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Jones: Attention. News (unintelligible word) early day. We’re sorry that weather modification of US CIA has affected the entire world. Obviously. It’s affected us also. Rains are heavier than this– this year than noted them for years. Usually the dry season is over– uh, has begun last month. But we’re fortunate, it’s doing no damage to us in any sense that’s irreparable. No damage at all.

We hear from the news circles that [British] Foreign Minister David Owen has managed to get the United States [State] Department and Britain into a conciliatory mood by pressing upon them what’s going to happen to their financial interest if they continue to support Ian Smith’s re– uh, regime, as both governments are now doing openly. So they have pressed Ian Smith for an all-party conference, with specific concern with the people that represent the people, the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. Smith has been rather (unintelligible word), but he says reluctantly that [if] there’ll be no more resistance on the part of Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, he will participate in an all-party conference. So that’s more of his propaganda, Ian Smith of Rhodesia. So the Zimbabwean Patri– Patriotic Front demands that he stop his violence against the people. Then they will talk with him, gladly. British Foreign Secretary will take part in the talks, if he’s invited. It’s not been clear where he stands with the Organization of African Unity. He has been one of the more concerned voices, may it be for practical reasons, about US policies and British policies in Africa. He said that were– they were stupid, for supporting Union of South Africa and Rhodesia, because you going to alienate all of Africa, as the Organization of African Unity, the leaders of Africa have shown in their past meetings in Khartoum, Sudan and present discussions, that they will not tolerate– will not tolerate uh, uh, foreign domination. Capitalist days of dominating the affairs of even governments that’ve not gone socialist are over.

Chinese leaders continues to talk in Bucharest, travel to a shipbuilding concern today. It’s kind of holiday for couple of days– (briefly turns from mic) Uh, anyway, we will see what comes out of that. The Soviets have raised no protest against what seems to be building up economic ties, the Bucharest– the Bucharest government, that’s Rumania, an ally of Warsaw Pact, a very beautiful country, one of the resort pleasures areas of the world, where people can have vacations so modestly that they often find that they are hosting capitalist guests.

Meetings of the PO– LO, Palestinian Liberation Front leaders, they are going to reach any differences. That’s what Zionism has obtained and achieved out of their so– inhumane bombing, which was over 100 children – I noticed our news on the board did not update it – over 100 children were killed in Beirut in that block– block area of buildings that they blew out of existence, the Zionists did, a special secret police unit of his, and now over 100 wives of them and grandparents have died also. Palestinian leaders– leaders, not one were injured. They were left alive with their pain and their bitterness against Zionism and expansionism. Therefore, they are calling for PLO, right and left – that means the right wing and the left wing – and it looks like the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the PLF, of course, the Pales– Palestinian– Palestinian Liberation Front, is left itself. I’m speaking now of all Palestinian liberation organizations. Right or left, conservative, moderate, socialist or communist, are having a joint summit meeting. So that’s what Zionism got out of their senseless brutality, that USA has supplied them their equipment to do, our tax dollars, in Beirut, Lebanon.

Cairo. Egypt’s foreign minister [Muhammad Ibrahim Kamel] says that Egypt will not accept a partial settlement, as seems to be the substance of what the rightwing Prime Minister [Menachem] Begin says of Israel. The monda– the meeting is to begin next Monday with [Pres. Jimmy] Carter and will force some sort of solution, thinks the Voice of America. Carter has stressed he’s not optimistic, and most of what we get is gobbledygook that the meetings at least will be helpful, a typical pat phrase of the capitalist. Meetings are helpful. So the public won’t really know one way or another what’s ha– happening to them until the government gets ready to give them their processed, doctored-up version.

Iran, as the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Shah of Iran taking power in a bloody coup, in which the beloved president of Iran [Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh] was murdered by the CIA. US had direct participation. However, every city had to put under m– martial, military law, because the people are raising so much hell about the Shah of Iran. Many, many threats are appearing on his life, he’s surrounded almost by an army wherever he goes, as there is reb– revolution in the blood of the people of Iran. This is happening, you see, because Iraq, even though it had had some differences with the Soviets, is in the Soviet alliance, Syria is, now Afghanistan, saved– they had an attempted coup by US CIA this week, it’s a very pro-Soviet, in fact it’s becoming Marxist-Leninist in its uh, governmental character. It’s not just a uh, ally of the Soviets, but it is following the doctrinal lines, the ideological concepts of the Soviet Union.

Britain. Many bombs have gone off, different police stations, different social clubs of the bigoted British clubs that refuse membership to blacks and Irish. (unintelligible phrase) They are activities of the Irish Republican Army. The Communist Party of Ireland, as you know, is a very, very strong pro-Soviet uh, orientation, as well as Irish government indeed. Seeing them, the Soviet Union as being the best friend they’ve had in their centuries-long cry for independence.

Kinshasa. Neto– Agostinho Neto is meeting in close talks with Mobutu [Sese Seko], strong arm leader of Zaire, that entair– indeed foiled US attempts to completely dominate Zaire. He’s the one that woke up to the fact, as you know, that many of the things he was selling , the resources, were being– he’s being cheated on by the US imperialist, the multinational, the new– neo-colonialist.

Musaka, 3500 foreigners are to be expelled from Zambia. Zambia’s removing all foreigners, alleging that they are in cahoots with foreign interests, and the CIA was named specifically. Also they say they’ve been contributing to the corruption and crime that is rising in Zambia. So all foreigners are to be expelled from Zambia, forthwith. And that is, European foreigners. They’ve had it in Zambia. Zambia’s been under the pressure of International
Monetary Fund, as well as Tanzania. There where you have to say China is shining, in terms of Third World liberation. She has continually, resolutely, backed Zambia with financial aid, Tanzania also with financial aid, and Mozambique, that has been bravely standing up in the last few weeks to attacks with US-paid planes and operators and equipment from both Rhodesia over Mozambique, as well as Mozambique has resisted the African false government, the white-dominated government, the racist concentration government– uh, concentration camp government of Ian Smith and uh, the Union of South Africa, where apartheid’s been known for so long under [Johannes] Vorster. The Union of South Africa was attacking Mozambique from one side, Rhodesia from another, but they have bravely withstood the aggression of Rhodesia and Union of South Africa, backed by USA. And it’s to the credit of China – it should be put on the blackboard – that China has given them very concrete support. Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Federal Reserve Board. Japan urges it to raise its interest rates to slow down infla– inflation and strengthen the dollar before it is late. Too late, rather. Exact words, quote. Voice of America. Japan urges it to raise its interest rates, USA-dominated Federal Reserve Board, to urge it to raise its interest rates to slow inflation and strengthen the dollar before it is too late. Too late for capitalism, means a total depression. Some of you children have no idea, you never came up under US conditions when depressions come along, when you don’t have anything to eat at all. Some us went through it.

Carter is in Plain, Georder– Georgia, going to his little bigoted church Sunday School where blacks never did get to attend, due to manipulations of the board, though Carter put pressure to make them appear as integrationist by saying that blacks could join, but the First Baptist Church of Plains did it on a basis that each one could be personally reviewed as to their commitment to Christ and their understand of Baptist theology, thus giving them a perfect excuse to – and they have done so – restrict any blacks from belonging. You remember how long ago thatdispute was, nearly two years ago. Well, there’re still no blacks in First Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia, even though a racist element broke away from even that little statement. The most of the– the First Baptist Church have formed a new Baptist church in Plains, and have dis– declared that they should’ve uh, kept in their laws, church laws, that blacks would never be admitted. They were that racist in their view. Carter’s going on from Plains to a camping trip. Most people would like to live like we do. He wants to go to a rugged part of US terrain in Idaho with his family on– where they’ll have to be on rubber boats going through rapids and falls, and uh, hiking up in mountains and throughout the uh– on uh, the– relatively at least, untouched areas of Wyoming and Idaho. Everybody likes a life like we have. That’s probably why we’re getting ding-donged and dingbatted so much by the press and others, though they are being manipulated by the conspiracy, and our ex-members know what they have done. They’re so much like Pablo, they’re lonely, and rather than admit that they’re lonely and have missed the thing that gives life its spark, our movement, our socialist community, they’re trying to tear it down viciously so nobody else will have it. That’s typical of people. If they can’t have something, they’ll destroy it. Well, the news people are also probably down deep in their heart, most envious of this camping life, outdoor living that we have every day, and don’t take enough gratitude for it. That should be put on the blackboard.

Palestinian groups call for unity among all Palestinians everywhere. News just coming over the air, and it looks very much like they’re going to succeed in getting it done. Very much like they’re going to succeed in getting it done. There have not been any turn-down– none of them have turned down the request yet. Palestinian leaders who were so far right and so far left that they would not even spit on each other to put a fire out, but the senseless murder and tragedy that Zionism did under Begin to all their people, their loved ones in Beirut, murdering them in a mob, a terrible mobocracy of bombing, of devious barbarity, of blowing up innocent women and children and grandparents.

