Jim Jones Affidavits on Grace Stoen

In August 1977, shortly after his arrival in Jonestown, Jones wrote two affidavits regarding his relationship with Grace Stoen. The Temple’s summaries of the two documents appear below.

Affidavit of James Warren Jones

  1. Describes Grace Stoen’s mental imbalance and determination to leave her husband and church fellowship.
  2. Tim asked Jim to do what he could, “anything of a sexual nature to keep her.”
  3. Related to her based on principle, not romance, attested to by Patty Cartmell.
  4. Though preventative measures taken, Grace conceived. Refused abortion.
  5. Jim tells his dislike for Grace as an insensitive, self-absorbed person.
  6. Grace was fiercely, even violently hostile to Tim.
  7. Jim determined to keep his child because the mother’s imbalance is detrimental to the child. Also, Grace’s boyfriend a racist
  8. Grace took $3,000 set up as a trust for John and spent it on herself.
  9. Even after relating to Walter Jones, Grace still pressed Jim for marriage.
  10. July 4, 1976, Grace left with Walter Jones without saying good-bye to John.
  11. John is happy in Guyana, does not want to return to Grace.
  12. John had experienced so much conflict over Grace he threatened to jump off a roof.

[Second] Affidavit of James Warren Jones, August 13, 1977

  1. Same as previous affidavit, but adds to the ending that he feels so strongly about keeping the child for the child’s own good that he has risked his entire reputation on it. He has not returned to the city and can tell no one why.
  2. The relationship with Grace was the gravest mistake of his life, but to return the cuild [child] to Grace would only compound the child’s conflict.

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Jim Jones’ Second Affidavit on Grace Stoen, RYMUR 89-4286-B-1-n-1a – B-1-n-1d (also at RYMUR 89-4286-FF-8-33a – FF-8-33c; FF-1-112a – FF-1-112c)