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(This tape was transcribed by Connor Ashley Clayton. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.)

Jones: –black woman. And stuck down, in a corner of this particular photo, is a photo of a black girl in a red dress.

Unidentified Woman: Yes.

Jones: Yet I do not know you.

Unidentified Woman: No.

Jones: Never been in your home?

Unidentified Woman: No.

Jones: You’ve shown this picture to no one?

Unidentified Woman: No.

Jones: It’s in your home now. That picture I described is in your home.

Unidentified Woman: Yes.

Jones: Hands clasped. (Clears throat softly) You have a daughter that has three children.

Unidentified Woman: Yes, I have.

Jones: Young child. He’s a boy, ‘round four or so.

Unidentified Woman: Yes. Yes.

Jones: This is saving his life.

Congregation: (Shouts, affirmation)

Jones: (glossolalia) Your name, that you give to us, is Sidener?

Unidentified Woman: Yes, it is.

Jones: But to show that, no– every meeting I show this. Uh– I show the power of God. People come, they give subscriptions, or they give their attendance list, and you would give your name as Sidener?

Unidentified Woman: Yes.

Jones: Your name was Thompson, before you were married.

Unidentified Woman: That’s right.

Jones: (Quickly, shouting) God Almighty!

Congregation: (Applause, cheers, shouts) (Pause)

Jones: This– This, my darling, is for a twin. You have a twin sister?

Unidentified Woman: Yes, here she is–

Jones: Idella. Right next to you. Idella. Idella Carter. This will stop her from a stroke – she has high blood pressure – and this will stop her from a stroke. Monday evening. Spirit, Spirit of God! Monday evening ‘cause (Calls out) God has come on the scene! Won’t happen now.

(Organ music plays softly, joined by soft female vocals sings “In the Upper Room”)

Congregation: (applause, cheers, claps with music)

Jones: And this is for a loved one, Jetta– is it Jetta Steward or something of this sort?

Unidentified Woman: Yes that’s my (unintelligible)

Jones: In San Jose (unintelligible)? And in your eyes, there’s been a problem that’s been causing– a problem that’s been giving you some difficulty, a pressure in your eyes. This will stop glaucoma, that would cause you to go blind. Now, you are done. You are finished! The blessings. Just place this on your eyes, just place it on your eyes, and the Spirit shall roll away the film! Ohh (harmonising with music).

Female vocalist: (Singing with support of organ) In the upper room with Father–

Jones: Spirit. Spirit.

Male narrator: We now have two cancers returned. Two that’ve gone out to the restrooms, have now returned with cancers being carried in large handfuls of paper towels. They are rejoicing now, as they come forward on the stage, to where the Prophet receives them warmly, and rejoices with them over their healings.

Female vocalist: In the upper room with Father (melodically, soulfully)

Male narrator: So many cancers passed today, before this congregation of several thousand. God goes about his work–

Jones: We just took away cancers from both of them, and deafness here, we stopped it. We praise God. She can hear out of both ears, clearly, so we can praise God. Praise God! Praise God! Thank you, God!

Jones and Female vocalist: In the Upper Room with Jesus [Editorial note: Jones sings the name as Jesus, and the female vocalist corrects herself – from Father to Jesus – in mid-word].

(tape edit)

Jones: –before I come down. There’re the cancers – two cancers – that’ve been passed. The woman carrying them, was with a stroke three days, she’s in her seventies. And I came to her, she was paralysed on her side, and she was made every whit whole. And ever since then, she’s said “I’m gonna do the work of God.” She hosts the bus, clear across the country, those– uh, all this healing work, ‘cause she was laying with a stroke for three days, paralysed on her side. And that’s been some time ago, so it lasts, child, the Spirit’s blessing lasts. I’m going to ask that people have come in late, I’m going to ask that you have an opportunity to give, and I’m going to ask now for purely no blessing, but just because you love. Some of you in the family– how many will give an extra dollar right now? How many would give one extra dollar? One extra dollar, in the family, one–

(tape edit)

Jones: – about that. Only God. And that’s happened 38 times this year. Not the ones in the homes, not the one on the streets, not the one in the hospitals, not the ones like the sister who stood up and testified about going to the morgue, and showed her daughter here where she took a picture and went to the morgue. Those pictures are indeed blessed. Four thousand miracles that we have written report of– and how many we don’t have written report, we couldn’t say since May. So get those pictures.  Money won’t stand in your way if you’ll speak to the secretary. It’s a blessed thing, ‘cause God anointed those pictures. We didn’t for years have pictures, but the Spirit spoke the pictures to be just as much as an anointed cloth. And it has certainly proven its meritoriousness. It’s stopped accidents, cured cancer, brought one woman– she went, right in this church, what was her name? Sharp, wasn’t it? Son was dead for– dead for a– a day. Good God. Good God! Just a faith brought him back. Dead for a day. Don’t believe it? You can ask them. You saw the woman standing up here, the girl that the mother went right to the– there she– it’s the sister there? Dead for a day. Son dead for a day, right standing over there. And you saw the sister with the daughter up here, she was in the morgue, and she pushed doctors aside and went in and put the picture on and up she come (Calls out) right out of the morgue! Good God.

Congregation: (Applause, cheers)

Jones: Anybody else – if we weren’t preaching brotherhood and peace – they’d have advertisement all over the news, but they’re afraid to advertise such a thing like this, ‘cause they know the world would beat a path to the door. They don’t want to tell it. Couldn’t afford to tell it. Remember busses eight and nine will be returning to Fresno, Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, Redwood Valley, at about seven-thirty or eight. Uh– But no one’s to go unless you have to go to work. ‘Cause we’re staying over for a big meeting tomorrow at one. How many will tell, the– the mit– the witness of the Spirit was to tell twenty. Twenty a day. How many will tell? Several people. The only advertisement we have of our new Temple will be by your voice. Tell them. Meeting at five-thirty tonight, and then tomorrow at one. Feast and a fellowship and healing service, tonight at five-thirty and tomorrow at one at the corner of Hoover and Alvarado. You might write that up out there, ‘cause some people won’t hear it, and there’s one woman back there that needs– Hey, don’t move. Don’t move. Spirit. Sister, don’t move. Please don’t move for a minute. I must give a cloth to you. I must give a cloth to you when I go down. Please don’t move. Sit down if you will. It’s an accident I’ve got to prevent– I see a Buick and  Chrysler colliding, and you would be in the middle of it. Hands clasped. (Pause, sounds like flicking through pages) Spirit of God. Katie Green. Who’s Katie Green? Katie Green. (Pause) Katie Green? (Pause) I s– No, all right, no, it’s all right, no– no need to do so. May– Maybe Spirit– (Calls out) Katie, Katie Green! You’re deaf! That’s why I don’t hear it. Katie Green! (Pause) All right. Hands clasped. I see now, the Spirit’s speaking. Precious, precious Spirit of God, move in to heal the sick. To raise the dead. (pause) You can’t hear without it– that– uh, that ear mechanism? (Louder) You can’t hear without that ear mechanism? Tell her– I– She can’t hear. She’s deaf.

Marceline Jones: Can you read lips? Can you hear without that ear mechanism?

Katie Green: (Cries)

Jones: She don’t hear me. Uh, hands clasped, hands clasped. Have to rise above it like we did with Sister Brown here with the– with the uh, cast. I’ll have to work on my own. Get the– Brother [Archie] Ijames, step over there by the side and tell her just, uh, that I’ve called her out, real loud, and uh, open your mouth so she can see it. Say she’ll believe we can– we can give– give hearing. You’ll have to repeat everything I say, I suspect she’s very deaf.

Archie Ijames: (Slowly and clearly) Father Jones is calling you out. And he’s gone heal you.