Ethnic Chinese want to return from China to Vietnam. Vietnam has rejected the Chinese, who now find that they’d preferred living in Vietnam than the People’s Republic of China, because there’s a little bit more in the transitional stages of Vietnam’s socialism, a little more allowances for those who want to uh, be in business enterprises and so forth. The law of the day in China is communal living. Everybody lived in cooperatives, such as ours, and that, they’ve been praised for by even the Soviet Union. Vietnam is very suspicious that these ethnic Chinese could be used as infiltrators, and Vietnam and China have struggled for so many hundreds of years that I couldn’t remember how many, it goes back in the history so long, to almost the beginnings of it. China and Vietnam have had ancient feuds, and socialism won’t override that tomorrow. Unfortunately. And obviously there’s some suspicion of the Chinese, though BBC determines that they are quite honestly wanting to get out of China and back into Vietnam, the Vietnamese are nationalistic – which is the dangerous phenomenon of a nuclear age, but an understandable one – they refuse to accept any of them back. And they had a point that they should’ve stayed in the first place. That’s what Vietnam said. If you liked it, why didn’t you stay in the first place rather than creating all these difficulties, international concern, and have brought China and Vietnam right to the sword point. They’ve fired on each other. Why then didn’t you stay there in the first place, was the– the speech of the prime minister [Pham Van Dong], the beautiful successor of Ho Chi Minh, I mean, Ho Chi Manh, Ho Chi Minh, the great, great man. One of the most sensitive revolutionaries of all time. He was educated in the USA, and hoped for better out of USA because of their constitution, and he thought that he– he remembered the days of the thirties when there was a strong socialist movement, the labor unions were more independent and militant, and he remembered how sad it was when he had the rude awakening that Vietnam was going to be bombed back into the Stone Ages, as President [Richard] Nixon promised, or as his chief commander in Vietnam, [William] Westmoreland, General Westmoreland [Editor’s note: The quote is by former Air Force General Curtis LeMay], who is now chief of all the military staff, so there, you can see what happens with these maniacs. He’s been elevated from Vietnam in the South Pacific to allsupervision. He’s the chief of staff, Westmoreland is. Westmoreland says we have to destroy Vietnam in order to save her. (briefly turns from mic) So, that– that mentality– If you don’t understand that, uh, that’s insane, what Westmoreland said, we have to destroy Vietnam in order to save her from Communism. And Nixon’s idio– idiotic statement that he would use the bomb if Vietnam was not surrendered to the capitalist, or he would bomb them back into the Stone Ages. That’s what Nixon said.

Britain and US welcome Smith offer. US has uh, finally come to the conclusion that Smith is willing to talk, but of the US and Britain, there’s no one to make that conclusion, in that they are violating human dignity all over the world, one of the few nations that will not pretend– (stumbles over words) – the USA is the only nation besides Israel who’s not attending the present World Conference Against Racism, being sponsored by the United Nations in Geneva, which 121 countries are participating, and all of them are raising a lot of sand about US’ racism, US is really getting a scathing by that world body. They’ve documented all kinds of racist examples, of political prisoners and uh– (Pause) that type of thing. (Pause) They– (stumbles over words) You think we’ve been talked about, you ought to see how the uh, (Pause) USA is faring in front of that world body. (Pause)

Continue with the news. It’s important to get all the news you can get, you know, so please don’t forget that.

The USA is holding a press conference about human rights. President Carter’s going to be speaking out, and all the congressmen are addressing the question of human rights. Where? In the Soviet Union again, to get the eyes of the world– try to get the eyes off the world– off the USA. They’ve not been successful up to this point. I’d think they’d shut up on the question of human rights, because the World Commission– the World Commission on Racism, meeting in Geneva, has praised the Soviet Union for the fact that it has overridden all racist barriers, and over 100 nationalities are living in peace, as Muhammad Ali had to say. Even though he’d been brainwashed as a Muslim, to believe that the home of Mecca, the holy– holy city in the Arab lands, was the best place in the world, the most fair, the most beautiful, the most radiant gem of God’s paradise on Earth. He said the most beautiful, his wife, Muhammad Ali and his wife [Veronica Porché Ali], have been still saying– one of the few that hold out, as the Soviet Union says– Usually people bow to pressure when they get back in USA, but I guess something can be said for ol’ Muhammad Ali, in spite of the news saying he’s being indicted on something about in– tax k– that the rumble, that he’s being indicted on something about income tax evasion. Invasion. Evasion, rather, excuse me. Much tiredness, long nights without sleep and so forth. Nonetheless, the USA has the nerve to call a special press conference today and think anybody in the world’s going to be paying any attention.

Since the rainy season – No, no, uh, we’ll move on.

Guyana Broadcasting Studio news. V– Vincent Teekah, who’s been here and praised our own community, says it’s an absolute for teachers to be oriented in socialist principles. Marxist principles. So there’re being seminary– seminars being conducted, presently and will continue from henceforth to evermore, from time to time throughout the year, indoctrinating teachers in the principles of Marxism. New look to educational program as a result of this, ‘cause they’ll be educated along socialist lines. The old emphasis of the Commonwealth, the white man, will be abolished. This is not entirely eval– evaluated or analyzed by the Guyana Broadcasting Network. We heard talk of that when the beautiful lady, Mrs. Rogers, was here, who’s on the board of the uh, educational branch of the PNC, Peoples National Congress, our ruling party in Guyana. Anyway, the teachers will teaching different subjects now, not those that’ve been called important under their former mas– slave masters, but that which is helpful to the Guyanese situation. I would imagine that our practical approach, from what Mrs. [Mary] Rodgers, said is much of what they’re talking about. People will learn how to do things. They’ve already built one school where the children are living in, much like the model I told you of in Cuba, and they’re taking care of all their own food needs, gardening it themselves, and maintaining themselves, in this school over in the uh, east part of Guyana. (Pause)

We’re on the western edge of Guyana, right next to the Venezuelan border, so you can know where we’re at. The different ones keep asking, are people who come in about going across Venezuela. If anyone is foolish enough really to want to go, we’re more than happy to tell you, because if you went through that border, I can assure you, you wouldn’t ever end up back in the United States. Lots of nice people waiting for you there. There’s all kinds of muggers over in Vietnam [Venezuela], and they feel even stronger right in that area, they feel stronger against US citizens than uh, you’d find any such feeling here. Indian population has been exploited by others, and so, the Indian tribes over there in Venezuela, some of them are quite uh, interesting. They don’t uh, make any false uh, image about how they feel about the imperialist and the former colonial master. As well, Guyana has very safe and secure ma– uh, patrol of their border, they patrol their borders very well. But remember the one that tried to go through, a path by a– an Indian guide and ended up losing his arm, rather than bother to take the ring and wa– wristwatch off, they just cut his arm off, and he bled to death, trying to get out of socialism in Guyana, to get to Venezuela. And you can’t get to Venezuela– when you cross the border, you’re still a thousand miles from the only place you can get to a modern city. It’s all really beautiful, untouched for the most part, wilderness. That’s why it’s safe for us, the Venezuelan army couldn’t even get it up and down their border, there’s thousands of jungle between them– and thousand miles of jungle almost before the first modern city. And (short laugh) they don’t have as many landing strips in that area as we have here.

Anyway, there will be a series of uh, workshops for all teachers, and they will be in practical lines. They’ll teach students how to do things. Bishop High School, the beginning of the program, will be teaching teachers socialist ideology. That’s where we’re having a exhibit, I believe, in Bishop High School, where we were asked out of all the school communities to put on the biggest exhibition. The Prime Minister, our Prime Minister Forbes Burnham, leader of the Peoples National Congress, will be opening this session.

The present code of conduct no longer relevant in schools. We’re not interested in certain things, of morality from a Christian perspective, said the Guyana Broadcasting Network, we will not carry over the false moral concerns, that means the attitudes against people who were–

Stand by just a moment. (speaks off mic)

The present code of conduct in Guyanese schools, as I said before – I had to take care of something – is indeed inadequate, portrays white people in glamorous roles, still, some of the books, so the books will be banned in the next– within two years. The socialist government, led by the vanguard here, the Peoples National Congress, our party in Guyana – I keep saying that so you’ll remember who your party is, though you don’t talk when guests come about politics at all, we want to know where we stand. And the Peoples Gro– Progressive Party is the opposition. Our major difference with it, it’s a socialist party also, Marxist-Leninist, pro-Moscow, but the major dis– difference I have is that it was Prime Minister Burnham and the PNC that nationalized or socialized all the income-producing industries, like bauxite, sugar, all their– their al– their liquor production, and uh, you name it, those great rich families that held this country, Bookers, Bookers sugar state, it was Dr. Burnham, our prime minister, that nationalized ninety percent of the property. Otherwise they would be pressured like Zambia is– although Zambia certainly spoke up bravely by demanding that all foreigners be expelled, 3500, and uh, so has Tanzania and Mozambique and Jamaica, all socialist countries been pushed rather heavily because of getting IMF loans. Guyana has gotten nothing to speak of from IMF, which is to her credit. They don’t trust her. Someone was speaking to me last evening about Guyana– one time that the prime minister accepting uh, CIA help. I would uh, remind you that the CIA help is probably why they hate Guyana so much. Because he took money and then used it to build socialism here. And it’s been a pretty open fact. (Pause) We need to uh, get things in perspective.

