Articles by Michael Haag, Ph.D.

Michael Haag
Michael Haag is a social psychologist and long time resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. His connection with Peoples Temple came about in 1984 when he met and married Patti Chastain, a former member and survivor of Peoples Temple. Patti died in 1995. Patti’s art – and a remembrance of her by Michael – appear here.

Michael attends memorial services at the Evergreen Cemetery and other reunions of the Temple community in honor of Patti and of those who died in Jonestown. He can be reached at

A Dream to Remember (2017)

The Survivors of Jonestown (2015)

Jim Jones, Jesus and Revolutionary Suicide (2013)

Revolutionary Suicide – Romantic Myth or Modern Reality? (2012)

Does Brainwashing Exist? (2008)

Survivors (2007)

The Other 9/11 (2006)