Jones: Oh! Oh! Tell her I know what she’s saying to herself. When she came in, she didn’t say anything, but when she came in, for the beginning of the service, some hours ago, I saw this that she said – oh, I’m sorry, what am I doing. I– uh, let me tell you what I saw. Said this is like one big rainbow. One big, beautiful rainbow. Even though you’re not of a minority.

Ijames: (unintelligible) – minority, like one big, beautiful (slowly) rain – bow. Did you say that?

Jones: In your mind. In your mind.

Congregation: (Few voices, scattered shouts)

Jones: All right, sister! You had six – all right, y– you can tell it. No use to me shouting. You had six brothers.

Ijames: (Slowly, loudly) You had six brothers.

Jones: Three sisters.

Ijames: – brothers. You had six brothers.

Jones: Three sisters.

Ijames: Three sisters.

Jones: But you’re the only one left.

Ijames: You are the only one left.

Jones: Two of your sisters died of cancer.

Katie Green: (Crying, whimpering response)

Ijames: (unintelligible) (Slowly, deliberately) Two of– two of your sisters died of cancer.

Jones: One of the lungs.

Ijames: (Slowly) One of the lungs.

Jones: And one of kidneys.

Ijames: And one of kidneys.

Katie Green: (Crying)

Jones: Since June last year.

Ijames: (Slowly) Since June last year.

Katie Green: (Crying)

Ijames: (unintelligible)

Jones: In your youth – oh, dear God – in your youth you have the terrible misfortune of being taken advantage of by a seriously ill man.

Ijames: (Slowly) In your youth, you had the terrible misfortune, of being taken advantage of, by a ill man?

Jones: Seriously ill. Depraved – depraved. He was depraved.

Unidentified male: (Overlapping) Seriously ill. A depraved man, right?

Katie Green: (Crying)

Jones: He had syphilis and he gave it to you, which has left you blind and deaf nearly.

Congregation: (Shocked gasps and shouts, then scattered applause)

Ijames: He had the sickness and left you nearly blind and deaf, right?

Katie Green: (Whimpering)

Ijames: Right, she says.

Jones: Your parents couldn’t get you to the doctor in the delta.

Ijames: (Slowly) Your parents couldn’t get you to the doctor in the delta.

Jones: In the delta!

Ijames: In the delta!

Katie Green: (Crying)

Jones: Who can know these things?

Congregation: (Applause, cheering)

Jones: Now tell her. Tell her, if she will believe, and– turn off her sh– her hearing aid.

Ijames: If you would believe and turn off the hearing aid.

Jones: I shall make you hear.

Congregation: (Shouts, cheers, clapping)

Jones: Spirit. Tell her to look to me. Tell her to look to me now, not to read lips anymore. (Puse) Spirit of God. Take her glasses off. She also has diabetes.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: Okay, we got the hearing aid, all right, fine. Spirit of God. (Slower) Spirit of God. (Slower and quieter) Spirit of God. Now what you see, is what you’re going to get.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: If you see me as a Prophet, you’ll see, and get a Prophet. If you see me as a good man, you’ll just get a good man – I don’t care how you come. But if you see me (pause) in the hundredfold – there’s thirty percent God, sixty percent God, sixtyfold, or a hundredfold, hundred percent God – and I have come in the hundredship, fathership, sonship manifestation (Matthew 13:8, 23: “But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold… But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”)

Voice in Congregation: Yeah!

Jones: Now, Sister Green, Sister Green, Sister Green, Sister Green. Don’t look to him. (Pause) I said, Green.

Unidentified male: (Unintelligible)

Jones: I said– All right. Syphilis has left you with that palsy, that shaking and that tremor in your hands. That’s syphilis that’s done that. (Slowly) Sister Green, I have come to heal you. (Slower) I have come to heal you. What did she hear me say? Ask her to repeat what I said. (Quiet) I have come to heal you.

Katie Green: (Whimpering, trying to say “heal”)

Jones: I don’t hear her. (Slowly) I have come to heal you.

Katie Green: (Whimpering)

Jones: Little louder, darling, it’s all right, little louder. Don’t be afraid. You’re a Methodist. You’re not used to this, but I don’t care, I’ll make uh, I’ll make a born again, apostolic socialist outta you before I get through with you.

Voice in Congregation: (Laughs) Hallelujah.

Katie Green: (Whimpering)

Jones: I– Say it out loud. I have come– Have trouble with your voice, too, darling? Say, I have come to heal you. (Pause) Go ahead. I–

Katie Green: (Whimpering) What?

Jones: Don’t be afraid, darling. Say it, I– Say, your name is Jim Jones. Shh– shh (hushes crowd) Your name is Jim Jones. Say it. Do go ahead, say it loud. Don’t worry. Say it.

Katie Green: (Slowly) Your– your name– your name–

Jones: That’s right.

Katie Green: Lim– Lim (unintelligible)

Jones: It’s what? Lim– Your– your– no, I said your name is Jim Jones. My name is Jim Jones.

Katie Green: My, my– my name–

Jones: You got my name. My name. Say, my name is Jim Jones, in the Spirit, now, come on quick, my name is Jim Jones.

Katie Green: Your name– Ji– Ji– Ji– Jim (unintelligible)

Congregation: (Loud applause, cheering, shouts)

Jones: Now, Sister. Sister, Sister. Sister. Sister. Those hands that are shaking, those hands that are shaking. Sister. Just calm, just calm them now. Calm them now. Calm them now. Calm them now. (Slowly) Calm them now. You know you couldn’t hear without that hearing aid. Now, the hands will calm. Hold your harm up– hold your arm up. Hold your arms up. Hold them up. Hold them up, dear. No, no, no, c– no. Calm, calm, calm, calm. I said, I come now, I’m speaking as the fathership. (Forcefully) Calm! Stop it!

Congregation: (Loud applause, cheers, shouting. Organ begins melodising in background)

Jones: Spirit! That’s it. Now Sister, look up here, look up here, because I’m in an authority now. Look up here. Look up here. You that are blind, oh, you were blind yet you can see (John 9:25, “He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.”). Now, Sister. Look at my hand. Do I have any fingers up? Keep the hand calm, keep it calm, ‘cause I’m in there.

Katie Green: (Unintelligible, sounds like “fingers”)

Jones: Do I have any fingers up? (Pause) I know I’m taxing it. Just let the light– let the light break on through. What do you see?

Katie Green: (Unintelligible) I see– I see three (unintelligible).

Jones: What?

Katie Green: (Unintelligible)

Male narrator: She is at the back of the auditorium.

Jones: You see what, though, what do you see? How many fingers do you see?

Male narrator: She’s in the last several rows at the back of the congregation.

Katie Green: (Unintelligible)

Congregation: (Cheers, applause, clapping, organ begins to play once again)

Jones: (Calls) Three fingers, that’s what you see! And that’s it! God Almighty, God Almighty!

Female vocalist: (Beginning to sing) (Unintelligible) Joy, joy joy, to my soul! (Jones harmonises with her) (Unintelligible) blessed– Tell her what Father has done! (Unintelligible) – has come, and he brought joy, joy, joy, to my soul!

Male narrator: From the back of the congregation, in the last several rows, she’s–

Jones: Listen, child. Listen, child. I– I can take that trembling away, all that trembling. Go on. Go on. Go on, walk. This is an anointing here. You can walk, you can walk. If you can see, and you can hear. Come on, let’s walk now, let’s walk. Let’s walk. Let’s walk.

Male narrator: She is now coming down the aisle. To the front of the congregation.