Anyway, the Soviet– the socialist government here will have produced within two years, 17 million dollars in textbooks, will take out little white faces that’ve been– and many of the– and now have been removed. They’ve got some very good educational material, particularly elementaries– elementary levels. (Turns from mic to speak with someone)

On we go with the news. Overall, scores on tests were higher than any Commonwealth nation, the tests on students. The great change in improvement has been shown since independence, a marked– marked change even from 1971. All students are testing higher on academic tests that they have to pass in order to go into colleges. So you need to keep that in mind, for those that are interested later in scholarships. We’re not asking Guyana for any scholar– scholarships this year, we’re too new, too young in our own experience. We’ve not given Guyana enough help, in my opinion, in the administration’s opinion, it’d be very untimely, at the Town Forum, we decided two months ago, to ask for any scholarships now. And you have to get Soviet scholarships and Cuban, and they’re available, lots of them. Italy, Netherlands, even capitalist areas. U– UK, Jamaica, socialist Jamaica, East Germany. Communist East Germany. (stumbles over words) The Guyanese government alone, 1.7 million dollars on September for training programs for youth abroad, not count[ing] the living cost. And in many cases, like in the Soviet Union, all living expenses are paid by the socialist government, like in the U– uh, the Soviet Union, USSR, because they realize they’ve had many, many years to develop, whereas Guyana’s just beginning, and other nations like it.

Trade unions, clerical and commercial workers from Curacao and Jamaica, are holding a giant conference , a great conference of free trade unions here in Guyana, that our enemies now are trying to say is a dictatorship. As I pointed out clearly yesterday, in their low sentences, where even a person carrying a weapon with ammunition of only 250 dollars, and they’re coming down on the little people like that, he was just an Indian, uh, Amerindian that was without wealth, using it in his hunting, they come down easy on people that are now poor or not developed enough under the socialist economy that they’re trying to bring about, egalitarianism here in Guyana to bring more jobs. But those guilty of white collar crimes, those government leaders that had been doing things illegal are getting the book throwed at them for small offenses. That’s not the way it works in USA. Mr. Nixon went free, and all those in government that were trying to destroy, using criminal methods, trying to destroy other people and destroy U– the entire United States government, in fact, what little left of democracy there is. Anyway, I think it doesn’t hold water that our enemies are saying – we know it doesn’t – that there’s no freedom in Guyana after the referendum. Nobody’s been arrested, none of those who opposed the referendum have been challenged. (Pause) The Guyana Council of Churches did not go out for the referendum, and they’re still bad-mouthing every day when our people attend, the– the Council of Churches, they’re just uh, as negative as they ever were. (Turns briefly from mic) And so, that speaks also that the free trade unions of the Caribbean would choose this as their meeting p– place. They will not meet in the ar– areas where they consider to be dictatorships.

Georgetown water, low pressure. Certain hours on different kind of power, because of the crippling effect of ec– economic boycotts that’ve been held against them by Britain and USA imperialism in the past. Since the rainy season is terribly increased in Guyana and in other parts of the world, we see people in other areas, better have toomuch water, ‘cause here there’s no dangers of flooding to us, we’d prefer too much water, that’s not going to hurt us rather than be in those terrible droughts, where millions are near death in Africa. If it had not been for yesterday’s news, as I told you, the Soviet Union’s sending so much medicines and foods which they think they can save a half of them– a half of that number alone, but no one else is sending anything, US only bothers to send people military aides and hardware to keep the people from being free to self-govern themselves.

Now we shall continue with the news. (Pause)

I do want our people told in Georgetown to boil their water, because there’s additional water purification being added to the Georgetown water. We have so many things here, we’re not grateful enough, beautiful well spring up naturally, where are– the good– the good power of my mind led us to that conclusion, when people told us we couldn’t get water, every place I told them to drill, they did get water. And we have good fresh water, no minerals, no chemicals, like any big city, even in a socialist country, like Georgetown, have to use. We have our own wonderful water in from mineral springs underneath the world– underneath this earth, spring up and give us new life. We have good water here. Someone was complaining a few days ago about its taste, that very taste is some of its rich minerals that you need for your health. And I like its taste, myself. Some of you wouldn’t like anything, you couldn’t make them happy in any way possible. If you were to give them all the gold on the world, and give them St. Peter’s Gate, they still would be complaining.

The Zambian round-up by– of their foreigners, because of the working with imperialists, has been praised by Guyana Broadcasting Network. This may be a forerunner that some others can fear here, ‘cause we were told confidentially that the big American leader, US leader, white man of the Lutheran Church here in Guyana, thinks he’s taking a vacation in the United States, he wants to try to whitemail us, but I fortunately, miraculously thought to keep something that uh, could turn the cards, let us say. It did not make him very comfortable, because it was something that put him in a very bad light, for all of his Christianity. But years before, I’d thought to do something that was very helpful, very helpful indeed, so he quit whitemailing us. He had the nerve to ask us for money, lo– lots of it, and if we didn’t give it, that uh, he would write and see that bad articles were printed about us in the Caribbean and by the church council. But it was never– it never happened, and that shows you how low some people go. Well, anyway, a good cabinet friend, minister, high levels of government here told us that he thinks he’s taking a vacation, but he will not be allowed back into the country.

All right. Florida test tube baby case. Great uh, court demands were made by the couple who had uh, wanted a baby born in a test tube, has now been done successfully for the first time, you know, in– in the world, in Britain. Anyway, they only got fifty thousand dollars awarded. The couple were given that for mental distress. Dr. Vandevess– Dr. Vandevell, who was the one that broke the test tube, calling it dangerous precedence for a new age of robots, was totally cleared, however, of charge– uh, uh, of his charge of destroying the embryo. Hospital’s going to have to pay also all the medical expenses encumbered by the woman in addition to the fifty thousand dollars awarded the couple for mental distress.

Richard Nixon says US should send arms to all nations where USSR (Pause) has strong ties. It is widely seen by many commentators that the American press has not been able to tarnish Richard Nixon. He reemerges with the same kind of hate you saw in the movie yesterday that you’ll be tested on in Peoples Rally, the Rosenbergs [Ethel and Julius], you saw how he gave up– held up for the eyes of the world a false blank tape, held up false pictures, to try to get Alger Hiss, and did get him in jail, a great social democrat in the State Department, he had to go to jail for years, so many went to jail over socialism– or charged with being socialist. He was charged with being a communist, never had belonged to the Communist Party. Alger Hiss had never once. He was a high level government administrator, traveled all over the world for the US government, but before Nixon got through, he was a fall guy. And you’ve seen Nixon and his dirty tricks, way back with his little dog, when he was taking bribes, when he was in Congress. But it never seemed to stop Richard Nixon. Became vice-president, then he– under [Dwight D.] Eisenhower, and went on to great success in a New York law firm, making millions, entered the White House due to financial s– reverses, penniless practically, he left the White House with two estates given to him by the government, one on Florida, one in California, that are worth millions. They let him keep that. He has been, you can tell, a man of great stress by his voice, and uh, he can’t stand to have his image at all reminded of him, uh, brought to his attention about being responsible for Watergate, ordering criminal acts to be done against private citizens, trying to bring US into a dictatorship. Now the Voice of America’s hailing his words. He’s being praised very significantly for his stand that US should send immediate arms and the best technical weapons– of– offensive weapons, to wherever USSR has a strong hold. That is, in Africa, uh, South [North] Korea, Turkey, all along the Soviet alliances, and Voice of America agreed with him. They didn’t refer even to the days when Richard Nixon was the great criminal that tried to destroy democracy and freedom for all USA.

