Articles by Katherine Hill

Katherine Hill is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She can be reached at

Revolutionary Beauty: A Review of Beautiful Revolutionary (2018) NEW

Jim Jones and Donald Trump: Same Kool-Aid, Different Vat (2016)

Harlequin Romance Meets Stephen King Meets Jonestown (2016)

Literary Rot: A Critical Review of Jungle Rot (2015)

    A Response to Katherine Hill, by Tim Hewtson

    Katherine Hill Replies to Tim Hewtson

Fictional Account Distorts and Obscures Reality of Jonestown (2015)

Horror or Horrible: A Review of The Sacrament (2015)

In Search of the Norwood 27 (2013)

Stories Shows Nuances, Complexities of Telling Jonestown Stories (2012)

The Jim Jones “Truthiness” Project (2011)

Rewriting Jonestown: A Review of A Thousand Lives (2011)

When “feeling” surpasses “thinking”: Reflections on the memorial (2011)

Teaching about Jonestown and Peoples Temple (2010)

Originally posted on March 11th, 2013.

Last modified on October 15th, 2018.
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