(Female vocalist singing with organ tune once again, congregation clapping to the beat)

Jones: Come on, walk on around, walk on around. Lift your hand up. Lift up your hand. Walk on around. Walk on around. Walk on. Walk on. No tremble, no tremble. No tremble. No tremble. No tremble. Go on, walk! Go on, walk, Sister, go on.

Male narrator: As he commands, the trembling stops again totally.

Jones: Don’t be afraid, don’t be bashful. Just go on and walk. Just run. Go on, walk! Get with her, sister there, get with her, get her so– get with her, so– She’s been so crippled up, she’s got sores all over her legs. Let her walk! Let her walk! In the name of God, let her walk! Now tell her, I said to run. Run (increasing volume each time). Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run! Run real well, run! Run! Run!

Congregation: (Applause, cheers, continues clapping with the music)

Male narrator: She is told to run and she does so. She ran up the aisle to the back of the congregation!

Jones: (Harmonising with female vocalist) My God, Jesus, what is (unintelligible). Come out with your crutches! (unintelligible) Come on out with your crutches, come on! (Harmonising with female vocalist once again) –brought joy, joy, joy, to my soul!

Male narrator: She is now running down the aisle! (unintelligible) (Pause) When she stepped out of the aisle, she could barely walk, and now she runs. (Pause) Again at the front of the congregation, running across to the other aisle.

Jones: Tell her to run! Tell her to run! Tell her to run! (Harmonising, unintelligible) There’s the sister that was healed last night, dancing around. Don’t matter what your crippling condition, yes, you can be healed! Let the Spirit have its way! (Harmonises with female vocalist) Joy, to my soul.

Female vocalist: Joy to my soul.

Male narrator: There are thousands here today who have just seen God perform the miracle, a miraculous healing of an infirmed woman.

Congregation: (continues to sing with music and vocalist in background)

Male narrator: Deaf, blind, and crippled with palsy. Just freely delivered. (Pause) Nothing is impossible with God, as he has proven here today, before this large congregation.

Jones: Sister. Sister. Sister. I want you to take that – I want you to take a good fast run. I want you to take a good fast run. ‘Cause you’ll– you’re going back to that tremble, and I want that stopped. I took that syphilis, now stop that trembling. Stop it. Stop it. Now stop it!

Congregation: (Cheers, applause)

Jones: Stop it. No more trembling. That means no more trembling! None whatsoever! None whatsoever! Now you go running, you just as young as you think you are. Now run, run, I mean run! (Shouting) Run! Run! Run! Run! That’s it, run!

Female vocalist: (Increasing in volume, singing with accompanying organ) Oh yes he did, yes he did, he brought joy, joy, joy to my soul.

Male narrator: Well, you better not get in front of her, because now she is re– running. She makes a sprint to the back of the congregation, out the door, and coming across to the aisle to come forward again. She is now sprinting down the aisle to the front of the congregation, (Pause) as thousands rejoice over her healing. Rejoice that God is being manifest– being manifest in the hundredfold degree! She continues to run as she starts another lap around the auditorium.

Jones: Now, my Spirit. If there’s some that want to be baptised next Saturday night and Sunday up in our beautiful apostolic nation in Redwood Valley, come down the aisles and receive this great salvation. Ye must be born again! You must be born again in the Spirit of God! (John 3: 3-8) The same one that took her crippling away, the same one that healed of her neck. The neck still straight is it, darling? The one that took her brace off, the pain all gone? Still as she is down here. You can see she’s doing all right. Praise God! Able to move the neck every way, Sister? Able– every way? Look at her. She was in her neck brace. Look at her, all the way round! Well, God Almighty, let’s praise him! I know where he is. I haven’t talked too much tonight about where he is, but we know where he is. Yes, we know where he is!

Congregation: (Cheers, applause, some still clapping with music)

Female vocalist: And he brought joy, joy, joy, to my soul!

Jones and Female vocalist: (singing) My God did just what he said. Yes, he did. Yes, he did! Healed the sick and raise the dead. Yes, he did. Yes, he did! He brought joy, joy, joy to my soul.

(Fade out, tape edit)

Jones: –come down the aisles.

Jones and Female vocalist: Yes, he did! Healed the sick and he raised the dead, yes he did. Yes, he did. And he brought joy, joy, joy to my soul.

Congregation: (Singing, clapping to beat)

Jones and Female vocalist: Oh, your God did just what he did. Yes, he did. Yes, he did! Your–

(Tape edit)

Jones: He that overcometh, Revelation 3:12 says, I will make a pillar in the temple of the house of God, and he will go no more out into the Earth (Revelation 3:12, “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out…”). Will you come and be baptised? Will you come and be baptised into this new immortality? This is a new day. You’ve never lived under the fathership degree, the hundredfold, this is the day of the Lord (Matthew 13:8, 23). This is the day of salvation. The day of your God! Oh, great God. Will you come? Will you come? (Begins to sing) Is there anybody here who loves my Jesus? (Female vocalist joins in) Anybody here who loves my God?

Female vocalist and unidentified male vocalist: I want to know if you love my saviour, I want to know if you love my God! Is there anybody here, who loves my–

(tape edit)

Jones: I want you, Sister, that was using that crutch – now walking – I want you to s– wave it over this crowd, ‘cause I anointed it. Just wave it over the crowd, and walk up and down the aisles. That’s another sister that left hers. (Breaking into song) Oh– there anybody here – God Almighty – who loves my Jesus? Anybody here who loves your God? (Calls out) Father wants to know, my child!

(Vocalists continue song with Jones riffing with music)

Female vocalist: I want to know if you love your saviour. I want to know, if you love your God.

Jones: Father wants to know my child, if you love your–

(tape edit)

Jones: (Raised voice) At Alvarado and Hoover. I’m not going to go down the aisles, but I will go down every aisle over there. We gotta have time to get over there. We want to take this anointing over there, we want to leave with it just like this. You see, when people have the faith, they saw God! And they dropped their crutches and they dropped their canes. That’s all right, love, come on! Come on to your feet. Come on! Lift your hand, hold that cane up, and walk, walk, love! Walk, just walk. Don’t look at the cane. Just hold it up like the serpent held it up. (Voice lowers somewhat) Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me. You gotta know, uh– if you tell me, it shows a limitation. You must not tell me anything. You gotta see more of the God in me. (Unintelligible word) – come to the next service. Spirit! Come on, child, come on. Come on. Let’s just have faith. Let’s just have faith – all right, Sister! Go on, go on, go on, go on!

Female vocalist: (Singing previous refrain accompanied by music)

Jones: (Excited shouting) Hey God! Hey God! Spirit! That’s six! Six that’s off their crutches – good God Almighty, why don’t you praise him? Six that’s left their crutches! Good God Almighty!

Male narrator: They come up with crutches and canes, and as Father speaks the word, they give up their (unintelligible word) crutch and give up their cane and walk or run away, giving testimony that the healing (unintelligible, Jones speaking over) as spoken by this man of God, in his manifestation of good.

(Music and song fade out)

Jones: The sister there in the white coat! The sister in the white coat had been six years a cripple, unable to walk.

Voices in Congregation: Yeah!

Jones: Six years. That’s why she’s dancing and praising God. Six years she couldn’t walk! Something to praise him for! Something to praise socialism for! Something to praise God for!

Female vocalist: (Punctuating Jones’ statements with refrain)

Congregation: (Shouts, affirmation)

Jones: Hey, (music fades) you say you can’t stand to be religious, then you’ve got a hard heart. When religion can cause six people to walk away from crutches. When it can cause six people to drop their crutches, then it’s worth being religious. It’s worth being religious. Praise his name!