Also, Guyana Broadcasting Studios carried Richard Nixon’s statements, but their interpretation was quite negative of it. They could not conceive of a man of his infamy now being a spokesperson again. Looks like he may even get into politics. No one knows particularly where he’s headed, but he has a lot of popularity. You know, the USA is a very strange place. It glorifies things that the press don’t necessarily glorify. One of the favorite hew– One of the favorite heroes, you remember, of the people a few years ago was Charles Manson. That shows how much violence there is in the American mood, that they would glorify a senseless murderer. Or at least, that’s what we’ve concluded it was, and that’s what they would’ve had to conclude it was from the press, because that’s all the press ever had to say about Charles Manson, so if they identified with him, and they contin– considered him to be (stumbles over words)– USA listed ten people who were the most popular heroes in their minds, and who do you know came up but Charles Manson. So they’re identifying with what the press image has made of him, and that one of bloody murder, the violence, senseless killings, all sorts of things. I’m sorry to tell you, (pause) that Richard Nixon now has more popularity on the polls – yes, hold your– hold your hair, we don’t have wigs here anymore, hold your false teeth – Richard Nixon is leading Carter in the polls. Even though everybody then two, three years ago say he should’ve gone to jail. He’s even admitted and conceded to his crimes, but that’s USA. After they’ve torn up everybody, destroyed the images of all good people, made people to distrust the decent like ourselves, try to blacken– whiten our names, absolutely smear us, and Huey [Newton], Synanon, Scientology and other government leaders, like Congressman [Charles] Diggs, facing 175 years in the federal penitentiary, and all such people of that sort, that’d been attacked and destroyed, even resurrecting [Hubert H.] Humphrey, uh, you know, Senator Humphrey, now they resurrected him no sooner than he got cold in his grave and started accusing him of crimes, taking bribes and so forth, so I suppose that a good Richard Nixon will look uh, quite good to the US populace now, maybe he represents their own criminal side. And there is a criminal side to everyone in USA, their racist side, their selling point side. You know what I mean.

James Earl Ray continues to testify. Englishman says, that they’ve brought forward (Pause) that uh, James Earl Ray bragged about killing a black man. However, you know the facts on that. We want to see that– those facts that I just gave uh, from the Memphis Scimitar that’s read and known, uh, that uh, journalist who’s now a lawyer in Memphis [Wayne Chastain], we went that to be sent to all government leaders, by the way, here. They don’t get some of those things. Portable 8R1 [Radio calls letters] will see that that gets back with them. It should be written up in very clear, typewritten form. (Pause)

Now we shall go on a bit more of the news. Never seems to quite end. The Assassinations Select Committee, the Select Committee to Study Assassinations in the House committee, Ray will be called back in November. So we’ll hear nothing until November.

All aspects of the conspiracy, even admitted BBC, was not covered or dealt with. Much of it was not even allowed to be brought up before the Select Committee in the Hou– House of Representatives, USA, on Assassinations. You can obviously see they don’t want the news, they don’t want the truth. They wouldn’t have ever let him get back out of his meeting, they’ve wouldn’t have let him come, if they had not– been afraid of his conversations or his testimony. I knew that. They’re going to make mockery of him some way. As we’ve seen, the first day, and all through his interrogations, it was a black congressman [Louis Stokes] trying to make uh, an ass out of him, and trying to show that he was the lone assassin, and had no cooperation, when we have all this evidence to the contrary. And the only live witness that I gave you yesterday, Grace Walden, was put in a mental hospital, it’s on her mental hospital records, that she was kept there and was to be kept there until all proceedings had been finished on James Earl Ray and Martin Luther King. Well, our author has her, I think, and he’s aiding her right now, the author that’s coming. He’s already in Georgetown. He’s saying very high praises of this community, he speaks in glowing terms of what we are and what we’ve done there, and he hasn’t even seen the beauty of this lovely socialist community. His name is Don Freed – remember that – and very, very knowledgeable, very informed, they say. We always keep a wary eye for everything, as I told you. You never know. The CIA have used highly-literate, highly-intelligent and very highly-trained and seemingly sensitive people. They know how to play a good front. Although I doubt very much that uh, this author is. He’s been showing his true colors for years, and he’s broke now, from uh, the fact that he wrote such controversial plays as you saw on Rosenbergs, did the documentary work for it, did Rush to Judgment, that showed the involvement of oil-rich corporations in the murder of uh, President [John F.] Kennedy and Senator [Robert F.] Kennedy. He did that in conjunction with Mark Lane, who’s presently the lawyer, trying to defend James Earl Ray’s right to a new trial in USA and his right to get the information that he has before the American people. But it’s been blocked, every move he made was blocked, even BBC said. They apparently do not want him to even tell what he has on his mind, or what he thinks he knows, said BBC. They cannot understand what is the– the reason for this hesitancy to allow James Earl Ray to speak on certain matters. But they have blocked it, and they’re going to recess him and maybe the entire Select House Committee on Assassinations until November. Well, it’s not to be taken with any surprise here. Not to be taken by any as a surprise. Painful, you can hear it in my voice, I’m sure you feel it too, but there’s nothing but management of information, no one ever gets to know the truth in USA.

A major uh, political attempt to get a reactionary, young mayor Dennis [Kucinich] – youngest mayor– mayor in USA in Cleveland, who had practiced all kinds of uh, lovely little corrupt acts, supporting police corruption and had members of his family put in strategic and highly-paid financial positions in his government, in his uh, administration of the city of Cleveland, he was doing all the pork-barreling and uh, nepotism that could be done, he was giving uh, special favors to people that had supported him. It was a corrupt mess. And it’s a community that is most black. He had done nothing to implement blacks on the police force, he’d kept in uh, various police leaders who were intransigent to change, even causing sell-out former Sheriff [Richard] Hongisto, who wouldn’t stand up for anything in San Francisco, it was even too much for him, the corruption, and he had to quit. The mayor said if he hadn’t a quit, he would’ve been fired. Anyway, he– in a recount vote, he still leads, 233– 2333 votes, rather, so he will not be losing his position. That sure shows you that you can’t depend upon our black relatives and so-called friends back there, because of the community where they had 65% of the vote, they still let the– They– They have that many Uncle Toms and Aunt Janes, went to the polls and voted for corruption and kept Mayor Dennis in his position. The recall election of last Sunday was totally unsuccessful.

[Howard] Jarvis, the old bigot of California that got Proposition 13 passed, in his seventies now, the man who’s suffered all of his life from very painful arthritis, but he seems to be trying to prea– create pain for everybody else. (Pause) He has now launched a nationwide campaign after speaking to literally thousands in Fort Worth, he went on– went on to New York City where it’s expected that he will address similarly thousands. He’s launched a nationwide campaign to reduce taxes. No, I don’t get encouraged. There’ll be a 20, 30 percent tax increase, but it doesn’t have a thing to do with the poor. It will affect no one with wages under fifty thousand dollars. And he wants to abolish every penny that the capitalists have to pay in capital gains. Capital gains tank– taxes not only should be reduced, as Carter and the Congress are trying to get done, with the big capitalists making slaves more out of people every day, exploiting US labor and– a hundred time worse than they exploit our own people back in USA, doing it abroad in Africa, even anyone suggesting that capital gains would– would be reduced should be considered a brutal murderer. But he wants to do away with tax on the big capitalist altogether. And strangely enough, thousands of the middle class wherever he goes seem to be there, though very few of his audience could possibly be making the 50,000 dollar cutoff figure. In that position, he’s working much like the Congress tax bill, which will affect mostly people who make over 50,000 dollars a year, and do nothing absolutely for those who make under 20,000 dollars a year.

Anyway, begin (stumbles over words) he has begun his campaign, Ganns [Paul Gann] has, for a nationwide tax cut by the federal government, and it looks, said the pollsters– it looks like he will have grassroots support.

CBS, Prime Minister Smith does not object to sitting down with black leader opponents, as long as there is– there is qualified– (stumbles over words) those are qualified. Now that’s more gobbledygook. I suppose that USA are just acting like they’re really interested in talk– talking, and they claim that Smith is willing to talk, but CBS says that he’s putting that on. How in the hell is he to determine what black leader is qualified. And he demands a suitable gen– agenda. And he also demands that there also be a ceasefire of the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. The Zimbabwean Patriotic Front has also required certain things of him. No more violence, his police, secret police, that the– all the mercenaries that’ve been brought in by USA, Britain, will have to be expelled, and that not one of his– their people, Joshua Nkomo, who’s a great nationalist leader of the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe, the Marxist leader, that form the alliance of the Patriotic Front, have demanded these things, and we’ve heard nothing of any willingness on Smith’s part, and I’m sure USA not willing to take back the 16,000 that they trained so well in the arts of torture, to maintain the 6000 corporations that they have there, bleeding Rhodesia and Union of South Africa to death.

Police inspector says that, uh– No.

Mark Lane becomes chagrined and becomes absolutely irate in the last hour of the session in closed doors, as I told you, of the Select Committee on Assassinations being conducted by the House of Representatives USA, he was irate, said the BBS– uh, BBC, rather, as what they tried to do in the last minute was bring forward a police inspector. Fortunately, Mark Lane – good friend of the author that’s coming here and joint author of the book Rush to Judgment – had some file on this police inspector. He was a cop who had been dismissed for theft and corruption, and as Mark Lane pointed out, that’s seldom ever done by law enforcement agencies, so he had to be a real criminal. And Mark Lane objected to anything he had to say on the subject of James Earl Ray. He was trying to qualify that James Earl Ray was the lone assassin. It was not mentioned by BBC whether he got– whether they got to give the full testimony of the police inspector, but the implication is, from what I gather of the news, that he did get to give his full testimony, this corrupt ex-police inspector, who’s now nothing but a criminal working in the underground– uh, in the underworld, I should say, underground’s a world– word of respect for those socialists who have to go underground to find for liberty, or like Harriet Tubman did, for the freedom of our people a century or so ago. Anyway, all witnesses, say Mark Lane, that’ve been brought up by the government, are criminals, and he said this is nothing more than a kangaroo court that doesn’t intend to do anything just.

