Articles by Phyllis Abel Gardner, Ph.D.

pgardner_E20Dr. Phyllis Abel Gardner is a sociologist who first became interested in Peoples Temple after learning that a friend of hers, Bobby Stroud, had been a member and had spent his childhood years in the company of the Jones family. He was in Georgetown, Guyana on November 18, 1978. After helping Bobby chronicle his experiences at Jonestown and with Peoples Temple, Dr. Gardner began doing additional research and analysis, some of which is available here. She may be reached at

The truth is in the cheesecake (2013)

Another Lesson from Jonestown (2009)

What Does Kool-Aid Really Mean? (2008)

Peoples Temple: From Social Movement To Total Institution by Phyllis Abel Gardner, Ph.D., Jim Williams, Ph.D., and Mahmoud Sadri, Ph.D. (2007)

Recovery from Jonestown (2007)

Jonestown as a Total Institution: Why Some People Chose Death over Escape from Peoples Temple by Phyllis Gardner, M.S., Mahmoud Sadri, Ph.D , & James L. Williams, Ph.D (2006)

And It Wasn’t Kool-Aid (2006)

Remembering Bobby Stroud (2006)

The Irony of Alienation in a Utopian Society (2005)