Congregation: (Cheers, applause)

Jones: Good God, good God! Let’s carry this right on over to Alvarado, and Hoover. Let’s carry this anointing. And I will then go up and down every aisle. But learn. It’s what you see in me, that you reproduce in yourself. The more of God you see in me, the more you reproduce. Tell all these people, that ordinarily I’d go down the aisles, but I don’t feel led to. But I will, tonight, five-thirty, over at our new Peoples Temple. Let’s praise God. Let’s praise God.

Congregation: (Light applause)

Jones: Let’s praise God. The communion – banquet – the food will be served over at the new Temple. Service begins at five-thirty at Hoover and Alvarado. How many are gonna go over with us? How many going to go over to dedicate– carry this vibration in. Let’s carry it right in! Make your arrangements for the pictures, and listen to the broadcast tonight. Train yourself to listen to the broadcast, ten-thirty to eleven. Service tonight at five-thirty over at our new Peoples Temple at the corner of Alverado and Hoover, and Monday– Monday, at one o’clock, a big day, tomorrow, healing service. Then– also the twenty-third, is it? And the twenty-fourth? September twenty-third and twenty-fourth will be our next meeting in our new Temple. Let’s hope to have it by then. Let’s agree?

Male narrator: Amen!

Jones: Let’s agree to have it, let’s agree to have it. Well, we’ve already bought it – no question about that – it’s w– howwe buy it. On what terms we buy it. Let’s see that we get it the hundred-and-twenty-nine thousand by putting the cash in there now. Hm? Getting the amount of money, we need in the escrow now. Let’s get over– you sisters get over and practice on that pipe organ, ‘cause you’re gonna have to learn how to use it. You head ahead, will you? Head ahead and use that pipe organ – 75,000 dollar pipe organ. Learn how to use it. Bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you! Bless you! Let’s lift our precious hands, and your precious hands out there. Black and white together, all races, so beautiful, so beautiful. Tell the people I normally go down the aisles – every aisle – but I don’t feel led now. But I– we will over at the Peoples Temple, at the corner of Alvarado, 1300 South Alvarado and Hoover. Now touch your neighbour, just gently, and love them, love them. Embrace them. Bless you, this – Sister Mabel – bless this sister. She gives me a lot of love. Tell her I feel her love. Bless you, bless you. (Pause) If you don’t have transportation, you come around back and we’ll put you on our bus. It’s your bus. So come around back. We’ll get you on board, you know that. Nobody walks here. Come around back, get on board, little children. Get on board, little children. We’ll take you, we’ll take you. Bless you.

(Tape edit)


Part II

(Congregation in song, led by Jones with supporting music. “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” variation)

Jones: (In song) – now think of these words! Oh my (unintelligible song) Oh yes we’re leaning! Tell the whole world we’re leaning! Don’t you know we’re leaning? Oh yes, we’re leaning. We’re leaning on the everlasting arms. Once again, everybody. Clap your hands! (Unintelligible) Raise the vibrations high! Let the anointing of God (unintelligible)

(Congregation continues in song)

Jones: (In song) Once again now! What a fellowship, what a joy divine, leaning on the everlasting arms! What a blessedness–

(Final verse of song. Song draws to a close, accompanied by the slowing of the music and the quieting of the congregation)

Jones: Blessed, blessed. We just left the Embassy where seven people left their crutches. A woman got healed of blindness and deafness, and then one right after another, they left their crutches and their– their– their– their– their– their canes. It was– it’s just too good, too good to consider. We just have so much we don’t really think about all that we do. Just walking around!

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: God Almighty, walking around. Blessing us. Now this is a wonderful, wonderful shrine to a great metaphysical teacher [Mary Baker Eddy]. I’m sure we’d put the kind of joy for worship that they should’ve had, ‘cause she gave great theosophical truth that are on the wall. And we’re gonna liven up the place a bit – I think they can stand our singing, it’s– it’s built for it, isn’t it? The acoustics are just wonderful. Praise the name of truth. Just turn around and give your neighbour a good embrace, and bless the very seats that you’re in.

Congregation: (chatter, and eventual applause)

(Music begins on the organ)

Jones and Female vocalist:

God’s gonna have it just like this, all over this world.
God’s gonna have it just like this, all over this world.
God’s gonna have it just like this, all over this world.
Can’t you see, this is proof of God?
Black and white together, all over this world.
Black and white together, all over this world.
Oh, black and white together, all over this world.
Can’t you see, this is proof of God?
Oh, all God’s children dwelling in peace, all over this world.
All God’s children dwelling in peace, all over this world.
All God’s children dwelling in peace, all over this world.
Can’t you see, this is proof of God.
Oh, no more creeds or colours all over this world–

Jones: (Calls out) Look at that sister dancing right there (unintelligible).

Jones and Female vocalist:

No more creeds or colours, all over this world.
Can’t you see this is proof of God.
Oh, clap your hands and praise your God, all over this world.
Clap your hands and praise your God, all over this world.
Clap your hands and praise your God, all over this world!
Can’t you see, this is proof of God?
Oh, may God have our freedom, all over this world.
May God have our freedom, all over this world.
May God have our freedom, all over this world.
Can’t you see this is proof of God?
Talking about our freedom, all over this world.
Talking about our freedom, all over this world.
Talking about our freedom, all over this world.
Talking about our freedom, all over this world.
Can’t you see this is proof of God?
Oh, no more racism, Father, all over this world.
No more racism, Father, all over this world.
No more racism, Father, all over this world.
Can’t you see, this is proof of God?

(Music continues)

(Tape edit)

Jones: (Accompanied by a light piano riff, maracas) Bless you, bless you. Bless you. Bless you, bless you. Bless you. Why don’t you sing your– sing your number again, one of the numbers. If– that is, if you can get ahead of these people that feel the Spirit in their mind already gonna praise him.

Congregation: (Whistling, shouting, applause)

Jones: God is able, God is able. God is able. God is able. God is able. He’s able. Bless you.

(Tape edit)

Jones: –see that the Spirit is able. We affirm only that God is life, and there is no substance out of God-good. There is no reality in anything but the righteousness of truth. We do not affirm, as some do, that there are other worlds beside God-world. We believe that all powers that be are ordained of God, and there is no power but God. And in that affirmation, in these last two years, from just dirt ground up in Redwood Valley, now we have laid our claim onto a piece of Los Angeles.

Congregation: (Cheers, shouts, applause)

Jones: Praise the name of truth. (Pause) I see Pastor Armstrong out there. I was speaking with him last evening, how we can perhaps use this, for his group, our group, and all the groups that can assemble to do right in this city. This will certainly give us the kind of uh, position for respect that we deserve. No one can say that we have anything that is lesserthan anyone else. I’ve never been in any more beautiful building than what we’re in right now. And let’s keep it that way. Let’s keep it that way.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Great God. Everyone being their neighbour’s keeper, picking up every little piece of thing, even of– a little cloth, or every little string – that’s what I do – to make this lovely, so that they’ll see that brotherhood is blossoming as a rose in a fair land. Sing. There’s a request that God is able. Bless you.

(Music begins with piano intro; congregation begins to clap in tandem)

Female vocalist:

As pilgrims are here, weak on our journey
We often know not – know not – which way to turn.
But there is one, who knows the road,
Who’ll help us carry, who’ll help us carry, our heavy load.
Don’t you know God is able?
He’s able. He’s able.

(Congregation echoing ‘He’s able’)

Female vocalist: He’s able.

I say God all around you, so dark and stable.
He’s a friend. He’s a father.
He’s your joy! He’s your hope.

(Congregation echoing ‘Surely!)

Female vocalist:

Oh, surely, surely, surely, surely
He’s able to carry you through, to carry you through.