Carter will vacation, as I told you, there’s much being made of that, he’d going to go back to nature, he wants to be away from everybody for two weeks, he hopes, his health needs it, said he– the pressures are getting pretty heavy, and before he meets with the Israelis and– and the Egyptians in Camp David September 7, he’s going to get about the worst rugged conditions of life, calling for the more– more nature, uh, rugged clothes, they’re going to get away from it all. Everybody wants to get away from it all. That’s why, as I said, it must be on the black form– blackboard how much beauty we have, but we’re always kicking. Everybody would love this. This is like being in– like, in a lovely camp, summer camp, an outing, a nature outing all year long, and some people gripe all the time.

Anyway. The mayor of Memphis [J. Wyeth Chandler] has worked out what seems to be a workable agreement to end the police strike and fireman’s strike in Memphis, just short of the army arresting all of them. I guess they didn’t want to do that, so the demands of the police – naturally – and the firemen are being met. That’s the case. The union miners, the people who do the dirty work, the whites that had to do that horrible work and live only to an average life expectancy, due to black lung, or what we would call white lung, disease silicosis, they uh, got no demands. They weren’t even given any help by labor union– unions. No one offered to join in this– a sympathy strike with them, but the Memphis teachers did. Even they, the teachers, went along with the striking firemen and the police, refusing to cross picket lines, to teach even all their little white children, for the most part. Nonetheless, the American people know that they’re got to keep the police happy. The ruling class got to keep the police happy. So they did arrest a few, and they didn’t get everything they demanded, but they did get the wage increase. Anyway, that’s the way it appears at this time.

We shall move on with the news. Columbia University and the doctor there, as you know, have been also sued for experimentation. They’ve been uh, sued for– for experimentational work. Of what nature, I do not know. Someone’s charged them with uh, doing something against one of their loved ones in the hospital, in the university hospital.

Dorothy Upchurch, meter maid, says USA is being– she’s protesting that in the police work that she does, she’s forced to wear pink, and the policemen, she said, ought to be forced to wear pink too, if that is what required of her. They’re allowed to wear blue, which they prefer. And so she said, I don’t like pink, and I want to wear blue. So she’s before a Civilian Review Board and making a legal suit out of the matter of her wishing to wear blue instead of pink, and I’m not concerned about the white little lady in the first place, so I didn’t even bother to catch– I closed my ears, I guess, on the radio to know what town it was in. Anyway, I try to give you all the news. It’s not my business to qualify it, none of my business to even uh, reflect on something that I might personally feel, unless I can do it objectively. I try to make my commentaries as objective as possible. That’s why I’ve been able to look and empathize with China, and certainly consider the USSR, the Soviet Union, the avant garde, modern day vanguard, front line liberation leader in Africa.

Anyway, a Calhoun– a gentleman by Calhoun stepped forward and said he lied in the trial of that– his testimony in a previous trial and hearing before the FBI. Now what makes us think he isn’t lying now? As he is a criminal again, Cory Calhoun, and Mark Lane said the government has pressed him and quite well rehearsed him, in a new story, that it is not the same story that he gave while in Atlanta. He said that Ray was not there, that Ray could not have been there, and he gave other pertinent testimony which I do not know. But now he has turned around and become a government witness, probably out of something they’ve held over his head. And they’ll do to him like they do all finks. They call them government witnesses, but we call them finks, just what they are. He will get it, they’ll not keep their bargain, they’ll not pay him, just like uh, [David] Greenglass, who sold out his sister, Ethel Rosenberg before our eyes, we saw her die, and with her husband. Physically, women are stronger, the electrical impulse was the same that killed her husband, who– it should have been the same amount to kill her, but they had to give three times, three jolts, and they said, even from the first one, while she was alive, the smoke was rising from her body. Ah yes, I want the graphic details, I don’t want to forget people like her. I don’t want to forget that they laid down their life for what they believed, when they coulda sold out and gotten off. If they’da pled that they were– if they just said simply, one occasion they were guilty. She said, no, that would’ve corrupted– They both agreed, that would’ve corrupted all of our sincerity and the honesty of what we’d been fighting, an unjust political crime. They’d been charged for political reasons, they– No one really believes that the Rosenbergs ever gave any secrets. Now, on another occasion, they could’ve gotten off entirely, if they would’ve gotten before the eyes of the television and become a puppet for USA imperialist interests, to tell Jews not to trust Communism, and that we all should be building the Zionist state of Israel. But they didn’t do it. So I’m gonna keep in my mind, Ethel and Julius, all my life. And for you who have the idea that women are not strong, physically, like some of these idiots that are now talking about, women should not be allowed in the US armed forces, because they’re only capable of– much of– no more than a 13-year-old, and they’re weak, their dexterity is not good– (turns head from mic) I’m surprised the Voice of America in an– in such an enlightened era, would try to put women in that light. They are physically stronger, as is proven every turn of the ro– road. Fortunately, Julius died with the first impulse of terrifying electricity, burning up his body, that will run through him in the electric chair in Sing Sing where he’d been framed. But they had to go two more, the same amount, two more jolts of high, high electric energy into the body of Ethel before she was dead.

Oh my God, (sighs) it’s painful to think, all our tax dollars have done, all our government has done, and we let them get by with it. I wish somebody’d been willing to make the protest many, many years ago. I surely woulda done it. But after reading this– some of the affidavits, my kids, you kids, just reading one last night, that they found out about Stephan [Jones], how sensitive, how he wants to be out with nature, and he wants to do physical work, but making himself conform, conditioning himself to be identification point for people and to not be his own will, not let his own desires prevail, but at a– a young age that he has, he’s now willing to become an identification point. That kind of beauty, what he told of his life, pain of his life, being with myself and Marceline [Jones] as crusaders, it’s just uh, almost too heavy, but he also said so beautifully, as my kids have all said, now is Stephan’s time, I always set an example of practice before them. Years ago, I’d do the physical work, building our driveway, all of it before them, when I had time to do that, carried buckets of stone. I would not ask them to do things, I would do it withthem, when I was not so beleaguered now, I wish I had some time. You that have time for physical work, please take it. I always loved that that opportunity, when it’s something close to the radio room, that I can participate in. Now I’m fighting pressures that have come, and I’ll be around to fight a long while, but the pain and the sickness of my body have been caused because I loved you so much that I took upon myself your pains and your suffering. Much easier, that kind of a savior, liberator, than Jesus Christ, who’s supposed to have done something by dying on a cross. No one can help another person’s pain by dying on a cross. If I’m ever am killed or martyred in that sense, perhap– perhaps it’ll bring the best out in you. But uh, it certainly much more act of courage for me to go on living and producing. That is what you need. Caring for you when you don’t care for me, those of you that show so little regard for my health, and always have to have your questions answered right on the spot. But so what? Children are starving around the world, you have no reason to complain.

San Francisco. There’s a uh, big prostitution ring that has been broken. It’s carried worldwide significant news. The housewife, the rich white woman in Pacific Heights who has– her so– her husband has high governmental connections, they had been in business, where they had been uh, cracked for? Prostitution. The mother was using her two sons as pimps to get the best kind of desirable girls, from white and which– in black, and which is particularly preferred these days, Chinese. They had a harem of Chinese young ladies. And so it was cracked, and they had to uh, do something about it. Who were its– uh, who was participating in the house of prostitution? Nothing but the children of the rich, doing bizarre things, weird and sick things to the poor little girls that they’d picked up, some of them as young as 12 years of age in Chinatown, USA, San Francisco. Twelve years of age, to be held in Pacific Heights in a kind of a bond slavery, ‘cause they got not enough money, just like I told you was a ca se before Cuba was freed under socialism. They would get enough to maintain them and their clothes, and then promises that their families would be given support later, which never came. The average China– the Chinese in San Francisco are still working for a dollar an hour, trying to sew, 16, 18 hours a days, wearing things like this– the dirtiest, most menial work. You would think that all over, our people, the Chinese, the Asians, the Chicanos, the Indians, the blacks realizes– would realize their common solidarity and throw off the shackles. I’ll die trying. That’s what I’da done. That’s what we’da done if we’d any friends, we’da got in the fight, if there’d been anybody concerned. Even if we did die, we’ve never been afraid to stand up for what we believe, there wasn’t really no socialism. Anyway, that– that’s not what happened there. And unfortunately, uh, we– no matter how much this kind of exposé, the Chinese girls being forced into prostitution– and all, white too. To be the pleasure of the rich set of San Francisco. The news leaked through the [Bay] Guardian, which is a kind of left of center newspaper, so the major newspapers were forced– the capitalist press was forced to deal with it.

