Poetry, Reflections and Articles by Andy Silver

Andy Silver

Andy Silver, a member of Peoples Temple for seven years, was living in the San Francisco church on November 18, 1978. He is a divorce and federal mediator in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he has lived since 1981.

My lessons from almost drinking the Kool-Aid (2013)

Self Disclosure (2010)

Unrehearsed (2009)

The Rip Tide (2008)

Notes from a Journal (2007)

A Cultural Biography (2006)

Relishing the Successes of Ordinary Life (2005)

Beneath the Surface (2004)

Connecting the Dots: Group Goals, Self-Expression, and Suicide to Planetary Survival (2004)

25 Years Later  (2004)

From Koolaid to Lemonade: Reflections on the Emperor Who Had No Clothes (2003)

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