(Repeats song)

Congregation: (Applause, cheers)

Jones: Another good hug, another good hug for everyone. Another good hug. (Pause) I think one of our sisters down there – was it Sister Julia that wanted to tell about a miracle? A miracle that happened on the way out of the church. As we said, we had seven people – one woman, just was thrilled. She was shouting. She’d been, what was it, seven years on the crutches? Hadn’t walked? This is another miracle that happened afterwards. We had someone who was deaf – syphilis, syphilis from– tremors, tremors, and blindness, and healed of every phase is what. And this is a miracle that happened after the meeting was over. We’re just grateful for it.

Sister Julia: Well, everyone was gone, we were trying to get our little things we was selling together. So we could go, we was putting them aside. And this lady was standing beside the wall, she and her cousin-in-law, she said, just waiting for them bring their car around. All of a sudden, she just whirled around in a spin, and she fell, and her eyes just rolled back.

Congregation: (Shocked noises, gasps)

Sister Julia: So they ran in to the building and got a picture, and I had one in my bag. I took it out, and I put it on her head, then put the other one on her chest. She laid there for (voice wavers, crying) about three or four minutes.

Jones: Dear God.

Sister Julia: And her body just went like this, and she said, Oh, where am I? What happened? I don’t know what happened, she said. (Crying) Good people, the woman was dying, her skin had turned grey, she was almost dead. That was a miracle. I never seen nothing so quick in all my life.

Congregation: (Cheers, applause)

Unidentified man: If– If you have a car, with the licence plate 0DA097 or ODA097, would you please move it. Someone has to get out, it’s an emergency. Would you please move your car immediately? Thank you.

Jones: The air conditioning– the air conditioning has, uh, just been turned on. It takes a while for it to, uh, to function. It depends upon the humidity of the atmosphere outside, and the number inside, and, uh– I guess, so they explained it to me, an adjustment is required. And that’s why you’re feeling the heat. And I guess if we keep the doors open as we have, that only takes away from the air conditioning. Although it seems if there’s any air conditioning right now, it’s conditioning on a very low level. (laughs) Is it coming down? Good. That’s fine. If it’s coming down, then that’s fine. We’re glad. It just– After all, we can’t expect miracles just begin. You heard earlier this afternoon, the thing I think is the greatest optimism for us, the greatest expectation. We’ve got so many youth coming on, who have a sure word of inspiration about injustice and can preach a positive message of Christ Consciousness. You heard my young son, who is eleven, and he was – the first time to speak – and it’s been their first all day. And you heard my son, twelve, uh, and he spoke too, first time before a big assembly like this. And now, a– another son’s gonna– he wants to try it, today.

Congregation: (Applause, calls)

Jones: And others wanted him to try it. And he felt, well, he certainly would do so. He’s not an anxious person, but he’s a good little lad. He’s sensitive to animals. He cares like all of them, they’re good children, they’re good boys. We have eight children, and if we get eight preachers out of our group, it’d be something.

Congregation: (Calls of affirmation)

Jones: And L– Lew [Jones] will be preaching, either today or tomorrow, he’s down on the drums. And I tell ya, they– they’ve got a certain fire that, uh, if they’re doing that well at eleven and twelve and thirteen, you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to worry.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: And I got some other sons, and some other daughters, that’re gonna be speaking. But right now, our natural born, Stephan [Jones], would like to say a word, and people would like to hear him say a word. Come, Stephan.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: It’s wonderful. (Clears throat)

Congregation: (Applause)

Stephan: I just want to praise God for this ever-present love-force here we’ve got. You know, like, I’ve got many things to be thankful for, but there’s one that I’m– I’m really grateful for. It’s a privilege to be the son of God Almighty!

Congregation: (Applause, cheering)

Stephan: And those of you that’ve been on your knees all your life, praying and hoping. You don’t need to pray and hope anymore, all you have to do is come here and have faith! And you’ll have all you need. Love and protection.

Jones: It’s true, it’s true.

Stephan: We’ve been put down by this capitalist society for a long time.

Unidentified man: That’s right!

Stephan: We’ve had to watch innocent women and children dying over in Vietnam.

Jones: It’s true.

Stephan: We’ve seen the hungry dying.

Jones: Yes, it’s true.

Stephan: Two out of three babies going to bed hungry.

Jones: It’s true.

Stephan: But this man’s here to save us!

Congregation: (Cheers, applause)

Stephan: I know he can heal. He can– he can protect and do all these things. But most of all, he can care. And he can– he can– he’s come here to save us, and if we don’t help him– It’s hard, one man against the whole world.

Jones: That’s true, that’s true, that’s true. That is true.

Congregation: (Applause)

Stephan: So many of us can sit here, you know, and– and question whether he practices what he preaches. I’ve said this before, but I’m gonna say it again. I live with him. I watch him. I see his every action. He practices what he preaches. And he goes over it. He expects more out of himself than we do, by far, you know. He– he– he stays up nights for us, just worrying about us, you know, like, he’ll go– he’ll stay up week– a week, you know. I– I– I don’t think I can see – maybe there’s a few – but not very many people that’ve stayed up a week just worrying about everybody, you know.

Congregation: (Applause)

Stephan: And anybody that would think about turning against this church. If you’ve seen what I’ve seen–

Jones: That’s true.

Stephan: You gotta be crazy.

Congregation: (Applause, cheers)

Jones: (Laughs) That’s sweet. That’s sweet.

Stephan: I just want to say, I’m grateful for this man. Thank you.

Jones: Bless you. Bless you, bless you.

Congregation: (Sustained applause)

Jones: Thank you! It’s so sweet. Each one has their own style, and you appreciate each one of them by giving your salutations and greetings, and I think that’s wonderful. We should not expect every minister to be out of the same mold. And these are really ministers coming on, and we’re going to cultivate ministers, ‘cause I have the phenomena and an impartation of a faculty, that I can give the gift by impartation. We’re going to stir up this whole West Coast. We’re going to stir it up!

Congregation: (Applause, shouts)

Jones: Now, I’d like you to hear from another one of my sons, Scott. Like my first son Jim [Jones, Jr.], he was a stammerer, couldn’t hardly speak. Jim couldn’t hardly speak. And you certainly saw he didn’t have any problems speaking this afternoon. Jim spoke. And now, Scott also had the same problem, but it– let’s– well, let’s let it speak for itself. All right, my young son, Scott.

Congregation: (Applause)

Scott: Oh, yes, what a mighty God we serve. You can call upon his name in the time of danger. Oh hallelujah, my God.

Congregation: (Applause)

Scott: Before you call his name, he will be there.

Congregation: (Calls of “that’s right!”)

Jones: It’s wonderful.

Scott: My God.

Congregation: (Shouts, light applause sustained)

Jones: Overwhelmed. Take your time. (Pause) Tell them about injustice. Tell them about righteousness. Go on, preach it.

Scott: He will be with you always, even in– even unto the end of the world. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Jones: It’s all right.

Scott: Just call upon his name. My God. A few weeks ago, a Greyhound bus fell on Charlie Touchette.

Jones: Yeah–

Scott: Charlie Touchette called upon his name and, uh, my God.

Congregation: (Applause)

Scott: The bus came down on him, but there was no injury to him.

Jones: Sweet.

Scott: People are driving their cars on the highway, and their cars are going in circles, they just call his name and instantlythe cars will stop! (Pause) If you see Jim Jones as a friend, he’ll be the best friend you ever had. If you see Jim Jones as a father, he be the best father you ever had. But if you see Jim Jones as the pers– the– as the personification of GodAlmighty–

Congregation: (Applause, cheers)

Jones: That’s all right!

Scott: He will meet everyevery need! When a bus fell on Charlie Touchette, Charlie Touchette saw Jim Jones as the personification of God Almighty! If you see Jim Jones as God Almighty, your needs shall be met. He that keepeth his saying, shall never die, but shall have life and prosperity.

