Ukiah and Redwood Valley, California – 1965-1974

  1. Articles of Incorporation and Tax Exemption letters
  2. Decision to Transfer Church Funds to Missionary Account
  3. Jim Jones, Marceline Jones and Carolyn Moore Layton
  4. Peoples Temple notecard
  5. A True Follower of This Activist Christian Ministry
  6. Peoples Temple Newsletters
  7. “The Letter Killeth”
  8. “The Living Word”
  9. “The Peoples Temple Songbook”
  10. Flyer Announcing Peoples Temple Services
  11. Anointed photo card of Jim Jones
  12. Lester Kinsolving Series on Peoples Temple
  13. Peoples Temple and Carolyn Pickering
  14. Peoples Temple in Congressional Record
  15. Washington Post editorial
  16. The Eight Revolutionaries
  17. Peoples Temple Publicity, Redwood Valley
  18. Jim Jones’ Associate Pastors
  19. Anonymous Poetry
  20. The Writings of Ann Elizabeth Moore
Originally posted on February 17th, 2013.

Last modified on June 2nd, 2017.
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