Poetry, Reflections and Articles by Andy Silver

Andy Silver

Andy Silver, a member of Peoples Temple for seven years, was living in the San Francisco church on November 18, 1978. He is a divorce and federal mediator in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he has lived since 1981.

The Troubled Life of Penny Kerns DuPont (2020)

Understanding Dread, Trusting Intuition (2018)

If Robin Williams were still alive (2018)

My lessons from almost drinking the Kool-Aid (2013)

Self Disclosure (2010)

Unrehearsed (2009)

The Rip Tide (2008)

Notes from a Journal (2007)

A Cultural Biography (2006)

Relishing the Successes of Ordinary Life (2005)

Beneath the Surface (2004)

Connecting the Dots: Group Goals, Self-Expression, and Suicide to Planetary Survival (2004)

25 Years Later  (2004)

From Koolaid to Lemonade: Reflections on the Emperor Who Had No Clothes (2003)