Jones: Yes, yes, yes.

Scott: I’ve seen our pastor walk very calmly when somebody had lost their life in the audience.

Jones: Mmm-hmm [Yes].

Scott: He don’t need anybody, because God is his armament.

Jones: Yes, yes. Yes.

Scott: Thirty-one persons have been raised from the dead, by this power which is working through our Father, Jim Jones!

Jones: Working through him, yes, working through him! Sure working through, you do not stammer, You’re doing beautiful, brother.

Congregation: (Cheers, applause)

Scott: In Mexico, people saw a shadow on the water.

Jones: Yes, they did, they did. They certainly did, when we were on our vacation, yes, they did.

Scott: It was about forty feet away. The shadow came closer and closer. As it appear, it took the form of our pastor Jim Jones!

Congregation: (Applause, shouting, cheering, accompanied by piano-riff)

Jones: It’s all right, it’s true.

Scott: It was he that was walking on the water! And not another. It’s the same Spirit that walked in Galilee!

Congregation: (Applause, cheers)

Jones: Good.

Scott: The same Spirit that came from the tomb, where– when Mary thought that he was the gardener.

Jones: That’s right.

Scott: It wasn’t the gardener, it was Jesus Christ God Almighty!

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Preach on, boy!

Scott: At that time, Mary did not know that it was she– it was him. Jesus took on a different body at that time. (Pause) Because of having taken a different body, she didn’t know it was he that had walked many times. (Pause) My God. (Pause)

Congregation: (Applause)

Scott: If a racist king can see four in the fires burning– the fires burning –

Jones: That’s true.

Scott: He saw three, but there was four, he put four in there, it was three, now it’s four!

Jones: All right, all right. (Pause) Sweet Spirit. It’s all right.

Scott: People have seen– People have seen Jim Jones walking through walls, which a man cannot do!

Congregation: (Applause)

Scott: People have seen Jim Jones stand in his pulpit and read something from back there, which no eyes cannot produce.

Jones: It’s all right. It’s all right, child.

Scott: We have– we have– we have–

Voice in congregation: Take your time!

Scott: Eleven Greyhound buses.

Jones: Mmm-hmm.

Scott: One day, a bus driver was driving the bus at s– sixty or seventy miles per hour.

Jones: Yes.

Scott: And this small kid was near the driver’s seat.

Jones: Yes.

Scott: The kid, on a accident, pushed the brake lever.

Jones: He did that, he did.

Scott: And the bus was going about sixty miles per hour! The driver’s body fell forward, but the bus was on the road still, because of this protection that worked through out Pastor Jim Jones!

Congregation: (Cheers, applause, piano riff in background)

Voice in congregation: All right! Tell ‘em about your God.

Jones: (Hums)

Scott: If you come today to get healed, your mind should get healed first, then you!

Congregation: (Cheers, applause)

Jones: It’s all right.

Scott: If you see him as God Almighty, he will meet every desire and need. Because what you see is what you get.

Congregation: (Cheers, applause, shouts)

Jones: (Unintelligible over applause) That’s good, that’s good, that’s good. That’s good. That’s good. That’s good.

Unidentified man: Oh, why don’t ya praise him? Why don’t ya praise him?

Jones: Precious. Precious. Said it’s good, isn’t it?

Congregation: (Affirmation, muffled responses)

Jones: Now we’re in our new house, and you know what we’re up to, to get our escrow. So, now’s the time to take an offering, isn’t it?

(Unintelligible conversations)

Jones: (unintelligible, aside) The buses that have to go, they’ll be ready, they’ll be ready, you can leave here at eight? Then do so. No problem. Beautiful. (Back to mic) Anybody got touched since you seen it, and give us a thousand dollars? (Chuckles)

Congregation: (laughs, scattered applause)

Jones: Anybody does have any special pledge, and join in with this wonderful happy, happy atmosphere. If anyone have a special pledge or gift of a hundred dollars, or over that, just let us know. We’ll be so glad, we’ll run to you and come get it.

Congregation: (murmur)

Jones: What’s– what is it? The next time we’ll be here tomorrow is at one o’clock, as you recall. (Clears throat) (Pause) Yes. L.A. people need to get a hold of Mrs. Caldwell, uh, Lottie, they’re– we’re running low on food and we need more, ‘cause we’re staying over all night. Some of us’ll be right around here, staying in here, gonna look after the place, and be ready– I’ll wake up with the glory blues tomorrow, if we get through counselling. I’m usually up most of the night. So we’ll break in this place well. Anyone here that does have a special gift, to really thrill our hearts, to help us come up with escrow. We’re in need about ten thousand dollars, really, from this assembly, today, and we didn’t get that–

(tape edit)

Jones: (Ministerial, accompanied by piano riff) – now, why don’t we get us centered on these obstacles of social evils, and social injustices. We’re gonna breathe that this vibration is gonna contagionize! Gonna change the affairs of Los Angeles, gonna stop policemen in Inglewood from shooting down people in their bed. Gonna stop all the crime and violence. (Calls out) Oh yes it is! (Pause) Don’t tell me it can’t be done, because we’ve seen the lame walk. (Increasing intensity) You come along too lately, child. We’ve seen the blind see! We’ve heard the deaf hear! We’ve seen the cancerspit up! They that were blind from birth – you come along too late child! (Shouting, with ministerial rhythm) We knowthat God can do anything!

Congregation: (applause, cheering)

Jones: (Slight moderation, then builds throughout) Don’t try to tell us now. We once were like you, cynical and doubtful. We were intellectualising, rationalising, but now we’ve just seen too much. So we’ve abandoned our degrees, and I’ve got some, and some others have got ‘em, he’s got ‘em, a lawyer, sitting here, people all through this auditorium, Professor [Edith] Roller down there, college teacher. We just laid our degrees aside, ‘cause we couldn’t move the mountains with our degrees. (Ministerial intensity) Our law degrees didn’t heal the sick! Our law degrees didn’t open up the courtroom! But we had a sister today that said she took the picture of Jim Jones, and she went into the prosecutor, and she rubbed his arm! They said she gonna get five years, but she wasn’t born of the new Spirit then. (Voice wavering, ministerial intonation) She went in and rubbed the arm of the prosecutor, and rubbed the arm of the judge, and rubbed the arm of the witnesses, and people got so confused, they couldn’t even testify. A law degree can’t do that! I said, a law degree won’t do that! A PhD won’t do that! But when you get a radical faith, and you get the Christ Consciousness, it’ll do that!

Congregation: (applause, cheers, shouts)

Jones: (Moderates) Oh yes, it will. Just become like a little child. You can’t move mountains with your degrees. You can’t move mountains with all your knowledge. But become like a little child, and when two or three are gathered together in my name, there will be the power, sayeth God! (Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”) These legs are on the prayers, indeed, and we’re going to put some on open this place. It’s gonna be a lighthouse. Everyone that has a creative thought to serve mankind, let them come, there’s room, room, room, room! (Shouting) Yes sir, there’s room! There’s room at the fountain for you! Good God, I think I was taking an offering, but I feel like shouting. We’re giving this Christian Science auditorium a dedication tonight, hallelujah!

Congregation: (Cheering)

Jones: Let the Spirit have its way. It’s so good. (Pause) Sweet Christ. I don’t know where we were, ‘cause I know where I’m at. (cries out) Hey!

