California State Senate Resolution Commending Peoples Temple

Throughout its history – and especially during its years in San Francisco and in preparation to migrate to Guyana – Peoples Temple sought endorsements from community and political leaders for its work. Oftentimes the endorsements themselves became tools in obtaining additional expressions of public support. This is perhaps best illustrated in the Temple’s public relations campaign to sell the government of Guyana on its plans for an agricultural mission in the Northwest District.

One of these endorsements was a California State Senate Resolution commending Jim Jones and Peoples Temple “for their exemplary display of diligent and devoted service to and concern for their fellow man.” Sponsored by San Francisco State Senator Milton Marks, it was adopted in October 1976. Excerpts from the resolution appeared in numerous promotional flyers, brochures and fund-raising appeals in the remaining two years of the Temple’s existence.

California State Resolution, RYMUR 89-4286-A-39-b-10