Weeks of hearings are close to try to an end with Ray. As I told you. Nothing has been able to be shown of the real conspiracy. The old reactionary lies and liars, manipulators, and the tools of them like Stokes, tried to– incessantly to tear down the rather flawless tear– testimony, as BBC reported. The ironclad testimony of James Earl Ray, that he was involved in a conspiracy, he was a fall guy of a conspiracy to murder Martin Luther King. No reason to be given for Calhoun to be lying as a government wi– government witness, when he told the truth for James Earl Ray, said uh, the Voice of America. Well, obviously it could be. He never did tell the truth for James Earl Ray once before. When is he telling the truth? And now it’s a government case against him, he’s obviously been paid off, just like the man was– been given liquor to be– I think he may be even dead by now, that was the only witness that would sign an extradition order. Stevens, that I told you about. Stevens in the uh, (pause) commentary I gave you yesterday about the murder of Martin Luther King. What about the two businessmen that have disappeared from the face of the earth, that offered 50,000 dollars each for King to be assassinated. ‘Course, Voice of America knows reasons for Calhoun to lie. Or Calvin, whichever, I can’t quite make the name out from the radio. The former police inspector who was, as I told you, corrupt, dirty official, and you have to be dirty to get fired, you really have to get real dirty to get fired from a police department, because it seldom happens. They even kept people on who were murderers. Yes, indeed, you know many departments, and all they got were just a little pep talk from the chief of police, because police don’t have to go through what we do, if we commit a crime in USA, we go through a court, may be biased against us. Certainly never do we see our peers judging us, as with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, no liberals were allowed on the court [jury], no p– progressives, no Jews. And then– and you’re supposed to have a jury trial by those who are your peers. That would’ve had to’ve included people working for civil rights, socialism, and of course, Jews, even if they came from an ethnic background, but not so in USA.

Well, enough for this business. It’s gonna be whitewashed anyway. As I told you, I predicted and prophesied earlier, they’ll whitewash this mess– this mess, they’ll never let it be known to the American public, if the higher le– government levels were involved, as it’s clear here from the e– evidence we have, documentation from Memphis white pre– press, Sci– Scimitar, the Memphis Scimitar, and this reporter then, now a lawyer, practicing judge. If it wouldn’t be him, they’re not going to believe anyone. But he lays out facts, times, places, and he had no reason to lie, because he’s endangering his life by telling the truth. If he gets too close– if they get too close to the conspiracy of government and big business that murdered the Kennedys and Martin Luther King and Malcolm [X], you’ll see that minute, that everybody, every witness will be offed, or there’ll be a police takeover, an army takeover of the system, like you saw in Greece, when Z. We all should remember Z. If you’re asked about it tonight, could you ask– could you tell me something in the past that you learned about Z? I would hope so. It was Z, about how democracy was overthrown in Greece, when they got too close to the conspiracy that led to the general of their national police, and they didn’t get arrested very long, didn’t stay arrested, but the people that brought out the evidence, the reporter, the prosecutor who followed his conscience and refused to be intimidated by the French– by the Greece so-called democracy, the government, he went ahead and did his work, proved the conspiracy, then the military came right out in the open and took over and put people in the concentration camps. We have all those patterns of history to look at.

Sounds– San Salvador has had a horrible tidal wave– (tape distorts) –so helpful. But we have to have to realize–

(tape edit)


Part 2:

Jones: Our author friend is coming, he’s on the boat now, and they’re already on the high seas coming. Also Freed, Don Freed. He’s in on the– the assassinations investigations in Congress. He claims that the secretary (unintelligible word), Charles Garry’s eyes, ‘cause he is in Washington, and he has that chief witness that I told you. He’s taking the time to come here because he thinks that we have the answer to the future building something. Probably thinking about himself in the time of fascist storm and concentration camps. (Pause) Executive Action, which all should know, because it was one of the books written. I’m giving you a synopsis of Executive Action, another one of Freed’s good books, like Rush To Judgment and Parallax View. Exac– Executive Action opens stating how in three years after John F. Kennedy and [Lee Harvey] Oswald had been killed, 18 witnesses that had been interviewed as chief witnesses of the assassination, were all uh, killed. (Pause) (unintelligible sentence) After– Three years after JFK– JFK and Oswald have been killed, 18 witnesses that had been interviewed by the FBI, Warren Commission, Dallas police and uh, other agencies, (Pause) 18 of them were murdered, or died under mysterious circumstances. It defies all statistical odds, that such a thing could happen. There’s not one in a trillion trillion trillion times, mathematical– mathematically speaking that it could be achieved. To be exact, about one hundred thousand trillion to one. It’s only one hundred thousand trillion to one that 18 witnesses could be killed three years after the murder of John F. Kennedy. But they were, all 18, were dead. If, taking natural causes, murder, anti-social behavior, health problems, there’s only one chance in every hundred thousand trillion– taking the chance of a hundred thousand trillion to one that that could’ve happened. Don Freed and Mark Lane outlined the assassination chronologically from the training grounds, Colorado, Chicago, where professional killers, CIA, SS agents prepare themselves for JFK and Martin Luther King’s murder. Their demise. These fools meet in the mansion of one– of one of the top filthy rich operators of the monopoly ruling class who proposes plans and the rationale (unintelligible word)– Give them a seat over in the di– dining room area, Pop and Mom Jackson uh, don’t look like they know what– where they’re to go. Someone help them, will you? Get some of their (unintelligible word). (Pause) So I continue with this. But the top starts with a fool– fool’s meeting in a mansion in one of the top filthy rich operations of monopoly capitalism which proposes plans and the rationale for the elimination of John F. Kennedy. Those attending are remar– retired military officers, oil rich tycoons, and syndicate heads. This is based on a factual thing– This is about Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy’s murder by the monopoly capitalists, CIA, so forth and so on. The big rich fat cat oil interests that killed Kennedy. Those attending are retired military officers, as I said, oil rich tycoons, and s– crime syndicate heads. Their intention is to keep the influence of communism from becoming global. They don’t want communism to be global, because they know the people will then take up the struggle against US capitalism, so they meet to have a plan, according to Don Freed, who’s going to be our guest, his book,called Executive Action, they meet to try to find ways of blocking the influence of communism around the world. John F. Kennedy’s shown– he’s shown championing pro-Soviet ideas, and threatening to decrease military budgets, which– which he did do that. And to cut the oil de– depletion allowance, which he did that. Not very much, but he threatened to do it, (stumbles over words) which would obviously affect economic interests and natural resources like oil, all through the portrol– portray– they showed John F. Kennedy as a nepotist – n-e-p-o-t-i-s-t – who would sooner or late have minorities in authority, or taking positions, and they don’t want more blacks or Indians in power. This is a bit– factual kind of book, Executive Action, based on uh, real life situations. Interwoven throughout is Oswald’s connection with the CIA and his cover as a quasi-communist who spends time in the Soviet Union. It’s all part of a cover for him, he never was, according to Don Freed, who wrote this book, a uh– he never was indeed a uh, communist, he just went to Russia to make it appear like it was a Russian plot. And he has a Russian wife [Marina Oswald]. Also they show Oswald being supported to the Castro regime, at the time Oswald is paid off as a dupe, a paranoid, but unconscious when it comes to electronic surveillance. Freed points out the involvement of Army and Navy intelligence. You remember when Oswald saw some of the maps of his friends, he said, I am a patsy, I have– I’m their patsy. The Secret Service’s blasé attitude when it comes to fully checking out Dallas after hearing about possible threats to assassinate John F. Kennedy is shown, their indifference is similar to the Dallas police, who decided not to act when they’re told– until they’re told by SS– What’s that? SS. Secret Service men. But when you say SS, that means in Hit– [Adolf] Hitler’s Germany Gestapo. Secret Service. I had someone else type this up for me. Even after seeing not– seeing the motorcade rerouted. Not even after seeing the motorcade rerouted did they do so. It points out how Jack Ru– Ruby– and there’s a conspiracy to have Kennedy rerouted, to go by those grassy green moles– knolls. It points out how Jack Ruby, Mafia contact, had a lot of juice in Dallas, walks in the police station at Lee’s invitation, the president luncheon with women dispatching who assign details to police via radio, so on the given day, November 22, she’s not a job– not at a– not a job chance of a lifetime for the simple common person. Also convenient for a conspiracy. Now I don’t– uh, it’s not been written as it was– made any sense that I gave. I don’t understand this. It points out how Jack– Jack Ruby, Mafia contact, has a lot of juice in Dallas, walks in the police station at Lee’s invitation, to uh– leaves it invitation to the president luncheon that the woman dispatcher who assign details to police via radio, so on the given day, November 22, she’s not a job chance of a lifetime for the simple common person. I don’t know who– would someone please, read– uh, type this. This don’t make any sense to me. She’s not a job chance of a lifetime for the simple common person. Also convenient for conspiracy. That’s not clear, that part, and I don’t like to give people things that are not clear.