Congregation: (Cheers, scattered applause)

Jones: I don’t know that nobody has to worry about money, when you’re lifting this consciousness! If it can cause the sun to shine, and when we had our vacation, the four hundred of us, up in Canada, and the rain came down, and we were out in the wilderness with our tents. They said, you can’t get these buses out. I said, oh, we weren’t meant to stop here, we got work to do down south. And the rain stopped, and the buses began to roll right out of the mud! Say, you’re so radical, how do you live? How do you live with all your doubts? How do you live with all your fears? How do you live with all your hopelessness? How do you live with all your despair? Why, you’re walking around, a suicide trying to happen. (Shouting) But I’m not walking around a suicide, I have found life! And I have found it more abundantly, hey God! (Pause) (Moderates) Got nothing to lose by believing. Got nothing to lose by believing in life. Since 1959, I have not had to bury any of my precious ones. Since 1959, I haven’t had to be behind the casket – oh, it’s wonderful – of any precious one. I think I’ve had all to gain by believing in life. If somebody dies tomorrow, for thirteen years, nobody has come in the nuclear family, nobody, no caskets had to roll. Hey, God!

Congregation: (Cheering, applause, increasing with intensifying piano)

Jones: When I was a principal of a school, I couldn’t raise the dead. When I was teaching, in the– jun– the junior college or the high school, I couldn’t raise the dead. But this afternoon – last night, rather – woman died, and I run down the aisles, quick, just like that, back to life she came! Back on the stage! (Pause) I’ve seen people with degrees. This nation is a nation of lawyers. And everything’s working to suit the lawyers. Gotta have a lawyer even to go out to tea, with all due respects. Lawyers running everything, tricky lawyers! All kinds of lawyers! I know that my lawyers understand, we’ve got a district attorney here [Tim Stoen], we got this brother, but they know what I mean. Lawyers everywhere set up a nation to suit lawyers! But I know something that law can’t solve. I know a Spirit, the law of the life in Christ Jesus, it’ll free you from the law, sin, and death. Hey, God! (Moderates) (Pause) Last week we had five people try this, with a picture, and in the court they went and out the court the judge let them. One judge pulled his arm back, and he said, Let that woman go, let her go! He didn’t want no picture round there. Say when she was fanatical, maybe she was afraid of him, I don’t know but you wouldna got it done with your PhD, you wouldna got it done with your money, you wouldna got it done with your fleet of lawyers, but she went in there and said, in the name of Jim Jones! Hey, God!

Congregation: (Cheers, applause, shouting)

Jones: I’m so thankful, my heart can’t contain it all. I’m so grateful. Last week we – in our midweek service on Wednesday – they’re just telling the cats and dogs. Little children come up – oh, sweet sweet God. Sweet principle. Sweetprinciple it is. Cat’s run over, little child just take a picture (slaps hands) put it on the cat, the cat spring up! And run away. Sister [Eva] Pugh the treasurer. Leg severed. Cat in misery. She just put the picture on the cat, the cat jumped up and begin to purr. How many have this with animals through this room? Got hit – touched – just a picture! Sister here, one of them, eighty years old, said she had a heart attack, fell on the bus down there! Said I put the, uh, on the bus floor! I got the picture! Whatever, I don’t care what it does, I don’t know what method you use, but I know this is working, so we’re going to use it!

Congregation: (Cheers, shouts)

Jones: Ha ha ha, God. And I thought, as the one son said, he can heal the sick. Was my son that spoke, the light-complected son, he was dying with kidney disease, and I healed him. My black son was laying dead on the highway, and my medical knowledge, whichever it is, and my wife’s medical knowledge and she has considerable, wouldn’t bring him back. His kidneys were severed. His spleen was ruptured. His heart had been penetrated. His lungs had been damaged. You can see the cut in his throat, right in his throat. The terrible things that went on. Doctor said he’ll never be able to be right again. (Hums musically, piano intensifies) Hmmm.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: Haha! You heard little Jim, you heard my little black Jim Junior, preaching this afternoon. He sound like he’s all right! He went back to the doctor and the doctor said, I’m amazed! His kidney test is– Oh, I want you (unintelligible)

Congregation: (Loud applause, cheering)

Jones: I hear some people say they can’t stand religion. Well, I didn’t see none of you in politics getting this done. I didn’t see any of you joining any movements that got this done. I could have read Marx and Engels over my son, and it wouldna got it done. I coulda read some doctrinaire statement over my son, and it didn’t get it done. But something inside of me, ever since I can know, said that you are God and beside you there is no other! So I looked down. And I said, live. And the kidneys came back, remind me of Ezekiel’s bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14). Knee bone went to the leg bone, the leg bone went to the hip bone! Good God, good God. Oh, you’ll– you can get an offering any time, but I (stretches out word) feel the blessing in my soul! Sweet Spirit. As I started to say, my light-complected, my white son, said the most important thing. He’s seen me go through walls. He’s seen me heal cancers. He’s seen me bring back dead animals. He’s seen me put a leg on a rooster that was cut off, and it healed. All my sons have seen that. But he says the most important thing. My son says, he cares! I’m glad we found a Spirit that cares. And I’m universalising it, I’m reproducing it, I’m stirring it up in the people, and what you know? You’re gonna take a picture of me, and you’re gonna reproduce a greater picture in yourself, and God’s gonna be everywhere!

Congregation: (Applause, cheers, accompanied by piano riff)

Jones: Sweet Spirit. ‘Cause I’m not selfish about what I got. I’ll share it. We’re gonna cover the Earth as the knowledge of truth has c– in science, we’re gonna cover the Earth with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:9, “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”). And all gonna know this Spirit, infinite mind, from the least to the greatest. Well, I’ve said enough to stir up your pure minds. Some of your arthritis is begin to go now. Some of your back pains that you were feeling begin to go now. Some of the heat that was bothering you isn’t bothering you so much now, ‘cause you got the air-conditioning of the Spirit, hey God!

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Yes, look out, because social equality’s coming. Racial equality’s coming. We got a whole, practically city, up in Redwood Valley. Won’t be long becau– when Redwood Valley will be Peoples Temple and Peoples Temple will be Redwood Valley! Look out, honey, we’re on the march, the truth is marching on!

Congregation: (Scattered applause)

Jones: I don’t know where we were at, forty dollars, or four hundred, or thirty dollars. Quickly stand to your feet, whatever you were giving. My soul got inspired by Scott and my son, Stephan. Anybody got thirty dollars, stand to your feet, to help the truth go marching on.

(Tape edit)

Jones: (Laughing) Tell it like it is. Who said that over there, sounded like– ah, yeah, yeah. I like that. Tell it like it is. Thank you. Anyone else with ten?

(Tape edit)

Jones: Keep your minds round here. Keep worshipping. Now I did what you wanted, you wanted me to sing that song, Sister, I did it. You love it. I think it is lovely, but, more important we’re going to rees– reach up, and let Christ come forth in us. Once again, let’s sing it. (Singing) Down from His Glory–

Congregation, led by Jones: (Singing)

Ever living story, my socialist saviour came,
Oh Father was his name.
He was born in a manger, to his own a stranger,
A man of sorrows, tears and agony.

Jones: I know God, I love God.

Congregation, led by Jones:

Oh how we love him! How we adore him!
My breath, my sunshine, my all in all!
The socialist savior became my Father,
And all God’s fullness dwelleth in Him.

