Child Custody Order on John Victor Stoen (Text)

Jeffrey A. Haas
Attorney at Law
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Margaret Ryan
Attorney at Law
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Attorneys for Petitioner



In re the Marriage of
Respondent: TIMOTHY O. STOEN

No. 719-147


The matter of the order to show cause re the custody of the minor child JOHN VICTOR STOEN, born January 25, 1972 came on regularly for hearing on November 18, 1977 in Department 13 of the above entitled court. Petitioner GRACE LUCY STOEN was present personally and through her attorneys of record, Jeffrey Haas and Margaret Ryan. Respondent TIMOTHY O. STOEN appeared in pro per. There was no appearance by Claimant JIM JONES.

GOOD CAUSE APPEARING, the court made the following finding and orders:

1. Based upon the declaration on file it is found that Claimant Reverend Jim Jones had actual notice of the pendency of the proceedings, of his joinder, of this court‘s order directing him to appear and of the instant hearing.

2. It is also found that contrary to the order of this court that Reverend Jim Jones failed to appear before this court on November 18, 1977 at 9:00 AM.

3. Based on testimony offered at the hearing of November 18, 1977 and a written stipulation filed therein, the court finds and orders that it is in the best interest of the minor child, JOHN VICTOR STOEN that his physical custody, care and control be awarded to Petitioner GRACE LUCY STOEN, his natural mother. Reasonable visitation will he reserved to Respondent TIMOTHY O. STOEN. Petitioner and Respondent will share joint legal custody. This court hereby fully incorporates by reference the stipulation between the parties signed November 18, 1977 and the order arising therefrom.

4. It is ordered that Reverend Jim Jones will immediately deliver the minor, JOHN VICTOR STOEN to the Petitioner, GRACE LUCY STOEN, or to her authorized representative.

5. It is ordered that pursuant to section 4604 of the California Civil Code, the District Attorney of the City and County at San Francisco shall take all actions necessary to locate Reverend Jim Jones and to secure Reverend Jim Jones’ compliance with this order.

6. It is further ordered that Petitioner is granted leave to institute contempt proceedings against the Reverend Jim Jones.

7. Based on testimony offered at the hearing of November 18, 1977 by both Petitioner and Respondent and notarized documents provided to and filed with the court, the court finds and orders that all previous statements signed by either Petitioner or Respondent or both authorizing one JOYCE TOUCHETTE, JIM JONES, or any other person to act as guardian of said minor child is hereby declared null and void.

ORDERED this 18th day of November, 1977 and signed the 18th day of November, 1977.

/s/ Frank J. Finnegan

Judge of the Superior Court