weight watching here, and Voice of America readily admits too many cancer-causing and heart-damaging chemicals, chemical preservatives, food colorings and so forth, that not only cause strokes, heart attacks, but cancer.

Nobody would’ve enjoyed the Idaho Rapids and river trip that nearly brought an accident to President Carter, said Voice of America, except President [Thomas] Jefferson, because he always seemed to play with death.

The new pope, he sees that we must work with the poor. He is strong anti-communist. He has personal warmth, says BBC.

Hundred thou– 130,000 women in USA, um, role of women in the church, discussing the role of the women in the Catholic Church. Women priests. They hope that the new pope will study the issue, though little encouragement comes from that fact, that the new pope, the Pope Paul, whatever he was, is a moderate. Father Graham was astounded at election of a pope in the first day. He said it did not show that there was proper study given to the election of the head of the largest church, the universal church – catholic means universal – the Roman Catholic church. Pope John Paul says he wants to promote peace. Let us hope that he does. It is our desire certainly to see peace in the world.

Politburo is analyzing Pek– Peking’s moves. The Politburo is the leadership of the Soviet Union. Try– they say Peking is trying to undermine the position of the– of the socialist world community. It’s a major issue, and no relaxation of the arms race can take place until China stops its belligerence. The Soviet Union says China has developed a remarkable brand of socialism for its own people, but it is behaving like a lunatic in the world international arena. As long as there is hope at all of nuclear war being avoided, being it will destroy so many masses in USA, Canada, and Europe, it should be the effort of all world nations to try to do something to avert a nuclear war.

Geneva conference against Racism. The call for end of discrimination immediately against Palestinians, Tel Aviv, concrete ways to eliminate racism. The boycott of Zionist Israel and USA was condemned, and the ra– racism in that USA was made the most prominent thought of the conference on racism, including 121 nations in Geneva, Switzerland, because USA is a primary backer of the w– worst racist regime in the world, Union of South Africa, that restricts people’s movement whether they’re Indian, East Indian, A– Asian, or black. The Conference A– Against Racism also points out the hypocrisy of the United States in boycotting the conference and condemns Israeli fascist expansionism.

China is looking for modern weapons all over the world, provoking conflicts and war. China’s foreign policy, says the Soviet Union and even suggested by the Voice of Netherlands, is sane– insane. China is good– uh, China’s goal is to conquer the world for Chinese communism, says Radio (stumbles over words) Sweden. They are trying to establish anti-Soviet alliances. They are insane in their paranoia about the Soviet Union, using Western Europe, trying to provoke conflicts, in accordance with their Doctrine of Three Worlds. You know the Doctrine of Three Worlds. The first world includes the Soviet Union and USA. Now since 1968, they fear the Soviets more than any. The second world is the European capitalist nations. They’re trying now to bring– make inroads into that world to pull them into the Third World that China considers herself to be leader of. The Third World or the underdeveloped world. And China has been able to get several trade agreements and break some of those capitalist nations away from the USA posturing what they had always done, because the West Germans, capitalist West Germany and France– France has refused to ban trade with the Soviet Union. West Germany sold a computer that the Soviets wanted from the USA uh, populace taxpayers lost the money.

Sweden says selling weapons to China is a short-sighted and dangerous policy, but it is being pursued these days by the United States and other members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, lackeys of US imperialism.

Pope John the First said first duty is to spread the Gospel, as I said.

Radio Moscow. Round of talks between China and Vietnam have failed. The Chinese are still holding the ridge inside– I mean the Vietnamese are still holding the ridge inside of China.

The Soviet Union says that she has new and advanced military technology that is able to penetrate even the underground city shelters for the Chinese people to protect them against atomic war. For some reason, China has not counter-attacked to free the territory that the Vietnamese now hold. Vietnam – socialist Vietnam reunified – is an ally of the Soviet Union.

It was admitted by most nations of the world, capitalist and socialist, that China started the incident by attacking several Vietnamese border guards and killing several. The Vietnam– Vietnamese retaliated and penetrated into Chinese territory nearly a mile and hold an entire ridge of that great territory of China. The small nation of Vietnam has certainly showed a great deal of bravery in attacking a nation of one billion.

British foreign office to investigate the shipment of oil to Rhodesia. British Foreign Secretary seems to be aware of the real wave of the future, that Rhodesia will fall, that black rule will come in both South Africa and Rhodesia.