Jones: (Quietly) Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Congregation: (Applause, cheers)

Jones: (Unintelligible) Sweet Spirit. Sweet Spirit. (Hums melodically) Our hands are clasped. I’d like another song sang, just a verse. Uh, or– I’d like our sister who was crippled, and I called her out, they said she wouldn’t walk again. And she’s a precious one who sings so often the– the– in Swahili. She just sing just a limited verse. Before she does, I’d like another one of my sons, Lew [Jones], as she’s coming up, to have a few words. Lew, my son, who was fathered by a serviceman in the Orient, we adopted him when he was really starving, and they said that they didn’t know that he wouldn’t have bone damage the rest of his days. Well, he doesn’t have bone damage, either. Each one of these children are miracles. This is Lew Jones, you’ve– And so now, Lew, you have a word, would you, while our sister’s coming? And she’s a great miracle too. And this is– this lad, like my little Jim, my black son, I went to adopt a child, and they wanted to give me a blonde child and I said, well, it wouldn’t be right to take children that are already in demand. And I heard him “waaah,” and I went away three rooms and I got him. And he just made a fuss, and he wouldn’t quit till I got there, and so we got him. It was a miracle. Took a year to get Jim, we were the first to ever adopt a black child. And with this child, a newspaper happened to fall in my hands, from Korea. And there he was, so help me truth, isn’t this true – all the church will know this –

Unidentified male: Right.

Jones: There he was with a hand outreached: I need parents. And I said I’m gonna get him. Why, Marceline says Jim, you know that’s been circulated all over the United States, it’s not– it’s gonna really take a miracle, you’re gonna have to work a miracle to get him, because it’s been– it was a back issue six months. But the parents that were supposed to get him two times didn’t get him, and I got the very one. I sent the picture all the way to Korea, and I said this is the boy I want, and there he is. I got him.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: He– he came to us when he was just, just a little shaver about– just a– just a year old. Now, Lew, your first time before an assembly. Have a word to say?

Lew Jones: Yeah, I– I was just, I was sitting down there, down, right down on those steps, and I was thinking how Jim Jones is a very unusual man. Now everybody who thinks Jones is a unusual man, say amen!

Congregation: Amen!

Lew: No, I want you to say it louder, I say amen!

Congregation: Amen!

Lew: All right, I think– I think we got the– I think we got the Spirit going again. You can play it a little louder, Sister. Now– now I want everybody out there that thinks that L.A. is going to be taken over with Jim Jones’ Spirit, say amen again!

Congregation: Amen!

Lew: Hey, all right, all right! Now I want to tell you a little ‘bout– little bit about this man. He is unusual man because he is sensitive to animals, and he’s sensitive to life.

Jones: Yes, yes.

Lew: He even takes little flies that would come in our house–

Jones: That’s true, that’s true.

Lew: And h– and he, and they come on his hand, and he takes them out. He can not hurt them. He can’t hurt anything that’s living. That’s more than I can say with anybody in here. Now you talk about your God, and I talk about my God. I say my God can heal people, raise people out of the dead–

Jones: (Ministerial shout) It’s all right!

Congregation: (Applause, cheers)

Lew: I can see my God. I can’t– I don’t look up in the sky and see a bunch of clouds, and I can’t see nothing. I see my God right here, right– five feet in front of me. My God can raise the dead–

Jones: It’s true. Spirit.

Lew: –when there– when doctors say, it’s hopeless. When they call it, no, they’re dead. When they– in the hospital, they would give up on them. He called me, go watch them. Go watch them right to the person, and says, If you believe in I’m– if you believe I’m God, you will raise from the dead!

Jones: Hmm.

Lew: And the person raises from the dead. Now I know, that no– that that God up there, I have– I haven’t seen him do one thing. Except– except make the cloud, make it rain and snow, and, uh, that was not thy God (laughs nervously).

Jones: You not sure who did that, are you?

Lew: Well (laughs). (Pause) Amen!

Jones: It’s wonderful. It’s all right.

Lew: Now, now, I talk about this man ‘cause he’s my father, and I appreciate him very much, ‘cause he cares about people.

Jones: It’s all right.

Lew: I remember in Brazil, where he had– we had had a mission there. He fed hungry babies. You know, in the Bible it says: feed the hungry and then clothe the naked.

Jones: Yes, it does.

Lew: He practices, he does every– he has done this. He has a orphan [orphanage] in Brazil, which he supports over two hundred babies.

Jones: So good, so good!

Lew: Hey, okay, yeah.

Jones: Hey, God! Sweet Spirit.

Lew: Now we have approximately a hundred college students right now, yes, that’s gone off of drugs, hardline drugs, heroin. This man gave ‘em a way to go, gave ‘em a faith to believe in when there was no faith.

Congregation: (Scattered shouts)

Lew: But people wanted (unintelligible) commit suicide.

Jones: All right, all right, all right, it’s true anyhow! (Claps hands once)

Lew: Yes it is! Everybody that believes what I’m talking about, say amen!

Congregation: Amen!

Lew: Hey! (Pause) Now I want to say a little more about this man. I know– I always thought that the God up there was– but I didn’t– I didn’t– I never even believed in him. What kind of God would create a war in Vietnam? What kind of God would create two out of three babies that goes to bed hungry? What kind of– what kind of God would– what– where was your– where was their God when uh, people down in Virginia mines got– got– got caved in, by the capitalistic society? Which they were supposed to have oxygen tanks provided for them, every man was supposed to have oxygen tanks, ox– masks provided to work, and half of them didn’t even– half of them wasn’t even working!

Jones: That’s right.

Lew: What kind– What kind of society–

Jones: That’s just last month that happened.

Lew: What kind of society would do that?

Jones: Mhm-hmm.

Lew: And I say, this society’s not going to get any better till Jim Jones, and socialism, rules the world.

Congregation: (Scattered applause, cheers)

Lew: Now I can’t speak for my brothers, ‘cause they’ve got a mind of their own, and I’ve have my mind of my own–

Jones: I noticed you do– (laughs)

Congregation: (laughter)

Lew: Now– now these preachers in their black suits, with their tuxedos, and their nice Cadillacs, they tell you about hell– they tell you about hell below and the temperatures in heaven. They tell you, if you don’t believe what they say, the devil’s gonna get you. Now you watch out, honey, ‘cause the devil’s gonna get you! Don’t you believe in none of that, because that’s how they oppress black people for years! Everybody believe by saying, amen!

Congregation: Amen!

Lew: You’re still with me, good. Hope nobody’s going to sleep back there!

Congregation: (Scattered laughter, applause)

Jones: I got somebody else helping me keep folk awake now.

Lew: Now these preachers give you– they say, if you don’t do this or if you don’t do that, the devil’s going to get you, or– you– you’re gonna die or something. And then they– and then they pull on this bit about, if you don’t give money. Now, I see most preachers, they have this line, they come around here, and they work, they look at every people, they look at the dollar– every money, they look at them. But these deacons back here, they think they’re slick. They pull out a dollar bill while everybody’s trying to pour out their souls, they put a (unintelligible word) dollar bill while the plates go by. (Pause) I saw ‘em!

Jones: Yeah, you been– he been watching those deacons, I guess.

Lew: I saw in a church in San Francisco,

Unidentified male: Haha, talk about it, Lew.

Lew Jones: – it was Reverend (unintelligible name, sounds like “Bereford”) I believe. A man that has everything– Which he doesn’t have everything, but he has money. And he has not shared it with the people.

Jones: No, he hasn’t.

Lew: He has stolen it from the people. Now I wanna watch out– I want you to watch out for those kind of people that steal your money and take advantage of poor people.

Jones: That’s right, tell ‘em, they need to be watching out for them.

Lew: But there’s a man that’s here today. That– If you believe in him, he will bring you from bondage, he will bring you up, and he will free you from– from all your troubles. Amen!

Congregation: Amen!

Lew Jones: I said, Amen!

Congregation: (Louder) Amen!

Lew: Hey, okay. Now, I’m gonna quit pretty soon, so don’t– don’t you– don’t you go to sleep on me.

Congregation: (Laughter)

Lew: I got one more thing to say. That’s right, what– that what they hear is what they get–

(Tape ends)