All right. Oswald’s given a double, who goes around – we know that’s the case, that’s true – like he’s a madman, outra– raging and (unintelligible word)and the public also fixes up a picture of Oswald, making him look like a flaming revolutionary with a rifle and pro-Castro literature in hand. That’s also true. They put a body– they put Oswald’s head on somebody else’s body.

All right. Just outrageous shit. One of the heads operatives who’s overseeing the assassination is confronted by the oil tar– tycoons, the big monopoly capitalist oil interests. Other top CIA operatives, that is Nixon and his gang and other agents who refer often to the Communist threat globally, and John F. Kennedy increased the popularity and is calling for a united mankind, his refusal to retaliate full– with full air por– air support in the invasion of uh– no, I should not say retaliate, he refuses to invade against the independent, free, socialist state of Cuba by giving an order to back their invasion up. The land forces of the Mafia and the CIA and the ex-Cuban right-wingers, and the US military people (unintelligible word) in the– in the uh, land invasion, but Kennedy refused to give air support, so they wanted to make him pay for calling for a united mankind and also he called to pull out of Vietnam and controls on nuclear weapons. He wanted tight controls on nuclear weapons. That’s one thing Kennedy did realize danger of. Here are some key reasons given in Executive Ans– Action for eliminating Kennedy at the same time, the same interests and agencies are planning to off Martin Luther King. The movie’s all about that, and the book is about. Executive Action. The movie didn’t bring it out, though, who it was talking about. The movie was full of propaganda. Freed goes into many of the characters’ personalities, their idiosyncracies, their fears, at how they’d never– how they’re never at rest, constantly, constantly looking over their shoulders, wondering when their usefulness is worn out. That’s an important thing, he’s capt– captured how capitalists feel. They’re never safe. Even though they may be the richest, like Howard Hughes, he was killed in his own private airplane, dehydrated and starved. Couldn’t even get a medical doctor because of the vultures that were waiting on him to get his money. So he– Freed, in his book Executive Action, fills in many of the characters’ personalities, their idiosyncrasies, their eccentricities, their fears, and how they never are at rest, no capitalist, not even rest one moment, looking over their shoulders, wondering when their usefulness is worn out. No matter how well an operative has performed, there’s always doubt, when he or she will be betrayed. No matter if one is a double or triple agent, they’re kept under the closest security, or scrutiny, I should say. Freed shown– shows the deterioration of an agent and his extermination by contract. The– (Pause) That the easing up for the assassinations– assassins with money, the ID, passports and so forth, to get them out of the country, made easy by CIA connections when they want to get rid of some agent or some high-level government person that they don’t want around, or they feel is too soft on communism. Once the operation is appar– is started, the teams position themselves behind the famous– Uh, once the operation is started, and the easy out that the assassins have provided them, with money, new ID, and passports to get them out of the country, made so very easy by the CIA, that all the people who participated, he has– Don Freed has information that they were provided, the assassins, with new ID, money, and gotten out of the United States. He has not mentioned it, but later, I’m sure, some of you hold that they were thought that they had been completely eliminated after they got out of the country. The team– Once the preparation is made, the teams position themselves being [behind] the famous grassy knoll, where the murder really took place, not from the book depository where Walla– where Oswald was made the fall guy, and a nearby rooftop and in the sewer, two shots are fired, one hitting Connally, Governor [John] Connally, the Dallas– the Texas governor, who was rightwing. But they don’t mind if they kill off a few right-wingers to get who they’re after. They– Even though they’re right wing, they’ll kill off a right-winger, like they tried to kill off Governor Connally, who is a Republican, very conservative. Another hitting John F.K. in the neck. Then lastly, from the knoll, the grassy green knoll, blows his brains out. Oswald has planned and set up long before the last shot, in the book depository with a rifle brought by a look-alike man that had almost the same features as uh, Oswald, and that’s easy to find through CIA and other cloak-and-dagger operations. However, he was have been– he was to have been killed almost immediately, leaving the book depository. But Jack Ruby takes care of that after Oswald’s brought into custody, and as history has it, the madness continues. It seems surreal in part for the many parts like [George] Orwell’s 1984 with the doublethink, advanced electronic surveillance, and close scrutiny by the fascist police.

That is a synopsis of the book Executive Action, which you must read, uh, they can put it on the blackboard, but it– you must know this, because it was written by the man that’s coming tomorrow, very famous, it– also did Parallax View and the Rosenberg trial play. We want uh, to be sure that you read this about Executive Action on the blackboard at the library.

Displays, displays, displays, displays. What the hell that uh, they’re coming now, they should be coming around the bend any minute. Displays, displays. Who’s responsible for displays? Bricks and soap, all those things, bricks and soap, (unintelligible word), come on folks, get the– get to the level out. Get the level out, all you that have those tables, I hold you responsible. Educational materials. We’ll have to get some help here. Some of the teachers, get your stuff here together. Entertainers are going to be there in just a minute, I– They know they are, don’t they? That’s good. Hold back there, entertainers. That should be from the beginning, and it’s right now, they’re due in here any minute.

Voice in crowd: Too soft

Jones: Well, the shops will have to– Maybe somebody can be in there, explain a little bit about the shops, the manager of the shop, and uh, Cleave [Swinney], I’m sure will cooperate with you. He’s gone, isn’t he.

Voice in crowd: Too soft

Jones: Tim [Swinney] will be back. Okay. Well, let’s have it fixed up so they can get in there without having to go 84 pieces of mud. Have a plant– a plank.

Afghanistan’s independence went ahead smoothly, in spite of the useful myth of the defense ministry that the CIA had groomed so cleverly to overthrow the Soviet, pro-socialist– pro-Soviet socialist or Marxist government of Afghanistan. [Leonid] Brezhnev and [Alexei] Kosygin sent congratulations and a delegation of high Russian officials went today to Afghanistan, the newest Marxist state in the world. Your success will carry out reform, then they’re praised by Comrade Brezhnev and Kosygin for proclaiming and carry– practicing a Marxist-Leninist government.

The US is staying away from the conference on non-discrimination, you know, the United Nations Conference Against Racism, on Racism, in Geneva. They won’t go because there have been thus far 10,000 charges that they have to answer if they came on blatant racial murder. Ten thousand charges. So the USA can’t afford to go. And they’ll be asked why they supposed Zionist Israel also, which would not attend. The number of mercy– murders that has been done, even in one village, wiped out by the present prime minister, Arab village wiped out by the prime minister of Zionist Israel, Begin.

China allies with the USA (unintelligible word) Moscow again, for the same reasons, to defeat uh, what they consider the danger of hegemony, because China was not bia– biased today. Radio Peking is blasting superpower– both superpowers, USA and the Soviet Union. They’re blasting them both. They– they call on the Third World to unite, say it’s their only hope, because the superpowers, they’re going to have a war, they might as well get protection, they offered food assistance to Africa, they said you better build protections, Radio Peking is warning the whole nations of the world. Others know where I can pick up Peking, I have time to pick it up, but I got it today. Said Peking Radio said that they vie to give assistance to other nations, Third World nations, developing underground shelters, so that the best of humanity would be left, they said they did not like to have to make such a decision, but it’s obvious to them, said Radio Peking, that there’ll be a nuclear war in a matter of months. And so I was correct in my analysis, they do follow their doctrine consistently, for those that question, they do follow the Doctrine of Three Worlds consistently, and they sharply still attack USA’s uh, superpower influence. USA imperialism in Korea and Africa were both attacked. In fact, the– the hardest attack today from Radio Peking was reserved for USA, not the Soviet Union.

(tape edit)

Speedy transition of power to Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. Smith begins to think of conference of all parties, because he sees he’s lost, but he will not disband his secret police. So the talks can continue, said Moscow. This is taken as a show of solidarity of Western imperialism, knowing that he’ll be backed up by his racist– in his racist and Gestapo-like state administration by USA and– in her imperialist allies. USA, you know, sent thousands of mercenaries in. It’s also reported the only thing that’s upholding– able to uphold the white government in Rhodesia against its black and Indian population is what– 16,000 troops, additional white troops from the Union of South Africa, 21,000 mercenaries from the United States and Britain supplying the most. 37,000 all told. And they still can’t hold out. They want talks. That shows you how fighting and brave the Zimbabwean people of all colors, Indian and black, all of them are combined, and it gives absolute proof that Zimbabwe controls 97 percent of the country.