Politburo– The leadership of the Soviet Union need for coordination of the Warsaw Pact to relax military tensions. The whole of a Warsaw Pact, the Soviet alliance, are at military readiness. Tensions, says Radio Sweden, are all over the Soviet world. The risk to peace created by the Chinese actions are clear to be seen. Even now, said Radio Sweden, S– USA and her NATO allies are more bellicose, and more war talk has been heard than at any time in our history, when it’s more dangerous than ever, because so much of the Northern Hemisphere can be destroyed by nuclear war. As you know, Sweden has underground cities for her people.

Space craft. The German Democratic Republic, Communist East Germany uh, cosmonaut and a Soviet cosmonaut are making the third venture into space to link up with the space uh, platform that I mentioned before.

Vietnam and China. On Chinese living in Vietnam. China has been blamed by Vietnam– China blamed Vietnam, rather, for the attack. Hanoi denies starting the conflict. And according to Radio Moscow, there is uh, room for both to negotiate because it is a serious situation, but she defends Hanoi, Vietnam in the situation. The Vietnamese, as I said, it’s unimaginable that she, a nation of only a few millions, have taken on a nation of billions. The problem began when Chinese ethnics who were caught in capitalist corrupt practices were asked to leave or be rehabilitated. They chose to go to the People’s Republic of China, but now China does not want them, and there are some 6000 caught in-between the borders of Vietnam and China. And the borders have been enlarged in that the Vietnamese have pressed into China, conquering uh, one mile of Chinese territory. Moreover, it is an indication, says Radio Sweden, that China is taking seriously the Soviet capability of destroying the Chinese nation with new devices that have not been announced to the world, because China has not reclaimed her territory as of yet.

Czechoslovakia. Peaceful statements made by Chair– (clears throat) Chairman Hua of China have nothing to do with reality. Chinese are allied with the neo-colonialists, says Czechoslovakia.

Ethiopian international conference of solidarity will take place in a few days in Addis Ababa, the capital. The agenda will be African and Arab struggle for peace, the fight against colonialism, US imperialism and racism.

Delegation to Mozambique by the Cubans had been sent, an attack on civilians had been conducted just an hour ago by Rhodesians uh, white aggressors. Also, attack has been carried against Zambia, an attempt to try to stop the liberation movements which will not succeed. It’s just the dying reflexes of something that is already dead, said Radio Sweden.

The multinational corporations, with their primary power coming out of Washington, in Africa, have proposed to form their own armed contingent. The Organization of African Unity of some 50 African nations say they will resist this with all their military might.

New Pope Paul John– John Paul, rather, took his office. The Soviets did not comment on what kind of an administration new Pope John Paul will bring.

British foreign officers are investigating unauthorized full operations to South Africa, illegal operations that are being conducted by Shell and British Petroleum. They’re involved, and both are nationalized by the British government. But the British government and investigations, uh, due to the uh– the bravery of Secretary of– of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Owens, have been found to be giving funds, governmental funds, for the purchase of military hardware to support the white racist regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia.

Sixty-five people have been killed in South Lebanon by the Zionists.

Miners, one-sixth of the world’s coal is produced in the Soviet Union. The role of the miners is an interesting one in the Soviet Union. They only work 28 hours a week, as compared to 50 hours in United States, minimum. They have the highest wages of all of the working class. They received a 10 percent raise this year. Miners retire at the age of 50, whereas US miners are not alive at the age of 50. Their average life-expectancy is 44 years of age, and they die of silicosis, black lung disease. But they cannot retire if they do make it through that period until 65.

Interestingly enough, according to Radio Sweden, the Soviet Union has no problem with silicosis because of the tremendous care in masks that they provide and ventilation for their miners. The worker take more concern, have more priority, than profits. Miners have the best pensions of anyone in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Politburo, that leads the Soviet government.

Soviet communist party approved Crimean meeting. All of the Soviet allies, one by one, are going to the Crimea to meet with President Brezinski [Leonid Brezhnev], uh, the chairman of the communist party of the Soviet Union. Hungary has been there, the East German Democratic Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and now Poland. It is expected that there is preparations being made for war if China is determined in her expansionist policies. Expansion of exchange in all aspects of public life also is taking place. More economic agreements and solidarity, deep analysis of present international situation. There is an immediate need to relax worldwide tensions, said the Soviet Union’s Radio Moscow, if nuclear war is to be avoided this year. The imperialists are trying to cover the arms race, and China is using USA, and vice versa, says the Soviet Union.

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