Articles by Katherine Hill

Katherine Hill is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She can be reached at


Jim Trump or Donald Jones? Choose Your Poison(er) (2020)

Jim Jones and Donald Trump: Same Kool-Aid, Different Vat (2016)

In Search of the Norwood 27 (2013)

The Jim Jones “Truthiness” Project (2011)

When “feeling” surpasses “thinking”: Reflections on the memorial (2011)

Teaching about Jonestown and Peoples Temple (2010)


Revolutionary Beauty: A Review of Beautiful Revolutionary (2018)

Harlequin Romance Meets Stephen King Meets Jonestown (2016)

Fictional Account Distorts and Obscures Reality of Jonestown (2015)

Horror or Horrible: A Review of The Sacrament (2015)

Literary Rot: A Critical Review of Jungle Rot (2015)

    A Response to Katherine Hill, by Tim Hewtson

    Katherine Hill Replies to Tim Hewtson

Stories Shows Nuances, Complexities of Telling Jonestown Stories (2012)

Rewriting Jonestown: A Review of A Thousand Lives (2011)