South African Star reports that the United States has been smuggling in– and this paper was immediately put on notice, a white paper was put on notice to cease printing tomorrow. It br– it brought out that the Soviet Union has brought in the last month one– eleven and a half million dollars of weapons, of its weapons. They suggest, said the Johannesburg Star, (pause) that they have indeed brought in the neutron bomb if needed for emergency, and as I said, it’s under USA control. They have it under USA management, but the neutron bomb is already there in Rhodesia and [South] Africa, just in case they can’t get a settlement.

Terrible. Horrifying. God, the news makes you horrified every time you think about it.

The cooperations– how they get this eleven and a half million dollars in to places uh, like uh, Zimbabwe was by the fact that the government– the US government works hand in glove with the big multi-national corporations, the 6000 that make– bleed profit from the people that practically without blood to– to even stand on their feet, they’re so hungry and impoverished. How they do it is they’ve channeled the money through the international corporations, and then the international corporations get the weapons, and it doesn’t look like direct government involvement. But it’s your tax dollars, none the less. That’s where it came from, it was the tax subsizidation through the CIA. That’s how they get by with that. The CIA doesn’t have to give its budget to anyone. The CIA is not even responsible to the president of the United States. Who is it responsible to, and then not fully? Senator [John] Stennis. Remember him? The head of the Armed Services Committee. Do you know where our troubles started? When we caught Senator Stennis sending two Air Force officers [Thomas Dawsey, Leon Joly] out– undoubtedly to do harm to the black mayor of Mississi– of Mississippi, the beautiful pro-Chinese black mayor, Unita May Blackwell Wright. Do you remember her? Well, we found out who did it, and we got the documentation through the San Francisco district attorney [Joseph Freitas] and then– through others who did an investigation in uh, Kessler Fo– Air Force Base in Mississippi, where these two chaps live. We have their name and address, and found out they were high-ranking officers, one a colonel, one a major, I think. High-ranking officers that were supposed to be confined to Air Force duty, but they were on spy work on that Sunday. They rented their (unintelligible name) rental car from Sacramento. You remember that. So I’m sure you know how government money can get to multinationals, and how Senator Stennis cooperates with conspirators, so he would gladly go with any CIA misuse of money, for clogert– cloak-and-dagger operations. They could sense– Senator Stennis, Ku Klux Klan, racist, he’s always been for state’s rights, he’s never been progressive in any field. Anyway, as I said, 16 thou sou– thousand South African troops now are in Rhodesia, and if something not done quickly, they’ll be pulverized, said Radio Moscow. Said whatever USA and England has in mind, they better get it done, because Ian Smith will be taken care of by the presence of a united front, the Patriotic Front, and now it looks like ZANU may be joining in with them, that Bishop [Abel] Muzorewa can’t– Yeah, he was quite an Uncle Tom, head of the Methodist churches, but he’s lost faith and is not taking much active support in Ian Smith’s government these days. Even though he’s a strong anti-communist, there’s– there’s speculation he may be even negotiating at this uh, moment in time with the Zimbabwean Patriotic– Patriotic Front.

Americans worried. Republican Party made a strong registration of– of outrage today that Carter’s getting ready to send– Of all places, Republicans are fussing about, this is always typical, right after a war, you get liberals who try to look more conservative than the Republicans. They have to prove themselves as being reactionary. Well, there’s a number of people, number of black– a number of uh– not black, unfortunately. Number of– of Republican congressmen legislators who are worried and protest Carter’s plans. They say Carter has plans to send troops to the Middle East, just after the– the– the uh, summit conference he’s going to have in Camp David with Prime Minister Begin of Egypt and– of Israel, rather, and Prime Minister [Anwar] Sadat of– of Egypt.

Czechoslovakia. Are prepar– They’re preparing courses in uh, all levels of their schooling for children to learn a– a trade – that’s an ally of the Soviet Union – to learn a trade, socialist Czechoslovakia, to start learning a trade, even in nursery level, to do something with their hands. They’re had 63 percent increase in industrial growth in the last five years in Czechoslovakia, 68 percent decrease overall with salary increases in the cost of living for the average Czechoslovakian. I don’t even know how USA can ever quote these statistics – and they do – I– uh, without– obviously everybody can see that– that capitalism doesn’t work for the ordinary man.

(unintelligible referral to Hua Kuo-fenj, chairman of Chinese Communist Party) China, from China, is visiting in Rumania also, to firm up some of their trade agreements. Chinese prime minister said in Bucharest today also – Radio Moscow admits this – that nuclear war is inevitable. He called on the Soviet Union to come back to her– the former stances that they had had during the period of Josef Stalin and uh, renew the world’s faith in communism. China’s still got an axe to grind over Stalin, it’s quite obvious.

I gave you the Soviet wage increase, that’s going to be in the next six months, seven percent, with no cost of living increase. I mean, no cost in living. There’ll be no inflation, no rises in prices.

Apartheid. World conference in Geneva. A progressive body of the world called the shame of the century, USA racism. Today, they labelled the shame of the century, USA racism. And Rhodesia and Zimbabwe, I mean that has backed up the Ian Smith government of Rhodesia that’s backed up by white, racist and corporations in Uni– United uh, States.

Arms used against– They also voted that arms should be used immediately against oppressed peoples or– I mean, to help free oppressed peoples from their oppressor. Not only in South Africa but – this is a strange thing – 21– 121 nations of the World Conference on Racism voted to back armed struggle – did you hear that? – voted to back armed struggle, 121 nations in the World Conference against Racism. Anyplace people are not liberated, they said, including United States of America. (Pause) They struck out heavily at USA’s political imprisonment against Ben Chavis, who has 500 years in the federal penitentiary, a black leader who was falsely framed for burning an empty garage, the witnesses all later admitted they had been uh, pressured and even tortured into giving false information. John Harris and the Harris– Harrises, there are two Harrises, one’s a black who faces the life– he faces– uh, his life will be taken from him by the state in the matter of just a few weeks, if something’s not done. They also indicted, Radio Moscow did, Great Britain for its strong racial prejudices that they’re taking even in government. Their stand that they will remove all people of color under Margaret Thatcher, and uh, even now, the Labor Government says that there’ll be no people of color allowed to immigrate.

US and Israel boycott convention, is indicted in the sharpest terms by the rest of the world’s nations.

August 19 is the anniversary of the Vietnam Revolution. Uprising in 1949 that brought back unity in Vietnam, a socialist revolution under Ho Chi Minh, they organized effectively and drove the Japanese out, without USA help. And German fascism began April 1945, which got rid of the German working class people, minorities and Jews, and Russia was saying that they felt a foreboding anti-Semitism and racism developing again in the capitalist world. Radio Moscow devoted much of its time today about concern for bigotry against Jews, which– that impressed me. They were afraid of what the capitalist world was headed for was another Jewish genocide, as well as genocide for people of color, which we long since expect that.

Angola rejects colonialism, a consistent stand against the old colon– colonialist. Moscow says the USA and her imperialist lackeys of NATO are outraged that uh, relations have normal– normalized between Angola and Zaire.

Great success for foreign policy on the part of the Peoples Republic of Mongolia. I mean, the Peoples Republic of the Congo. That’s why the Peoples Republic of the Congo was probably attempted to be overthrown a couple of days ago, or a few days ago, by the CIA.

Angola announces its solidarity with the rest of the world, the socialist world, seeking liberation. Important impact on racism in South Africa, Angola has, because it is a strong and successful state. They’ve eliminated poverty and illiteracy. It has a united people such as– also does Mozambique, and thus, says Radio Moscow, the tide of liberation of black Africa and Indian people of color in Africa will soon take place.

Soviet women– over half of Soviet women prefer to be professional people or working mothers. They can work in every industry, co-op, farm. There’s a nursery school in every community that will take care of their children work– during the workday or during the night, for them to have vacation periods or going– going away for seminars. The countryside, parents visit on weekends, they have a lovely campgrounds and lovely falls and streams where they can swim or fish. They read and count and show their parents what they’ve done. They show all the remarkable things they’ve achieved over the weekend. All have regular health check-ups. Some people here will gripe because their child is in communal care just a little while. Moscow does the same with their children, and they’re 50, nearly 60 years old in the socialist revolution. Nurseries are teaching children at three years of age to read well and count well.

That’s nice. Black and white brother arm-in-arm going by. Beautiful. That’s what makes Jonestown beautiful.

Even working mothers prefer that their mothers– their children– non-working mothers, rather, prefer that their children be in the nursery schools for five days because of the tremendous education and the beauty that they get from a communal program. You parents should feel grateful for our communal programs, because a child of a communal life grows up healthier and doesn’t have any tendencies to violence, as best people can determine, they’re much more peace-loving and cooperative in their personalities. I don’t mean submissively so or passively so, but they are much more cooperative.

That ends the Moscow news, and you can replay under the library all the– early new, and this today, there’s a lot of it, a lot of it, I’m afraid. But know Executive Action, everyone, know that.

I love you.